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2 nights ago, had severe pain and muscle spasm in calf. Has cont. to hurt , there is visible dimpling and knot. Never had this before. Spasm or clot?

A painful muscle in both my legs?

After stretching, I could not stand from serious hip pain and burning. I have leg weakness and muscle spasms. Want to get back to the gym, but pain ?

All the muscle in my top legs have slowly weakened and i now have very bad cellulite and extreme pain only relieved by walking and massage?

Ankle pain in back of ankle like a pulled muscle, what could that be?

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Are there any calf muscles used in foot flexion?

Are there any muscles in the lower leg that are responsible for bending and straightening the knee?

Are there exercises I can do to relieve leg muscle spasms, cramps?

Back of my legs muscles are sore?

Besides fibromyalgia what could cause constant muscle aching in all 4 (elbow/forearm & calf/thigh areas) extremities and daily weakness / tiredness ?

Both my calf muscles are sore when I wake up in morning?

Both of my calf muscle are inexplicably sore, both, to the touch and when I walk. What could this be?

Calf muscle pain & numbness of foot & tors?

Calf muscle pain after seizure, should I be concerned?

Calf muscle pain. Help?

Can a blood clot in the leg cause involuntary muscle movements in the leg and ankle pain?

Can a compressed nerve in the back cause you to have muscle weakness and wasting in your upper body and lower body. Arms and legs muscle.

Can a disc herniation L5S1 cause cramping sensation in the calf muscle? Calf Does not hurt when touched

Can cephalexin cause muscle pain or injuries in the leg ?

Can crps cause bone pain and muscle cramps? (left leg)

Can dystonia cause calf swelling?

Can extremely tight leg adductors cause pelvic instability?

Can Metformin cause severe pain in calf and hamstring muscles?

Can muscle cramping in the calf cause compartment syndrome?

Can permanent L5 nerve damage cause weakness and cramps in the calf muscle as well as buttock and leg pain?

Can rsi in upper back muscles spread down to legs ?

Can sciatica cause localized pain? Example: more in the calf or back of thigh..also can it cause muscle spasms in leg?

Can tight hamstrings cause sciatica without any involvement of the piriformis muscle? (pain in the upper part of my leg after sitting over 3 hours)

Can tight hip flexor muscles and tight hamstrings cause burning in shins/ feet ?

Can you tell me how to get rid of tight calf muscles?

Can you tell me how to know if I tore a muscle in my leg?

Can you tell me how to relieve painful muscles in my leg?

Can you tell me what could be done to improve the muscle tone in my left calf and ankle.?

Causes of calf spasms? What's the ddx?

Contracting calf muscle in excruciating pain with toes balled up only when laying down. How serious is this?

Could I have torn my calf muscle? Felt sharp pain while working out.

Could standing too long cause muscle knots?

Could stress/anxiety cause aching muscles in legs ?

Could you tell me what are all the symptoms of a calf strain?

Disc and muscle pain along the leg?

Do muscles tingle when healing?

Doctor says I have a calf muscle tear. Could that cause foot to have a pulse/vibrations feeling? And soreness in all of calf?

Does calf pain after a long flight have something to do with the muscles swelling or something?

Does myofascial pain syndrome cause swelling? Such as my arms and legs, and does it cause muscle weakness?

Does sciatic nerve pain typically go down the outside of the calf muscle and back of calf?

Does sitting or standing help relieve pain if you tore a calf muscle? Which is better?

Dr says I have a torn calf muscle. Is it normal to have pain radiate up the thigh and to hurt at rest?

Dull pain deep in calf. Foot eventually started tingling and calf twitching deep in muscle. After long walk, feels like knot deep in muscle and tight.?

Explain the condition called muscle swelling.?

From side of hip down to calf pain mostly when lay down. Have to lay on back . heatpad somewhat helps massageing the hip muscle and calf helps?

Had ankle surgery month ago. Leg in half splint. Taking off splint, the calf muscle seems harder than the other calf, less jiggly. Causes? Atrophy?

Have really tight leg Muscles what should I do i can't lift my leg very high because it's too tight ?

Hello doctor i'm having muscle cramps in both legs, calfs, feet, and upper thighs every night and during work, what that about?

Hi doc, i have acute pain in my right calf muscle, muscles in calf tends to squeeze which causes immense pain and at the same time foot becomes numb.

Hip pain from doing leg exercises and when I have pain it's like spasms in my hip could I have pulled a muscle or have a torn muscle?

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How can I build muscles in legs and mostly the calves?

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How do you help get rid of muscle cramps in a calf muscle?

How do you properly treat twisted leg muscles?

How does u remove cramp from legs muscle?

How long can muscle cramps occur in tight calf muscles? Massage therapist said I have a knot in calf. Could knot cause uncomfortable twitches?

How long is it normal to expierence tense muscles, or sore muscles after a charlie horse in the leg?

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How to get rid of a strained calf muscle ?

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How to i help my very sore leg muscles?

How to increase the size of the leg muscle under the calves?

How to know if it's a clot, or just a tight & sore muscle in calf or behind knee?

How to relieve painful muscles in my leg?

How to slim down muscular legs?

How to walk on a strained calf muscle ?

How will chiropractors help my achy limbs?

I am having muscle spasms on my fractured leg what should I do?

I am having pain in my ankle now and some part of my front of my calf muscle?

I am having pain in my thumb and think its my adductor pollicis muscle. It is swollen and has a warm sensation with some pain. Is it a muscle tear?

I am having pain in several muscles, my left arm (sometimes the right one) my hip, my calves, my shoulders... Most all muscles. ?

I broke my leg this summer and my muscle was bruised. Now I have a few knots in my calf muscle, what could I do to get the knots out?

I do horseback riding and squats. I get pain in my thighs down into my legs, my shoulders, arms, neck, and lower back. How can I ease muscle soreness?

I feel like the muscle/nerve at the back of my knee is strained, extending from hamstring to calf when i straighten my leg. What is wrong/should i do?

I fell on my leg. How can I tell if there is a torn muscle?

I get cramp on my legs, calf muscle, why this? What should I do? Im 37 years male

I get night time leg and feet muscle spasms that are excruciating ....What can I do to treat and stop them?

I go to pt for pfs. They said I have tight leg muscles and weak thigh muscles. Today she said I have slight scoliosis. Could this cause my pfs?