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12 superficial muscles origins functions, insertions and reactions?

Among the following , which is smallest . Muscle fiber, thick filament , or myofibril ? Which is largest ?

Any advice on how to find "muscle guarding?

Anyone know anything about masticatory muscle myositis?

Are there any procedures to strengthen facial muscles and nerves?

Are there muscles in scrotum? Or muscles around testis? If yes then what are their role?

Born with spina bifida. Is there any way for me to strengthen my pelvic muscles so that the muscles can be similar to a normal person?

Can a damaged iris sphincter muscle recover on its own?

Can a person have muscle spasms in their colon?

Can a spinal cord injury cause muscle twitching throughout the entire body?

Can appendicitis lead to "muscle guarding" or tighteness around a specific area?

Can damage to the 11th cranial nerve cause sustained muscle contraction of the trapezius? If so, how can it be treated and what is most effective?

Can diclofenac be injected in the pectoral muscles?

Can dystonia affect muscles such as the heart or diaphragm, or other organs?

Can electrical muscle stimulation (ems) technology help tone up muscles?

Can electrical muscle stimulation be an alternative to muscle stretching?

Can electrical muscle stimulation really help build muscle?

Can i pull a muscle or is a kidney infection?

Can liver disorders cause muscle twists?

Can MRI with 3 tesla magnet power evaluate cremaster muscle strain/inflammation?

Can muscle be damaged by osteosarcoma?

Can muscle relaxants destroy muscle tissue?

Can penis enlargement procedures help with building muscles as well?

Can pregabalin relax smooth muscle, such as the urethral sphincter?

Can priapism erections over time damage the cremaster muscle eventually? What r the symptoms of cremaster muscle damage?

Can scoliosis lead to muscle guarding or tighteness around a specific area?

Can testosterone be injected into the arm muscle?

Can ultrasound be used to detect sphincter muscle injuries or dysfunctions?

Can you please tell me how pulling a muscle and straining one differ?

Can you tell me about procedures to strengthen facial muscles and nerves?

Can you tell me of any girls that can ripple there muscles?

Can you tell me when do your pectoral muscles develop during puberty?

Could a 14 yr old male develop muscles yet?

Could i still control facial muscles when decapitated?

Could there be more than one intercalated disc in a cardiac muscle cell?

Could undifferentiated connective tissue disease cause pain in muscles such as traps, upper arms etc?

Could you name three major muscles?

Do muscle relaxers thin your blood?

Do tonic contractions help maintain posture?

Do you have muscles near the spleen?

Doctor says I may have a muscle calcification. What does this mean?

Doctors, what are the diseases that cause disintegration of muscles ?

Does aspirin weaken the muscles?

Does electrical stimulation hurt or help your muscles?

Does ethnicity have anything to do with muscle?

Does it right to take skeletal muscle relaxant for both muscle cardiac and skeletal?

Does the muscle start separating from the bone in atrophy?

Does thyroid medicine weaken the sphinter muscle?

Ems (electrical muscle stimulation) unit - is this useful for building up my muscle tone?

Fasciae latae c. occipitofrontalis, what muscles are attached to the spine?

Hello Doctor. Why is there inflammation of the muscle? Why does L. interrogans target the calf?

Hello For the last 3-4 days I have been having some sort of muscle spasms around my prostate area, any idea ?

Help with a potential thumb injury--muscle is really weak?

How are muscles attached to bone?

How can I activate my multifidus muscle?

How can I rebuild my abdominal muscles after a splenectomy?

How can I strengthen my anal sphincter muscle?

How can someone encourage muscle growth in weak muscles?

How can stimulation help in muscle rehabilitation?

How do butt implants over the muscle and under the muscle differ?

How do polarising and depolarising muscle relaxants differ?

How do they paralyze muscle wall during cholecystectomy?

How do you tell the difference between a buffalo hump and hypertonic neck muscles because protecting something?

How does control of the contraction of skeletal muscles to the cardiac muscles happen?

How does immobility of the muscular and skeletal systems occur?

How does muscle tissue grow back after being atrophied?

How does one develop muscle wall rigidity?

How effective is acupuncture for helping in the reparations process of a strained pectoral and intercostal muscles?

How is the CNS linked to the muscles?

How many cremasteric fibres/nerves are there in a cremaster muscle?

How much muscle wall rigidity is normal?

How rare is it that I got myositis ossificans in my quadriceps muscle?

How to grow up the muscles?

How to prevent muscle mass breakdown in legs?

I am 19 years old now and I am very thin and had very less muscle.What I should do to increase my muscle and to test?

I had 30 yr old ruptured silicone breast implants removed( under muscle) December 2016 and they did not repair the muscle so will the muscle heal?

I had triplets and scar with lack of muscle control. How can I tighten it?

I have just been told by my doctor that I have abnormal cells in a mass on my psoas muscle. What does this mean?

I have muscle spasms (twitch) each day, in various places on my body. What does this mean?

I was wondering what are the differences between cardiac (heart) and skeletal muscle contractile tissue?

If a person has cervicothoracic hypermobility wouldn't manual release of the muscles be contraindicated because increased muscle tone is protective?

If a teenager has muscle spasms, is it because of growth?

If acetylcholinesterase is not present to remove acetylcholine, the muscle is in contraction. What is the name of the disorder/disease?

If adenomyosis is almost touching the muscle wall is it dangerous?

If have an enlarged muscle in my esophagus, would injecting botox into the muscle help?

If my 2 year has increased muscle spascity in one leg does that mean she could have a muscle disorder?

If serotonin induced muscular rigidity causes the muscles to contract then are the blood vessels in those muscles also forced to contract?

If the brain is causing muscles to contract, then there is nothing physically wrong with the muscles?

In "muscular rigidity" in serotonin syndrome are the muscles actually rigid to the touch?

In a facial reanimation procs. Which muscle in the body can be taken and moved to replace the procerus muscle?

In facial reanimation procs. Does muscle transfer work by taking any muscle tissue from the body and transferring it to an area of the abnormal face?

Involuntary muscle contractions of the urethra healthy or a problem?

Involuntary muscle contractions within the torso area that causes abnormal breathing?

Is an orgasm an involuntary muscle contraction of the smooth muscle tissue?

Is cardiac muscle striated?

Is electrical muscle stimulation a marketing scam or does it really build muscle?

Is it common to experience cardiovascular shock after a muscle strain?

Is it factual that your bones, spines and ribcage shift, i am studying biosience and dont understand the connection of skeletal muscles to pelvic musc?

Is it good to take baclofen after surgery at the thoracolumbar fascia over each erector spinae group?

Is it possible to pull your muscle in your brain?