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I had a spinal tap done in august. And where they did it still hurts. Is this normal or did something go wrong?

I had a spinal tap thingy to check for bleeding in my brain Thursday should mr back still be hurting really bad ?

I had a spinal tap three days ago. I developed a spinal headache, a numb right leg, & a knot at the puncture site. What kind of a recovery time am i looking at?

I had a spinal tap yesterday when can I go back to the gym?

I had an electric shock after i felt pain at my spinal cord. Is this serious?

I had an epidural blood patch done 1 week ago, i've had a permanent mild headache ever since and nightmares every night. Is this normal?

I had an epidural, my spinal fluids were leaking, now three years later i continuously have this pinching sensation in my spine. What is this?

I had cranio sacral therapy done and afterwards, felt dizzy in my head. Could this be from the craniosacral work?

I had two csections in less then two years. I am wondering is it possible that the spinal tap caused severe spinal pain in the middle of my back?

I have a chiari malformation which is putting pressure in my spinal cord and causing it to leak fluid. Would motion sickness pills help with that?

I have a herniated disc at t8 and t9 and an edema at t7 putting pressure on spinal cord. I see doc friday, should I be worried and careful until then?

I have a post lumbar puncture headache, should I get treated?

I have been spinal stenosis and have been losing my balance lately. Could the two be related, and what's next?

I have been to several doctors for back pain they all suggest spinal fusion went to neurologist she said I should put spacers and which one is better?

I have black circle across the spinal cord as well as to sides of the spinal cord(no itching).Could you please tell me how to prevent this black ?

I have cervical spinal cord compression due to a disc protrusion. I have had a headache today. Do i need to go to ER or just gp. When do I go to er?

I have cervical spinal stenosis and mylomalacia. Always after a few hrs of activity i get headaches and have to lay flat. Is this common.

I have had undiagnosed low back pain for 3+ years. I am having a csection and I'm scared for a spinal block. Should I avoid doing the spinal?

I have hard question about spinal shock :(?

I have hearing problems & severe headache after lumbar puncture 3 days ago, what to do?

I have IH and how do I know when to go to ER for LP? Also have you heard of discs pressing spinal cord causing impingement on csf flo? I dont have a leak.

I have perineural cysts in my back & have been suffering for four years (I am 23). After epidural in July condition has deteriorated rapidly, advice?

I have positional pulsitive tinnitus with headpain I'm scheduled for an IR Lumbar Puncture. If not symptomatic at time of LP am I wasting my time?

I have possible CSF leak. Everytime i bend over, or push, for the past yr, after a 2 mo. Headache and spinal tap, i hear a thump in one ear. Csf leak?

I have severe back pain following a spinal tap?

I have whooshing in my ears, headpain and CSF leaks out nose. I am to have an IR Lumbar Puncture, if I am not symptomatic at time of LP am I wasting my time to obtain a diagnosis and opening pressure? The condition seems to be positional and I'm trying to

I keep having to take deep breaths for the past few days. No pain. I have spinal lumbar stenosis and hi blood pressure sometimes.

I need a 2nd Lumbar Puncture due the possibility of IH. Because in the 1st they didn't take the pressure. Is this procedure safe, too often?

I read epidermoid cysts can occur on spine after a lumbar puncture. I see it's rare, but still possible and want more info on how LP can cause them?

I received a spinal tap and now I have a spinal headache. I have been laying down and staying very hydrated. How long can I expect it to last?

I was put on diamox (acetazolamide) for swollen optic nerves, but my spinal tap came out normal. Was this the right choice?

I would like help from a headache sufferer and someone who's had a lumbar puncture?

I've been having back pain, it it possible it's an affect from my cesarean and spinal block a couple of weeks ago ?

If a patient is unable to have a lumbar puncture, what are some other options to monitor CSF pressure - specifically inside the head?

If a spinal tap goes at a angle what is the possible out come?

If an intermittent csf leak has healed am I still at risk of contracting meningitis?

If damaged during spinal tap procedure will/can my body heal itself .symtoms tightness, abdomen and back. pelvic to.chest?

If I have a Spinal Headche, do I need to get the blood patch? What if I don't get it? What can I do?

If I have symptoms that have me concerned I may have a syrinx in my spine would it still be okay to have a spinal block for a csection?

If the dr hits a nerve during spinal tap, can it cause whole body numbness?

If the opening pressure from my lumbar was 37 and they took it down to 11, is that bad and what does that mean for me?

If you have spinal menigitis can you touch your chin to your chest?

If you have suboccipital craniectomy is there a possibility that the cerebellum would continue to come down?

In 2003, i had an epidural while i gave birth; the baby later died of aseptic meningitis. Should i be concerned about epidurals possibly causing this?

Is it bad to experience severe back pain following a spinal tap?

Is it likely that I have MS if my spinal tap is completely negative?

Is it normal to be still having back pains from a spinal tap done about 5 years ago?

Is it normal to feel the needles go into your back when you had a discogram?

Is it possible that laying in bed and yawing violently cause spinal cord injury?

Is it possible to get better from incomplete spinal cord injury?

Is it possible to have CSF leak 3wks post ESI. L4-L5. Bad headache/foggy/no fever. Painful epidural even with lidocaine before placed. NSAI helps.

Is spinal meningitis common? It seems really scary.

Ive been experiencing a rush of fluid/noise in my spine around my neck and was wondering if CSF is a cause of it?

Little pain at the end of the spinal cord. I am 18years old. What may be the problem?

Many years ago I had spinal taps to relieve high spinal fluid pressure. My symptoms are back. Is there a less painful way to treat this today?

My 5yo kid has dimple w/small sacral tag. Mri 3yrs ago r/o tethered cord etc. Now complains of pain when touched-bath/wiping. No injury. Why? What do?

My back aches after having spinal tap one month later, is this normal?

My bf 16, was hit in back where spinal cord is by elbow, in pain, what could this mean?

My brother has developed back spinal stenosis. What is it exactly?

My doctor is putting me on glacoma medicine low dose for swollen optic nerves. Is this the right choice? Spinal tap came back fine

My granddaughter had two attempts today for a spinal tap. Was unable to get fluid both times. Tonight is in a lot of back pain. Is this normal?

My mom had a lumbar puncture in the ER 2 days ago (has h/a and double vision) Now complaining of a stiff neck... Is this normal or cause for concern?

My mother had pain in the heart and half spinal cord. Her urine also stopped for that night. Why these happened?

My neuro thinks that i have ms and has told me to get a lumbar puncture. if that comes back as not indicating ms, what happens after that?

My partner went in to hospital with sudden severe headaches, 2 failed lumbar punctures, 1 sucessfull, showed blood in spinal fluid which lead to CT and MRI scan, both clear, after lumbar puncture, can't urinate! pressure tested on bladder and detusor musc

My sister has a tarlov cyst at the bottom of her spine and she had a spinal tap done about a month ago now shes in severe pain it hurts to move?

My sister has MS diag over a yr. She found an extensive bruise along her spine. She had a spinal tap over a year ago but not sure if related. Serious?

My son suffers from chronic back and testicular pain that comes and goes. He had tethered cord release & has syringomyelia t7-t9. Ideas for pain mngmt?

My two and a half year old has a 4.3mm syrinx in her spinal cord and her nero surgon says she is not overly concerned is this normal?

My wife had a spinal tap procedure done now she has electric shocks running down her legs and throughout her body what should we do?

Pt&chiro for cervical and lumbar due to car accident.Developed retracted eardrum, out of no where, with no sign of infections.. In a lot of pain.Help?

Recently had a spinal tap and was told I had a grisly spine and needle kept hitting nerves and bone, since been having electric shock n extreme pain?

Severe pain for 6 weeks after spinal for C-section MRI normal doctor said muscle spasms but now im leaking urine? What is happening to me?!

Should I still be having back pain at the site 2 days after the tap?

So I had a traumatic lumbar puncture 2 months ago and theres still pain radiating from the puncture site worse when bending over.Will this ever goaway?

Spinal headache due to spinal tap, a blood patch was given. The headache was gone and is now returning. What should be done?

Spinal pain when needing to poop, what is this?

Spinal stenosis for 2 yrs. ..have developed slight bladder and bowel leakage. Lots of trouble walking. Wondering if it is worse.

Spinal stenosis pain feels like what?

Spinal tap headache. Whats a blood patch?

Sudden and quick pain in my spine. Happens 2 or 3 times everyday. Should i get a spinal tap?

The back top of my head feels like it's piercing/flashing pain why? Can postural problems cause this from the spinal cord?

The doctors ruled out post lumbar puncture headache. Could it be a nerve problem then?

The numbness I have been having I have only had since I had an epidural two years ago could there be a connevtion between the two?

The spinal fluids and MRI came back.That i don't have ms. What can happen for to me from neurologist putting me on the injectiona?

Things keep going small. I had a spinal tap 2 days ago. What should I do?

Today i had a lumbar puncture done but my back is absolutely hurting so much its incredible. The spinal fluid was clear by the way and the pressure was 19 but he said that was normal because of slight stress. But my back is hurting like crazy sinds the pu

Two days ago i got the spinal anesthisia, now my legs are weak, why?

Wake up w/ horrible rectal pain like melon stuck. Laxative helps pain but not constipated. Only happens asleep. nerve root cyst in sacral spinal cord?

Was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri. Is there another way to manage the condition so i won't have to get the spinal tap to relieve the pressure?

What all does a lumbar puncture test for? And what kind of dr. Would i go to when im always sick and in pain and always feeling week?

What are the symptoms of a middle back/spinal tumor? Is it rare?

What are your opinions on the spinal cord stimulator? My pain management dr is forcing me to get it and I just don't think it's gonna work.

What can be done about my sever lumbar spinal trauma it hurts all the time and swells bad?

What can i do for nerve damage from spinal during c section? Its been over 4 weeks and im still in excrutiating pain and can barly walk

What can make a spinal cord injury get worse?

What does a spinal tap experience feel like?

What does a spinal tap feel like? How painful is it?

What exactly does it mean if my head hurts really bad along with my spinal cord and lungs?

What is a lumbar puncture like and how come you have to lie on your back afterwards?