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5 months after spinal tap & blood patch. They had to stick me several times. I'm still having severe back, neck pain and migranes. What should I do?

After a spinal tap is it normal to have stinging pains lower than the puncture site on one side of your back?

After my spinal tap I had a headache upon standing for 3-4 days. It's beginning to subside. Is this typical of a spinal headache? Can I go for a run?

Arachnoiditis? I have all symptoms. Had bacterial meningitis and 2 spinal taps. In pain daily from my lower back down, legs, muscles.

Are there any new treatments in the past couple of years for spinal cord injuries?

Back pain after lumbar puncture it feels like a stick is not letting my back flex nor bed had lumbar puncture 3/10/13 what could it be?

Been having low back pain/numb tailbone since csection/spinal anesthesia 3 years ago. Pregnant again. Should I be worried about getting another spinal?

Been told my intermittent csf leak has healed am I still at risk of meningitis?ive had it twice before

Blood oxygen at 73 no breath very weak started about a month ago and steadily getting worse , going from one room to the next i need to rest to move again, lungs are clear heart fine but in a lot of pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis and four vertebrae bo

Can a back problems cause shortness of breath? I have a lipoma in my spinal cord area.

Can a spinal headache cause long term problems? Didn't get blood patch but went away on its own by laying down flat for a week after csection.

Can alcohol make spinal stenosis worse?

Can arachnoiditis be caused from a previous spinal anesthesia during a c-section? Have chronic back pain since. Pregnant again and scared for spinal

Can caffeine actually help a spinal headache after spinal medication for a csection?

Can driving in the car make my spinal stenosis pain act up?

Can I die from spinal pain if I ignore it?

Can i go to an amusement park a day after a lumbar punture? Spinal tap was done yesterday, going to great adventure in the morning

Can I have a back massage after a spinal tap? I had a spinal tap 2 weeks ago and still have severe back pain. Nothing seems to help with the pain yet.

Can i have a pain pump inserted and still have my spinal stimulater in place.

Can i lay on my side while recuperating from a spinal tap?

Can too much or too little spinal fluid cause headaches?

Can yoga help a compres spinal cord or a pich nerv or can make it worse by puting pressure on it. Ding yoga until i can get an MRI on my spinal cord?

Can you get bladder infection, from an epidural, spinal?

Can you tell me someone or have dealt with a syrinx(searing)?

Causes for cord around the neck during pregnancy?please mention tips for avoiding this condition

Could i develop spinal headache 3 wks post lumbar suurgery. Positional pain x3 days and a runny nose, when should i become concerned about a csf leak?

Could my c sec incision cause problems a year later? What about the epidural, could it cause back problem this late?

Could you have spinal cord injury if you do not feel any pain, or do not feel any difficult doing any other work?

Could you injure your spinal cord or bones from a heavy wooden coffee table falling on your back? Happened 2 me 2-3yrs ago now have severe spinal pain

Could you pop your back and puncture your lung?

Csection on april 30. Recieved spinal tap. I am having shooting stabing pains in neck and legs makes me throw up and migraines. Is this normal?

CSF leak following labor epidural. Blood patch resolved spinal headache, but now have other concerns(pressure at base of skull, lightheaded, no appetite).What tests to determine if CSF leak continues?

Csf leak treatment had CT myleogram fibrin glue/blood patch instant relief. Then high pressure headache and diamox (acetazolamide). Csf headache back and painful.

Daughter is experiencing headache (front, back, down neck and back). She was diagnosed last month with a 4mm mild cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. Last week she had 2 lumbar punctures done with 59ml of spinal fluid removed. Is this related? Cause? Fix?

Diagnosed in hospital after spinal tap with viral meningitis, sent me home, but a week later I feel worse with headache and stiff neck and spine?

Disc issues and soreness after spinal tap, i thought firm bed was best but too painful, what is best type of bed support for sensitive backs?

Does a constant pinkish-reddish fluid coming from recent lumbar surgery wound indicate a CSF leak or something else?

Does a spinal anesthesia hurt?

Five weeks post laminectomy to remove schwannoma tumor at L4 and CSF leak, now better, what causes intense pressure headache when bending forward?

For how long is a spinal headache supposed to last without a bloodpatch?

Had a dural puncture during csection 2 yrs ago with spinal headache. Can this be causing my neurological problems today? Didn't have patch.

Had a spinal tap 3 days ago.Mild bruise/pain on back.If something serious was wrong would i know by now?No fever.Thanks for your wisdom and care

Had a spinal tap and next day have clogged ears and noise sensitivity could it be from spinal tap would a bloodpatch help?

Had a spinal tap last night after three attempts it finally went in through my herniated discs how long is it supposed to hurt? Days weeks longer?

Had a spinal tap last year, resulted in a spinal tap headache, it resolved. Have pressure/pain in back of head when sit/stand up again, is this related?

Had an epidural blood patch, does spinal fluid recover itself?, What happens with the blood that got injected in my dura? Does it all go bac to normal

Had cauda equina, nerve pressed, did surgery but still got urinary retention, week before did MRI which was fine.Why I am suffering having normal blader?

Had lumbar puncture done yester now having some chest pain is this related or should I be concerned?

Had lumbar puncture on Tuesday should I still have a really severe headache after 5 days?

Had my 10th Lumbar Puncture on May 31st. Blood patch a week later. Now I have severe neck pain and stiffness. Should I be worried? What can I do?

Had spinal tap & two blood patches within less than a week. Bad headaches, stiffness in my neck, pain down my spinal two weeks later. What 's wrong?

Had spinal tap which resulted in a spinal headache. Headache has gone and I'm able to walk/stand for long periods. Am I safe for alcohol consumption?

Have C7 facet fracture with pars 10 weeks ago for over a week have had buzzing in my ears could it be connected to injury worried now is it serious?

Having a c section can't have an epidural or any thing that punctures the spin like a spinal block what is the next best pain med I can have?

Having a lot of pain in the area of my back where i had multiple spinal taps?

Having neck pain and headaches with increase in heart rate, after a spinal tap.

Having pain behind my eye and standing dizziness. Dura was ruptured 4wks ago during lumbar disectomy. Could working have caused re-rupture?

Hearing problems & severe headache after lumbar puncture 3 days ago, should I be concerned?

Hello. Every since having a CSF leak after 3 failed epidurals 18 months ago I have had severe tiredness, constant neck, shoulder, back pain. Pressure?

Hi i had a chiari malformation with removak off tonsils, I have a cyst coving my spinal cord right next to brain stem, i have severe crap pain today?

Hi I have a sore spot between two vertebra post meningitis any help?

How can I get energy, I have spinal stenosis fibromyalgia and now a head cold?

How can I know if you feel the needles go into your back when you had a discogram ?

How do you get rid of this post lumbar puncture headache?

How high is risk of infection after lumbar puncture?Is a little swelling normal after?I have no headache other than normal.Thanks for your time & care

How i get of this pain sperm cord?

How long will my back hurt after having a spinal tap done?

How many lumbar punctures can a baby have to check for ivh before it gets dangerous?

How might i get relief if i can't ejaculate due to a spinal cord problem?

How or where do Iget a blood patch ..I have a severe spinal headache post lumbar puncture?

How to stop spinal cored spasums?

How to treat a boil on my back next to my spinal cord?

I have c4/5 disherniational causing a smalling ventral imprssiion upon spinal cord I haveing head paid everday hand tinglingg feet ?

I hv spinal stenosis and got the epidural Injections only in 09. the past months I had pain again, fell at work on bum now hurt when cough R sneeze?

I am a basket case. My son has brain and spinal infections. Can you tell me something about it?

I am getting an MRI and a needle in my spine (not sure what for) the first of March. Any tips for what I will experience?

I am having pain in the base of my skull right where the spinal cord goes into my head. Someone said message it but it makes me have unbelievable pain?

I am injecting Diamorphine IM daily for past 2 months for severe spinal pain I have cauda equina. I'm worried about the lumps going to blood clots?

I can not breathe deeply,hurts in back,i was yet diagnosed 2 years ago with an incomplete spinal cord injury,and was trying 2 walk again , erythrocyte?

I can't get answers from nobody. Can I just have a list of possible causes of swollen optic nerves or is there not many causes? Already got spinal tap

I fell down and i think i hurt my muscles near my spinal cord and there is an internal bruise. Anything serious?

I got the spinal block nearly 11 weeks ago for my csection and since me now..Could it be linked to the spinal block?

I had a blood patch done 3 weekend ago, is it normal to still have pressure in my back where the needle was & down my spine?

I had a c-sec 6 weeks ago. I recieved a spinal. I get this tight pulsing kind of pain that travels up my back to my neck. Is this related to the spinal?

I had a lumbar puncture 3 days ago.If it got infected would i know by now?And how would i know if it was?Thank you for your wisdom and care

I had a lumbar puncture done 3 days ago. Starting the next day I am having headaches that are light but not very bad. Do I have to get a blood patch?

I had a lumbar puncture done in an ER...I am now having severe spinal headache, I cant even sit up at all!! I vomit and have to lay back down. HELP?

I had a lumbar puncture on wednesday night.Its now sunday and i still have the most intenese, incapacitating headache of my life! is this related?

I had a lumbar puncture preformed two days ago and I still have a lot of pain. The pain is slightly left of the puncture sight. Is this normal?

I had a lumbar puncture. Then I had a blood patch to fix the spinal headache from that. Now i have burps thay smell like feces. N?

I had a lumbar punture almost 2 weeks ago and I am having really bad headaches the only thing that helps is to lay down?

I had a spinal anaesthetic for C-section since then I've had blurred vision and can hardly see would this be connected ?

I had a spinal block for csection on May 4th and have recently started having serious back pain, especially where the spinal was inserted. Why?

I had a spinal cord stimulator removed 2 months ago, it "sluffed out" 10 min surgery now I have a severe ichy spot on spine were the leads were?

I had a spinal fusion and decompression on December 7 2016 and I am going back to work April 4, is This too soon I feel pretty good sometime and somet?

I had a spinal fusion through my stomache over a year ago and I have pain where the scar is. I also can't stand the feeling of the skin around the scar?

I had a spinal tap about 15 days ago. Then a blood patch 13 days ago. Since the patch, my symptoms have gotten worse. Headache, pain in neck.

I had a spinal tap and a blood patch and am now running a fever and having severe pain in my hips?

I had a spinal tap done 10 months ago to test for MS... is it normal to start having back pain in that area again after so long?

I had a spinal tap done about two months + ago, and a blood patch 3 days later. I now have the worst back pain that is only getting worse every day?