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acl tear, doing physio , wait for surgery can this injury give low back pain that's what I'm experiencing, can back be compensating for knee injury?

I developed chronic stiff Pain in both elbows & shoulders. No injuries. Was sent to PT with no improvement. I wake especially stiff as well. Any idea?

+hla-b27, -ana, -ccp, have mild acute pain in right knee and left elbow and an ACL injury in left knee. No fever and any other symptoms. Am i at risk?

10 months post resurfacing. Second hip. No problems after first but this time i find it impossible to walk more than 1km without sever pain in bottom?

11 y.I. F with intermittent knee pain above & below kneecap. No known injury, redness, swelling or pain to touch. athletic in softball & cheer.

11y.o. Female Intermittent pain to R knee X 1 year. "Hurts behind kneecap". No edema, redness or point tenderness, no known injury. Softball&cheer?

12 weeks post op slap tear repair. Why am i experiencing so much pain in my elbow, sometimes its pretty severe pain.

16 female. Had surgery for patella dislocation a year ago. currently have extreme crying pain in the same knee. It's a little swollen. no known injury

16 yr. Old girl, dancing for 5 yrs. Extreme pain in hips with grinding & loud pops since hip injury last year. What should I do to alleviate pain?

16 yrs old, pain on outer side of calf near knee for 2 weeks. No known injury. Pain is on and of, not linked to any specific movement. Strain? Clot?

18 d after injury to thumb mcp and cmc, new bruising is appearing. Pain is persistent and consistent and movement varies. Causes/concerns?

19mo old complains of daytime knee pain. Mostly in the tub or in high chair. Sudden and severe. No known injury. Other than growth what could this be?

1month ago c-section,joint pain and muscle pain all over my body,my scar is also emitting pain,(+) fever, is it related with my surgery?

2 years after severe rhabdo, I am suffering from stiffness in my left ankle, knee, hip and shoulder. I feel it's related. Thoughts?

24yoathlete.Sharp knee pain with ankle eversion+push off during walking. No swelling. Ext=no pain Flex=end range pain.No traumatic event.worsening?

27 years old male C/O chronic right Ankle joint pain for more than 8 Months, on the lateral side, there was a history of twisted ankle 8 months ago?

28years old female presented with bone like pain on dorsum of foot with heat fealing on and swelling on attack later develop into patellar pain, cause?

3 months after knee plica removal untreated swelling and limited rest post op symptoms are pain, discomfort, muscle loss, creptus, possible Arthritis?

31F w/anemia, fatigue, joint pain. need to wear knee braces for pain&mobility. Saw dr earlier 4 pain before anemia diagnosis, should I go in again?

3yo daughter complaining of r knee pain off and on for a month now. Suggestions of what could cause this? Kneecap source of pain. No known injury

4 weeks post op for lateral meniscectomy and debridement. Having occasional pain when extending and walking. How do symptoms of a bakers cyst present?

4 years ago I dove into a pool from 10 ft up. Ever since then I've been having shoulder pain. Is this a ligament or tendon issue? I fear its chronic.

4 years ago, I broke my scaphoid. I still have intense occasional pain. Is this normal? I have ehlers danlos so could that be causing it?

44 (f) knee is very painful lateral side. Been bad 7 wk and is now hurting all over. I have had no injury, sudden onset, unstable and popping?

5wks post fall ankle sprain & avulsion 5th m.tarsle. Pain, mild swell, freq loud popping w pain foot stuck in position. MRI?

6 months ago I fell down some stairs. The caused pain in my lower back. I thought it was just sore muscles. Turns out I have a compression fracture of my L1. The pain persists. Is surgery still an option?

6 yrs ago broke ankle dr said it may cause problems in future due 2 xtra bone growth i now have sharp throbbing pain & stiffness. Can this be a result?

60 yr female w/sharp pain when kneeling in left knee which ends as soon as weight is shifted ; no visible signs of injury and no pain otherwise.

68-yo active male. Progressive pain in shoulder joint, sometimes sharp. Is there a simple procedure to reduce inflammation?

7 months post hip arthroscopy. Thigh soreness remains and outer hip stiffness esp after activity. What's going on?

7m post tibia rodding and still limping +constant discomfort sometimes severe pain in my knee. Is this normal? Will things eventually get better ?

7y/o boy severe pain in 1thigh, can't bear weight w/o severe pain. No injury, no bruising. Area not tender. Can't lift leg w/o pain. Causes?

9 months after breaking hip, suddenly have pain down my leg and stiffness. X-ray shows bone has healed and no arthritis. Why sudden change?

About 4 years ago I had a knee injury (undiagnosed) and ever since I have had occasional fluid retention in the same area?

Achiness in back of both hands that sometimes includes knuckles. No physical accident, no swelling. What's the cause? Inflammed tendons? Treatments?

Achiness in knees and hips. Not really in mornings, but i notice the stiffness with exercise. Tried resting for months. No visual swelling though?

Acute momentory pain on upper part left knee joint while standing up or straightenning of knee. Pain eases thereafter. Cause and remedy?

After 2 meniscus repair surgeries in the past, I now have extreme tenderness/pain on the interior of my knee. It seems to be radiating toward my calf?

After a night of heavy drinking only, I wake up with severe pain in my fingers, ankles (muscle tear in past) and knee (sometimes). What is the problem?

After foot injury, I was left with chronic pain, supposedly sesamoiditis. Can't do physical activity after that because of pain. Any new treatment?

After pelvic fracture, will I be able to walk normal again with no pain and no balance problems?

After seeing a physiotherapist i was told that my knee pain is caused by weak glutes. Is this severe and how long should I take off running?

After the end of the day I have marked swelling in my ankles, particularly the left. My knees are also sore and arthritic. Is this related?

All my bones/muscles are paining. At a time only one part pains. The pain keeps on shifting. High uric acid 7.1. No inflammation. What's the reason?

Am 45. Sharp back pain develops in right sacroiliac joint and around, after long walk (10km). Reason? Solution?

Am waiting for treatment for hip bursitis & osteoarthritis of the hip but i can not sleep due to the pain. What can I do to get relief & sleep?

Ankle pain on both sides. Doc said injury caused by strain due to walking. Does wearing orthotics cause more long term problems or weaken muscles?

Are nsaids bad to take for back injuries such and severe si ligament strain?

At night and early morning my feet are in severe pain especially on the lateral sides. Initially pain started in knees . What could be the reason?

Athlete think w/sesamoiditis (clean xray 1 mo ago).pain getting much worse w/PT. noticing ankle stiffness and top of foot discomfort. stress fracture?

Been having stomach pain, mostly on the right side after taking my anti-inflammatory 4 times a day for my arthroscopic surgery for my meniscus tear. ?

Been rehabbing a groin injury for several months but still have pain. Suggestions?

Best approach to patient with bilateral patellar pain when going up stairs and kneeling? No other symptoms, weight controlled.

Called microdiscectomy surgeon about the increased shooting/cramping pain down lt leg & nurse said overdoing it Sun & was cause. Pain is 10 behind my knee & can't straighten tears. Any ideas?

Can a bone cyst rupture? Should one be removed if causing severe pain and compromising walking?

Can a medial meniscus displacement get worse if nothing is done? Does swelling cause increased pain? Please help

Can a stress fracture of the foot cause pins and needles following activity and pain?

Can an infection causes a continous 24/7 for months pain in one knee only ? , or can it interfer with the treatment of an inflammation in the knee?

Can ankle break and knee arthritis post arthroscopic surgery contribute to chills and general ache in leg? Trauma dates 10/14 & 2/4 Slow PT at present

Can cannabis help reduce pain from bone injuries?

Can growing pains present themselves in the kneecaps?

Can I use knee bands or straps in case of mild arthritis due to high uric acid.I have pain behind my left knee when working.Can i exercise?

Can running, while suffering from pes anserine bursitis pain lead to semitendinosus tendon tear? Or will it just increase the inflammation/pain?

Can slight laxity ligamentous on left side of ankle cause instability and also lead to arthritis?

Can taking ibuprofen for pain related to a hip labral tear and bilateral moderate hip oa lead to worsening of the oa?

Can too much anxiety lead to knee pain?

Can you offer some explanations for my joint pain and difficulty to walk?

Can you tell me more about to have their ankle fusion repeated due to pain?

Can't bend my right knee. Do golf (rh) once a week but no problems day after. No trauma to it. Rested for 2 days but still the same problem. Any help?

Car accident a week ago. Knee pain, swelling, stiffness, feels like it could give out. X ray shows no breaks. What's causing this? How do I treat?

Chronic knee pain for 10 yrs, MRI from 8 yrs ago was normal. feels good when pressure applied. was cheerleader when younger. what's the cause of pain?

Chronic knee pain. Job requires sitting for long durations. Doing daily jog. Pain relieves while body is warmed upMild squats relieves pain for a day.

Chronic pain fr hip to thigh.Sometimes stiff n worsen by movement.Osteoarthritis?Glucosamine+chondroitin+msm help?

Chronic pain, stiffness, both feet, big & mid toes. Also chronic knee pain w intermittent grinding. Intermittent grinding right shoulder. Ra?Other?

Chronic top of foot pain following excess standing. Post walking/running pain. Mri neg. For stress fx or tendonitis. No obvious dx. Ideas?

Concerning a strained Achilles tendon and I am feeling some pain in the kidney or liver area. Is this a common or known problem with ibuprofen, what to do?

Constant pain of joints. Fingers, neck, pelvic bone, behind knees. Get anxiety in morning gearing up to face another day of nsaids. Have ulcer?

Continued joint pain, predominantly on right side (hip/knee/calf/ankle) comes & goes, non continuous 7/10 pain scale. ?

Could a pain in the rhomboid are be caused by long driving?

Could holding in poop help reduce pain in lower limb joint injuries?

Could my knee pain be due to extra masturbation?

Could taken vitamin D 50000, one a week for 7 weeks, last one 2 weeks ago ,be causing my knee pain?

Could too much vitamin a be causing knee pain in 15 year old boy?

Could you tell me what are common leads to of knee pain in obese people?

Cramp/spasms in the back of my kneecap. Codeine and ibuprofen don't help the pain. Would the dissolvable screws in my knee be the problem?

Crashed my bike 5 months ago, hip still has small swelling. I have no pain and have full range of motion. Should I get it checked out?

Despite severe knee pain after surgery, is it safe to force it to bend?

Diagnosed unknown problem with muscles in my hips since age 6, causes knees and ankles to turn in when walking. Pain and burning sensation more often?

Diagnosed w/ r. cuff tendinitis 2 mos ago after swim'g.Rx Therabands & no swim.Pain reduced w/some no pain days.Pain flares up every few days. Advice?

Diagnosed w/gout & ra. No swelling just pain. I get sudden excruciating pain in joints like a severe sprain. Can last minutes or days. Gout or other?

Diagnosed with a nondisplaced medial femoral condyle on may 13, 2013. When i first get up to start walking my knee hurts but usually pain will subside and walking a lot causes pain. ? Work

Diagnosed with sesamoiditis 2 months ago; doing PT but getting worse. Pain now also in joint and there is marked decreased ROM. What can this mean?

Dislocated thumb - lingering pain/weakness. Will arthritis set in?

Doc says from my MRI i hve loss of cartilage due to severe arthritis i'm in severe pain and can't bare weight on my legs could i need surgery ?

Doc says the MRI shows loss of cartilage due to severe arthritis he says i hve osteoporosis the pain is severe to where i can't bare weight on my legs?

Does cerebral palsy ever go away i had it when i was litl and now at 32 i'm hvng severe pain in my knees and legs pain outside the kneecaps ainnerpai.?

Does the complications of UC also include affect on the bones too? Swelling on shins but pain in calves. What can it be? Please advice.

Does Xarelto cause arthritis? Minor strains are taking weeks to heal, leading to stiffness and pain. Never had these symptoms before. Thanks

Dr some days back i had acute pain in my left knee. I was not able to walk.I done uric acid test n result was 6.3 now i'm having pain in all joints.

Due to coxa vara I've got shoes but the pain still continues.How much more mobility will I lose? What else will happen&what can I do