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Had partial knee replacement nearly 3 weeks ago. I have been having PT 5 times a week since.. Last night and today the pain is overwhelming and worse?

i have a fracture in my toe and i have past substance abuse problems so i got volataren but its not working well i am in a lot of pain, any advice?

Rheum suspects PsA as I have ankle & back pain. Sometimes I take a Naproxen tab and the pain is gone for 2/3 days. Does PsA pain come and go?

101-104 fever x 5 days.Severe muscle and joint pain.Can't sit or stand w/o assistance b/c of severe bilateral hip cough, clear chest xray.

10wks post op r hemicolectomy w/ burning pain on r side especially if baring down or coughing. Ct shows access resolved. Any thoughts would be great!

19yo F: Chiro believes left hip pain & weakness from bursitis(horse rider w/ many falls). Ibuprofen & ice=no help. Best form of treatment? How to DX?

23 year-old female, pain in both feet and right knee, MRI clear, physical exam is clear. Pain killers do not work, she's a cycler, but stop cycled.

25-year old male, 6'3", 220 lbs, very active and not wanting to stop. Experiencing recent knee/patella pain. Taking glucosamine. Possible tendonitis?

28 yo sister, 4 mo pregnant. Feel pain on both of her scapula bone only at night. She never had an injury or medical operation whatsoever. What might the cause ? And which doctor we should consult ?

2months after spine surgery (microdiscectomy L5-S1),started pt and I'm feeling great...can I wear high heels?

2yrs+ i've had penile pain. Been bounced between pain mgmt & uro, been scanned, xrayed, you name it. Pain is getting worse, can't sleep often, & drs are basically baffled. What can I do? Panicking!

3 months post L4L5 discetomy. Recovery going okay. All of a sudden constant sciatic pain last 2 days. Flare up? Or worse? Really worried

32/F - After 3 drinks over 7hrs I got excruciating pain in both arms from shoulder - wrists, lasting 3hrs. Lying down made it worse- Sitting up helped?

32w pregnant having a stress shingles outbreak on l side of low back/ buttock, its so painful w/sacrum nerve pain. Can i safely take my valacyclovir?

33weeks pregnancy.Severe chest pain but i take doppler3rd trimester scan.Everything is perfect.What is the solutions of relief pain?Medicins

36wks pregnant, babys head grinding down on pelvic bone causing severe pain. Ob says take 4 tylenol (acetaminophen) but pain persists. 4cm, 50% and lost plug. Cure?

37 wks pregnant. Root removed & temp bridge fitted 4 days ago. Severe headache at temple ever since. Been adv healing normal but struggling with pain!

37 yr-old woman has 2 years of pain and swelling in multiple joints, including stiffness, and is hoping to get her normal life back as aerobics.....?

42, F, Cad, PAD, 3 MIs.. 10 days post op from R leg fem pop. Tonight woke up w severe R neck pain almost like pinched nerve. Back to hosp again?

43yo f, diagnosed w/arthritis in left hip 2 yrs ago. Lately, hip is clicking & giving out far more often. Meds not really helping. What should I do?

45 year old husband bulge at the top of spine not pain but has doubled in size over the last few months. Should I take him to the ER? No pain

49 yr F underwent coiling for ICA aneurysm 55 days ago. Has had mild pain but sudden severe . Doc said muscle spasm. Tabs not helping much. How long?

5 y/o son has minor CP. Wears leg braces, receives PT/OT. Complaints of leg pain are getting worse and more frequent. Also seeing chiro. What else??

50 years ago, I had orchiopexy to fix (left) testi-torsion. Years later I have serious pain in that test. when stretching. Related? Wht 2 do? Docs in U.S. said (2004) after x-rays, not related. No treatment recommended. Should I continue like this

65/m, diabetic for more than 10yrs.Pain in2nd, 3rd, 4th toes(only rt foot)from many months. Using pregablin but often pain is unbearable. What, s diagnosis & rx.

6weeks after surgery(mirodiscectomy) feeling great even like I used to before the hernia and the terrible sciatica...cycling???

6y/o on 22.5 methotrexate injrctions for 3mths for jra has occasional swelling but has stiffness &pain almost daily what should be next step? New meds

7 days following steriod jab for subachromial bursitis pain is bad unless taking codine is this normal as AC joint feels very sore aswell?

70yold female, diabetic, suffering from spinal discs 20y ago, dr adviced to have injection to relief the severe pain on her leg, advice, wht that injection?

75yo grandfather severe pain on both shoulder blades. MRI,normal.Pcp prescription Norco+suggested pt.Pain doesn't allow sleep at night.What can this be?

7s surgeries for my back/nerve pain. I have a scs unit and also a pain pump which was found faulty aft 21/2yrs should I get it fixed or meds?

8 hours post lumbar block injection. I have had awful left hip pain ever since and hard time walking. Is that normal? What's happening? What do I do?

83yo developed 2 severe bouts of diverticulitis from pain meds for a total knee replacement. Needs shoulder done.What pain meds won't bust the colon?

9 weeks post alif, have RA & sle. Still have back pain, managed w/1 5mg oxy most days, need 2 at times. Neurotin not helping nerve pain; concerning?

A dr on here is concerned im on morphine at 27, why? I have ms, arthritis, back pain, and am disabled. Whats the problem?

A got pain in my right toe after two month my left ttoe also paining.Pain killer not help.Uric acid test ok.Vitamin tablet no help I am adiabetic pat?

A horse threw me and i suffered a L4 trans.process fx yesterday. Should i be on bed rest or what? The pain is unbearable even with pain meds .

A patient has pain in her lt ankle 45 yrs like needles continuously when she wakes up she cant stand on her ankle no pain killers workwhat can it be?

A pneumonia shot was administered in my shoulder joint. I have been in extreme pain since (1 month) is this normal i was released from the hospital and the nurse gave me a shot in the my shoulder socket. The next day, i was in so much pain, i couldn't mo

After 3 day stay at hospital. Now I have constant abdominal pain at noval site worse by sitting minor relief by walking around. Wat could it be ?

After a l4-s1 fusion w/inst. & 1 spacer, how soon after surgery can we tell how much it helped w/pre-op pain long term? Leg pain has returned some...

After all else fails, I've tried everything for peripheal neuropathy pain. Whay else is given? Dont know the cause of pn yet. Gng to mayo in sept

After f.B.S.S how can I get fusion pain under control?

After I had a hysterectomy a couple of months ago, I was suffering from temporary nerve damage. I started feeling better, the I started azulfidine for ulcerative colitis and now the pain from the nerve damage is getting worse. Could the azulfidine be

After Taking Medicines for slipped disc am ok for 2months but again now It pains a lot .is surgery is De only cure?Anyother treatmen? im a sportperson

Am taking DEXA-TRESORTIL for the last six month now. IF i stop one day,the pain comes back to my joints at my wrist and i adicted.

Am type 2 diabetic 2 yrs now,a1c 6.9 since 10 months ago, taking Metformin 2 yrs. Needle pinching pain back of foot on hill, what treatment needed?

Ankle pain/stiff & cramps in that foot (1st/4th toes). Saw doc & waiting for mri. Could cramps be related? Heat helped short term but cramps return.

Are there any meds that work to kill the paln of hypertrophic facet sclerosis? I'm to the point i can only stand for 6 minutes from pain and spasms.

Are these symptoms of hep c sever headaches, muscle and joint pain she thinks she think she got it from having sex?

ASAP response sever migraine imetraix not working hurting really really bad please help what should I do. It's a level 10 on the pain scale ?

Ask a question since 2005 I have had cronic constapation.I was finally diagnoised for very tight spinctor muscle and got botox injection.It didn't ?

Aslam o Aliqam asif from pak.i have disk problem in 4,5 mohra.and i have pain in my back bone tail.plz tell me best madicans and advise.thanks?

Bad muscle spasms & pain in both legs primarily in middle & calves. MrI came out nomal. Doc recommends therapy. R they missing something tht it cd be?

Ball pain was diagn as viral 18m ago.been on oxynorm since 4 back pain,taping off oxy but ball pain returned.i worried oxy masked a testicle problem??

Been having pain on my left hip. I'm 27, exercise, eat healthy. I searched online & considered it could be bursitis. Extreme pain 1 Month ago for 1day?

Been having recurrent HA flare up since Dec. 15+ HAs including today. What can I do to alleviate pain w/o abortives and nsaids?

Been on remicade (infliximab) for 2 years experiencing extreme joint pain when getting close to my next infusion. Help what is this ?!?'

Being treated for rheumatoid athritis, i fell on ice a few days ago and my back are really hurting. Should i go to ER for pain. Tramadol 50mg not work?

Besides surgery is there an alternative for knee pain? Becau 88 year old female. Good health but fear of a possible stroke if she has surgery. Has tried many pain relievers but nothing seems to help. She also has neuropathy in her feet. She is not a dia

Bone pain in right hip. It does not get better or worse with activity. The pain is present when i sleep. History of bc most recent sept, 2012. I?

Broad based protusion l5s1reg severe back, testicle, buttock\leg pain 4 past year. Meds\pysio only manage it.What are odds of a doc giving a discectomy? Been having some pysio and ry needling work done

Broke coccyx 10 yrs ago-constant neck/back pain since.Sick of spending $$ on manipulation etc only for it to return. Horrible migrains - what can I do?

Broke neck in 5 places on pain regamint but still in a lot of pain.Everything still works.Had fusion to 4-5-6. Is a pump worth thinking about?

Broke neck in 5 places stillin a lot of pain think about a pain pump are there flaws with this?

Can a Parkinson's patient have back surgery? I heard it was hard on such patients, but my mom has had bad back pain for two years.

Can a person with mild crps go into remission(i was having symptoms in oct. Doc put meon gabapentin) i stopped having pain. I'm off & burning is back?

Can a shot of toradol 2 days before an MRI mask any problems that are in your lower back?

Can cathejell lidocaine c gel be usd for tooth with exposed nerve sudden pain? If yes then how? I have no painkillers atm its 5am im suffering badly

Can doctors prescribe meds online and also take insurance online severe pain in lower back< muscle weakness, numbing of the leg.Sciatica symptoms

Can doing yoga (which I have never done before) help patellofemoral pain syndrome, or is there a risk that it might make it worse?

Can lunber tap pain last for several weeks?

Can you have back pain when recovering from chemo therapy?

Cant get relief from pain from total hi replacement.5 weeks on hydrocodone. Raw nervesparkison jumping.

Cfs/me, what kind of dr. Can, or should I go 2 4 diagnosis of this? Also, I am unable 2 exercise as sugg, due to chronic pain& surg of spine...Sugg?

Chiari decompression in 07. Is it normal to have severe neck pain during sex so severe we had to stop.?

Chiro tx for severe chronic back pain, with success,On weekly schedule last 2 months and the next 3. How long before I go to every 2-4wks to maintain?

Chronic hip pain 21yrs old. X-rays showed nothing, physical therapy made it worse. Can't work because the pain is so bad. Help?

Chronic lower back pain. Had l5/s1 microdisc. 4 years ago that made me worse. Tried pain meds & pt. Nothing helps. Disabled. Depressed. New options?

Chronic neck pain after car accident- I'm only in my 20's. Should I go ahead and the radio frequency ablation? Concerned bc of my age. Thanks!

Chronic pain after hip/knee. Dr. Put me on Vicodin every 4 hrs. Forever. She said I'm 77 best to b comfortable. She out of business now. Now what?

Chronic sij pain. Becomes displaced often. 2 steroid inj with min brief relief (2wks) now pain seems even worse 8/10 on pain scale constantly.Surgery?

Colposcopy today with cervical biopsy have significant pain, having trouble walking and sitting cant take nsaids due to allergy minimal bleeding ?

Could ddd pain be triggered by havamat? I have been to the ER twice because I could not walk. Is this ddd or something else?

Could I have surgery on my shouoder at AC joint if its grade 2 and after working with it about couple minutes i get pain in it?

Crohn's since 1999 resection done two years ago. Maxed out on remicAde (infliximab) I have chronic pain in abdomen and my joints are killing me. Any suggestion ?

CRPS in L foot- Amitriptyline and Palexia for pain. Unable to exercise fully for over 1 year- painful. Wt gain horrible- from CRPS ? Meds? Advice?

CRPS L foot. Initially told mild- meds help pain (bad side-effects). SCS suggested. Trial Monday- feel it's too drastic for "mild" CRPS. Good idea?

Currently 18 weeks pregnant and have really bad sciatica or pelvic girdle pain. It's at it's worst when i carry my toddler and at night. What to do?

Cuz ankle swollen 6days.pain w/rotating,dull pain up to low leg,tingly,purple,no injury,ice no relief.VERYoverweight.Underactive Levothyroxine 75 mg.Has no doctor.serious?care?

Dad diagnosed with Pudendal NE nothing has relieved pain. Have heard Neuromodulatn may help. Wer in New Zealand-anyone know of places near that do it?

Dad: neuro diagnosed w/ ulnar nerve entrp., bad pain, tough to sleep at times. Pain on/off. Ortho surg. Said no surgery (decomp) yet... Next steps?

Dancer for 13 1/2 yrs now have constant low level knee pain(High pain tolerance)have tried supports &a braces but don't help they make it worse! Help?

Day 14 on Accutane 40mg my severe back pain has been dialed down to moderate with help of therapeutic heat wraps. Is this a cause for concern anymore?

Dear doctor I have pain on my shoulder while lifting it since last month I used anti flamation but with no result?

Dear sir, I'm Prasad 31 yrs, from Chennai, India suffering from Disc bulge & sciatica since nov'12. Tried PT but no effect. Please suggest & advice.

Despite drain,shot, meds and ice knee still not back to normal at 6 weeks. Usually back to normal in 3 days. Tear as MD suggested? PA caused it?

Developed meralgia paresthetica following ganz osteotomy - I am a nurse and this is my guess. I'm almost 3 weeks out, on gabapentin, getting worse ?

Diag w/scolios of lumbar on x-ray, have a lot of pain an constipation, feel stool across pelvic area but unable to go tried mult things, can scoliosis cau?

Diagnosed with avn of right hip last sept. Due to high dose scrip of multiple steroids 3 yrs ago.I had a thr in oct. How do I know other joints are ok?