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Why is My left index finger tingling&numbness.have herniated disc in neck &moderatedisc bulge inlumbar spine &sciatica.

2 bulging discs in lumbar spine, partial sacralization of l5- any general stretches i can do to relieve pressure on nerves & daily pain?

4 disc bulges in neck with fora. stenosis, 3 disc bulges in low back with pinched nerv rt at L5-S1 and now I need a hip repl. Why at my age? No injur

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Are chin ups and push ups ok to do if I have sciatica due to bulging disc n degenrative disc in the lumbar region?

Are chin ups and push ups ok to do if I have sciatica due to herniated disc n degenrative disc in the lumbar region?

Are there any alternatives to pain management for buldging disks in the spine?

Back injury, dead lift sprain or herniated disc, how can I tell?

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Best approach to aleviate chronic back pain have herniated disc with radiculopathy?

Bone spurs in my neck, a couple bulging discs and mild spinal stenosis in my lumbar. Could this cause a pinched nerve?

Bulging neck disk, herniated lb disk, psoriatic arthritis, lordosis, traveling pain, & nerve pain horrible 24/7 in all i do. Finished lifting weights?

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Can a torn paraspinal or muscles in lower back around waist cause for discs to bulge? Can torn muscles around the spine cause other problems like dege

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Can an inversion table cause a pinched nerve if used by someone who has had a disc herniation in the past and has DDD?

Can back pain cause lightheadedness? Possible herniated disk.

Can buldging discs in the lumbar cause pain that wraps around to the abdomen?

Can bulging disc in your neck cause impingement symptoms? At what levels if any would cause that impingement? Would the bulging disk cause burning ?

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Can cervical spondylosis n disc herniation cause lumbar spondylosis n lower back n sacrum pain? Are they related?

Can cervical spondylosis or a pinched nerve or a herniated disc cause a discomfort or pain to the touch at the back of the head? If yes, why?

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Can inversion tables help lower back pinched nerve and bulging disk.?

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