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What are the most effective analgesics to discuss with doctor for severe pain from extruded lumbar hnp? Reaction to morphine, esi ineffective.

What are the symptoms of a pinched L3 nerve? Would it cause pain near the pelvic? Would it cause erectile issues?

What are therapies for intercostal neuritis?

What are treatment options (including exercise, pt, chyro) for L5 nerve root causing pain that radiates all the way to foot?

What are treatment options for nerve damage in leg due to quad strain (possibly sciatica/FM). Rest and gradual training?

What are treatments for "pudendal nerve entrapment"? Pain killers don't work, steroids work but it comes back when course is done. PT doesn't help.

What are treatments that relief piriformis syndrome that reveals as pain in the left buttock.?

What can a physician do to relieve the pain due to facet syndrome?

What can be done for siactic nerve pain?

What can be done to treat/ reduce pain? I heard injection of steroids into the spine will help with back pain. True? What else?

What can I do if my s1 vertabrae is not fused. I've had 2 nerve blocks and no relief. Where do I go from here?

What can I do to relieve the pain associated with my adhesive arachnoiditis?

What causes cervical facet pain in my 20s? No trauma history.Also have cervical hnp. Does it have effect on my facet pain?

What i'd pyriformis muscle pain like and is it linked to sciatica?

What is a non-surgical method of relieving low back pain caused by a herniated disk?

What is a possible cause for spinal pain?

What is best for pain when you have arachnoiditis?

What is done for chronic neuropathic left leg pain related to radiculopathy, second transforaminal epodural injection. First one did not work.Had tkr?

What is done for chronic pain on my lumbar verterbrae?

What is involved in clipping spinal nerves for relief of pain from stenosis?

What is my best treatment for pinched nerves had a server ruptured disc in witch i had surgery had the eperldoral shots and have been on vicodin 2 ye?

What is the best lumbar traction device to alleviate back pain ?

What is the best remedy for neuropathic pain in the feet caused by a previos disc fusion at l5?

What is the best treatment for "severe" sciatica pain. My last resort for my mother is neuromuscular release technique with poss. Nerve block.

What is the best treatment/relief for siatic pain? Have had this problem for over 5 months. Mri showed 5 disc bulge. Have tried several treatments

What is the most recommended approach to alleviate chronic back pain due to 3 year herniated disc with radiculopathy?

What is the recommended lumbar traction device to help ease pain?

What is the recommended non-surgical way to alleviate lower back pain associated with bulging discs in the l4/l5/s1?

What is the success rate for an epidural used to relieve back pain?

What is the treatment of spinal pain at the end of the column below Mok severe pain I can not move.What is the best way to treat the pain of Hama with?

What is the treatment to fix sever lumber spinal trauma?

What is usually done for a patient that has sciatica nerve pain in the low back? What are some of the treatments for it?

What is usually used for pain after a discogram?

What kind of dr. Takes care of sciated nerve pain?

What kind of pain medication is prescribed for cervical spine surgery?

What kind of therapy is done for a work related back injury?

What pain relief can you advise for. A gloymus tumour?

What should my next step be in testing chronic lumbar spinal pain?

What t type of exercise, mainly yoga is safe to do after spinal fusion from T4 to T12? I have pain or discomfort almost every day.

What therapies can be used for sciatic nerve pain?

What to if I am looking for feedback on failed lumbar back surgery-still in pain?

What treatment bulge l4l5 l5s1 close to s1 nerve root for 2 years now severe disabling pain just in bed epidural pt nerve block scs trial nothing help?

What treatment is done for someone that has low back radiculopathy?

What treatment is there for the facet hypertrophy at the lumbosacral junction? I am in severe pain and can hardly walk at times.not able to work

What txs are available for mild bilat foraminal encroachment causing debilitating back/leg pain? Rest, tens, otc/norco/Ultram all failed. ER RN, help!

What would be the typical procedure for a c5-6 congenital fusion with compressed c6exit route cause sever pain and tingling.

Whatcauses extreme spasims across both hips and back have had epidural treatments with no help.Also chiropractic and physical therapy and no help

When can spinal fusion hardware be removed? I am having a ton of arthritic pain and it is 3 years out. I have tried PT Pain Meds Chiropractor!

Which drug will help with syringomyelia pain?

Which id better kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty for repair 2 sided compression fracture no pain lying. Severe pain when sitting or standing in pt in 90s

Which is better the pain pump or the spine stimulator?

Which is most effective at treating severe chronic neuropathic pelvic pain that has no cause: spinal cord stimulator, nerve block injection or tens?

Which NSAID provides the best analgesia for moderate to severe OA pain, and spinal pain?

Which types of treatments to manage irritation of the sciatic nerve?

Why are epidural treatments for lower lumbar pain .And ups an downs of such treatments.

Why do I still have sciatic pain after laminectomy from l-2 to s-1?

Why do steroid shots in the cervical spine hurt more than the thoracic or lumbar? No numbing meds used like lumbar or thoracic? Why?

Why would a peripheral nerve block in my shoulder for chronic pain post clavicle repair stop my gabapentin from helping and make my pain worse?

Why would one get an epidural treatment for sciatic leg pain?

Will a shot in my neck help with a pinch nerve. I'm already on fentanyl pain patch and Dilaudid 8mg for CMT back pain. Pain meds does not help with th?

Will lidoderm patches help aching bones caused from chemotherapy?

Will physical therapy help with neuropathy, dead nerves and the pain that is my leg?

Will robaxin (methocarbamol) help chronic back pain due to spinal fusion?

Will spinal cord stimulation help alleviate pain?

Would a massage help in the intermediate aftermath of an aggravation of a lower-back herniation?

Would a spinal tap feel like a nerve root block, facet joint injections or more uncomfortable?

Would sacral iliac and ala injections cure coccyx pain?