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I've had 3 ESI in the past 6 weeks. There's still pain & extreme back spams. The dr wants to do 6 facet injections. I'm skeptical it will work. ?

If conervative tx are tried for a year and symptoms got worse, is op the only option? diangosis cervical hnp neck pain arm pain numbness.Im only 30 yrs old

If epidural steroid blocks have not elevated my sciatic nerve pain, what treatments are recommended?

If I have a pinched nerve n my L3 or L4 can this b corrected by decompression or physical & osteopath manipulation therapy? Achey pain n front thighs.

If my back pain responded well to strong steroids and anti inflammatory meds does that mean i would benefit from those injections that numb the nerves?

If my neuropathic pain is worst in hands, will spinal cord stimulator help them, too? Where are scs placed?

If source of lower back, hip & SIJ pain is undetermined, why would Dr. recommend trigger pt injections instead of Fluoroscopic injections 2 DX & Treat

Ifsciatica is caused by herniated disc, can a cortisone shot fix the problem? Or is it just a temporary pain relief? What are ways to fix it?

In few recent days I have been experiencing back pain in the line of the spinal cord and pain is acute. Could you suggest some medication ?

In therapy for scatic nerve issue not working allergic to nsaids and ibuprofen. Is there a procedure to decompress the nerve? In alot of pain.

Injection for relief severe pain in left leg due to spinal discs?

Injections for lower back were not helpful. So I was reccomended for nerve burning, but I was told if injections were useless so would burning the nerve procedure. Is that true?

Is spinal decompression therapy effective to relieve back pain?

Is a chiropractor safe for a scaitic nerve injury?

Is acupuncture for lower spinal pain/si joint pain or back problems in general an effective treatment?

Is an epidural injection helpful for chronic back pain?

Is aqua therapy effective in helping disc/back pain and injuries?

Is aqua therapy often successful for back pain and old lumbar injuries?

Is genitofemoral nerve block injection given at spinal cord?Pain management doc says it will b performed under anaesthesia, afterwards it hurts lot?

Is it better to heat or ice spinal stenosis pain?

Is it fact there is some type of injection can works for the severe pain in muscle compressed by spinal discs?

Is it okay to have severe pain at the injection site of a lumbar puncture followed by leg weakness?

Is it possible that a facet pain in the dorsal area to resolve with time? It started 5 months ago.

Is it possible to get good results using acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia pain?

Is it possible to have used a implanted spine stimulator for nerve pain control rsd/crps?

Is it safe to take gabapentin to relieve pain caused by a sciatic nerve problem?

Is it worth having surgery for a chronic neuropathic with rapiculopathy. Spine dr.Says 50% on surgery. Can not stand pain, had it for 7 months.2 esi sh?

Is nerve stimulation for pain like ect?

Is physical therapy worthless for pain from herniated nucelus propulsus that has already radiated into the leg?

Is predisone better then epidural for pinced nerve cervical?

Is prednisone an effective treatment for siatic nerve pain?

Is spinal decompression therapy effective in relieving back pain?

Is Spinal traction or Decompression therapy helpful for Lower Back Pain? Are the effects temporary or Permanent?

Is steriod injection beneficial for pain relating to degenerative changes in back or is it likely to give temporary releif only 4 this type of problem?

Is steroid nerve block contradicted if sciatic nerve pain is caused by tumor compression? How long does the pain relief usually last?

Is surgery the only other option if injections don't fix pinched nerves in the back?

Is the medtronic cage a useful device to help people with back pain who need a spinal fusion?

Is the sacrowedgy or the dorn method effective for chronic pain?

Is their no pain relief in deterioration of bones and muscles and nerves?

Is there any form of thermal ablation that is a permanent pain stop for chronic back pain or will the nerves still grow back?

Is there anything I can do to treat the neuropathic pain i've developed after my syringomyelia surgery?

Is tramadol used for long term treatment of back pain from bulging disks in the thoracic spine?

Just looked at med records for ongoing pain, have spinal stenosis, l4 l5 herniated discs which have been causing leg pain.How can I heal/treat this?

L5s1 protusion leg/back pain 11/52 footdrop 2/52.Failed nerve block.I want to consider surgery but emg was normal.Will nuero consider surgery now?

Large herniation at c7. Pain is not severe, but arm is numb and weak. 2 months of conservative treatment hasn't worked. When do I consider surgery?

Left forearm pain radiating between wrist and elbow. No relief with pt, naproxen and celebrax. Pt trainer puzzled. No nerve damage. Very painful.

Left leg numb 2 months pain management dr is doing lumbar transforaminal epidurall steroid injection in a week and 2nd in oct. said will fix nerve?

Looking 4 help with pain. Had 4 r cuff surgeries, have chronic pain, cause unknown, MRI good, in pain management, on exalgo 16mg. Ice and heat don't help.

Lordosis,herniations,stenosis at c6/c7. Nerve pain in arms. PT didnt help. Steroid injections only bilateral facet gave relief for 1 week. Prognosis?

Lower lumbar operation, I have had nerve shots and nerves burnt in my back and I'm taking pain pills, is there anything else I could do?

Lumbar nerve root irritation and eds type 3... 5 months later still in pain and using crutches. Will i ever recover?

Lumbar pain. Both sides. MRI shows 3 bulging discs. 3 epidural shots no relief. Need relief bad.

Lumbar sympathetic block provided no relief for burning pain, what other interventional treatments are available?

Mri says protruding disc. Pt, oral steroids didn't work. Pain management or spine doctor next? Md says pain management. Concerned since it's spine.

Mri states severe bilateral neural foraminal encroachment with L4 and L5 nerve root compression . Have had esi no help severe pain gait and motoring issues.Spinal surgeon says see neurologist what sho?

My doctor treated my sciatic nerve pain with depo-medrol, is that usual?

My dr treated my sciatic nerve pain with a depo-medrol injection, is that ok?

My pain management doctor is recommending a left lumbar sympathetic block for the pain in my left foot. Is this reasonable?

My pain management dr is recommending a left lumbar sympathetic block for the pain in my left foot, but I don't know if worth it?

Neck pain for 1yr had c3.4.5 cervical facet inj which relieved pain for 2days then pain came again had another facet inj a week later same result.Help?

Needing expert help. I have suffered nerve pain for 20 years after a rta . C6 cervical spine, pain numbness and needles pins?

Oncologist referred me after complaining of pain from bone marrow biopsy10mths ago no cancer orthopedic said pinched nerve prescribed medrol (methylprednisolone) how is it?

Pain along my spine is this associated with fiberomyglia ?

Pain at my back near spinal cord I think its genetic . Is there any exercise or solution for this?

Pain management after a lumbar discectomy--i tend to like opiates so is there something else?

Pain management doctors from your experience can lumbar sympathetic block help with sympathetic independent pain (left leg)?

Pain management doctors- what conditions or diseases do you use a lumbar sympathetic block to treat?

Pain management in a 90 year old sp spinal fusion now with multiple compression factures. Tylenol (acetaminophen) #3 not providing relief?

Pain Management: Doctor wants to do a denervation at my facet joint area in my cervical neck. Completely severing this nerve will take away pain?

Pain Management: Had a cervical facet joint nerve block that worked! Dr. now offers me a facet joint denervation that lasts longer. Should I do it?

Pain Management: How long can the positive effects of a cervical facet joint nerve block diagnostic test last before retreatment (been 1 month now)?

Physiotherapist wants to do dry needling to neck and forearm for chronic bilateral wrist pain (1 yr roughly)thoughts on opinions on this procedure ? He thinks there is compression of nerves.

Pinched lumbar nerves. Any negative side effects to long term mechanized traction to relieve pinch nerve?

Please help! what is the best lumbar traction device to help ease pain ?

Please let me know if there is a tx. For nerves pinching in c-spine other than surgery?

Pm docs- what type of interventional procedures should I try before the spinal cord stimulator for small fiber neuropathy pain (pain is worse at night?

Post epidural for collapsed disc at l4-l5 w/o herniation w/ radiculopathy (L) leg. I know that the relief is temporary. Can it be fixed? Permanent tx?

Post nerve decompression surg for occipital neuralgia & migraine-now spasms that are electrical, tazer like - very painful-need advice on what to do.

Progressive persistent thoracic back pain, worse when lie down at night. Tried everything except esi. But md says esi doesn't work for thoracic pain?

Progressive, extremely severe thoracic back pain at night, for months. Tried chiro, massage, accu, nsaids, antacids.MRI w/o contrast was normal.Ideas?

Report says: Left sided neural foraminal stenosis with nerve root impingement at the L5-S1 level Is there anything I can do to relieve pain until tx.

Rt side s.i joint, spine erector and QL pain with out relief from therapy following thoracic scoliosis surger, still torqued. What dr should i see?

Scrotal trauma led 2 groin pain since 4 mnths.Pain mangmnt.Doc says pulled genitofmoral nerve, asks 2 do nerve root block at spinal cord.Complications?

Severe low back pain since age 24.Mri= degenerative arthritis/facet hypertrophy/stenosis. No meds/shots/therapy have worked.Should i consider surgery?

Should heat or ice be used for lumbar stenosis pain?

Should I have surgery on my neck or injection? I have a herniated disc at my c5-6 cervical that is compressing a nerve that is givin me right arm pain and numbness.Should i choose to have surgery instead of the injection to asure that i want have issues w

Should topical analgesic be applied to location of the damaged nerve in neck, or site of referred pain, or both?

Six months post-op I have post-thoracotomy strong pain. My surgeon suggests Lidocaine intercostal injections. Who can do it succesfully?

Someone recommended ruta graveolens to help with sciatic nerve pain. Can you tell me if this could work?

Spinal cord stimulator provided some relief. Over time the pain has worsened in back/legs. Surgeon is scs dr and is no help now. 3 surgeries. Hope?

Sudden onset of major pain in neck and headache following physical therapy for herniated disc and chronic radiculopathy.

T12 paraplegic with severe nerve pain in legs. Have tried spinal blocks, laser treatments acupuncture medical marijuana & meds/no relief Suggestions?

Tender all over. Cannot sit or lie down without pain. Ongoing 15 yrs. Spinal fusion did not help. Lyrica (pregabalin) & tens machine my lifesavers?

Testicle pain 5 yrs. Maybe pudendal entrap but 1of3 blocks helped. Penineal branch& genitofemoral cut. Now sciatica. L5s1 discectomy no help. Related?

Thanks for answering my question about neck pain? Is traction usually good for disk compression? Please help

The spine dr. Says that I am not a good candidate for surgery. Why? And what is chronic neuropathic, dr says most likey related to radiculopathy?

Tmj MRI severe osteoarthritis. My O/S advice, pain mgt, blocks,implant nerve stim. Having severe pain. Already on PM. Had condylotomy 2008. Tx?

Took my c spine MRI 6 months ago.Neck pain only got worse after nsaids.Pt.Neurontin.Epidural block. Need i take another mri? How do I cope with pain?

Was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and p. Neuropathy 2 yrs ago. I feel so weak most of the time and my back is always in pain. I'm not on meds for it?

What are some drawbacks of spinal cord stimulators for treating chronic pain?