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Had buring wrist pain for 11 mon. PT said it is nerve pain from the nerves believing there is an injury and when the sprain is healed. What dr treats?

Had c4,5,6 laminectomy 2011 for severe central stenosis. 8 weeks constant pain, numb in shoulder/arm-3 level ACDF proposed. alternative? Complications

Had lap surg to remove fluid from ovarian cyst thought to be irritating sacral nerves causing sciatica pain. How long post op should it take for nerve pain to resolve? Spine already cleared by mri

Had success with nerve block for hip,back,groin pain. Now on Lyrica (pregabalin). What are issues with long term use and could MRI help identify source of pain?

Had tsi yesterday for 2 pinched nerves, herniated disk on2 level injections, takes 7-1o days before the pain with go away if it works.What are my option?

Has anyone had acupuncture for lower spinal pain with good results?

Has anyone had acupuncture for lower spinal pain?

Have been diagnosed with herniated disc L3-L4 and L4-L5, advised for the epidural pain injection also surgery. I am scared, is this the last option?

Have CRPS after foot injury, surgery. Managing pain with Amitrityline-. Will I need it for life? What about nerve blocks?

Have large protruding disc 6/7 radiating pain down to my hand waiting 12 months for neurosurgeon any other treatment than narcotics and nerve tablets?

Have two pinched nerve in neck, vicodin is no longer helping. What should I do? I am scheduled for a cervical epidural in a month.

Having a pinch nerve in my lower spine. Will doing physical Theraphy help it or hinder it?

Having nerve related issues from costocondral separation of 2nd rib. Brachial plexus pain that has been ongoing for two years. Is there a treatment?

Hello, I had an occipital nerve block a week ago. The past two days I have had migraines and it is very painful in the region where shot was?

Help! How effective is cervical facet nerve burning when steroid injection relief only lasts 2 days? I want something long term, w/no more meds!!

Herniated lumbar disc. Is the type of pain an indication of severity of nerve entrapment? I.E. Stabbing vs dull pain.

Hi, I have idiomatic neuropathy. I also have a nerve entrapment in lower back. I'm considering spinal stimulator. Injections haven't worked. Any ideas?

Hi, The pain I have is excruciating, and it's along the peroneal nerve in my leg, I did not suffer any injury, Can physical therapy fix the damage?

How can I get pain relief from exaggerated lumbar lordosis?

How can I know the difference between nerve or skeleto-muscular pain?

How can I use an inversion table to relieve pain off the sciatic nerve?

How do I get immidiate relief from a pinched nerve that isn't steroids?

How do I relieve the pain caused by a L5 fracture with spondylosis ?

How do you treat minor sciatica pain?

How does pain management work ? What is the treatment for permanent nerve damage from the cervical spine ?

How does spine sublexation work to cause most types of musculoskeletal pain?

How effective are facet joint injections at relieving neck pain? I had a different type of injection in my lower back that didn't help.

How effective are neuro-stimulators (i.E. Medtronics) for long term relief of chronic pain? After a back fusion, my wife has had chronic burning foot pain. She recently had a neuro-stimulator embedded for relief of this debilitating foot pain. Does hist

How effective are ozone injections to relief pain caused by kyphosis and facet pain? Do they have side effects?

How hard would it be to have a radio frequency ablation (rhizotomy) of lower lumbar without pain meds. Before/during/after?

How is a DX of Piriformis Syndrone made? Is it merely Sciatic Nerve irratation that radiates to buttocks. What is the Treatment?

How long should rf denervation last. I still have severe pain in neck?

How many corticosteroid nerve blockage injections can I have,for my sciatica and discopathy L5-S1 problem?

How often can trigger point injections be done for myofascial pain?

How to relief spermatic cord pain?

I always suffer from spinal pain after i delievered a scissorian baby now can u tell me how it can be relieved?

I am 20 years old had a spinal fusin of 2 levels about 3 months ago i'm in worse pain than before I have satic nerve damage what should I do for pain?

I don't want to take steriod shots for a pinched nerve because all it does is relieve the pain. It doesn't fix the problem.

I had 4 cervical spine fusions 30 yrs ago. Developed a neuropothy of pain in forarms mainly at night. Have been on gabapentin for years, and have done very well. Over last three months have had balance and dissyness problems and also numbing of my li

I had a cervical epidural injection yesterday but now it can't look done without experience shooting pain in the arms. Is this normal. Any treatment?

I had a lumbar sympathetic block for my leg yesterday at my pain clinic. Am I cured?

I had a nerve root steroid injection for a disc bulge / sciatica, 7 days ago. This hasn't reduced my discomfort. Is there a chance it may still work?

I had a radiofrequency injection in my facet joints on my left side Mon, but i am now suffering with extreme pain & pins & needles. Is this normal?

I had an injection of Intraosseous nerve block. How long before I start feeling some pain relief. How often should I get these injection (Frequency)?

I had c5-6 anterior cervical discectomy surgery a year ago. I still have nerve pain in my arms and scapula and can't work. Should I be better already?

I had my first lumbar sympathetic block on 9/30. I was completely pain free on 9/30 and 10/1. My pain came back this morning. Should I consider a 2nd?

I had piriformis surgery 5 months ago i still have severe sciatic pain , the surgeon removed the whole body of the muscle, i just started phys therapy?

I have 3 compression fractures in thoracic spine, severe pain on narcotics tried everything, surgeon said no to kyphoplasty too young. Other options?

I have 3 levels of degenerated disks in my neck (4,5,6) with several spurs. Pain some days are bad . Any advice on pain management? Traction and heat

I have 4 herniations nerve involvement and arthritis in my back in a lot of pain but no Dr in my area will give pain meds can I get a scrip on line?

I have 6mm protruding disc abutting take off right s1 nerve root no relief from cortizone (hydrocortisone) injection nsaids tramadol or endone?

I have a herniated disc c6-7, minimal shoulder blade pain, tingling not quite numb in my fingers. Is surgery my best option? Dangerous not to operate?

I have a herniated lumbar disc causing pain on my sciatica nerve. If I have an MRI taken and sent to your office, can I receive pain prescription?

I have a histamine intolerance, does gabapentin release histamine? I have a herniated neck surgery and nerve pain in legs and feet, thanks

I have a L4-5 herniated disk with pinched nerve. Pain is ok with gabapentin. But I do not want to take medicine for ever. Should I go for surgery?

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back can this be taken care of in physical therapy?

I have a ruptured spinal disk which is causing me excruciating pain. What medical specialty is best for this condition? I saw a neruosurgeon, who prescribed steroids and vicodin three days ago. With the vicodin, my pain is mostly bearable while i lie in

I have a syrinx from the C2-T8 and the doctors said no to spinal blocks for pain....why? I've been referred by my neurologist to have them.

I have already had a hydrocortisone injection in my shoulder for impingement syndrome 2 months ago, the pain is coming back.

I have an inflamed sacra iliac joint that causes me server pain..injections but they are no longer get working... Is a fusion a good option for me?

I have back pain.I have some numbness down my spine.I have had 4epiderals I have had xrays physical therapy &take pain medication. I need this fixed.

I have been in chronic pain managment for 14 yesrs due to severe spinal injury, reconstruction lumbar and 4 hnp cerrvical C6 impinging cord pain worse?

I have been referred for an epidural at a pain clinic due to lumbar sprain. What does this involve?

I have been seeing a rhuemotologist, i got nerve block injections a while ago which made my spine worse, she wants me to again instead of surgery?

I have chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, facet arthrosis, nerve compression, spasms, and I have been to pain mang. Tried several treatments including steriods and injections. I am on a certain narcotic for which I know is not helpful, what now

I have chronic lower back pain. I chose physical therapy instead of an epidural injection. Which is more effective or should I do both?

I have chronic pain from spinal injuries. Are there any new treatments since radio frequency denervation for facet syndrome ? I had radio frequency denervation on both sides of my neck and low back for a few yrs. It helped a lot, but was very expensive an

I have chronic scar pain (inflammation + nerve pain) 2 years post-tibial sesamoidectomy. Doc suggested injecting sculptra. What do you think?

I have chronic supra orbital nerve pain, tried everything, last resort options, what to do?

I have CRPS (mild, part-controlled by meds, physio) left foot. PM doctor suggests spinal cord stimulator. Sounds scary- is it necessary for my CRPS?

I have had 3 back surgeries, 3 myelograms, and and multiple back injections. In am not recovering well. Could I have arachnoiditis or fibromyalgia?

I have had 4 surgeries related to my back the last being unsuccessful. A pain specialist is recommending cauterizing a couple of nerves to give me some pain relief. I have hemiparaplegia and use a wheelchair should I give it a try, I would give anything

I have had steroid injections for lower back pain my next thing being done is medrial blocks diognostics then possible nerve burning what can be done ?

I have intermittent neck pain that I think stems from a C6 compression fracture that I sustained when I was 21 years old. Can this be treated wo meds?

I have lower back nerve damage from sports would electro acupuncture and therapy help my injury?

I have lumbar and cervical radiculopathy pt. Nor injections have worked what can be done for this nerve pain?

I have mild to moderate facet joint hypertrophy at l1/s1 worse on right side. Cortisone & nerve block injections have not worked pain is getting worse?

I have neurophy pain what's the cure?

I have scoliosis that does not require surgery. Constant muscular pain with pinched nerves and spasms at times. Will phy. Therapy help or medications?

I have several herniated discs spinal stenios also faucet disease I have had 12 spinal injections and severe chronic back pain for years is meds onl?

I have severe back pain due to spinal stenosis and am leaving in the morning out of town.What will help the pain?I have tried all the otc meds I can

I have severe low back pain and have 2 bulging discs in T11 &t12 I have had 13 facet inj which have not helped and physical therapy not helped either?

I have spinal stenosis and several deterioratingdiscs, I've now started having sciatic pain.Dr wants to do a radiofrequency ablation is this a good idea?

I have spinal stenosis with sciatic pain from foot to thigh. Now, I am having severe pain up to groin. I have been usingfentanyl patch and oxycodone with no relief. What should I do ?

I have spinel stenois have had 2 pain blocks. Neither lasting. Vety long. What is my next best option?

I have the worst pinched nerve ever! what are my treatment options?

I have very bad nerve pain in my feet caused by chemo. High daily doses of Neurontin (gabapentin) does not relieve the pain. Is there a surgical tx ?

I just had a spinal fusion l4-5 to s1. How can I get pain relief without any medications?

I m suffering from severe pain in hip jolints and spinal cord. What is the best treatment?

I need alternative to shoulder replacement to relieve constant pain what about copper compression brace?

I read lumbar puncture shouldn't cause ongoing pain after. If this is case, what is best guess of why I have it, if I never had pain before procedure?

I suffer from chronic back pain..Travel to my legs and hips..Had a fusion and a spinal cord stem put in..What else can I try for pain relief?

I want 2 try an inversion table 2 relieve my sciatic leg pain. Are there any risks I should be aware of first? Can it really help?

I was diagnosed with Nerve root disorder, Lumbar radiculopathy, chronic, and my pain management said surgery is not needed and nothing more he can do.

I would like pain reliever without codeine for a herniated disc l3, and pinched nerve?

I'm 30 yrs old and dealing with low back pain for last three years. Have had epidurals, facet injection, rfa of l5-l1 nerves and no fix yet. ?

I'm 56 with spinal stenosis. Back and leg pain. Tried therapy, yoga and stretching pain is severe. What can I do? I'm tired of pain i'm a nurse.

I'm wondering what painvrelief do you suggest for acute neurological nerve pain?

I've been diagnosed with a herniated disc after severe pain for only 8 days but doctors are recommending immediate surgery due to leg weakness-advice?

I've had an epidural as post operative pain management and it hasn't worked. Is that normal? Can it be related to my thoracic syrinx?