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4 lumbar facet injection 4 weeks ago. No pain in this area prior. Now have soreness in area of injection in center lower back, Is this normal?

? 's the safest, non addictive pain med 4 pinchd nerves, bulgng discs in cervical spine.w/ pain, numbness n arms & hands? I also take Zoloft (sertraline) &zanflex

2 failed back surgeries including TLIF, resulting in crushed nerves in lumbar and severe sciatic pain in both legs/feet. I have been on many meds for 3+ yrs and for last 3 months w/ my Dr.'s pc, been attempting to taper down with poor results. Also have w

2 months back my doc recommended to take EPIDURAL Injection due to my severe sciatic pain i accepted but its still paining after injection what to do?

23m s/p l5-s1 discectomy w/ daily moderate-severe back pain & radiculopathy both leg. What is my next treatment option? More epidural? Fusion surgery?

2yrs after lumbar laminectomy still having leg nerve pain. Taking 600mg lyrica/day and also get leg spasms especially when asleep. Any non-surg opts?

37 y/o m localized pain/tenderness r psis area. Immediate onset c sitting, hip flexion & cervical flexion. Lesi, facet block & si injection no help!

42 yo female. Had successful decompression lamenectomy 9/12 after injections & epidurals failed. No more pain in eithet leg, but terrible lower back p?

6mm herniated disc,L4-L5. Lower back pain and now into hip. Is steroid normal initial treatment. What's best, very painful at times. ?

9 days post lumbar block. Worse pain than before block. Painful to walk. Is that normal? What could that be? Did it fail?

A para central disk protrusion at L5-S1. Moderate to severe back pain &sciatica. Epidurals, facet blocks etc..Nothing helps.Surgeon says not surgical.

A recent MRI found I have a herniated disc in neck. I have had it for 2+ years. Meds (muscle relaxers, pain meds) don't help. What are my options?

Acupuncture - if you have a needle against or near a nerve or your spine, would it be dangerous to move?

After my 2nd spinal block (Oct '14) I have a tender 3 inch area on/around spine-at injection site- and low back pain.

After stroke in march 2013, have schmorl's nodes in thorasic spine area that is very painful, pain meds will not help. Any ideas for pain relief?

Along with ankylosing spondylitis, I have nerve pain in my leg and opposite hip. My dr gave me neurontin (gabapentin). Does it just numb the nerves.

Am diagnosed with MS having 2 lesions on spine causing electric shock symptoms up spine into head, could i safely take hypericum to dampen pain.?

Any pain management interventional treatment such as nerve blocks available for restless leg syndrome?

Any tips on relieving thoracic spasms caused by hnp until I'm seen by my neurosurgeon? next month?

Are electro-muscle stimulator effective for low back pain?

Are epidural injection and traction the only thing used for a pinched nerve in the neck at C5 c6? Please help if you can

Are intercostal nerve block helpful with chronic pain?

Are NSAIDS useful for nerve type pain ?

Are nuroday tablets good for curing sciatic nerve pain?

Are steroid shots that are injected into a bulging disk, neck and lower back, an effective procedure, does it help with the pain. I am really nervous?

Are there any pain management procedures for neuropathy (left leg)? Any blocks?

Are there any reliable web links about pinched nerve or disc pain with information and images of upper body nerve pain? Symptoms ?

As a patient, is it inappropriate to ask a pain management doctor how many cervical radio frequency nerve ablations he has done? Are 5 of them alot?

AS causing narrowing of spinal canal, bone spurs pinching nerve c5/6 got injections on each side NO relief! What will work to relive pain? I'm hurting

Been seeing a pain clinic 4 2 years & had many spinal facets & neck injections. They don't help! my dr won't give helpful pain meds w/o injections.

Been told I have trapped nerve in both my thighs Dr suggesting tablets is there any other way of treating this ? To give me relief

Broken c2-c6, t12, l3, shoulder scope, arthritis, carpal tunnel surgery. Horrible pain. Any suggestions for pain management besides pain pills?

Burning pain, muscle spasms, back nerves inflamed. Neuro gave Pregabalin for 15 days. suggested hiv related myelin problem. Will short pgn course help?

C5-6, C6-7 spondylosis, bone spur. Conservative treatments for 2 years. No relief. Daily neck n shoulder pain. No weakness. Surgery only option?

Can a cortisone shot help with a pinched nerve in the neck? What can a pain management and rehab doctor do for my neck? Why kind of exam happens? Help

Can a lower back pinched nerve be corrected with physical therapy. ?

Can a neurologist lessen pain you during an electromyography?

Can a spinal cord stimulator be used to treat musculoskeletal pain and neuropathic pain?

Can a spinal cord stimulator be used to treat musculoskeletal pain?

Can acupuncture help nerve pain in patients?

Can an ultrasound on your neck cause nerve pain in hands? Never had this issue prior to physical therapy.

Can baclofen oral be any use if I am suffering from facial nerve pain?

Can c-hnp cause posteror neck pain? If 3 epidurals. Nsaids.Nerontin didn't relieve painwhat othet options!? Do not want surgery im only 28 yrs.

Can I decrease spinal stenosis pain by stretching?

Can i get a medtronic spinal cord neurostimulator for my chronic back pain?

Can I have spinal pain injections to relieve the pain from the syrinx inside my spinal cord?

Can i take an intercoastal nerve block to alleviate pain?

Can I take motrin for my spinal stenosis pain?

Can I take pain medication before a lumbar puncture?

Can intercostal nerve block cause blood in urine and back pain?

Can inversion therapy help relieve pinched nerves?

Can neuromuscular release technique...Will that help with sciatica pain?If not can you recommend or suggest once and for all what will resolve pain?

Can oral prednisone help with acute lumbar facet syndrome pain?

Can pain mgt/rehab doctors administer nerve blocks? What other doctors can do this?

Can piriformis syndrome send pain all the way down to the heal? And pain in the Achilles area?

Can pudendal nerve entrapment be temporarily eased by stretching and/or use of an inversion table?

Can removal of the genito femoral nerve for relieving chronic groin pain, result in absent cremasteric reflex that side?

Can same neuro stimulator be used for migraines and lumbar chronic back pain?

Can severe sciatic pain be relieved by fenasteride discectomy?

Can the pain can come back after microvascular decompression brain surgery to stop tn? 

Can there be an alternitive medicine for nerve pain?

Can transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation deal with back pain?

Can you detail what spine stenosis pain is usually like?

Can you still have a pain pump if you already have a spinal stimulator?

Can you tell me icd 9 code for lumbar pain?

Can you tell me more about pain pumps and spine stimulator's?

Can you tell me the medical term for nerve pain?

Can you tell me what kind of pain medication is prescribed after cervical spine surgery?

Cervical medial branch block with DEXA lidocaine gave me 1 day of neck pain relief.after 1day neck pain again.ok to Proceed to radiofreq ablation?

Cervical median branch block relieved my neck pain for 2 days then pain again. Did mbb again.Same result. Now it's time for ablation?

Cervical spinal stenosis how to lessen pain and what pain meds work best had trouble with physical therapy because back is in spasm pain was unreal ?

Compacted vertebrae..What can be done for pain relief?

Could an epidural ease the referred pain from cervical nerve compressio due to mod-severe stenosis? I'm trying to put surgery off 3 months.

Could you tell me the name of the procedure where the nerves near the spine are burned to control pain?

CRPS after injury/surgery. Pain dr- mild but will take time. Does it worsen without treatment? Options- nerve blocks, medication, physio- what's best?

CRPS. Symptoms (burning, redness, swelling, stiffness, sensitivity) mild- can it worsen? Best treatments -nerve block, medication, physio, SCS

Diagnosed w/deg arthritis in lower back. Dr said steroid injection won't help but suggested another injection that numbs disc nerves. What is this?

Discectomy and Laminectomy L4/5 February 2014. Still have pain around bone area. Painkillers not working, have 2 kids under 3. Help :(?

Do nerve blocks provide any sort of relief from painful and bothersome restless leg syndrome?

Do selective nerve root injections have any risks. Can they worsen your pain?

Do you think that pain management can help the headache problem if infact it's caused by bad cervical stenosis (injections)?

Doctor diagnosed me with a bruised pudendal nerve following a chiropractor adjustment. Said 8-12 weeks to heal. Been 12 weeks, doing pelvic pt. Heal?

Doctor uses spinal for abdominal hysterectomy. I had a discectomy at L4/L5. Will this be a problem??

Does Spinal Cord Stimulation reduce chronic osteoarthritis pain?

Does anyone know if acupressure / acupuncture works for pinched nerve pains?

Does ibuprofen decrease cervical radicular pain in hand?

Does laser pain therapy work for a ruptured disk and chronic back and neck pain?

Does lyrica heal damaged nerve from herniated disc or is it like a pain killer ? Thank you

Does neurotin work right away to help with sciatica nerve pain? Or is it something that takes time to build up in your system?

Does spinal block for back pain work and is it safe?

Dose severe djd lumbar spine causes a person to have pain?

Dr is out of ideas; back pain is getting worse again. Had pt, 2 si injections, 2 medial blocks/denervation, chiro, ok mri. I can barely sit. Help!

Dr. suggested 4 small injections near the inflammation to my lumbar instead of pain killers. Lubricants!It's not on the spine. Is he correct?Go ahead?

Epidural for pain clinic due to lumbar sprain, what to expect?

Facet joint pain after laminectomy 8mos ago. Had 2 nerve blocks. Rfa is next. If the rfa is a success, will it stop the painful spasms in that area?

Far lateral microdiscectomy/decompressio at l3/4 and decompression at 4/5 due to spurs 6 wk ago intense pain as before surgery.On neurontin (gabapentin). Normal?

For mild to moderate (pain varies) crps of leg, approximately how many lumbar sympathetic blocks? One? Three?

Generally speaking, how effective can a lidocaine patches be for chronic lbp with radiculopathy, and where should they be placed?

Had 3 epidurals & a procedure that severed the nerves for 3 hern disks.Still have 4-6 level pain. Is this best reduction in pain that I should expect?

Had a MRI, took it to two spine Drs.. One said pinched nerve steroid inj. therapy. Other Dr. wants major surgery what do I do?