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I have a dorsal vertebrae pressure in the third , fourth and am 24 years What should I do to avoid pain and doubled?

xray of my back due 2 pm pain no day pain lower back pain w/ incontinence upon rising.was told DDD this AM incontinence with no urgency get 2nd opin?

@age28, jan/11 i had degenerative thoracic spine. Now hav bone&muscle weakness&much pain on back&rib connected 2rightside of bone loss &ribs hurt too.?

12yrs ago, i had a full spinal fusion with 15 hooks and 2 rods, for scoliosis, over the years my back pain seems to be getting worse. What can I do?

14 month old baby has to have mri on birth mark on spine mid lower back... Dr didn't tell me possible problem do you have an idea what it could be?

14yr female general health good. For the past 2 days she has been complaining of back and neck pain and fever. Pain is in spine cpuld this be spinal meningitis

15yo chronic severe lower back pain. She has spondylolistesis grade 1 at L5. CT show surgical clip within the pelvis. Could this be the causing pain?

15yo chronic severe lower back pain. She has spondylolistesis grade 1 at L5. CT show surgical clip within the pelvis. Could this be the causing pain?

2 specific spots of lower back pain I think kidneys xray blood is norm. Pt and acupuntre was no help local dr please help ?

2006 I received an LP shunt in my back,and for the past year I've been suffering severe lower back pain and severe leg pain an emg show nerve damage?

20yrs software developer,have moderate,sharp pain back of neck right just below skull.almost constant.should I see neurologist or physiatrist?Thanks!

22 and exposed to lumbar spine TB in L3 l4.Doctr has started my drug treatment.Now I am feelng lateral pelvic tilt on left is it cuz of pelvis pain?

23, mild scoliosis in thoracic spine. Been having weird moderate to severe headaches/migranes. Could they be connected?

24 yro male, history of microdiscectomy X2 about 1 year ago. If disc(s) are fixed, why is lower back pain (non radiating) still present?

25 degree scoliosis i'm 18 and stopped growing so curve won't progress. Having a bruised feeling under lower ribs am i growing or is it getting worse?

28 old female with mild dextroscoliosis of thoracic spine.Pls suggest some suitable back strengthening excercise sinc i hv upper backpain sometimes.?

28 yrs old was diagnosed w Thoracic Scoliosis w a 41° curve following w arthritis. I hve pain & muscle spasms. Would pain meds or surgery be necessary?

28yo, having mid-back pain for about 2 years. Xray results say mild thoracic levoscoliosis. How severe is the curve before it starts to cause pain?

38 yr-old w/ hemorrhoid per anoscopy. Chronic low back and right hip pain, stand at work. Consistently flat stool; could this be from muscle tension?

4 weeks of therapy for my right hip with no improvement of pain reduction or range of motion. Mri came back normal. What is could be the problem?

40 y/o male N.Delhi India suffering from lower back pain (L4L5 herniated disk) & spinal stenosis as per MRI. Pain in left side. Take NSAIDs. Advise pl?

58 y pt. With severe low back pain radiating towards both legs.Unable to move xray showing straightening of lumber spine ?Diagnosis and treatment?

6 mos ago i got diagnosed with 12 degree scoliosis and i can feel its progressing and moderate knee and shoulder pain? Could it be from my scoliosis?

60 yo woman, recent hip replacements, now increasing low back stiffness. Should she see a neurosurgeon?

61 y/o wf. history arthritis, osteopenia, GI issues. Hip/joint/back pain, wt gain. Recent extreme night sweats localized to lower bk, abd, hips. Any ideas?

61 years has made ​​total hysterektomy 9 months ago, it has 2 months that has crackling intestines, sometimes she has pain in the back why?

61yo male, pain in upper left arm for past 6mo, limited range of motion. Could this be pinched nerve or due to long-standing diabetes? What is tx?

7 yrs after having a spinal fusion of L5-S1, L4-L5, can the pain that's increasing in my lower back be from the hardware?

A 5"8 woman who weighs 130 with severe back pain & needs surgery could she be in some of her pain cause her weight..?

A month neck, back, shoulder pain/tight. Migraines for yrs. Bar Swall rev Congen c5c6 vert fusion unknown all life. I'm 20. Poss pain relation now?

Ability to pop and grind all joints 19 male. Recent swelling in lower back and slight pain. Degenerative disease?

Achy pains down my right leg. Should i go see a chiropractor or osteopath for help?

Acute lower back muscle spasms on either side of spine. Causes and cure needed pl.

Advice on pain; hips & side legs both @ bedtime. Pain side of both lower limbs, occ' front. Suffer bursitis, deg' arth', thoracic spine disease low. ?

Advise about conflicting diagnosis of back spasms?

After my last deployment; I came home with chronic lower back pain. The pain has now progressed to my hips and down my legs. I have been told I have spinalbifia, and recently a old fracture was found in my spine around my l3, l4, L5 area while doing xrays

Age:76, i hv advance lumbar spondylosis with grade 1 spondylesthesis, i feel acute pain while standing up straight.I hv to bend torso toward hip to walk?

All of my daughter's vertebrae in thoracic area and possibly some in cervical area protrude out. Also her lower back curves in farther than normal?

An nondiagnostic esi caused a protective back flattening spasm to go away leaving me in more pain. How do I get it back?

And after 4 months i'm still in a lot of pain. I've been to the hospital and a back specialist but they just disregard my pain. What can I do?

Any suggestion on how to ease mild/moderate back pain on a plane/ lumbar support?

Are chiropractors worth going to for general nerve pain?

Are neurologists, pain management doctors and anesthesiologists, all different? Whom to see for groin pain caused by scrotal trauma? The urologist says everything is ok.

Are there any risks from an MRI? I've had quite a few in my life and I'm about to have 2 back to back in the same week. Is this bad?

Arthritis lower back treatment? Fish oil/glucosamine? Im 20 & have scoliosis aswell never been an issue until now. Really painful!

At what point should I see a doctor if I have hip pain?

Awful low back pain. Gets difficult to walk, sit, and stand. 1 week. H/o scoliosis, bulging disc l4-l5. What's causing it? Why is it so debilitating?

Back head neck pain with feet burning problem cant even sleep no painkillers work need ur suggestion what it could be? what dr to visit best?

Back injury in 1993. Spine fusion l3/l4 in 2004. I'm 55yr old woman. Any new treatments for back pain? Is there anything new to relieve chronic pain?

Back muscle spasms prevent me from walking. I'm in constant pain. X rays and physio and hospital hasn't helped me?

Back of neck pain has progressed for years never had MRI and don't know source of pain. Is an MRI referral easily obtained by PCP?

Back pain, is it caused by my d boobs, my scoliosis, or leg length discrepancy? What kind of dr should I consult with?

Back problem. Doc said gap between joints in lower backbone grows and hence pain. Pain happens every time bending forward. Remedy? 23 yrs/ female

Back still giving me problems. I've included the MRI results. The more active the more likley my back acts up especially with pain shoting down my leg?

Barely any cartridge in either shoulder. Moderate to severe neck & lower-back arthritis. Any yoga positions to eschew?

Been having a right butt severe pain for 2 months pt isn't working now my doc deside a pain specialist with possible MRI this coming week good move?

Been having coccyx pain/ache for the past month. What kind of specialist should I see?

Been having low back pain 3 years. Chest X-ray showed dextroscoliosis low thaoracic. Didn't have this before. I'm 24. What could cause this?

Been to see the specialist about labral tear in both hips, rehab causing more pain, on brufen and codine, when is too soon to go back?

Best way to treat neck pain that worsens as day progresses?

Best yoga positions for lower back pain caused by a recently diagnosed scoliosis?

Better n effective ways to manage back & neck pain . Please advice . I am 60 yrs & have undergone spine surgery before 5 yrs?

Better to lie prone or supine with low back disc pain?

Both my parents have osteoarthritis. Does the pain in my upper back mean that i'm getting it too?

Broke my back five years ago. Have medal in spine. Lots of meds for pain. Want to change. Will injections help?

Broke my back in 2006, my 4th lumbar and I have had constant pain since then. Is there something surgical that would help with the pain ?

Bruising and pain on low spine cones an go's?

Buldge disc right leg sciatica for 8 months, only pain around right buttox , should I do surgery or wait and see to see it gets better . Thanks :)?

Can a bad chiropractic adjustment of the lower extremity cause permanent disability? ex.pubic symphysis.

Can a bad disk in the back where the bra strap is in middle be very painful? I had MRI but haven't received results yet and i keep having pain

Can a chiropractor treat low back stiffness?

Can a highblood person take a massage? Experiencing back pain in the morning.. She has thoracic dextroscoliosis 9dgree what can do for it? Massage?

Can a hip problem refer pain in the groin/back? Travels down leg/foot. Off and on for year. Better resting. See a neurologist? Urologist found nothing

Can a lower back tattoo affect any epidurals?

Can a pain management doctor diagnose ankylo spondylitis? I am a 22 year old female. I went to a pain management doctor last week and he diagnosed me with sacroiliitis. I received two injections, one in each joint, and the pain went away. The pain retu

Can a sneeze cause a vertbre comp.fracture in 39yomale? Acute onset pain since sneeze 5days ago.cant stand,lying helps only.hostory of l5s1 herniation

Can a spinal fusion be done if the verabre is fractured l5s1in serious pain low back down leg also 2hdinsted disc?

Can an ear ache in an adult lead to back pain? Its concentrated around the spine.

Can an epidural leave long term effects on your back? Since having c section have had back pains in various areas across my back. Could it be linked?

Can ankylosing spondylitis begin with neck pain? 1yr after my neck pain started now I have low back pain and bony erosions in si joint x-ray.Im 29

Can back issues cause tingling in one hand? Is a chiropractor really helpful!

Can back pain affect your eyesight?

Can facet ligamentoushhypertrophy mid an lower spine in 15yo cause severe Chest pain. Quick onset, popping sound, difficulty breathing?

Can getting a spinal block cause long term lower back pain?I received one for a c-section and was stuck multiple times.

Can having a minor curve in your spine and a leg legnth difference cause severe trapezius pain?

Can i be seen by a doctor if i was dismissed over 4 years ago for pain management?

Can i be seen by the same doctor if i was dismissed by them over 4 years ago for pain management?

Can I have a psychosomatic pain? I'm afraid of having a thrombosis after seeing a documentary about this and now my leg hurts.

Can i still practice a sport after suffering back pain?

Can icing an upper back injury do any good 2 weeks after the fact? "Thoracic spine sprain"? Also taking NSAID. Still a lot of pain. Thx

Can loss of cervical lordosis cause breast n hand pain?

Can lumbar/hip pain be from bacteria? Pt, chiro were little help. After antibiotics (for ear infect), back/hip feel signif. Better?! thoughts?

Can memory foam beds create added pain to necks, lower back problems or mild lumbar scoliosis?

Can mild arthritis of the lower back cause significant sciatica pain? Mri done in july. Pain is getting worse. On gabapentin and meloxicam. Thanks!

Can MRI test find were my back pain and back muscle inflammation is at.

Can multilevel, severe thoracic disc desiccation result in upper left back pain after eating? Thanks.

Can my backpain be associated with my carseat?

Can physical therapy for low back pain or neck pain help during pregnancy?

Can pregnancy cause muscle/ligament damage to hips/back? Had some aches /pains there since having baby by c section 4 months ago.

Can sciatica, hip pain and high uric acid in some way connected?