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3 mod. Bulges at l4-s1 + 1 herniation. Traction helped bulge but reduced lumbar curve. Will lumbar pillow help regain the curve? Does it add more disc pressure? -feels uncofortable b/c of curve loss

After 2 years of spinal fusion from C7 to d2, can I do all bending exercises and join gym?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with spondylolisthesis?

Are exercises for thoracic disc herniation extension based?

Are pushups bad for herinated cervical disc?

Back treatment and support belt disk dr. Wg30 gold how good is this belt for slip disc.

Bulging disc not able to do any abdominal exercise, what to do?

Can a herniated disc heal by using an inversion table? Lumbar stretcher? Yoga?

Can a strenous job cause retrolisthesis?

Can an inversion table/traction worsen a degenerated disc (disc height loss) due to the force of pull being applied to the disc?

Can an inversion table/traction worsen a degenerated lumbar disc & reduce disc height more? How?

Can cervical and lumber spondylosis patients do cardio? Light or heavy cardio?

Can chiropractor adjustments to help alleviate herniated cervical discs increase/restore disc height & make an adult stand inches and inches taller?

Can doing core exercises help with belly fat? I have a torn disc in my back. Will the core exercises help protect the disc from irritation in future?

Can I do back strengthening exercise for pars defect during pregnancy?

Can I do curl ups to improve core body strength if i hav degenrative disc or bulging disc in the lumbar region?

Can I do spinning with a l5-s1 disc herniation? What type of weight training can I do without injuring my back?

Can I do weight lifting if I have lumbar spondylosis at 28 from 3 months only? First i was diagnosed with L5 bulge and pt made it spondylosis!:(

Can i hit the gym? I have lumbar lordosis with a mild disc bulge and what exercises can I do in the gym.

Can I join the navy with a herniated disk?

Can i play tennis if I have lumbar spondylosis?

Can i return to doing mat and Pilates apparatus after total cerv disc replacement? This is important to me.

Can I still play some volleyball with a herniated disk in my lower back?

Can I use a treadmill with bulging discs?

Can I walk a marathon if I have a herniated disc?

Can lumbar injury increase with time?

Can lumbar injury increase with walking?

Can obesity make spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis worse?

Can someone with rods in their spine do anything to flatten their abs? What exercises are possible?

Can spinal lumbar stenosis or herniation symptoms greatly improve with weight loss?

Can spinal stenos which is the cause of my sciatic pain. Get better with stretches, pilates, and water aerobics?

Can vigorous sex cause herniated disc?

Can you participate in competitive cheerleading with a buldging disc?

Can you play golf after a lumbar microdisectomy?

Can you return to running marathons after a single level thoracic spinal fusion?

Can you tell me more about cervical disc bulge exercises?

Can you use a treadmill if you have a herniated disk?

Cervical spondylosis and weight training?

Core strengthening exercises to do after low back spinal fusion?

Could i put a herniated disk back into place with yoga exercises?

Could lifting affect or add strain to my injury? I was diagnosed with cervical disc degeneration, cervicalgia, arthropathy of the neck and head, and radiculopathy. My last job i did a lot of lifting on heavy items such as furniture on a daily basis and w

DDD Spondy l5-S1 severe stenosis herniated discs + abdominal injury any advice on how to correct posture & improve Severe hunching?

Decompression belt vs traction belt vs lumbar belt which is better?

Do you think I should do sit ups with a bulging disc?

Doctors say that bulging discs are a normal finding, if you have one do you have to be more careful then someone who hasn't, when exercising?

Does being overweight impact sciatica?

Does chiropractic adjustments for cervical herniated discs restore height in those discs and add significant height to a person after manipulations?

Does having a lumbar laminectomy affect creatine levels?

Does herniated disc cause protective scoliosis and difficulty walking in the pediatric population? Can injections or surgery improve mobility?

Does hula hooping help with spondylolisthesis?

Does lack of exercise worsen spondylotic myelopathy?

Does riding a bicycle affect degenerative disc in the lower back?

Does swimming improve sciatica?

Does the use of a back brace increase spinal disc pressure or decreases it?

Does weight gain aggravates the pain in slipped disc?

Does weightlifting exercise damage your back and spine long term? Any Studies?

Exercises for c5and C6 herniated discs?

Exercises that are safe after lower spine surgery for herniated disk?

Harrington rod op 32 years ago (dorsal&lumbar). Age, 46. Difficulty walking, sciatica & osteoarthritis pain. What exercises and nutrition could help?

Have 8 hern. discs, spinal facet arth., deg. disc dis., and more. Losing weight and core strengthening. Would a lumb/sac belt ever be an good option?

Have a bulging disc with nerve compression at L5/S1, what distance is safe for me to walk each with a 10kg backpack for me to have no pain . Thank u?

Have cervical spondylosis c5-c6, c6-c7 and osteophytes touching nerves. What arm strengthening exercises can be done and what to avoid?

Have ddd in my spine including a bulging disk, had 2 level laminectomy. Am a marathoner and cyclist. Would rather run. Is running bad for spine?

Have disc bulge and pich nerve. Chiro recommended a lumbar "posture pump" for traction. Is it safe/does it really work?

Have grade 3 ddd and bulging discs. Does Bikram yoga really help improve disc height and health or will it worsen bulges?

Hello doctors, i need: abdominal workouts but just had full spinal fusion. What do I do?

Herniated disks c5-c6 & c6-c7, surgery 10 yrs ago, 48 years old, was a good athlete - any suggestions on a workout/stretching plan? Thank you!

Hi, I have lumbar disc hernia and want to know if theres a type of excersice i should avoid?

How can being overweight impact sciatica?

How could my father lose weight with a degenerative spinal condition?

How do I rehab a degenerative disc in my lower back? I'm 61 and lift and run...Female

How do sports fitness trainers treat lumbar sciatica?

How do you exercise your lower back without straining your spinal cord?

How do you exercise your lower back without straining your spinal cord?

How long after a disc bulges should I wait before I exercise again?

How long do I wear a lumbar support belt if I am using one for degenrative disc disease of lumbar discs?

How long does it take for 2 lumbar discs to fuse ? And the muscles to strengthen back ?

How many pound or kg weight should be used for lumbar traction for a 50kg woman?

How soon will I be able to lift weights after having surgery for the slipped discs in my spine?

How to know what exercises are safe for people with a bulging disc?

How to reduce weight, if I am having herniated lumbar disc?

I can't walk long on the treadmile because of my herniated disks in my neck. What are my options?

I am 24 and i have mild levoscoliosis of the thoraco-lumbar spine. Do i have any restrictions in terms of activities? I hike and run sometimes.

I am suffering from cervical spondylytis, should I do elbow plank exercise and jogging or should I avoid.

I am very physically active. I just found out that I have herniated lumbar disc. Will I ever be able to be active again?

I feel i need some type of surgery to correct bulgings lumbar disks pressing on nerve bundle. One doc said just lose weight.I was 30lbs+ at onset. ?

I got hnp last year in lower lumbal, what are exercises suit and recommend to my condition?

I had 2 herniated disks about 3 months ago. How long until I can exercise normally again?

I had a microdiscectomy done on my l5s1 disc in july of 2011. I still have a bit of sciatica. How worried should I be about reinjury from sports?

I had spine fusion 1 year back .What exercise .Shall I do ?

I have 2 slipped discs, can I run/jog ? Will it worsen things ?

I have a full spinal fusion but want to do abdominal workouts. What can I do?

I have a herniated disc and torn hamstring from a workout injury. I needs to lose weight for my back too. What exercises can I do?

I have a herniated disc in my lower back (l5-s1). Is it safe to do spinning as exercise?

I have been diagnosed with lumbar facet arthritis via MRI and my ortho doc. What are recommended exercises for it? I used to do Olympic weightlifting.

I have bulges in my total Cspine from degenerative disc diseases. What exercises can I safely do for my stomach area?

I have bulging disc not able to do any abdominal exercise, what do you recommend?

I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my lower back. What arecsome safe weight lifting exercises i can do to strenghten my body?

I have deteriated lumbar disk, i was told this limits what workouts i can do. Which workouts can i do to stay in shape. That wont injure my back.

I have diffulsal annual bulge in c5-c6.gym helps.But now I have to ride bike for around 15km.It causes pain in center of spine joint.what should I do?