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15 days full rest with ayurvrdic massage for slipped disc .Now recovered but while walking my cough muscles pain its my 3 rd day after rest .why ?

17 months post op two level lumbar fusion(xlift). I walk, do yoga, and core exercises.I am still experiencing muscle tightness, fatigue, spasms. What else can I do to improve these symptoms?

Acute butt pain for the last one year. Can't sit on a chair for more than 20 minutes. Pain in the tail bone as well. Physical therapy didn't help.

Are there any exercises i can do to alleviate pain from costochondral separation?

Are there any exercises or natural ways to ease my TMJ pain?

Are there any exercises or natural ways to relieve TMJ pain?

Are there any exercises or positions I should keep my knee in to prevent this inflammation/pain?

Are there any finger exercises or something that will help reduce the pain and hopefully help my joints?

Are there exercises which can help with my sciatica pain?

Are there specific exercises for neck arthritus?

Are there supplements I can take for fibromyalgia? I have shoulder and back pain, would massages help? Can I weight train?

Back injury. Moved down to thigh. Now affecting knee. Been on anti iflammatory for a month + off all exercise. Still stiff, bit pain. Can i exercise ?

Best way to relieve hiking muscle pain? Any tips?


Can exercise decrease ulnar nerve pain and stiffness?

Can exercises and physical activities cause worsening of pelvic pain?

Can gradually increased exercise reverse pain sensitivity in chronic pain ?

Can I have an appendecitis and still excercise without pain?

Can I still exercise, do yoga with tailbone pain?

Can I stretch or get massage while I'm in pain with discopathy and sciatica or it is contraindicated?

Can i try yoga and massage for a almost two year old back pain?

Can I use exercises to heal my groin pain?

Can i widen my hips through exercise? Is that possible?

Can massage help pain, or is exercise better?

Can massage or stretching exercise relief sciatica pain or it is contraindicated??

Can particular stretching exercises help treat sciatica?

Can rotator cuff injury cause back stiffness/soreness? Also after the pain subsides would foam rolling help faster healing along with exercise?

Can si joints tighten back up with excersize and massages?

Can yoga make scoliosis pain worse or is it good for it?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to stop pain during exercise?

Can you tell me some exercise ball for sciatica pain?

Cause of knee pain after low impact exercise?

Cause of thigh pain with swelling increased by exercise?What is the solution

Ceragem is really good exercise or message for back pain?

Consistent knee pain during exercise and activity. What could be wrong?

Could emotional pain put weigh physical pain?

Could you tell me what are good exercises or stretches to ease hip pain?

Do swimming exercise help relieve arthritis pain?

Do you think I should continue to exercise if it leads to me joint pains?

Does exercise make sciatica or posterior pelvic pain worse when pregnant?

Exercise ball for sciatica pain, is this good?

Fibro & adductor muscles pain. Degenerative arthritis spine.No cushion left l5. I do simple yoga; stretching, all I can manage. What could pain doc do?

Had second child (2 years ago). Suggest any exercises or stretches to ease the pain and possibly strengthen that area?

Has it been shown that there are any yoga moves that will help alleviate sciatica?

Have significant lower back pain/stiffness, especially when waking up. Exercise and stretch daily, but sit most of the day. Should i see a physiatrist?

Hello Dr i suffer from extreme pain before penetration and cannot allow it.can u suggest any remedy other than kegal exercise?

Help please! is being burned the worst physical pain there is?

Hi Dr. Wat exercise i have to do to reduce this pain. And is the massage will help?

How can I deal with the discomfort that exercise can cause ?

How can I exercise with out calf pain?

How can I minimize the pain of childbirth?

How can I reduce soreness in my knees from exercising?

How can I relieve a headache after strenuous exercise?

How can I relieve pain/soreness from a bicycling accident?

How can I relieve the arm-shoulder pain after a workout?

How can you reduce foot pain when exercising?

How do I reduce pain from Achilles tendonitis without stopping my workouts?

How do you do pain distraction while exercising?

How do you get exercise if you have intermittent claudication?

How long must stretching exercises for back pain take?

How many times a week should I do exercises for knee pain and what exercises should'nt I do ? and should I do stretching also with strengthing??

How might one exercise without triggering pain from hypermobility?

How much exercise is needed to relieve my chronic back pain?

How often must someone do stretching exercises for back pain?

How to alleviate the pain in joint pain in left ankle after cardio. Should i keep exercising?

How to control patellofemoral pain ? And do swimming is helpful ?

How to know what exercises can I do to prevent pain when jogging?

How to meditate and raise pain threshold?

Hyper Lordosis how to alleviate pain and which position is bet when sleeping to minimize pain?

Hyperpronation and misalignment when muscles in pain is it good to exercise?

I am almost 2 years post op 2 level lumbar fusion. Low back pain has improved but still having issues with back muscle tightness/muscle fatigue. Exercise regularly, weights, walking, yoga. Advice?

I am doing power yoga, while stretching exercise there is sensation, a kind of pain/stretch in my private area (g-point) making me uncomfortable.Help

I am having acute right shoulder and neck pain. Now taking ift and ultrasound therapy. Pain increases after strength exercises.Should i continue?

I did some butt lifting exercises and now i feel discomfort and pain in my tailbone and butt muscles. Why?

I dislocated my shoulder. Which exercises can I do to stop the pain?

I enjoy walking but my I have a dry disc in my back that causes pain while walking. Any suggestions to avoid the pain?

I exercise 6 days per week, weight training along with some hiit, what is the best way to soothe discomfort in my hip flexors?

I exercise often and want to know what techniques I can utilize to reduce or eliminate joint pain (knees mostly)?

I had a sharp pain around the cervical spine for 4 weeks now.It hurt the most after sleep(or lying down) and strenuous exercise(muay thai).?

I have a burning pain below my tricep muscle, i did this lifting weights. I've had the pain for over a week should I take medication or be resting it?

I have a condition that causes intense foot pain. What's a good aerobics exercise for me?

I have a lot of aches and pains associated with exercise. Is there something i can take to reduce inflammation?

I have back pain from arthritis, use an nsaid, have pt exercises, still have bad pain, worst in am. What else can I do?

I have been diagnosed with sciatica nerve pain. Need some help with stretches, exercises, etc?

I have costochondritis and I am overweight. When i exercise my chest gets painful. What can I do to decrease the pain? I've tried anti-inflammatories.

I have fm and have been trying to exercise but have severe heel pain from walking, is this because of the fm?

I have had chronic pelvic pressure (not pain) and want to exercise but I sometimes feel an increase in pressure when Ido.Is it okay for me to exercise?

I have had left shoulder blade pain on and off for about a couple of months, I started a yoga and Pilates program about that time. Muscular?

I have Hemisacralization on the left side of me lowerback pain everyday.any exercise to minimize pain?is yoga & swim ok?or do i need surgery?

I have neck arthritus are their certain exercises to eleviate stiffness?

I have pain in my back bone what are the symptoms please suggest any exercise or med?

I have pain in my back every time I wake Up. what are some reccomended exercises or practices to reduce the pain?

I have Parkinson's and I have been going to work out in the gym to ease the stiffness in my muscles but it seems that when I exercise I am in pain ?

I have pelvis pain. I have been exercising an it  aggravate it. Why is that?

I have righ shoulder strain. My therapist asked me to do exercises to loosen the tendons as a treatment.. This causes more pain. Is it ok to exercise?

I have sciatica lower back and leg pain periodically. I regularly perform the key hole stretch, and strengthen my core and back with regular planks, jump rope and yoga stretches. I periodically have therapeutic massage as well to relieve the pain.

I have shoulder impingement and I was wondering if there are any exercises or stretches I could do to help with the pain ?

I have shoulder pain that feels better when i exercise but the range of motion is limited. What could it be and should I stop excersing.

I have spondylosis arthritis in the back but at the moment no pain can I never get pain I must lift a lot at work but do my exercises and lots of spo?

I have t-spine area pain. I'm pretty sure its muscular. What are good stretching or strengthening exercises for this area?