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my mri found 5 herniated discs and a tear in my thecal sac. Pain just keeps getting worse, and i now i shooting nerve pain, headaches and blurryness.

16. I may have a slipped disk/ pinched nerve and I did gymnastics anyway. Pain worsened in lower back, tight feeling. Doctor on Sat. immediate danger?

31 yr old female, L5 herniated disk. What can I do as far as back surgery? The laser spine institute? Hurts so bad

4 months ago i had 4 and 5 disc fused , 6 disc still has issues but dr did not want too remove it due too me losing more mobilt.I still have sev. Pain?

4 yrs after hurting neck in gym i still have occ. Panic & anxiety but only while upright and in motion. Mri-mild disc bulge. What's causing this?

40 weeks pregnant, slipped disk or labour pain?

54 years old. Lumbar disc bulge. Can disc go back to normal without treatment? How long will it take?

6 months n 20 sessions of pt. Still neck n shoulder pain.How effective is steroid jab for herniated cervical discs n spondylosis? Risks?Other options?

A person might have separate mechanical leg and back pain-how do you know if it is herniated disc related?

A year after going to a chiropractor for herniated disks I find myself very noticeably taller. Did the adjustments do that & is this growth permanent?

After a cervical disk implant, could I go back to bodyboarding?

After taking dihydrocodeine for my bulging disc pain in my back. any suggestions to put to my doctor.?

Are back bends (extension) bad for a degenerative and moderately bulging disc? Does it put more pressure on the disc causing it to protrude more?

Are full body aches related to herniated disc?

Are the masturbation and/ or the sex make the lumber spine disc worse?

Are there any risk wit having back surgery for disc touching the nerve in the lower back?

Are there any sleeping positions to help relieve the pain of straight neck with four buldging discs c-4-5-6&7?

Are there GI problems that can cause a herniated disk at l5-s1? Like chronic constipation? I'm only 25 female and don't know how i got herniated disk.

Are there supposed to be hard knnots in back after decompression laminectomy?

Are you suppose to have a cortisone shot if you have a bulging or herniated disc? When does a doctor preform a meg what would be the reason

Back pain, sciatica from l5s1 herniation.Getting a spinalcord stim.Started getting a buzz in thigh, like a phone ringing in pocket.Anybody explain this?

Bakers cyst ruined my knee. Now this bulging disk. Could these problems be a new thing or maybe getting old?

Besides surgery, how can you take care of a herniated disk to minimize pain?

Best possible treatment fr herniated disk at the back with severe pain?

Body hurts constantly. Bulging disc in neck,lumbar hypertrophic disease,beginnings of spinal stenosis.How to ease pain without narcotics?

Brother has degenerate disk disease n herniated disks takes alot (6 to 10 day) of norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 10's for over 2yrs n nerves burned in spine. Worried it's bad.

Bulging disc & in extreme pain!? Do they do pain shots in the e.R.?

Bulging discs @ L4-5. After 4-5 hrs of sleep I wake up with back pain. Physiotherapist&chiropractor, muscle relaxant didn't help much.Suggestions?

By the conservative way, I am recovering from herniated disc L4L5 with sciatica. 5 weeks and soon pain free. When can I return to football again?

C2-3 central disc protrusion -> can this cause me neck pain? I've had it for more than 4months. How do I get rid of it?

C6 C7 bulging disc 1 mm, is that bad?

Can a doctor of osteopathy/omt help me w/alignment & muscle spasms & pinch nerve? Can they fix my sacrum from slipping out of place? Been n pain 1year

Can a herniated disc cause gas pains? I have 3 herniated discs and i get stomach pains and i need to blow out some gas to feel better

Can a person experience an imbalance when walking due to a cervical bulged, herniated or slipped disc or would this hardly ever happen at the neck?

Can a ruptured disc in the neck cause a loss of bladder control?

Can a soft mattress make my spinal stenosis worse?

Can a type 2 diabetic use an inversion rack? I have bulging discs and need pain relief.

Can a UTI come from a buging disk?

Can be treated lumbar disc herniation and cervical else besides surgery? What can happend if i allready have pain on my leg and i don't make surgery?

Can bulging disc at l5-s1 cause pain in the genitals?

Can decompression possibly shift a bulging disc into a worse position? I tried it for just a min and now i'm having a lot more pain on my left side!

Can extreme forward flexion re injure a disc herniation or make it worse?

Can fibromyalgia make herniated disc pain worse for a longer period of time.

Can food and lifestyle choice make my herniated disc worse?

Can going to a chiropractor for herniated discs make you 1, 2 or more inches taller? If so, is that growth temporary or permanent?

Can herniated discs cause testicle pain? I have three herniated disks l-2 l-3, l-4 l-5, and l-5 s-1.

Can home traction, i hung from a beam with my hands for only a few secs, cause a painful bulging lumbar disc toget worse? More pain on my lft side!

Can i receive proper medication for my back injury in ohio I have L5 s1 disc herniation and radiculopathy and cronic pain in back and both legs

Can lamb and goat trotter soup help in back pain (mild bulging disc) for being it normal again?

Can my spondylosis ever go away?

Can physical therapy make bulging disc worse?

Can severe osteoporosis in the neck cause the discs to collapse and make you lose height? And cause horrendous pain?

Can sex make disc herniation worse?

Can someone tell me what it is like to have a laminotomy and microdiscectomy on the low back ?

Can you feel a herniated disk right when it happens?

Can you get a diffuse disc bulge at moment of accident or months years after?

Can you get a ruptured disk by sleeping wrong?

Can you get surgery to fix degeneration in the disc space in your lower back?

Can you herniate discs from falling a large drop and landing on your feet/butt?

Can you please give me a technical description of sciatica, and is it bad?

Can you please tell me why it'sso hard for me to get ssa with degenerative disc and fibromyalgia.?

Can you recommend anything other than surgery? I began having lower back pain 6 yrs ago, ended up having 3 injections for fractured facets, arthritic changes and 2 bulging discs. 2 years ago, i had another 3 injections for the same problem. The dr told me

Can you tell me if I have a ruptured disk in my back will losing weight help with pack and leg pain?

Colonoscopy 12/5 woke to low back pain today has gotten worse but i also have history of back problems bulging and herniated disks l3-s1 coincidence?

Commuting for work on the freeway with a disc herniation and its worsening my symptoms. Any way i can minimize it? (symptoms i mean)

Could a L side Disc Herniation lead to developing Fibromyalgia? Have new sciatica on right side....Help!

Could being overweight cause the pain from spondylolisthesis to be worse?

Could lower back disc slip be cured fully?

Could my slipped disc (l3&4) be the cause of sciatic nerve pain? Would seeing a chiropractor help? I'm trying to avoid surgery as long as possible

Could you tell me what happens if a ruptured cervical disc goes untreated?

Curious. If an rfa doesn't help leg butt si joint and hip pain, what would be next? Have ddd, [email protected]/s1, si it dynsfcn, sciatia.

Ddd %50-%75 or bulging disc is causing painfull musclar pain in my whole back? Both at l5-s1..It's been 1 month since i got injured, will it go away?

Desiccated disks from L2-S1. L5-S1 spondylolysis MODIC I, Pain radiating laterally, not down legs. Pain no longer tolerable, ex ballet. ALIF or PLIF?

Diagnosed with intervertebral disc narrowing and i feel woozy or off balance from time to time! are the two related?

Disc, emergency surgery due to footdrop, will I get better?

Do bulging disc in the neck get better. Even if its leaning on a nerve that is causing a tremendous amount of pain. I was in an accident oct 2011.?

Do i need another back surgery? I have a herniated disk at l5-s1, i've been suffering for over 3 years now. I had a surgery in november of 2009, all that was done was scraping the calcium off of the nerve to relieve sciatica. It all started again 6 mont

Do you need to consider scoliosis and subluxations in the back when getting treated for herniated disk?

Do you think it is safe for me to get surgery on my back to remove my herniated disks or to be put on a pain pump the pain meds they have me on bother?

Does a herinated disc heal for over or will it always be symptoms ?also what if I quit excersising, would the pain come back again? thank you.

Does a herniated disk at L5 s1 ever go away without having a epidural injection? Why does my ankle hurt so much on the right side of the disk

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to relieve back pain do to a fractured disc?

Does being overweight cause the pain from spondylolisthesis to be worse?

Does having a epidural injection help a L5 s1 annular tear? I am having a lot of back pain that goes to my knee when i sit down please explain

Does loss of height (1 inch) indicate that my spine is becoming more compress? Used to do a lot of weightlifting, lumbar and lower feel compressed

Does lower back problems cause a feeling of constantly having to move your bowels? Background: lower discs ruptured, spondylosis, stenosis, sciatic

Does my herniated disc get worse while im on my period?

Does PMS make herniated disk pain worse? My disk pain is chronic, nerves damaged... But seems worse with PMS. Is that why it feels worse?

Does the methylprednisolone dosepak take away the pain of a herniated disk?

Does the pain from a slipped disk get worse with age?

Does the use of electric heater for mattresses worsen the pre-exsiting back pain or cause further damage to discs that are currently herniated?

Dr looked at MRI of herniated disc said it isn't that bad & he's seen worse, take some meds. pain is debilitating, does the size of herniation matter?

Dr told me today that I have herniated discs in my neck but i can barely move and have severe pain. Any advice what to do? Dr said rest is all?

Every disc n my cervical spine is herniated, can't take the pain anymore, pain dr says no more "lysis tx's", had 2 many..What is something else close ?

Fall at work that MRI confirm disc herniation. Had labral surgery and have back pain and sciatic. Ortho did strait leg which was neg. Spine doc wants to do surgery. Injections failed. Who to believe?

Following a suspected disc herniation I have footdrop. Two months later the other foot has dropped but back pain is totally gone. Waiting MRI. Help?

For the past weeks i've been undergoing therapy for a bulging disc including epidural injections in neck. I feel a knot in my lower back. Any idea?

Going to start epidural injections in my back for the pain caused from a lumbar sprain. What is it like?

Had an ESI done on Tues. to help relieve the bulging disk in my neck. The shots have only made more pain and in new areas. Should I be concern?

Had knee replacement surgery dec 14th. I have a collapsed disc, pinch nerve, a cyst and osteoarthritis of spine pain in back while exercising persist?