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8 weeks pregnant can I do relaxing full body massage ?

And i need a way to calm myself down, maybe like breathing techniques or hand actions or something? Do you have any suggestions to help me relax?

Any tips on good stretching techniques, full body preferably?

Any treatments which can ease tense (mind, situation) which also cause the muscle tension besides meditation and yoga?

Are facial massages beneficial ? Some claim improvement in nasolabial folds , sagging ect? One specific program called "tanaka message ?"

Are some acupressure points more effective than others?

Are testicular massages just Holistic therapy, or is it possible they can help/hurt the area as well? please respond.

Are there any acupuncture points on the body that can trigger an instant orgasm upon pressure?

Are there any better methods to deal with strains from long sessions of excersize? Apart from ice, deep tissue massage and eating protien?

Are there any certain ways to enlarge breasts with massage, hypnosis, herbs, nutrition etc? I know they won't be permanent, surgery isn't either.

Are there any specific breathing exercises/techniques that provide immediate or fast relief from anxiety and associated muscle tension?

Are there exercises that stimulate growing? Like some specific kind is stretching

As the day processes i need to free off my back and crack it to try and illeviate some pressure. Only yoga regularly seems to work. Help please.

Books or massage products that work for back aches?

Can accupressure mat increase blood flow? Is that why it seem to help relieve spasms from neck osteoarthritis? Any harm in using it?

Can accupuncture help reduce the pain caused by endometriosis? Had 2 sessions and noticed a difference already? Is it just psychological? Sudo effect?

Can acupressure, reflex or massage help cure q fever?

Can acupuncture be used to treat a person's scoliosis of the back?

Can deep tissue massage cause histamine release ? I have been quite itchy for a few days since massage...And sore.

Can electrical muscle stimulation be an alternative to active stretching?

Can getting a massage release too many toxins from your muscles while you are pregnant?

Can hydrocolontherapy be helpful?

Can i have back massage with bentosa while i still have menstration?

Can I use a tens unit as much as needed for sciatic pain? It seems to help. Or is it my imagination?

Can laser therapy help with constant knee pain if I had tried electric stimu. , infra, ultrasound?

Can massage therapy and stretching be used to improve flexibility in my hips?

Can posture improve occipital neuralgia from smartphone use?

Can the electromagnetic field from a heating pad aggravate neuropathy? My wife has been using it to help with pain, but my acupuncturist advised against it.

Can traditional Thai massages actually have happy endings?

Can we use tms (trans magnitic stimulation) for pain management?

Can you minimize the size if nostrils with any type of exercise or manual massage??

Can you please discuss the quick and easy calming techniques for deep rage?

Can you please recommend some good medication or some type of technique to help alleviate my moodiness. I lash out at people, 10 minutes later, i'm fine.

Can you tell me about it's like to try dr simon allen device for chronic prostatitis?

Can you tell me how to get a degree in acupuncture?

Can you tell me how to make giving my friend a back massage an enjoyable experience?

Can you tell me if i could get free healing reiki etc?

Can you tell me if ohip covers anything like massage therapy to treat bad posture caused by scoliosis?

Can you use acupuncture to treat globus hystericus, does it have anything to do to correct your qi?

Chiropractor adjusted me and then taped me with rock tape. helped, had a stronger lifting session also. Would this hurt to continue just for lifting?

Chronic tension makin me feel suicidal! all blood tests normal including magnesium etc. Acupuncture stretching chiropractic massage nothing works ?

Could acupuncture and qi gong treatment help my knee cartilage grow back?

Could massage therapy have a negative effect on the hands?

Could radiation therapy make my breast feel warm months later?

Describe how osteopathic therapy can help migraines? Where would the hands on technique be utilized? Type of pressure? Details and visuals appreciate.

Do you know if accupuncture is better with electricity or not?

Do you recomend stimulator patients to use inversion devices to stretch there back?

Do you think getting a massage one or two times a month is a good thing. I really go just for the relaxation. I don't have them do deep tissue. ?

Do you think that ear stretching is an addiction?

Do you use got or cold stone massage therapy for tight muscles and trigger points?

Doctor was not very helpful when i asked and wasn't very sympathetic to my back injury. Should i try acupuncture?

Does a physiotherapist first treat inflammation before giving exercises?

Does acupuncture cause scarring on the back?

Does acupuncture help relieve shin problems?

Does Bowen therapy work to release trigger points an align body?

Does dry needling actually work for trigger points and tight muscles? If so how many sessions needid?

Does exercise teach the body to deal woth heat better?

Does going to a chiropractor helps my migraine? I'm going to a chiropractor right now and it's been 3 weeks. My migraine has helped a lot but i want to know is it true that chiropractor can adjust your nerve & restore oxygen in your body again?

Does squeezing on a stress ball help w trigger thumb & please adv also what other ways to treat besides splint & anti inflamatory drugs, desperate, no ins?

Does the efficacy of a particular electroconvulsive therapy session get impacted if the body is healing from a cut or a bruise at the same time?

Does your body need to rest between rolfing sessions?

Dr. Randy Baker, It was really helpful. I am using swisse stress relief from couple of weeks. But still no benefit, stress level is same. What should I do? Thanks.

During menstruation, is it safe to do any treatment massage for cellulite like endermologie?

Getting physical therapy on neck for my migraines. The stretches are giving me migraines. Do I continue through or ask for different exercises?

Given a tight budget, can i work on physical exercises taught by my therapist previously on my own? and have frequent acupunture treatments instead.

Has anyone ever tried to help a muscle tear holisticaally?

Has anyone tried the alexander technique as a pain relief for labor?

Help please? What is the difference between acupuncture and "dry needling"?

How much massage is effective treatment especially paralysis ?

How accurate is the instrument they use at the chiropractor that measures heat along the spine to detect subluxations?

How can I deal with my anxiety regarding back pain? Should i try acupuncture?

How can I remove putty, the kind used to strengthen muscles in physical therapy?

How can trigger point therapy release muscles?

How can you relief pain in these areas after martial arts training?

How do I treat a strained obtrator externus? Martail arts student, i over stetched I have using ice and heat and taking pills for inflamation and the pain is just minimal but not gone..When can I start stretching again?

How do nsaid's work?Do they temporarily create a sense of relief from pain, or they do actually play a role in actual healing?

How do you use acupressure points for relieving various pains?

How does low frequency sound therapy help relieve fibromyalgia?

How is AC massage beneficial for paralysis?

How is reflexology better as compared with various other forms of massage or acupuncture?

How many average massage sessions will i need for chronic muscle tension built up over 7 years?

How many doctors practice pain neutralization?

How to get some massage or longer healthy body at physical therapist ?

How to learn to practice focused muscle relaxation in my throat to prevent burp like sounds when yawning?

How to massage the neck or back safely when needed? Please can u give instructions or a video link ?Can we harm ourself by massaging in bad ways ?

I am aware of all the exersizes like stretching the foreskin but i don't exactly know how to?

I am having problem of quick ejaculation my friend suggested squeezing techniques. What is this thing will it works?

I am having very sensitive penis and having an ejaculation in 30 second and i want to cure it in nature way and is yoga is helpful in it my age is 18?

I am practicing indian acupuncture, will it work for back pain?

I been looking at Tommy Cooper gloves & they claim to relive pain caused by arthritis. Is this true?

I have a interstim stimulator implanted on my back for bladder. Can i take hot stone or hot water massage for stress relief?

I have bad neck and shoulder pain. Can you suggest some physical therapy techniques? My massager is irritating the skin because of excess use.

I have cervicogenic dizziness.Are there any natural therapies to calm the irritated nerves by brain stem?IceHeat? Combo? Other?Massage made it worse

I have had bells palsy for 7 yrs is there anything i can do to make it better or go away? I tried massage , electric stim, reiki

I have physical therapy and they use this certain ultra sound stuff and my neck and back is breaking out? Could I be allergic ?

I have scoliosis so I'm in a lot of pain I have tried massage therapy, exercise and heating pads it doesn't help. I've tried over the counter meds nothing helps. What would you suggest?

I have serious coccyx problem.exercising helps a bit but not 100%.what should I try?acupuncture?osteopathy?manual therapy wasn't enough.

I have si joint dysfunction therapy is not helping but the P90X yoga dvd helped would hot yoga fix my hip if i try that ?

I have TMJ over a year. Improving with acupuncture and pt - recently crawling sensation deep in ear ( tickling). Is this healing or damage?

I have tried acupunture for palpitations but it made uncomfortable might acupresure work