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2 yr h/o foot pain. 4th opinion podiatrist still no help. Can't find a good Physician who could help me. All tests -neg.

All 5 specialists and my dds pt and ot think she needs legs braces she is 2 but the ortho seems to not care about any of it should we find a new ortho?

Ankle ortho does not know how to treat tendinitis. Referred to another ankle ortho that treats tendon disorders. Should I see ortho or podiatrist?

Are there any suggestions on an orthopedic doctor to see for a long lasting sprained ankle. Preferably a doctor in pennsylvania?

Broke my foot, when should I see orthopedic dr?

Can a podiatrist order an MRI of the shin or is that only ortho?

Can a primary care doctor administrator a cortisone shot in my spine, or do I need to go to orthopedic doctor?

Can I ask about wrist instability during a physical or make an appointment with an orthopedist?

Can i see an orthopaedic surgeon on a ship regarding a broken thumb?

Can orthopedic surgeon adjust subluxated rib?

Can you tell me about orthopedic doctors?

Can you tell me about orthopedic medical advice on osetochondroma?

Can you tell me how can I become a orthopedic surgeon that specializes in foot and ankle and will I have to do back surgery?

Could you explain why does the ortho. Wants to see you every month?

Daughter being sent for pt evaluation for orthotics for flat feet and over pronation but would a podiatrist or ortho be better? This is cause pain

Do i go to a pediatrist or orthopaedic doctor for corn removal on my feet?

Do I have to a referral from my pcp to have ankle ligament surgery?

Do I have to get referred by my gp to ortho to have ankle ligament surgery?

Do I need a referral for an orthapedic surgeon to get checked for exertional compartment syndrome?

Do i need to have a referral by my physio to have surgery on my ankle?

Do I see a general doctor for an ankle sprain or sore joints?

Do I see an orthopedic before or after getting a XR for possible fractured hip?

Do i see an orthopedic surgeon for nail fungus?

Do I see an orthopedic surgeon if I think I have an MCL tear?

Do you think I should see a doctor after twisting my ankle over a month ago?

Foot and ankle orthopedic vs podiatrist, which should I go to?

Foot injury go to primary care or orthopedist ?

For knee symptoms - rheumatologist or ortho doctor should be better?

For Lateral Malleolus Fracture, which doctor should patient see, podiatric or orthopedic doctor and why?

For the last month i have been having hip pain i think tendonitis..some times the pane is less others more. when should i see my PCP or rheumatologis?

Had a complex medial meniscus tear 3 weeks ago. Still limping and pain around the joint. I don't see an orthopod for at least 6 months. How soon does it need to be see & will early arthoscopy be better?

Had a mri on my (L) Knee. ortho dr called said it was ok and still wants me see surgeon cause it locks up and hurts when walking. what treatments work?

Hard pressure on my feet, feet&leg hurt which doctor (chiropractor, physical therapist, podiatrist, orthopedic, or acupunpuncturist or?)should i see

Hello docs! can you tell me what could an orthopedic specialist would do for me, if anything?

Hello, I have arthritus. I would like to have all joints evaluated. Which doctor should I see orthopaedic or rheumatologist? Thank you!

Help for foot arthritis please. No ortho to see?

How can you become a physical and an orthopedic physician?

How dies orthopedic hand doctor differ from vascular surgeon. What tests or exam does the orthopedic hand doctor do.

How do I find a good physiotherapist. I have "golfers elbow" that just won't go away

How do I know if i need to see an orthopaedic surgeon for my osgood schlatters?

How do I know when a knee injury is serious enough to see a podiatrist?

How do I treat knee hyperextension until I can get in to see the orthodoc?

How do sports medicine doctors evaluate a knee injury?

How hard is it to go through training to become an orthopedic surgeon?

How is a podiatrist and a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot & ankle surgery different?

How much training do dpms have in the hip? If I have a foot problem related to a hip issue, will a dpm know? Or do I need a dpm+ortho hip dr?

How often does an orthopedist have to recertify?

How would I know if I need an orthopedist or a physiotherapist?

I "sprained" my ankle 6 weeks ago, I still can't be on it for a long time, still can't fully rotate it without pain. When should I see a specialist?

I am looking for an orthopedic surgeon near phx, az who uses the medial rotating knee by matortho for a tkr. Nearby states are ok.

I am seeing an orthapedic because of a knee problem what should I expect?

I can't figure out what this pain in my ankle is. What kind of doctor should I see?

I can't figure out what this pain in my ankle is. Who should I consult?

I don't get to see the orthopedic before 9 days now is there anything i can do for my chronic knee instability pain till i go to that appointment?

I have a bump on my left knncap and my orthopedic said it was arthritis should I get a second opinion?

I have a foot health question? Do I ask podiatry or orthopedist?

I have been having a lot of knee symptoms but don' t what to do till i go see the orthopedic in 7 days please help?

I have been having pain in my knee for one year and i haveundergone physiotherapy three times. I have an appointmentwith an orthopedic surgeon regarding this. Should i ask fora knee replacement?

I have haglund"s disorder i had xrays taking my poditrist is sending me to a orthopedic doctor what type of surgey can they do if any?

I have impossible athletes foot so I want to go see a specialist, do I go a dermatologist or a podiatrist?

I have knee, ankle, wrist stiffness pain, tingling been to a neuro who says it isn't neurological and refer me to an ortho/rheu idk what it could be?

I have sprained my ankle a number of times, and it is now unstable. Surgery may be needed. Should I see a DVD surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon?

I have torn my bicep tendon. I can't see specialist until july. What do I do in the meantime?

I hurt my ankle/foot 2 months ago. It still hurts. What type of certified md doctor would you recommend for me to see?

I may have tendonitis and/or tenosynovitis in both feet. Should I see an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist? I've seen both without any luck.

I think I broke my toe but I saw urgent care this morning and they couldn't find anything but sending me to an orthopedic doctor?

I think i hyperextended my ankle. What is the best way to treat it until i can see a doctor next week?

I walk weird (awkward gait) and went to an orthopedic specialist who couldnt help me. Do I see neurologist?

I went to an orthopedic specialist, and was told that I have bursitis in the hip area. What should I do now?

I went to see a second opinion for my knee and was told i had arthritis while the surgeon told me i didn't how can that be? Please help

I went to the orthopedic np for knee pain. My MRI and x-rayshowed patellar tilt and hematoma. Treatment suggested:knee brace/warm compress. Should i go to a sports med or an orthopedic md for second opinion?

I went to the podiatrist for x-rays and new orthotics or to an orthopedic surgeon which could involve an MRI and possible surgery?

I'm not sure whether I should see an orthopedic surgeon about my spine?

If I have a hurt hand, should I go to an orthopedic doctor or general practice?

If joint pain, do I see orthopedic surgeon or rheumatologist?

In podiatry, what does MS mean after dpm?

Is a physical exam of the knee a good thing in diagnosing a meniscus problem? Can a orthopedic tell from a physical exam if you have knee arthrtis?

Is a physical therapist the correct doctor to see for flat feet and over pronation in child? If not what is the correct doctor to see?

Is an orthopedic consult necessary for post-cpr fractured sternum and/or clavicles?

Is an orthopedic surgeon the only kind of doctor who can take care of a wrist injury?

Is ankle subluxation better treated by a dpm or a orthopedic surgeon?

Is Dr. Joseph Kalbac still practicing Orthopedic Surgey. My aunt needs an orthopedic surgeon or an orthopedist she broke her shoulder, needs asap?

Is going to a sports medicine clinic for my patellar tendonitis the best option?

Is it better to see a sports doctor or physiotherapist for knee pain?

Is it good to get a second opinion from an ortho doc about xrays from a chiro?

Is it possible for an orthopedic cast to not work?

Is it possible for sports medicine doctors to find out if you have arthritis in your hands?

Is it usually normal to go see a third orthopedic surgeon? I really have been having a lot of instability in the knee with shifting kneecap help

Is it worth it to see the orthopedist for a prescription brace?

My 4 year old has complained of hip pain for over a year. Her pediatrician dismisses it. Should we see a pediatric orthopaedic doctor instead?

My athletic trainer said I have a sprained ligament. Should i see md?

My daughter has had reoccuring ankle injury for nearly 3 years and has now been referred to an orthopedic surgoen what damage could there be?

My daughter has to go see a bone specialist because her dr said that she has a tight heel cord in both feet, how do they check.

My hip has been dislocated at least 20 months. Chiropractor won't treat me who can I go to for help?

My knees bothering me. How do I figure out what it is?

My sports med dr said i need see a orthopedic dr cause i have swelling and achy & sharp center pain in knee. i trust my dr. do i need see a ortho dr.

Need expert help here. What are the benefits of being a orthopedic?

Ortho said my 2 yo daughters bowed tibias was neuro not ortho so neuro ordered pt and pt said it won't help but bracing will and ortho wont see again?

Orthopedic advice for osetochondroma?

Orthopedition has advised me ncv.Should i go for it or not?