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How does good lumbar support help with neck pain?

severe lower back pain, reduced spinal flexibility,MRI : L4-L5 & L5-S1 herniated & bulge, lumbar straightened , internal lump lower back ?

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Back pain due to disc hernia. What kind of excercise may help?

Back, chest both sides pinpoint pain and aching burning feet. My lower back aches MRI shows several disc bulging but not impinging on nerves and ddd. ?

Bad pain in my groin going down my legs comes and goes. I have a herniated disk in lower back and have no injuries as of late to cause a herniations ?

Been having occas low back pain that radiates up spine since UFE 2 weeks ago? Is something wrong

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Can a cervical herniated disc/ stenosis cause localized moderate pain continously at ribs, base of scapula or would gallbladder be more likely.

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Can a lumbar puncture cause nerve irritation or disc inflammation to the point of bad pain after a year? No infection but alot of back pain still

Can a lumbo sacral support belt,help my lower back pain and my sciatica?

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Can a spinal cord tumor cause spine pain (pain in 1 or 2 vertebrae when pressing on area & laying down)? Would pain be the only symptom?

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Can back pain cause pain in the bottom of the feet..Mri shows disc touchin the nerve in lower back?

Can back/flank, groin, leg & rib pain in front be caused by spine issues?

Can being on crutches 7 weeks cause back pain? I am having extreme back pain as if I can't bend it brings me to tears. I have a hx of bulging dics.

Can bilateral severe nueral foraminal stenosis at T 9-10 cause severe pain in the lower t spine by ribs?

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Can kyphosis lordosis cause upper back pain? Or is the cause of neck, upper back and shoulders due to disc bulges in the neck? Only 18

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Can u have sciatica back problems without pain?

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Can you have lumbar spine stenosis without having symptoms of low back pain?

Can you tell me what the following means. Facet arthropathy is in the lumbar spine. I have lower adobomen pain?

Can you use the fractured back lower lumbar when you have rods in your lower back?

Causes of sporadic pinching pain in center of sternum? Can it be from pinched nerve in thoracic or C. Spine? Conditions /causes how long can it last

Cervical steonosis cause middle upper back pain right in middle on spine? Or would that be from scoliosis or arthritics? Hurts when i get to work

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Could back and leg pain (siatica) be related to me having meningitis when i was 2?

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Could the extra vertebrate in my tail bone/spine cause the pressure/pain in my lower back?

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Could you tell me what to do if my low back pain is due to bulging discs?

Curve spine causing pain? Nothing works i did cracking back and did heating pain i did pain killers but it was weak

Curved spine and prolonged sitting. Does it cause back pain?

Dear doctor, could you please tell me about lumbar back pain and how to cure it?

Degenertive arthritis and buldging disc in l3/l4 regionof lower back with pain radiating down both legs. Solution to problem, please.?

Diagnose in 2014 with arthritis in neck/back and lumbar spondylosis.Having swelling in lower back/ ankle/knee /muscle spasms/shooting pain down leg?

Diagnosed with spinal stenosis in lower but pain had traveled up. Now between shoulder blade & spine is horrific pain & numbness around ribs to breast?

Do a lot of people with worn discs in the lower spine always have lower back ache and strain also?

Do growing pains affect the back / spine?

Do low back disc pains cause abdominal pain?

Do spine extension problems cause back pain?

Do you know what spinal stenosis is in the lower back?

Do you reccomend spinal massages for back discomfort?

Doc said laminectomy could help but could severe sharp pain be unrelated to the spine?

Does a herniated disk in the lower back cause burning pain in the back and the leg? Please explain and help

Does a herniated L5 disc send pain down the front or the side of the leg?

Does abdominoplasty help with lower back pain due to herniated disc?

Does back pain mean I have damaged my spine?

Does back surgery help with back pain and can it also correct the spine?

Does chronic nerve damage of lower lumbar cause back pain?

Does ice help with acute lumbosacral back strain?

Does lumbar puncture go into muscle and/or near discs? One year later and still back pain that did not have before. Wonder if procedure was done right

Doing chiropractic care but doesn't seem to relieve my upper back and neck pain. Have 4 bulging disc in the neck, what should I do next? Want relief.

Facet joint pain or si joint pain? Pain is located in lower left, 2 inches from spine (l5-s1 area). No reffered pain. 2 somewhat positive facet blocks

For how long will lumbar strain back pain last?

Found out that your spine is suppose to be straight. My lower back isn't and the nerves are pinched. Could it be the cause of my sciatica?

Good day!xray shows cervical and lumbar i have pain on my neck shoulders and lower back buttocks&legs.what i will do?

Got suspected spondylolythesis in lumbar spine. Pain in back of legs and bottom. What will they do for this? And I am now experiencing aching in hips?

Had a 2 level fusion and discoptomy two years ago. Will I always have sharp intermittent pain in my very upper back and neck?

Had a lamenectomy (sp?) 9/17/12. In l5. No more nerve pain but moderate pain in lower back and hip. Could the hip pain be related to back pain?

Had a lumbar epidural for herniated disc 4 days ago.Have had pain in spine when bending ever since.Dr said it is deep bruising.Will this go away? :(

Had a lumbar puncture on dec 24 and have severe pain in my back that radiates down throuh my hips and worsens with any movement. Is this normal?

Had a lumbar puncture yesterday. I am having severe pain in my back to where i can not bend over. When should this subside?