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Have large bumps on my tongue as well as white patches and parts of my tounge have began to lose some of the taste buds. Could it be?

17 months old, tongue orange, what causes this?

4yr old had tonsillectomy. Has a grey/whitish coating on tongue. Also bad breath. Is this normal?

A black hairy tongue is a coating or is a real change in the tongue?

Are there any hormonal conditions that may cause a white tongue? My tongue looks whitish. Not in a patch, not rough, not painful, uniformally.

Asked my dentist and she said it was normal to have white stuff on my tongue, but i know i can have a pink tongue. What else can I do?

Baby is 14 months tongue white?

Back of tongue has a sore, enlarged taste buds & white coating. Tried tongue scraper but didn't get rid of coating, only made tongue bleed. Pls help!

Been experiencing a coated tongue with spots that reappears after brushing off. Also the roof of mouth is coated too. I've been told it isn't thrush. ?

Blood from the base of the tongue?

Brown coating on the tongue what are the causes?

Can a white painless tongue without any patches mean I have dehydration?

Can a yellow tongue become serious?

Can dehydration cause white fuzzy tongue?

Can doctors tell me what does my white tongue mean?

Can fasting cause your tongue have a white coating on it?

Can fatty liver cause white patches on tongue? Pls help. I am diagnoised by fatty liver 4 months after delivery.i have white round patches on tongue.

Can someone help please? My tongue has a sort of white covering?

Can someone help please? My tongues white! it won't come off at all?

Can stress and anxiety cause a white coating on tongue ?

Can sweet taste of mouth and white tongue reason of pain in teeth within 60 day's ?

Can syphilis symptoms of the throat be a white coating on the tongue and a layer on white stuff at the back of the throat ?

Can toothpaste cause white film on tongue? Dentist said its not oral trush and to just keep brushing tongue. Not a coating its just a thin white film.

Can we stop this white tongue coating from forming. Does it line our throats right down?

Can you tell me is having a white tongue normal?

Can your tongue have a white coating from drinking alcohol?

Chapped lips, whitish/yellowish coat on tongue in the mornings smelly balls in tonsils. What could it be..Havent seen a dentist in a few years?

Cobblestone throat, white tongue, gets white quickly even after brushing. Also small spots that appear on tongue, rimmed with white, raw when brushed.

Constant sweet taste in mouth & white coating on my tongue. What could cause this? How can I treat it?

Could glandular fever produce white tongue?

Could the tongue have blood in it?

Could there be a disease where you can get white spots on your tongue?

Could white film on tongue be plaque? Or maybe just spit sticking to tongue? Had for years.Ive heard of leukoplakia but i go to dentist every 6 months

Could you tell me some medications that cause white tounge coating side effect?

Could you tell me what is the white spit on my tongue with some swelling and a swollen white spot?

Do the white spots in my baby’s mouth mean he has thrush?

Does a white coating on the tongue generally mean that one has candida in their gut?

Does alcohol cause your tongue to turn white?

Does having a brown tongue indicate thrush?

Does postnasal drip cause a white tongue?

Does tonsil stone cause white tongue? And white tongue cause bad breath?

Enlarged taste buds with white patches on tongue. What are some possibilities as to what may have caused this?

Every morning there is a orange/white coating on my tongue. What causes this?

Everytime I wake up, my tongue is white. Is this normal? :)

For 5 months i 've had a white coated tongue with a sweet taste in my mouth. What is causing this and how can I get ride of it?

Got tongue pierced and now tongue is white help!?

Green to brown coating on tongue and roof of mouth and blood speckled mucus sometimes.

Have had a white bump on one side of the tongue for 3 months. Brush biopsy and swab of throat were normal. What else can it be caused by?

Have white patches in mouth and throat and black lesions on back of throat and tongue. it burns when i +brush my teeth ?

Having white stuff in tongue in the mornings what could it be?

Help please! what drug use leads to a white layer coating on your tongue?

Help! I have white hairy tongue with bad breath?

Help! there's white coating on tongue after having tonsillectomy?

Hi Dr! I have a patch under my tongue of white ulcers? I think? I usually get them but not this many and not under my tongue.

Hi I have upper body spots and thrush on tongue?

Hi. I have white spots on my tongue . Last few days other hearts to swallow . What can it be?

Horrible taste in mouth for years and seems to be from back of tongue. Tongue in morning is grey/ white and when i brush the back still white. Sicknes?

How can I make it so i get the white stuff off your tongue?

How can I make sure that white coating on my tongue is not hiv?

How can I prevent a yellow tongue?

How can I tell if I have thrush or if it's something else without going to the doctor.white coating in back of tongue and painless. ?

How common is a yellow tongue?

How do I clean my tongue when it has all that white stuff on it?

How do I get rid of white 'mutant buds' on my tongue?

How do you trreat a yellow tongue?

How is a yellow tongue diagnosed?

How is white hairy tongue treated?

How to cure white debris on tongue my tongue is white i would like to know how to get all the white debris off of it

How to get of the white buildup on my tongue?

How will i know what does a white tongue mean?

I always have white coating in my tongue. I am afraid it mightbe thrush. Please help?

I am a smoker i have white gum is that ok?

I am careless in cleaning tongue. Now few days before i noticed white coating with red small taste buds like bumps back of tongue. Is it normal?

I am young and the roof of my mouth has been white for years. What is the cause of this?

I believe I am dehydrated, I also have a white coating on my tongue could this be serious?

I brushed my tongue. Now white colour disappered. Some of my taste buds appears. What is it?

I burnt my tongue 2 weeks so. It still hurts and there is a whitish coating on my tongue. I brush my tongue with my electric toothbrush 2x/day.

I burnt my tongue. What can I do about it?

I found an extra piece of skin in my tongue this morning, its like a part of my tongue but its white, what could it be?

I get a white tongue and it smells, what could this be and how do I cure it?

I got my tongue pierced about 6 days ago and my tongue is all white now , how can I get the white off of my tongue ? And is it normal ?

I had a fowl taste in my mouth, stuck my finger in between my cheek and a bunch of white paste came out. The consistency was like white toothpaste. ??

I have a kind of a white viscous "paste" on my Palatine uvula. It does not hurt. What could it be?

I have a layer of white substance appearing on my tongue every morning, it's it normal ?

I have a light yellow coating on my toungue along with i think inflamed taste buds. It hurts! what could this be?

I have a metallic taste in my mouth, bad breath, my tongue is white, and raised lesions on the back of my tongue. Can you pls tell me what this is?

I have a problem with my tongue, its yellowish with a white coating. How to get rid of this fast?

I have a semi white tongue could it be thrush? I have no pain and when i brush/clean my tongue there is no blood.

I have a thick yellow coating on my tongue. All the time?

I have a white coating on my tongue although its not very thick or oddly shaped. Is this dangerous?

I have a white coating on my tongue leading to foul breath which reappears again after i clean it..Please help?

I have a white coating on my tongue which reappears again after i clean it leading to foul breath, sore throat...Please suggest any remedies?

I have a white coating on my touge does smoking cause this?

I have a white coating on the back of my throat and a bit of a dry mouth. What can this be a result of?

I have a white cut in my mouth, what could it be and how do I cure it?

I have a white dot on my tongue for about 2-3 weeks now, what can it possibly be?

I have a white tongue and white tissue all down the side of my tongue. It is really worrying me now. I have had it for four weeks now. I also tried nystatin. What should I do?

I have a yellow coating on my tongue and difficulty swallowing. What could it be?

I have a yellow coating on the sides of my tongue what could this be?

I have a yellow tongue my doctor tells me it is fine and no problem?