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11y/o girl has a constant redness above lip to nostrils. We thought it was chapped lips. I've been treating it as such. It's been 6/ mon & no change.

3 months and my top lip is rough, feels flaky, dry and it burns. My bottom lip doesn't have anything it's perfectly normal. What do I have? Help

A child of 2 was bitten by another child on the lips and almost cut off the the down part of the lip. Can the lip get back to the original shape .?

A friend of mine had a lip injection put in 2 years ago.Now there are small lip bumps and discoloration of lips, but no pain. What might be the possible causes?

About 3x a year, my lips get blisters. What is it?

After I put Nair on my uppper lip, which was close close to my mouth,and a tiny bit was on my upper lip and wiped it off with a wash cloth,my lips we?

Any cure for perioral dermatitis? My lips look normal but after meals,the area around my lips gets red, due to turmeric in food.Can I be normal?Ever!

Any medication to make lips pink again as they r getting darker .

Are lip stain cosmetics bad for lips?

Asalam0alikum.I have black marks at the corners of the lips its look like angular chelitis but there is no pain n bleeding.Plz tell me cure.

Bite mark in inner mucosa of lower lip still have even after 4yrs,got irritating numb after active sex,how does it still have and how i can cure?

Black spots marks on lower lip lips always dry and I drink a lot of fizzy drinks as well and smoke just wondering what these could be I lick my lips?

Both lips are burning,swollen looks like bit skin is off not sure if I have burned them I did accidental put vapor rub on my lips could that be cause?

Bottom lip had skin cancer, treated w/aldara over 1 yr ago. Cancer gone. Lip still huge & chapped. Nothing helps it. Tried everything w/dermatologist.

Bubble appeared on center of bottom lip. No itch, or pain. Have had severe nasal allergies and chapped lips for past few days. What could it be ??

Can anyone help me? Hurts to smile. There's flakes all around my mouth and near my nose. Not dehydrated. It gets red too. How to treat it?

Can coldsores cover the entire lip?

Can Desonide ointment cause acne? Dermatologist gave it for chapped lips & after using it a couple of bumps appeared on lower lip. Not cold sores.

Can dry skin cause problems with the lower bottom lip like on the hands that make boils or something around that?

Can eczema grow at lips?

Can eczema occurs in mouth? I mean back of the lips.

Can I shave/trim my beard when there is an active cold sore in my lips? I have heard that I will spread it to other parts of my face this way.

Can I use surfaz-sn cream on eczema on the top of my bottom and lower lips on my face?

Can lip line pimple get so inflamed (after lip wax) that part of the reddness extends to the lip? Its drying up and smaller after 3 days of zit cream

Can macrobid make your whole body itchy and your tongue and lips tingly?

Can one get lip cancer from biting lips?

Can peeling your lips on a constant basis be bad for your lips?

Can rubbing the roof of your mouth constantly cause some skin to peel or get rough?

Can shrimp poisoning caused dehydration + crack on the corner of lips?

Can someone explain to me how come the corner of my lips itching?

Can the shape of the lips be changed during a lip augmentation? If i want my mouth to look a little wider, can a lip augmentation do this? .

Can you feel herpes developing under your lip?

Can you get a cyst from biting your lip?

Can you get eczema on your lips and gums?

Can you get HIV from making out with cuts on lips? Not inside the mouth. How much blood is needed to transmit on lips? What about chapped lips?

Can you get lip cancer from biting the skin inside of your cheeks and lips often?

Can you get ringworm on your lip?

Can you give me some advice about eczema on my lips, especially at the corners! please help!?

Can you please describe the best ways for getting rid of really chapped/cracked lips?

Can you suggest me a medicine , after exfoliating lips too much ( they are bigger and little swell / puffier )?

Can you tell me how to cure a bitten lip?

Chapped lips are getting really bad lately. Does this have anything to do with my acne?

Clear bumps on upper lip after lipstick testers...what is it? & how can it be cured?

Corners of my lips are irritated from something. How do I treat it?

Could I have acne on my lips due to a cold?

Could use your help docs! my daughter has white blisters in her lip help?

Dear doctors i have problem in lip cold sore in may lip every month pl tell me the mediation for this thing.?

Do I have good and full lips?

Do I have good or too full lips?

Do people get pimples on the lip?

Does HSV1 cause peeling in the mouth especially on the sides of the cheeks?

Does oral cancer only develop outside of the lip or also on the inside of the lip?

Does the skin on ur lips change back?My lips darken cause I put something that caused irritation. it's been 2 months still the same.what can I do?

Dry, glazed upper lip for the last year or so? What is the treatment for that?

Eczema/dry spot below lower lip with tiny red dots in it and slight dry feeling on lips despite putting lip balm and bepanthen cream on it, what to do?

Everytime i lick my lips in like 6 seconds they turn white & dry. Should i stop doing this?

Everytime i lick my lips, it burns. And when lick below my lips, near the chin it also burns. Ps. I have dry lips. Could this be anything else?

Extreme drying of lips ... What should be done?

EXTREMELY dry and peeling lips with inflamed red and itchy vermillion border for a month now. Nothing has helped, have to apply balm every 30 min.

Fall over and my teeth cut my upper lips after dry i see scar so how can I get red off the spot?

For the past 4-5 weeks I've had swollen, chapped like, peeling, cracking lips. No known allergies. Randomly started, red irritated edges of mouth.

For years I have dry whitish patch on bottom-left side of lip. No irritation. lip moisturizers just make if feel soft but patch remains?

Getting problem after problem with lips/mouth.1st bad angular chelititis,now 2 itchy cold sores. I always use lip balm @ night? Will oil pulling help?

Going through menopause, everything drying out including hair.Getting little blisters, itching and burning on lips around my mouth, haven't been exposed to oral herpes?

Got little bumps or rash on my upper lip what is cause and what is the cure and how do you treat it.?

Had a fat transfer around mouth to get rid of fine lines and augment lips, after swelling went down, i look the same, what do I do?

Have always had dry cracked peeling lips. No chapstick has helped. Last all year round. Been going on for over 20 years now. Cause and treatment?

Have had chapped peeling lips for almost 25 years. Nothing seems to help and last all year never stops peeling. what is the cause and treatment?

Have had chapt lips forever. What are some recomendations for dry lips and resurfacing/making look good again.

Have had cracked peeling lips since childhood. Tried all chap sticks and nothing works. Thin layer of skin tears right off. Cause and treatment?

Hello I have a chapped lower lip with a discoloration. Its always dry and painful with periodic pimples-like substances. What is the cause and cure?

Help please? What if i did oral sex and a few days later i started to get white pimples in the corner of my lips?

Help! I have some sort of boil on my inner lip. What can I use for this?

Helpmy lips have been raw burning on the top lip for almost a week lips starting to burn like their both raw? some blood i lick my lips lot is this y?

Hi , finally getting over cold. Noticed my lips are cracked ..& cut my bottom lip trying to pull skin off :/ what could I put on it to heal my lips :?

Hi docs was wondering what causes itchy outer mouth region only on top lip also itchy nose & sneezing took loritadine but didn't help reduce lip itch?

Hi doctor i had anguel chelits when i was a little younger in the corner of my mouth. the lesion itself went away but redness been there for 3 years?

Hi i have an issue where the area around my lips gets sore everytime i lick them it's a habit i just want to understand it vaseline helps.

Hi there, the corner on one side of my mouth itches like mad! and i've scratched it until its sore. Haven't used anything new. What is it?

Hi what causes itchy nose, lips, inside mouth and frequently sneezing? Itchy around corner of lips and itchy face now and itchy legs

Hi, doc, for several months av i used to wake up with a white film on my lips and sometimes during the day the skin inside my mouth would peel .?

Hi! I am a black female with large lips that get chapped all day long, how do I cure this?

Hi! I have a blister on the border of my lip (not corner) and i don't partake any sexual activity. Hurts a little&comes up every once ina while.Treat?

Home treatment for lip mucoceles with salt?

How do I stop my lower lip from bleeding ? I think the bleeding is from dry lips.

How can I cure a swollen lip fast?

How can I cure my cracked lips and make them look and feel soft?

How can I cure my red lips?

How can I fix extremely wrinkled damaged lips?

How can I get my lips back to normal after licking them for so long my natural grease has gone from my lips?

How can I get my lips to appear smaller without using makeup?

How can I get rid of a blood blister on my lower lip?

How can I get rid of lines near side of mouth/ lips ?

How can I get rid of super chapped lips permanently?

How can I lessen the appearance of sore, red lips fast?

How can I prevent my full lips from getting chapped all the time?

How can I quickly cure chapped lips pretty fast?

How can I stop biting the skin inside my mouth and on my lips?

How can I treat a bleeding lip blister?

How can I treat chapped lips and they have become big because of peeling the skin off...I want to make them thin again?