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After local from dentist, my mouth feels funny and face numbness what's up ?

Beetroot causes a numbness of my tongue why?

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Can you mouth numb or something without getting a shot in my mouth or something?

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Can you tell me how I could numb myself for bondage?

Causes for tip of tongue to be numb?

Deafness and numb cheek after 2 hour flight, what is wrong?

Dentist had to do fillings and my cheek was very numb but my tongue and lips not so much..I still felt the work being done..normal?

Do you know why I have tingling in my mouth?

Docs can you explain, is there something i can numb my gums with?

Does lansoprazole make your tongue feel numb?

Does pregnancy cause tongue to go numb?

Dry and numb tongue before getting up, what could be the problem?

Ear pain, sinus pressure, tingling tongue, tingling roof of mouth and pressure on roof of mouth. Causes?

Fasting for religious purpose. Top of my mouth and gums have gone numb and there's tingling in my mouth & fingers.

Feeling numbness around my mouth and nose?

For gingivectomy, how do doctors numb you?

For what reason does my tongue go numb and causing dizziness?

Had 4 shots to numb before partial crown and next day chin/lip became numb. Root canal followed & 12 days later my lip/chin still numb. Paraesthesia?

Have just got a filling, mouth is still numb, why does it still hurt the same as before??

Have tingling on jaw and sometimes lips. Feels like i had numbing med at a dentist but i did not. Is it the axonal polyneuropathy or dental.

Hi doc Thanks for answer my half tongue is still numb and swellon but have sensation of tingling & burning.. Is it symptoms of lingual nerve healing ??

How can dentists numb your mouth?

How come his semen cause my mouth to tingle or feel numb?

How do we know if we've bitten your tongue or cheek if we ate after dental injection? (numb) Will the symptoms be obvious?

How to get rid of numbness on your tounge I have numbness on the tip of my tounge?

I am a diabetic, why do my lips feel numb?

I bit my tongue during a seizure and now the tip is numb, how long should this last?

I had a D&C 8 days ago. They had to use general anesthesia. When I woke my tip of tongue was numb. It is still numb. Is this nerve damage?

I had a filling on a bottom right molar at 3:30 today and my lips and tongue are still numb. I dont remember ever being numb this long. Is this normal?

I had implants put in over 2 two weeks ago. I had a a lot of novacane I am still numb and have an awful burning on my lips. I my dentist tells me this is normal. The burning is unbearable. He says he could last for many weeks. I wonder if this is

I have a nerve in my mouth that's hurts sometimes. What causes this?

I have a numb tongue could i be pregnant?

I have a numb tongue from waking up after surgery. It's all gone but one spot what could have happened?

I have a numb tooth and half of my face is swollen. Is this normal?

I have a prescription mouthwash to help heal dry socket and my tongue isn't numb but feels weird. Any clue why?

I have been biting down on my tongue until its numb. Will this cause permanent damage ? It can be numb and red for days after ?

I have had numbness in my tongue for three days. Should i be concerned? Should i call my doctor? What could this tongue numbness mean?

I have numb tongue and numb feet. What can I do about it?

I'm a dental hygienist. Moved 2 months ago and have repeatedly woken up with my tongue and extremities numb, labored breathing, and weird smell???

I've just come out if theatre for my breast lift surgery and my tounge is numb and i can taste the anasthetic in my mouth. Is this normal?

In what way can I numb myself for bondage?

Is it normal for the lip to be numb after a chin implant ?

Is it normal to have tingling/numbness feeling in tongue 18months post op? Tongue not numb but the sensation and feeling continue.

Is it normal to have tongue numbness after surgery?

Lightheadedness and tingling of lips and tongue what is this?

Mehta causes a tingling tongue? Could it be rabies?

Might general anesthesia cause numbness to face and tounge?

My chin and lips are numb should i be concerned i have no teeth so its not dental but im still worried?

My ears ring and mouth lips get numb and a funny taste every time I get a local anesthetic. Whats the deal?

My lips and the top of the tongue is numb from alcohol, should I be concerned?

My mouth and surrounding facial area went numb and tingly during an orgasm. What could this be from ?

My mouth and tounge have been tingling and twitching lately off and on for about a month more in the last few days what could this be?

My mouth has been numb for 5 hours after going to the dentist, please what can I do for this?

My nose is numb from my pericing what do I do?

My sister has had tingles on her face, numb tongue and burning feeling in her joints. What could be the cause?

My throat has been numb for a week and a half what can cause this?

My tongue and lips have been numb and tingling contently, I'm on no medication / no oral surgery. Not sure if I should see a dentist or a Doctor.

My tongue is numb after sleeping why?

My tongue is swelling up and is numb?

My tongue, lips and fingers have been feeling numb. I also have headache. What could be wrong with me?

Need help docs! my bottom lip has been numb a year after wisdom teeth extraction! i feel tingling and tightness but still numb?

Novacaine left mouth numb for over 30 hours. What to do?

Numb sensation under tongue, what does this mean?

Numbess on roof of mouth after eating?

Numbness in mouth, cheeks, and throat from 200mg of theanine, what to do?

Pass nueroligic evaluation and oral surgeon said healthy tongue. So what can be the Cause of my tingly tongue that feels numb on left side. Im23

Please help, my bottom lip has been numb a year after wisdom teeth extraction! i feel tingling and tightness but it's still numb.

Please help! i need to numb my tongue frenulum for a few minutes to do something that would otherwise be a bit too painful to do myself. Will orajel numb the area?

Please tell me what can I numb my tongue with besides ice?

Should i be concerned that my tongue has been numb for 36+ hours?

Should i be worried about tingling in my tounge?

Should i be worried about tingling sensation on tongue and mouth?

The tip of my tongue is sometimes numb and there are times that it tastes sweet. Is this from diabetes. I am type 2?

The tip of my tounge feels numb, but isn't numb, if that makes sense. I don't think I have bitten it and I haven't burned it. What could cause this?

Thrush, and tingling tongue and lips?

Tingling around one side of mouth abcess?

Tingling feeling around the mouth after a thyroidectomy. What to check for?

Tingly tongue for months, what's wrong?

Used eugenol oil couple days ago for toothache and the corners of my mouth still feel numb/tingly, is this okay?Or is it possibly something else?

Weird sensation in mouth. Peeling, burning and bleeding gums under one tooth. Numb feeling in my cheek. what could it be?

What are good ways to numb my toothache for somedays?

What are the best tips to numb your brain?

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