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3.5 weeks , upper left lip twitch few times a day, 3 to 5 sec, does not hurt, other times a tingle in area, long time now, should I worry now?

A few second my upper lip middle part is geting tingling and same time little numb also?

After getting a pimple on upper lip line, i experience tingling sensation on upper lip and sometimes a bit of numbness. what are the causes?

Any probable causes for a portion of lip is numb?

Been waking up with my face numb and lips. Not allergy related. My lips feel like I have a fat lip but not swollen. Sensation of numbness. Causes?

Before I went to bed last night I noticed my top lip was swollen. Now I have a swollen top lip and cheek on the right side, tingling sensation too?

Bottom left side of lip twitching?

Can a dental proplem in one of my teeth cause intermittent lip twitch and continuous mild tingling tounge over many weeks does the nerves connected?

Can a untreated tooth pain cause a lip twitch intermittent does the nerves connected to the lip? Same side

Can lack of sleep and stress cause the top of my lip to tingle? It has been tingling for the past could of weeks.

Can paresthesia be healed 100%? I have 3 months,it's improving, but lip is still tight

Can sinus issues cause upper lip to tingle slightly? I have had a lot of sinus congestion and tonight my upper lip is slightly tingly on and off

Can tmj+frequent lip/inside lip biting habit cause slight tingling in lips? No other symptoms, just mild lip tingling off and on.

Causes of numbness and sweling of the lower lip?

Cheek swelling and cheek and lip numbness after a root canal. Had one done yesterday, it was infected at the time. Half of my bottom lip is still numb?

Constantly have peeling of inner side of lower lip, what do you recommend?

Cramps woke me up, my whole abdomen was spasming and my lips and tongue were numb. What could be wrong and what should I do?

Does a bottom swollen lip with tingling and burning sensation and a bump in the inside of bottom lip mean herpes?

Does it mean anything when you bottom lip twitches?

Does Lipitor (atorvastatin) cause swelling in the lip and tightness in lip?

Does the clitoris or the lips have more nerve endings?

Does your lips twitch when pregnant?

For 2 weeks lower right eyelid has been twitching on and off. Today it moved to the cheek/upper lip on the same side. Is it neurological?

From center of my lips to the left corner of my mouth I've been numb for 2 days n my entire top n bottom lip have been really dry and cracked , why?

Got a black eye and cheek, top lip and side of nose is numb. How long will the numbing last? It's been 9 days.

Got a black eye and cheek, top lip and side of nose is numb. How long will the numbing last? Its been 9 days.

Had a chin implant 10 months ago and my right lower lip is still partially numb, it's an awful feeling in between being numb and normal. Will this end?

Have had intermittent tingling/numbness in 1 small area of lower lip (3 days). Lasts 3-5 seconds/episode, has not spread. could be numb chin syndrome?

Hi my lip has been swelling for the past 4 days due to what i thought was a pimple on my upper lip. Can you please help me with this? It really hurts

Hi, I have swollen soars in the inner lip of my vagina and the whole right hand side is painful with numbness from my bum down to my foot?

I am experiencing an involuntary pulling downward in my face, lip and below lip. It happens several times a day and started with twitching of lip. ?

I am tingleing all over my body and my lips are too. What should I do?

I can feel a nerve in top corner of lip and it goes tight please help?

I developed swelling on both sides of my nose/inner cheeks as well as swelling in the upper lip. This seems to occur every year at different times. ?

I had a lip lowering surgery in my upper lip 12 days ago and i still have numbness in my half lip my doctor say its normal but am so worried?

I had a mucocele removal yesterday and i still feel numbness in my left sid of the lower lip which the mucocele was in . Is that normal?

I had a surgery 4 years ago. I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted and until now, my lower lip is still numb and i feel prickle in my lower lip and chin. What should I do?

I had cold sore two times in10 days after that my upper lip is twitching all the time why is that happening ?

I have a burning sensation all around my mouth , and it spreads up to my right cheek and around my right eye.

I have a numb and dry UPPER lip for 3 days. My upper lip is smooth, no chaps or flakes. But it's dry and very numb. Please help. Lower lip is fine. ?

I have a slight burning sensation in the left part of my upper lip. I'm afraid it might be herpes, but I have never given oral sex. What could it be?

I have a small bump that just appeared on my lower lip in about 20 minutes, it isn't sore but it is numb and tingly, what is this?

I have a sore on my lip due to it being chapped (i think) and now the entire left side of my face hurts. Is that normal?

I have been experiencing tingling in my lower face, lips and tongue the past several days. What could be the cause of this?

I have burning sensation beside my lips, cheek, ears and sometimes in my mouth. What could it be?

I have facial swelling along the cheeks and upper lip for two nights. Red eyes but no itching. Tingling and biting sensation along hands, arms and calves.

I have had on off tingling in the corner if my right li?

I have numbness in my bottom lip and chin what does that mean?

I have numbness in my lower lip and chin. Is there any remedy?

I have numbness in my lower lip just on the left side lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes travels to the upper lip, & chin?

I have numbness in my nose and lip what could cause this?

I Have numbness on my nose cheeks and lips. ?

I have slight trembling in my face, lips and eyelids. Should i be worried?

I have swelling of my upper right lip under my nose. Not sure what caused it but i really need help to get it to go away.

I recently had surgery to remove a polyp and my lip and my mouth was hurt due to the breathing tube. I have tingling and numbness in my lip,what to do?

I recently had to get a full upper plate. Now the area beneath my nose and upper lip is tingly and numb all of the time. Is this related?

I woke up and my top lip was numb why?

I woke up and was fine. Then my top lip and 2 front teeth are numb and tingling. ?

I woke up this morning with the right half of my lower lip being numb and it's been numb since 8 this morning. It's not swollen. Is this serious?

I've been waking up with a sore lower and upper lip only to discover that I have vertical slices on them from biting while asleep, what causes this?

Is chin and bottom lip numbness considered nerve damage?

Is lip quivering bad?

Is upper right lip paralysis after single filling indicative of nerve damage? Shot was given between lip and gums. Said nostrils numb too.

Just my upper lip is uncomfortable, sore and tingly constantly. Lip balm does not help. Why is this? I have t1 diabetes. My BG levels are fine though.

Last stage COPD lower lip twitching is this normal.

Lately my cheek has been twitching a lot and my upper lip has been twitching alot?

Lower left lip gets numbing sesation, what could that be from?

Middle, outside bottom lip developed a rough patch. No pain or tingling but not much feeling. Only slightly redder than lips. Started 3 days ago?

Migraine with tingling numbness in lips and left cheek. Not dangerous?

My bottom lip has been twitching for over 5 hours now . What should I do ? Why is it doing this?

My bottom lip started tingling today. It doesn't hurt, it just feels really weird. I bite my lips a lot when i'm bored, can this cause tingling?

My boyfrienf has two bumps on both sides of his lip and its numb what could it be?

My eyes are burning and my top lip is twitching? What could this be?

My lip and chin have been numb for two weeks no pain.

My lip is pulsating- why does this happen?

My lips go numb daily mostly my bottom lip but sometimes both and also hurt i'm not diabetic and I have no idea what's causing this it is scary....?

My lips, nose, and cheeks have been numb for a full day- what could be causing this?

My lower inside lip keep feeling dry, why?

My lower lip has been twitching for about week. Should i be concerned?

My lower lip inside the mouth is aching ,Why?

My lower lip is trembling/quivering from the inside. It is not visible. Could this be caused by stress?

My top lip won't stop trembling?

My upper left lip just suddenly swoll up. What could it be?

My upper lip and nose tingling and numb, what would cause that??

My upper lip feels numb, half of my upper lip. Im not on any medications or took any. Its been like this for a day or 2. Is this normal? I don't smoke

My upper lip has been feeling num for two weeks now ?

My upper lip is swollen and numb,i also have a terrible headache. whar could this be?

My upper lip was split in two after an accident... the doctors sutured the lip back together but there is severe swelling and pain now after two week?

My wife has swelling on the right side of her face in the cheek area and lip, no numbness or tingling .?

My wife woke up with a slightly swollen upper right lip, numbness in the area and a slight droop at the right corner of her mouth. No insect bites ?

Numb upper lip, why?

Numbness and tingling in upper right lip on and off since yesterday morning, lower nose also now becoming numb, what is the cause ?

Numbness in face forehead throat tongue lips ?

Numbness in my bottom lip, what does this mean?

Ok so I have a burning feeling right above my upper lip and right below my lower lip how do I get rid of it?

Old lip scar on lip is now feeling numb. What is causing this and what can I do?

Over the pass few months I have been feeling random numbness on my face. Along with the numbness, my lip would swell. (Upper lip, bottom lip, a cheek?

Please let me know if there is a nerve ending between your lip and armpit?

Random lip swelling on left bottom lip it like hard on the inside is that normal or common?.

Rash under upper lip also kinda numb and swollen?