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A month ago i had kidney stones and now i have recently had tonsillitis and tonsil stones. Are the kidney stones and tonsil stones related in any way?

After tonsil stone is gone, am i still contagious?

Are antibiotics used for tonsil stones?

Are large tonsular crypts normal? Never had tonsil stones. Tonsils & throat have been red for a few years. Dr said no cure, no treatement, no reason.

Are tonsil stones a symptom of hiv?

Are tonsil stones asociated with stomach bacteria?

Are tonsil stones contagious?

Are tonsil stones dangerous?

Are tonsil stones dangerous? Is there any health risk associated with tonsil stones?

Are tonsil stones serious?

Breathed in a tonsil stone, what to do?

Can dislodging tonsil stones cause bleeding?

Can I have chronic tonsillitis in one tonsil if I have deep crypts but no tonsil stones but have really bad breath and only 1 swollen tonsil?

Can one infected tonsil pass it to other tonsil?

Can tonsil stones be harmful?

Can tonsil stones be inhaled while breathing? If so, is this dangerous?

Can tonsil stones cause tonsillitis? I have a tonsil stone that cannot be removed & tonsils are producing green tonsil stones. Should I worry?

Can tonsil stones/tonsilloliths cause a sore throat?

Can you feel tonsil stones with your tongue?

Can you get tonsil stones without having tonsils?

Can you have pus on your tonsils for months. They are not tonsil stones its definitely pus?

Could removal of the tonsils cause an increase in salivary stones? If so, why?

Could tonsil stones cause a chronic cough for over a year?

Do tonsil stones have anything to do with thyroid issues?

Does azithromycin help remove tonsile stones ?

Does azithromycin treat tonsil stones?

Has anyone had their tonsils out to cure tonsil stones or tonsiloliths? What can I expect?

Hi why am I still getting tonsil stones even after having had a tonsillectomy years ago?

How an i determine whether I have tonsil stones or not?

How are tonsil stones removed?

How are tonsil stones started?

How can I get tonsil stones after having my tonsils removed?

How can I tell the difference between tonsillitis, strep throat, or tonsil stones?

How can tonsil stones be recognized?

How can tonsil stones be reduced?

How can tonsil stones be removed?

How can you tell the difference between tonsillitis and tonsil stones?

How do i convince my ENT to remove my tonsils due to tonsil stones?

How do I know I have tonsil stones?

How do you get tonsil stones out?

How do you know the difference between tonsil cancer and tonsil stones? I have one tonsil that has been swollen and get some white stones, 2 yrs now.

How long do tonsil stones last?

How to cure tonsill stone?

How would you know if you had thrush on your tonsils? What is the difference between tonsil stones?

I don't want to live with tonsil stones. What is the best treatment?

I have a tiny bit of tonsil stones,is it normal to have them on your tonsils?

I have a tonsil stones ..plz help me to cure this?

I have had tonsil stones on and off for about five years and my tonsils have huge craters. Do I need to get a tonsillectomy.

I have tonsil stone. What solution to made my tonsil better,without tonsil stone?

I have tonsil stones, bad breath and choking, what to do?

I think i have tonsil stones, one of my tonsils is very sore, what should i do?

If I have tonsillitis, will my tonsils have to be taken out?

If you can regular tonsil stones, could you have your tonsils removed?

If you have tonsil stones, can you still speak?

If you swallow your tonsil stones where do they go?

Is having tonsils stones dangerous?

Is it dangerous to inhale a tonsil stone? If so, what should I do?

Is it normal to have holes in your tonsils with out having Tonsil stone?

Is it true that tonsil stones form in other places other then tonsils?

Is there a cure for tonsil stones other than surgery?

Is there a cure for tonsil stones?

Is there anything that can be done about tonsil stones?

Last night, i breathed in a tonsil stone while yawning. Is this dangerous, and if so what should I do?

My tonsils have so many crevices in them and I have been getting reoccurring tonsil stones, I also have post nasal drip. Are tonsil stones contagious?

Removal of tonsil stones from vallecula?

Should I get a tonsillectomy to treat tonsilloliths (tonsil stones)?

Should i see a doctor or dentist for tonsill stones?

Should you remove tonsil stones yourself?

Should you still be getting these tonsil stones at age 57?

This is the 6th time I've had tonsil stones in a year all my dr does is give me amoxicillin can I go to a ENT dr and they take tonsils out?

Tonsil stone inside of tonsil arch, what should I do?

Tonsil stones contagious?

What are other tonsil stones cure besides a tonsilectomy?

What are the medications for tonsils?

What are the obvious symptoms of having tonsil stones?

What are the symptoms associated with tonsil stones?

What are the symptoms of tonsil stone?

What are the symptoms of tonsillitis and when should my doctor remove my tonsils?

What are tonsil stones made of?

What are tonsil stones?

What are tonsil stones? Are they dangerous?

What can cause bad breath from the throat , other then tonsil stones?

What can cause tonsil stones?

What can dissolve tonsil stones?

What can i do about tonsil stones?

What can I do for tonsil stones?

What can I do if tonsil stones are stuck in my throat, not tonsils?

What can I use other then taking my tonsils out , if I have tonsil stones?

What causes tonsil stones please?

What causes tonsil stones? I get up to 4 or 5 very small ones sometimes per tonsil every week or two.

What causes tonsillar crypts?

What disintegrates tonsil stones quickly?

What herbs cure tonsil stones?

What is an abnormal number of tonsil stones? I just extracted at least 5 good sized stones from one tonsil crypt. Should i consider a tonsillectomy?

What is the best treatment for tonsil stones?

What is the best way to get rid of chronic tonsil stones/Tonsilloliths?(No tonsillectomy/No Antibiotics)

What is the best way to get tonsil stones out of your throat?

What is the cure for tonsil stones?

What is the definition or description of: Tonsil stones?

What is the function of the tonsils.What causes pastules on the tonsils?