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i feel something with my tongue on the right side of back of mouth on my gum it feels like a line been there for a week it usually disappears in past?

I wear a retainerThe roof of my mouth feels bruised & swollen. Feel a lump that moves with my tongue. There are small spaced red patches. ?

, i've been sick and now i got all the bumps on my tongue and they hurt when i rub them across my teeth ......What can I do ?

~12 days ago, swollen patch above lip cleared after 2 days, then corners of mouth peel slightly w wet feeling. Min redness, no pain/sores/fluid. Right eye slightly irritated. Lips/mouth feel dry.

16mouth has had red cheeks for over a month now. It is constant and they feel rough and sometimes hot to touch?

2 days ago i hjad throbbing head pain and upset stomach. Today I have many red bumps on the top of my mouth (hard pallet and a stuffy nose in 1 side?

2 lumps in mouth their far apart.1 inside tongue 1 in cheek upper molars my sore throat has went away but left side of neck feels swollen.Oral cancer?

2 Weeks ago I caught a virus, lasted 2D. Then swelling on my right jawline and in the right inside of my mouth at the bottom. Teeth don't hurt.

25F for 3 days I have experienced pain in my glands but on the inner mouth by my bottom teeth mostly hurts when I swallow or move my tongue??

5 days ago my mouth roof started hurting, and now there's a soft pink swelling and i can taste a bit of salty fluid from it should i be worried?

A big cold-sore like lesion between the crack of my cheek and right upper gums. Painful since this morning. What is causing this?

A painful white hole on the both sides of my gum on my upper teeth is getting worse and has been there for 5 days. What can I do to get rid of it?

Area on roof of my mouth hurts a lot,I did not burn it whatsoever, no braces, or mouth pieces, woke up like this .. what can I do , & what could it b?

At the back left of the floor of my mouth, not the bottom of my tongue but under it, I feel pain when I swallow. Goes away if i swallow frequently.

At the back of my mouth theres a swelling, should I be concerned?

Back of mouth is swollen & touching back of tongue. Mouth hurts to swallow.

Back sides of hard palate on roof of mouth are swollen and sensitive. Any ideas what it could be?

Behind my teeth on the upper right side of my mouth my gum feels swollen, almost like theres a bubble. is something stuck, or is there another problem?

Bite plane is causing the roof of my mouth to swell. What can I do to fix this?

Blood comes from gums whenever touch with tongue?

Bottom lip feels like I got a shot from a dentist, its numb on rightside only and jaw is sore?

Bottom of my tongue hurts when I stick it out?

Bottom right side of mouth in the back hurts when i touch or open mouth swelling started the pain is only at one spotwhen i touch ?

Bottom side of my mouth just starded to hurt like in the middle i would say pain when i open my mouth and when i touch it and a little bit of swelling?

Bump in my mouth under the floor so i cant see it but can feel it with my tongue?

Canker sore on inner bottom lip. It hurts when I eat are drink lip swollen what can I do it hurts right neck gland sore very embarrassing?

Clean from STDs but have reoccurring bumps in mouth on cheeks and sometimes on gums. Slightly painful mostly annoying. Been happening for months?

Could the inflamed nude in the mandibular area is cause the bite I got in the mouth back side,and make ulcer by the bitten?

Could you help me on side of my gum like small sore pimple in between the two back bottom teeth it's sticking out inside on gum sore when push on it?

Could zpak or hard cough cause red bump in roof of mouth and pain in tongue? My tongue feels like a muscle pulled since last night and the bump sore.

Cracks at corner of my mouth come and go. What is best to do?

Cut in mouth 4 days ago at bottom of lower lip & base of gums; white-ish; pain is increasing; bottom of chin is now tender. Infected and/or spreading?

Dear Dr. I have a swelling in the roof of my mouth, it is not painful but I am not comfortable with it. ?

Do I have herpes?. My eyes hurt, head, (gums/teeth hurt. Also itch) frenched kissed a week ago. Whats wrong with me? I also feel guitly

Ea symptom separate has not gotten answer trye all issues.Swollen tongue itchy burny lips andtongue sore throat jaw bone hurt hard to swall bumpsmouth?

Every time I swallow, even saliva, the back of my mouth hurts. (It feels like the back of my tongue) what will help?

Experiencing a painless clicking or cracking sound and slight feeling in the back roof of my mouth. It happened after taking a big bite out an apple?

Experiencing itching/sensitive front teeth w/funny taste in my mouth. When i swallow, my chest and arms get tingle feeling. What could be the cause?

Extremely itchy roof of mouth towards the back for two weeks now. Antihistamines don't relieve symptoms.

Fluid bump inside of my mouth on the side of mouth. Popped it and it didn't hurt or bleed. I get them sometimes but they go away w/o trouble or pain?

For 5 days I have had mouth sores or itch that moves arround sometimes my tonsil or tip of tongue or my tooth, throat just on right side no fever .

For past year everyday I have painful swollen cheeks. My cheeks are now beggining to feel to big for mouth. Getting worse pls help?

Found a white thing (hard to explain) on the roof of my mouth, its sore and when i rub my tounge over it it feels as though i can peel it off. Help?

Getting small liquid bubbles in mouth along with huge ulcer that hasn't healed. The roof of my mouth, in the middle, also hurts. Is this serious?

Got a bump at the back of my mouth by my teeth and it is quite sore, my face is swollen and it's causing earache and a temperature what could it be?

Half of my left upper lip has been swollen for 2 days. It hurts to chew my food, brush my teeth. I also have a small pimple above my lip not far nose?

Hard lump on the roof of my mouth, doesn't hurt but it has been here for a week and it is starting to worry me now, is this common?

Have a canker sore bottom left gum for a few days I just recently started doing the salt water thing right now my left jaw/under/neck is sore scared!!

Have a sore in top of my mouth and it hurts?

Have big blister in my mouth. How can I make it go down? Bit the inside of my mouth.

Have burning stinging lips with no visible chapping, lumps or sores. Sometimes gets better then comes back.Also some feeling of dry mouth. Any clues?

Having been having throat pain, pharynx is irritated, bloodshot eyes, chest pain, have some red dots inside mouth on lower lip where gums meet?

Hello docs, i want to rip my expander out of my mouth right now. Why is it hurting me so badly?

Hello my gums were sore yesterday morning and my mouth became in pain i noticed a ulcer on the upper inner part of my top lip on the thing the thin la?

Hello!i am having a canker sore in the inner right cheek.It's pretty high, very near the teeth.When i touched it, it feels like a ganglion. What to do?

Help! I have this white kind of pimple in my mouth by my tooth. It hurt a lot and feels very swollen. What is it? Could it be std?

Help! it has been about 8 days since i burnt the roof of my mouth and it still hurts?

Hey Docs! When I was brushing upper teeth, accidentally I cut my upper frenulum, It pains when I open my mouth too much, any help? :(

Hi two weeks ago the roof of my mouth started to hurt at the front a week later the pain extended to the cheeks and tongue?

Hi , there my problem is last 2 weeks inside of mouth top roof right side is itching. Don't know the problem , wondering if someone can help me ?

Hi I have this thing hanging from the bottom of my tongue and it hurts when something touches it. Help?

Hi my front bottom tooth has become painful over past 4 days and now is excruciating and raised up, also I am very swollen under my tongue and painful?

Hi there, I have a burn like sore on the roof of my mouth on the left side and my left jaw is very sore as well. Any suggestiobs as to what this is?

Hi there, ive been having a weird tingling sensation which seem to be coming from my bottom front two teeth.. not sure if brushed too hard.

Hi, i have a lump under my mouth, i can move it and there is another on the other side, but one is swollen, and its been like this for 1-2 years.

Hi. I slept with a cough drop in my mouth a couple of nights ago and I have a sore I the middle of my tongue now. Also my lower gums are hurting and t?

Hole in roof of mouth and swelling around it i can feel the swelling and hole w my tongue and see the hole in the mirror. It's very painful 2the touch?

How can I tell if i have a blister or cold sore on my lower lip or if it is something more serious? It isnt painless but it doesn't hurt all that bad, its mostly painful to the touch which is difficult because it is right where my bottom lip touches the t

How can to get rid of a canker sore in my mouth in my top gum on the right side?

How come I have a lump in my mouth and how comees it hurt?

How come my front palate feels numb?

How come that my tongue hurts?

How come the bottom of my tongue hurts?

How come the top of my tongue hurt i can't see anything on top of my tongue is it a mouth ulcer?

How to get a little chicken bone stuck in the back of my mouth?

I am 20 years old and have two identical red patches right at the back of the roof of my mouth. Eating is uncomfortable what could it be?

I am experiencing mouth lump in my inner cheek inside my mouth..can feel it with is not pain or swelling or other symptoms?

I am experiencing painful cracks at the corners of mouth. It's angular cheiltis, It has been flaring up a lot lately and won't go away after 3 weeks?

I am experiencing a painful sore on end of tongue?

I am experiencing mouth sores, painful cracks at the corners of mouth, painful swollen joints (better by: anti-inflammatory medication, rest) (side...

I am feeling a little discomfort in my mouth...i stuck my finger to.the back of my tongue and felt these little bumps what could it be?

I am on Suboxone and the bottom of my mouth is swallon and irrated is there anything I can do?

I am suddenly experiencing painful gums and back roof of my mouth. I have good oral hygiene. It feels like there is a lot of pressure on my teeth. ?

I am suffering from an ulcer on the roof of my mouth right up the back where the tongue touches what can I use to get rid of it?

I am suffering from swelling and sore of upper palate in mouth area nausea and lil bit pain. is it normal?

I am suffering from swelling and sore of upper palate in mouth area nausea and lil bit pain. is it normal? docter says its oval ulcer.. is it normal?

I am very sore on the sides of my tongue, have a large ulcer on the inside of my bottom lip and the back of my tongue/throat. What could this be?

I ate a wing, burnt my mouth, pulled dead skin away and now feels like a hole in my gym towards roof of my mouth. Please help?

I bit the inside of my cheek while sleeping. My left cheek really hurts when i try to open mouth which includes eating and talking, what can i do?

I bite my tongue in the left side 6 hr ago (last night) and now is swollen, hard to swollen and close my mouth. I'm using ice and don' feel comfortabl?

I bite the inside of my mouth so bad I can't stop even when it bleeds.My mouth sometimes hurts and is swollen. Can it be anixety or a health concern?

I burned the inside of my mouth tonight I cant see all of it but the L side of the roof of my mouth peeled & I taste & see blood Rinse & give it time?

I burnt the top of my mouth toward the back, this caused a blister to form with blood. This drained and now the area is red and sore, day 4 still bad?

I can feel salivary gland in my cheeks just wondering. Is this normal ? No pain just feel them when i brush tongue over the area

I can't open my mouth all the way without the left side of my mouth hurting. Is this a cavity?

I caught a common cold & while having it i developed a chalky mouth & my tongue feels a little numb, what could've caused it? It doesn't hurt. 4 days

I feel a hard bump on the roof of my mouth and i get this every year. Is it from allergies. It hurts to press on it.

I feel a lump in my top mouth palette coming from a tooth , but I can only physically feel the lump cause when I see through a mirror it's not there?

I feel my mouth being dry all the time near the top of my mouth. There is also a white coating on my tongue. What does this sound like?

I feel small rough bumps on inside left corner of mouth.You can't see them but feel them. Tongue feels strange as well. No swelling, no cold.What is it?