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severe fatigue an upper back spasm an teeth hurt same side as spasm in neck? had teeth checked 2 dentists nothin wrong , is this nerve from neck?

'i felta pop and pain in temple when yawning?

(r) jaw pain & lower&top back teeth pain. Along with severe pain in (r) neck close to.Hair line & @ temple. What could this be?

33week preg,blocked nose,pain on temple,worse when bending, jaw ache and cheek bone ache,aches down side of neck too and abit when swallowing?

47 yof.I been having a real sharp pain on the right side of my head 2" from my dentist said its my TMJ.its a real bad pain last just a few sec.

Ache under Lft jaw, occ'l numbness in cheek/eye. Trigeminal nerve line but doesn't fit neuralgia description. RARE shooting pain. 3 doctors don't know?

Achy pain in back of mouth along maxilla bone. Ear pain also. Dr says tmj. Pain also behind lower wisdom tooth. Can y mm really cause this much pain?

After extraction pain in same area swollen an sore upper side of jaw bone plus throbing pain bad taste in mouth in the morning .Also upset stomach at?

Anxiety and jaw pain? Is it one of its many symptoms ?

Are shoulder and collarbone pain associated w/ wisdom tooth problems?

Are these signs my wisdom teeth are coming in? I have pain in my jaw that at times goes up to my ear and it feels like there is something coming up in the back of my jaw. The only reason i ask is because it is causing pain.

Been having jaw pain n it's making head pains on the same side temples hurt scared bone brain infec on augmentin will that work for jaw infe if one?

Been having pretty painful brief pains above my eyebrow,Lasts about 30sec.I have pain in my ear and neck to.Sinuses? Also cutting of percocet

Been having tightness in my jaw after chewing and back is having some pains and discomfort. Is this a sign of tetanus?

Been sick with cough congestion headache. Have pain in my jaw joint when I cough and tingling in my lower right side of chin and lip? Is this normal?

Best treatment for tmj? Have pain on left side of face in front of ear. Painful when chewing and now speaking. What kind of md or dentist to see?

Bit the side of my jaw extremely bad help how can I treat the pain?

Can a chronic discomfort on upper lip, nose be trigeminal neuralgia? The pain is barely noticeable, just mild. No paroxysmal stabbing pain at all.

Can a pulled neck muscle mimic sinus/ear/facial type pain? Not constant but daily for a few weeks.

Can a wisdom teeth extractions cause referred arm and neck pain? The pain started about a week after the surgery when i went off of the pain meds.

Can an infected molar cause deep neck pain, ear and throat pain? My back bottom molar is infected. The pain in my neck is worse while swallowing.

Can anxiety cause a sharp pain in the jaw?

Can anxiety cause jaw pain?

Can ear pain from TMJ be perceived as throat pain? Dr diagnosed me with TMJ but I can feel an achy feeling above tonsil in upper mouth. Allergies?

Can eustachian tube dysfunction cause severe pain and make teeth hurt ? ER referred me to an ent pain is horrible

Can food allergies cause jaw pain?

Can food poisoning lead to ear infection and then neck and jaw pain?

Can fungal ear infection cause lower jaw muscle pain?I got my ear pain fixed by doctor but some how the pain reached my jaw and it is swollen

Can i go to the hospital i been having toothache very often but now my neck and face is in very bad pain chronic pain?

Can jaw pain be a side effect to ear infections?

Can jaw pain be a symptom of heartburn?

Can my severe headache be related to the toothache and jaw pain in the right side?

Can neck pain cause headaches and facial pain? No TMJ per oral surgeons diagnosis. Headaches are short lived but come and go all day.

Can percocet withdrawal cause ear/jaw pain?

Can shingles give you bad headache? My face bones/teeth hurt. No infection or teeth issues. Jaw hurts. Pain eases some laying down on back/rightside.

Can sinus cause teeth to ache.Lower and bottom have dull ache.Bad gums, fibro, herniated disc, headache, runny nose. Should i see ENT or dentist.

Can TMJ cause morning nausea? I was diagnosed with TMJ in 2005, never had issues until recently, swimming in 60 degree lake for hours. Now since returning I have pain in TMJ location for 4 days (right side jaw, right temple and sometimes neck)

Can TMJ cause painful symptoms (ear, eye, head, neck) even when the jaw itself only has occasional or mild discomfort?

Can tongue pain be associated w/ tmj? Ent Dr says no lesions but I'm having pain in upper jaw back of mouth, tongue discomfort, tingling spot upperlip

Can toothache cause extreme aching pain in head, temple and jaw lasting for about 5 min then going just leaving tender teeth? I do clench as well.

Can trigeminal neuralgia cause facial sensitivity on one side lasts all day, with globus sensation and jaw pain, with one-sided finger joint pain?

Can wisdom teeth coming through give u bad facial pain headache/pressure like sinus and also referred pain in chest?Ecg bloods ok.Info on wisdom symp

Can you get ear & jaw pain from continuously stretching your mouth wide? Doc said tmj. Taking 400 mg motrin not helping. Achey pain. Spasms?

Can you have cramps or spasms in your side jaw muscles? I was yawning and felt a sharp cramp for second while mouth open, no pain oranything following

Can't swallow, swollen lymph-node, pain in low jaw, & headache. Is it another ear infection, just deeper? The headache & pain are almost constant now.

Causes for ear, cheek, and side of the neck pain along with a headache?

Chronic neck, jaw, face, ear, shoulder and other ligament /joint pains but last few months get metallic taste in mouth only when pain comes on, why?

Clenched my jaw extremely hard, now throbbing, and a very persistant pain on left side of jaw, upper and lower. What may I have done?

Could an abscess tooth be causing intense headaches and neck pain?

Could jaw pain and UTI be related?

Could my jaw pain be serious and worsening?

Could my wisdom teeth that have come in already except for one (they don't hurt) be causing head pressure& headaches along with a tight jaw and neck?

Could TMJ cause a pulsating-like movement in neck, under the jaw comes & goes . Does not ache, bothersome .I haven't been looked at for TMJ. Should I?

Could tooth aches cause head aches even though you can't feel pain in your mouth?

Could you explain why do I have pain in my temples when i swallow?

Diagnosed with TMJ pain at ER yesterday. Now noticed my lower jaw sits further left than before. Teeth don't line up. Is this normal for TMJ problems?? Taking naproxen 550 now for severe muscle pain

Doctor im 18 years old ...i am experiencing pain in my gums..what is the cause for it?...

Does having the flu give you jaw pain?

Does pain in back of head indicate abcess tooth symptoms?

Does running correlate to jaw pain?

Does scalp pain come from tmj?

Does TMJ always cause pain? I have tightness on right jaw and wondering if that's what i have. No pain just overall discomfort feeling.

Dr- Had a bad cold which lasted 2 weeks. No have pain in LOWER jaw, had pain now for a week. Is it because of inflammation or.....?

Dull pain in neck shoulders and under chin, it is really not a pain more of pressure, could it be tmj, I have been stressed? also behind my ear hurts

Ear and upper mouth pain along upper jaw. Pain before wisdom tooth removed, didn't solve problem. Been to three dentists and ent. Constant ache.

Ear swelling eye pain neck pain and migraine no additional info

Ear, jaw pain and tooth sensitivity on the left side is caused by what?

Ear/ jaw/face pain.I don't think it's tmj, but I have 3 Dr who say it comes for a week 8/10 pain scale and go away for a while and comes back.

ENT told me I may have Sinusitis but didn't do anything about it now I'm dealing with a stiff neck, facial pain and cheat pain that hurts to the touch?

Excruciating pain on the right side of my mouth. Throbbing jaw pain, tooth aches, sore gums , facial swelling, lips are numb, and a low grade temp.

Experience excruciating pain in temple, ear, (with ringing) jaw, sore neck/throat, with headache, vicodin, ibruprofen do not alleviate. Longest 3 days?

Experiencing ear ache (dull or aching sensation) (severity: moderate) and unable to open mouth (jaw). 2 days using antibiotics & dolo650 not improved?

Experiencing jaw pain and severe ear pain after eating for 4 months the pain starts in my teeth as I'm eating it hurts to bite down on food for a coup?

Extreme mouth pain, tooth pain, jaw pain and swallowing. What are these symptoms of?

Facial pain around sinuses & eyes, TMJ pain, minor headache, left side neck pain, foggy head, metallic taste in mouth.

Fever and pain on the left side of the face after upper wisdom tooth removal 2 weeks ago. Pressure under eye, pain in ear, eye, throat. What's wrong?

Fever, cough, headache, slight nausea & mouth pain. I have TMJ, is that likely cause for pain through top & bottom jaw or should I be concerned?

For 2 days, my lower canine tooth has severe constant/dull pain and sensitivity to pressure/tapping. Xrays show nothing wrong. What should I do?

For 3 days, I have had a very painful scalp, sore throat started today. Some ear pain and some jaw pain. Tylenol (acetaminophen) works on the scalp pain. Any ideas?

For the last month I have been having bad headaches; jaw aches (moreso in the evening) and sharp pains in my upper arms (deltoids). It's tiresome.

Getting pain 6 to 10 hours in between left ear & upper jaw thrice in a month regularly last two to three years. A slight nerve swelling observed .

Got 6 fillings 10 days ago. Ever since, had a headache on one side for first 3 days, every night i have jaw pain on both sides. Caused by fillings?

Got pain on my cheek bone running into my neck?

Had 3 lower back teeth removed 2 years ago. Still have throbbing pain in jaw on a daily basis on and off. Drs cannot figure out why.

Had chronic neck pain. Now mainly in jaw left side. Pulls tongue to side. Aggravated. Self massage not helping. Laying down either. What should I do?

Had teeth xrayed , ok. Right upper jaw won't close pain x6 days , left side clicking no pain. New in town. ?Type of dr to see

Had TMJ for 3 yrs. Lots of diff treatments and symptoms. Intense physio recently. Throbbing and tightness in jaw turned to aching, is this good sign?

Had TMJ nearly two years. Ear stuffiness and jaw pain has abated.Now have tightness and pain in neck and shoulders. Improvement or is is getting worse?

Have a bad cold with aches and pains in chest and back and discomfort in right ear and jaw. Clicking sound in jaw. Should I go to er?

Have a really bad toothache and it's causing me 2 have pain n my neck n shoulder should I go to the ER since dentist is close? Feel like something is pounding in my mouth my tooth hurt that bad and its causing me to have pain in my neck and shoulder i do

Have a sharp pain on top of jaw near cheek and ear. Is this something of a concern. The pain is never constant but comes and goes. Help needed ?

Have been having jaw clicking,face pain,ear pain,migranes and lock jaw for 5 yrs,now numbness.Has gotten worse.Should I see dentist or regular doctor?

Have burning pain in left jaw joint area. Pain also goes to left ear. Makes slight popping noise when jaw opens. Also GERD & anxiety & 11wks pregnant.

Have chronic jaw pain for about 10 years now. Feels weak, throbbing, and tight. wisdom teeth are out. what can be the cause? I massage it w/o relief

Have had bad pain in left side of face including cheekbone, temple ear, and upper and lower gums for approx 2 weeks on and off. I have tmj. Possible toothache.

Having issues with jaw, possibly misaligned causing vision distortion to see everything fast, numbness, jaw, neck and head pain ?

Having Neck pain face pain nerve pain in my face headaches jaw pain under chin pain swollen glands under chin all on left side xrays brain ct normal ?

Having returning left side jaw pain only when i bite down i quit chewing gum its not bad pain just annoying also ears popping when moving jaw?

Having very bad pain (headache) around my right cheek bone and up into my temple. Could it be sinus or tooth?

Headache is connect to tooth pain?