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yellow coating on tongue that comes off when brushing but comes back.was on amoxicillin for 10 days could this be the cause?i have good oral health

10 days into diflucan (fluconazole) 100mg PO for esoph. thrush and cheeks look just slightly puffy. No other symptoms. Afraid to stop meds as throat feels better!

10 month old baby boy has white coated tongue (not spots) and bad breath. From what I read, probably not thrush, what else could it be?

10days postoperative tonsillectomy. I believe my mouth is full of thrush surgeon says didn't think so. But tongue and throatvery raw. What should I do?

1y with oral thrush.I've used daktarin,no effect.I finished 14 days ketoconazol, but immediately finished, tongue seems the same.Is it healde desease?

4 diff oral candida meds failed for 5 months. Mild case, white dorsal tongue with red dots 6 tests are -/norm except hsv-1. Is it herpes/candida/other

4 year old son has swollen crevical gland for 4 weeks. Oral thrush after 7 days nystatin getting worse. Should I be worried?

5 mos ago diagnosis h pylori. Tongue was painful & sore under white stuff. Never diagnosis as thrush & now have a veru sore spot on side tongue. Keeps rubbing tooth?

A person who is not having oral sex make oral thrush? No painy, no itchy tongue, red bumbs back of tongue in same area, pimples on penis head also

About how long into HIV can you develop white thrush on your tongue? Is that the only cause?

Adhd medication causing yellow tongue, what to do?

Adhd medication causing yellow tongue? What should I do?

After giving oral and receiving, I have sores in my mouth and bumps alongside tongue. Overall, mouth is looking white. What is this?

After taking Nystatin my oral thrush just gotb worse, and now my tongue is sore and bleeds a little. I am hiv and diabetic negative?

Any treatment or anti biotic to take to cure my swollen tongue. I accidentally bit my tongue, now it's difficult to swallow even my own saliva?

Any treatment or anti biotic to take to cure my swollen tongue. I accidentally bit my tongue, now its difficult to swallow even my own saliva?

Anything that a person can take for a coated tongue?

Are thrush and a common cold be related?

Asked prev but here's more detail. I have oral thrush on tongue. It's chronic, looks creamy white, and is sore on the tip. No diabetes. Cause?

Baby had thrush. After nystatin treatment we still find white patches in mouth on cheeks that can we wiped away. Can this be milk residue?

Been told oral thrush from symbicort since April. There is white and yellow things on my tongues. My mouth and tingly and a dry couch. ?

Burning tongue last few months yeast negative. Doxicyline gargle not help. Hurting. :( pic on profile?

Can a yellow tongue be a symptom of another condition?

Can albuterol cause white tongue?. Asth not well controlled,use about 5x/day. I've had oral thrush from predn b4, this doesnt look or feel the same.

Can amoxicillin help a infected tongue ring ?

Can candida make your tongue tingle?

Can candidiasis occur around the mouth, not in it?

Can fizzy drinks and asthma inhalers cause recurrent oral thrush especially on hard palate.

Can lescol (fluvastatin) cause thrush or a white tongue?

Can liquid vanco cause thrush on ur tongue?

Can oral leukoplakia be wiped or scrapped off?

Can oral lichen planus cause a scratchy sore throat full of orange bubbles? My doctor and dentist are stumped but think it's that. It's nowhere else.

Can oral thrush be caused after having a wisdom tooth pulled? long usually does it take 2 clear up mouth thrush? Thnk u

Can other fungus invade the mouth and lips other than albicans that CAN be contagious and passed on? peeling in sheets and white tongue

Can peroxyl affect tendency to get thrush?

Can there be anything to help with thrush mouth until you can get to the doctors ?

Can thrush cause choking?

Can tonsil stones be caused by oral thrush?

Can you get thrush from too much beer?

Can you get thrush or oral hairy leukoplakia just from common EBV or does there HAVE to be a major condition associated that causes it? I'm scared

Can you tell me is my swollen tongue caused by medication?

Can your tongue swell from thrush?

Could oral thrush cause a choking feeling?

Could IV corticosteroids cause thrush on the tongue? I was treated this morning and now my tongue is white and everything tastes weird

Could sore throat be associated with oral lichen planus?

Dds said I had thrush, to just brush tongue. Do I need medicine too?

Do all walkin doctors have everything they need to scrape and test a tongue for oral thrush? My walkin doc didn't even look at my tongue and prescription nystat

Do I have oral thrush if the white hairy coat is permanent and can't be scraped away?

Do I still have trush? completed prescription:Nystatin But my mouth is still dry and tongue is still little bit white. White spots on tonsils are gone

Doctor diag me with a sinus infection presc zpak, also white spots at back of tongue and one on tonsil i take steroids for adrnl could white be thrush?

Does amoxicillin turn your tongue yellow? How can this be prevented?

Does anyhthing else present like oral thrush, but is not?

Does daktarin helps in mucocele?

Does having thrush in your mouth affect DNA test ?

Does side effects of topiramate 50mg include thrush in the mouth or white patches on the tongue?

Does thrush come and go with teething?

Dr.,Have candida in tongue. Ketoconazol Im sensitiv only. What you recommend me? Thnx

Dry mouth white tongue have advanced cancer no candidia what is causing it?

Dry throat white tongue. Nystatin given no clear up. Dr said not thrush. What is it?

Dumb question. Is esophageal thrush and esophageal candidiasis the same thing?

ENT told me I have cobblestones. Under medication but nothing working. Have persistent halitosis and white tongue, even with good oral hygiene. ?

Follow up to white tongue question i also got jok itch athletes foot and sores in corner of mouth been told yeast infection anything i can take for it?

For a tongue infection in my mouth do I need to see a dentist or a gp?

Gave oral 2 days ago (not deep). white stuff on tonsils, no blisters, no pain, no bumps. not much discomfort swallowing. STD? thrush? im very scared

Had two rounds of z-packs and two steroid shots in last two months now have what looks like thrush is thrush from that or do I need to took into hiv?

Hairy tongue (need it cleared urgently), what to do?

Have a "white tongue" after taking an antibiotic. Requested my doctor prescribe Nystatin "swish and swallow"; is this the right thing to do?

Hello docs. I was wondering can thrush in toungue be scraped off?

Hello I have a white patch on the back of my tongue. I was wondering if you can help me diffrentiate between oral candida and leukoplakia.

Hello. I have fungus on tongue. Been taking mycostatin (nystatin) oral. This isnt helping. The fungus on my tongue is still there. Why wont it go away? Any idea?

Help please. Could antibiotics and domperidone cause a white tongue to clear up?

Hey ! I've been experiencing white tongue not oral thrush , blackish gum & dry mouth ... do you think it's hiv ?

Hi I was wondering what oral thrush feels like, and if everyone has a slight white coating on the tongue?

Hi im ahmed from macedonia, i want to ask about oral thrush or yellow coated tongue im not sure what is but i want to know if there is medical help for?

Hi, does oral thrush always mean aids? I have dentures i only take out when i eat and rarely clean. Could that be it too?

Hi..Every other 2-3months I have thrushed (aphthosis)in my mouth, tongue & lips.What is the reason & why? Thanx

How am I supposed to eat healthy when i have oral thrush and white piedra on my scalp at the same time?

How can I get rid of a black tongue? I'm taking flagyl and doxycycline hyclate . I'm brushing my tongue and teeth several times a day.

How can I get rid of persistent halitosis caused by bacteria that lies at the very back of the tongue and cannot be reached with a tongue scraper?

How can I manage the symptoms of yellow tongue?

How can you tell the difference between thrush and just milk stain on the tongue of a 1 month old?

How di you treat a baby with a white rash in mouth ?

How do I get rid of candida in the body? I always have a heavy white coating on my tongue also.

How do I get rid of thrust (white tongue, candida) and athletes foot?

How do I get rid off the white stuff (oral thrush) on my tongue for good?

How do I know if thrush on my nipples is gone?

How do you get rid of white piedra and oral thrush at same time?

How does a teenage get thrush mouth?

How likely is it that a tonsil infection(i now have a white film on my tonsils and doctor says its bacterial) w/out oral sores/itching is oral herpes?

How long before oral thrush goes with nystatin. Its mild and a few white spots. Probably caused by asthma inhaler?

How long does koplik spots associated with oral thrush last?

How long does white plaques in mouth associated with oral thrush last?

How worried should I be if I have thrush?

How would you know if baby has an oral thrush? Mine, always sticking his tongue out ? Could that be a sign.? Im just scared he got thrush.

I am 59 years old and had a bad case of oral thrush in my throat this winter. For the first time in my life have developed dry mouth are they related?

I am having oral fungus i. E on tongue and inner side of my cheeks what should I do I am having this from seven months?

I been prescribed antifungal meds for thrush & I have the one u let dissolve & swollew will that help my whole throat & mouth?

I believe I have oral thrush. I just had a hemorrhoidectomy and want to know if it somehow caused it.

I currently have thrush on my tongue and the root of my. Can i scrap the thrush away?

I don't know if I have plaque buildup or thrush on my tounge. Can you tell me what to do to see what exacly do I have?