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Lesion in the inside left cheek muscle. Not painful.What could it be? Oral Cancer? Noticed it today?upper layer of skin peeled in there?Not an ulcer

.Im a 16 year old girl. I have a lump in my tongue about the size of a pea, it doesn't hurt, but Mouth cancer runs in my family. Advise?

16 y/o. 2 Small lump inside tongue. No pain. Had 1 for years but a second has now appeared. don't smoke. Very scared its cancer. What else cold it be?

2 Red patch under tongue, nonsmoker, oral surgeon took health hist & looked at it said don't worry about it but I'm worried could it be something worse?

20yo.Female.Do not drink or smoke.No HPV virus. Swollen foliate papillae that goes underneath tongue. Should i be worried about oral cancer?

4 painless white bumps on my gumline. 2 are gone but another showed up. Dentist told me they were herpes, but they've lasted over a month. What r they?

40 years female, known diabetic, complaints of black discoloration patches over the tongue and buccal mucosa with oral ulcer. What is the diagnosis?

43 year old black male, non tobacco user has a painful white abscess on roof of mouth for one month ?

43 year old black male, non tobacco user with a painful white abscess on roof of mouth for one month?

A doctor told me a red lesion on the side of my tongue is lymphoid tissue and nothing sinister.Should i trust?

A patient complained of white lesion on the cheek mucosa that cannot be scraped off what are the complications?

A wart on the uvula, should I be concerned?

Are oral cancer bumps hard or soft?

Are oral cancer lumps large or can they be very small. I have a bump on the roof of my mouth that my oral surgeon said was to small to biopsy.

Are oral mucoceles on the lower lip associated with early signs of HIV?

Are raised tastebuds a sign of oral cancer?

Are skin tags, white painful spots in mouth, related to HPV in an kind of way?

Are tongue lesions a serious medical condition or are they curable what should I do this is the second time something on my tongue has occurred. ?

Are white sores on the underside of the tongue usually cancerous? How could one tell if they are cancerous?

At a routine physical, when the doctor looks in your mouth, is it possible to actually see hairy leukoplakia if it's there?

Been told on here that white stuff on tongue could be leukoplakia. But wouldnt that be unlikely at only 25? Pathologists and oncologists only please

Bit inside of cheek, little round lesion, if i kiss someone do I risk infection? How do I treat this?

Black round bump on right inside of cheek by bite line. Wasn't there on 2/10 @ dentist. There for 8 days. Keep biting it.I had HPV in 2005. Cancer?

Black spot on roof of mouth is it cancer ? Could it be caused by vaping

Bleeding out mouth smoker 20yr had nose an throat an stomach scope nothing did it for 4 days about 3 times at randem times not steady now spot about dime size when i clear my throat only thing is lungs should they also be checked an what type of dr wou

Can a bite on the inside of your cheek lead to oral cancer?

Can a black hairy tongue and bypass surgery be related?

Can an infected tooth cause a lump in the tongue. Its inside the tongue.I also have a sore throat. Im 16 no risk factors. Can it be oral cancer?Scared

Can an oral cancer bump sting?

Can HPV cause bevelled spots on the side of the tongue?

Can i give oral sex with a single small ulcer on my tongue? Its tiny, doesn't hurt. Is it too risky?

Can oral HPV cause pea size lump in tongue?

Can oral leukoplakia be scrapped off? If im able to scrap it off then is it oral leukoplakia? Not red or discolored underneath. Side under tongue

Can red lumps on my palatopharyngeal arch be cancer?

Can red lumps on my palatopharyngeal arch be due to cancer?

Can tongue cancer start from the inside of you're tongue(near the tip)? I have had a mostly painless lump for 8 years, I'm 16, don't smoke.

Can u get cancer on the top of the tounge or is this unusal.?

Cancer or normal? It is White skin near back of mouth on cheek , ear really hurts, don't smoke. I am 24 and never had this what is this?

Chances of developing oral cancer by age 25? Noticed a rough patch on my tongue But ive been told that cancer is extremely rare in 25 year olds

Chances of Merkel Cell Carcinoma in a 28 year old white female that has a growth on inside of lower eye lid -fleshlike, bump that came in about 5 wee

CoHello. I am 28 years old and found a growth on the bottom of my tongue last night. It has a rough, scaly, texture. No pain. I do not smoke or consum?

Could oral thrush that's really really bad cause a DNA test to not be 99.9%? Whole mouth white all DNA match but three things?

Could the sole papule on the side of my nostril that bleeds when scratched be nasopharyngeal angiofibroma? And is this a serious condition?

Could white spots on the floor of the mouth be something besides cancer?

Dentist found a papiloma on my gum and told me it was like a wart. How could i get this?

Describe cancer sores on the inside of mouth?

Diagnosed with HPV and have a canker sore on the front of my mouth. Its not in the Back of throat like things say, should I be worried for oral cancer?

DMD sent me to derm. No idea so did biopsy on white spot on lip/buccal mucosa. 'May be lichen planus'. Is this precancer? No other spots. How treat?

Do I have a certain type of cancer if blackish areas on bottom?

Do i need to see a dr if my mole is bleeding and my jaw is sore?

Do oral cancer bumps have puss in them?

Do the gray spots on my gums mean I have actue necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis? I'm a smoker, and lately i've noticed some gray spots or residue on my lower gum. I've seen some pretty scary pictures of actue necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, and am won

Do you get lumps with slapped cheek disease?

Does biting the skin inside your mouth really cause oral cancer? I have been doing that since I was a kid

Does erythroplakia in the mouth hurt or bleed?

Does hairy leukoplakia occur in the first year of hiv? Was tested and it was negative, but still worried. Dentist says gums look fine where pale.

Does make mouth pain,growths gum thickenings bumps red patches together always mean oral cancer?If not what else can be.22 occasional smoke marijuana

Does oral red spot inside cheeks, painless, mean cancer?

First time chewing tobacco white dots on tongue? Cancer?

Flat/painless red mark in throat possible std from oral on male, or bruising from brushing? Been there a week or so w/ no other symptoms.

For about 2-3 Days, I've had a rough area inside my cheek in my mouth. Now there is one on the other side. Should I worry? Worried I have Oral cancer?

General dentist said he was concerned that a white spot in the mouth should be biopsied to rule out oral cancer. Who does it--an md or dds?

Giant cell arteritis / vasculitis / artery inflammation - could this cause gum bleeding, mouth sores and lesions on tongue as well as lesions on skin?

Glosssitis vs tongue cancer is there a big diff? Would cancer grow quickly in the mouth? Thanks, huge cyberchondriac!

Had a biopsy of a lesion on the hard palate, doc said results were vascular malformation, lesion came back n mouth after healing, should I be concern?

Had cancer oral screening 7 weeks ago (all okay.) since then i've developed red bumps on back of tongue and along sides of tongue. Could it be cancer?

Had oral sex few days ago n im suspicious of having Oral HPV.there are inflamed circumvallate papillae like bumps and infectious sores on soft palate.

Had pharyngitis 3 months back. And have genital warts.I touched my warts and put my hand in my mouth.white patches at back of throat. O.P cancer?

Hard lump on gum under tongue and tiny spike like things above it scared could this be cancer ?

Hard painless tumor thirty years ago.I have a very dry mouth , with severe bleeding for the past ten years. Could this be cancer?

Have a small black spot on my gums. Just showed up in dentist checkup. Having biopsied. Could it be something harmful or harmless. It's freaking meout?

Have four dental cleanings per year. Plus recent exam. Noticed white pimple of sorts on floor of mouth. Internet screams cancer. Should I be worried?

Have had white area on tongue for abt 1 year. No changes. Do I have to treat leukoplakia or can I leave it? Is an annual oral cancer screening enuf?

Have small pea size lump (2mm) inside my tongue near the tip. Had for 5 yrs & seen ENT for over a year who says it's fibroma & 0% cancer but will not biopsy due to poten tongue damage. Is that right?

Hello, im a 28 year old man. I have a sort of lump in my throat . I have blisters on the oropharynx and the veins are highly visible. Is it hpv?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is buccal mucosa infection?

Hi I have a lump on my vaginal lip can this be cancer?

Hi I have a skin fold under my tongue and i am afraid wether it might be a wart can you please help me in this concern?

Hi I'm a 22 year old female and have smoked for a year I noticed that I can see veins on the roof of my mouth and I was wondering if its normal.

Hi IV got red spots size of small buttons on my soft palate in my mouth but before that happened a week ago i had a ulcer on the palatine is it cancer?

Hi there i have had sore throate for 3 months and have a lump near my gland inside im also a smoker im 39 could it be cancer im very worried?

Hi, I am a young mum 22 years old with a 2 year old I have reoccurring olcers on my tongue they can appear when ever...

Hi, I have Crohn's disease. I have got 2 huge blisters and 3 lumps growing under my tongue on the floor of my mouth. Is this related to Crohn's or not?

Hi, i've smoked for about two months now and am 18. I have noticed some sores on my mouth. What are the chances that I have cancer? Picture attached

How can you know if you've got tongue cancer?

How long doe it take to develop lukoplakia. I have been a very inconsistent smoker for about a year.I developed a white discoloration under tongue 19?

How t0 cure itching soft palate?

How to prevent oral cyst from forming after accidentally biting my lip? It has happened twice before, it is now just a small white patch that hurts

I always get pimple under my tongue, what can be the cause of it? Usually one at a time, approx 1-2mm in diameter, afrer days it turns into an ulcer.

I am 16 and I am really scared that i might have oral cancer, I have a lump under my tongue and my jaw sometimes hurts. Please help, thank you.

I am 16, male, 185lbs, 6'2, my mother had breast cancer, I have chewed tobacco about 1 year , I have a red sore under tounge, what advice have you?

I am 18 , i smoke cigarettes , to my right cheek of my lower jaw , a red sore is appearing , its been three days , is it a sign of cancer ?

I am 24 year old and I have white patches in my mouth from 4 months. Now I am worried. Is it a symptoms of oral cancer or else. What is better option.

I am 33. I have a flat raised ulcer on the inside of my cheek. It started out as a lump in my cheek and the ulcer is painless. Could it be mouth cancer?

I am a dipper and have had this white spot in the back of my mouth by my molars. Is it cancer?

I am a non-smoker. Three months back, i had raised white lines on my cheeks. The dentist first thought that it was thrush and prescribed clotrinazole. The lines stayed and it was found that i had leukoplakia bucca mucosa. Is is bad?

I am concerned about a red spot on my lower gum. Would like to know if this may be a sign of oral cancer. ?

I am suffering from chronic tongue pain and ref patches white patches small blisters for threr yrs is thid pre cancerous?

I currently have a yest infection. I woke up and now I have lesions on the palit of my mouth. They'er all in the same location. Top ul centrally.?

I did oral sex after 2 months later i frequent facing mouth ulcers problem and some times one or two painless round red marks seen in my legs.Help plz?