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Hard,painful, and immovable lump below ear. Had wisdom teeth removed a couple months ago, could it be bone/tooth residue stuck in gland or lymph node?

Noticed that I hace a large mass or lump that goes from my gum line up about 4 cm on the side of my nose. Its about 1 cm wide. Any idea.

wisdom theet removed dec 15 still have like a swollen lymph node in my cheek and a black pin sized spot inside my mouth (comes and goes) what is it?

1 week Pain/pressure around and under capped lower molar also pea size firm bump moveable at jaw line in area of tooth bump in cheek . What is this?

1wk ago I had tooth 1&3 ext. Most pain is gone except for a knot above tooth 3 under my cheek bone. It's hard and painful to touch. Is this normal?

2 flaps of skin like lumps on both sides of my upper teeth. don't hurt or look discolored and are soft. Getting smaller.Grind teeth chew skin in mouth?

2 mandibular molars extracted 2 weeks ago, jaw tender, swollen SM area under site, swollen spongy growth f/sites not closing yet-normal?

2 small painful tender lumps in my jaw. They are moveable. Haven't had problems with teeth or gums. Been over a month or so. ?

2 very painful lumps under right part of tongue near jaw line. Hard to swallow. Should it be checked out?

23F, large mandibular tori under tongue, but they cause no pain or discomfort. Are they in danger of getting larger, or painful?

30 weeks pregnant and am biting down on my left cheek which becomes a little lumpy as my wisdom teeth are misaligned.Scared of oral cancer, please help?

6 to 8 weeks swollen lump under the side of tongue. A bit hard with two whiteheads and is not healing. 1/2 inch lenght, painful, nonsmoker/drinker?

A bump on the left side of my mouth looks infected, almost like a pimple, where wisdom teeth were taken out. WT have been out for months. HELP! PLZ?

Abcess? Lump on lower jaw corner?

After last tooth clearing I developed a white bump on my tongue which was painful for a week-then no pain but lump remains after 3rd week with no pain?

After removing of canker from hard palate, I am feeling a very small(not visible) lump at the plasce of removed canker..

Anxiety is killing me. Pea sized lump on palate above #13-14 tooth. Not midline. Get harder when pressing with tongue. #14 is half gray. Trauma before?

Are papules normal anatomy of the soft palate? I see a bunch of dots on the soft palate, above uvula and only appears if i touch palate with finger.

Are Red dots on soft palate after wisdom teeth removal normal? I can feel them and it's really annoying

Are there minor salivary glands in the anterior hard palate? I have a swollen area that fluctuates in size. Jabbed with toothbrush before lump. Scared

Are you supposed to feel your sub mandibular glands under jaw? About the size of a walnut?

Bot of my jawline glands are swollen and my gums are running parallel with the glands too, ears hurt. My wisdom teeth aren't there. Hard to swallow.

By tooth 30 &31 where gum meets floor of mouth is that the submandibular gland ?

Can a lump (told it's bone) in the sub-occipital area affect the tongue/swallowing?

Can a lump on the roof of your mouth that changes from hard to soft be caused by sinus issues?

Can a mucocele on the roof of the mouth get bone hard and then become soft again? Can it last for months?

Can an oral cancer bump get smaller or larger during the day or is it an abcess? It's closer to the roof of my mouth than a tooth but it is close to 1

Can anybody give me advice about lump in my mouth by cheek bone?

Can i play volleyball after cyst drainage on my left cheek? From the inside of my mouth.

Can more than one salivary gland be blocked at once. I have a lump on my cheek upper molars and a lump inside right side of tongue. Inside and it smal?

Can mucocele on hard palate go completely flat then get squishy? Dentist said it was from trauma. Said i injured the gland. May go away on own. Upset.

Can patrially raised third molars become infected? There is no pain on gum, yet the bone under hurts and tonsils inflamed. Previous abscess..not now.

Can Stensen's duct exit be felt like a small lump inside the lower buccal mucosa in only one cheek? I feel a lump and the dentist told me it is normal

Can stretching mouth widely constatly cause soreness in upper mouth and jaw area? Mouth sore where maxillary jaw attaches to hard palate. :(

Can the soft palate get inflamed?

Can there be 1 small torus in the roof of the mouth or is that unlikely? Can a new one cause swelling in front of it? can it be towards the molars?

Can you get chicken pox only one the soft palate? Daughter has white bump on soft palate and hurts to swallow

Can you have mucoceles on back inside lower gum (near back molar and tongue)? Tiny painless cyst keeps popping (no pus) and reoccuring (7 days now)

Child with large non painful lump on gum?

Chin bone feels bruised/tender like I've banged it? Currently have a large ulcer on bottom inside lip quite low gum & chin spots? Linked?

Could I have an oral cyst in my gum? I've got a bump on or in my gum about a quarter of the way into my mouth on the left side. It's red, and feels a bit squishy, but there is no real pain. Could this be on oral cyst, or something else? Do i need to be wo

Dark gray #14 tooth. Bump between hard palate and maxilla bone. No tooth pain. Hurts to press hard on bump. No discoloration of palate. Bump is spongy?

Dear doctors, I am 32m & having a small lump right below the left jawline painful when turning the head. Having a scratch near wisdom tooth. Pl advice?

Deep red bruise on lingual frenulum from bitewing xrays. Very sore, hurts to eat. Mandibular tori are also sore. Tips for prevention/healing?

Dent and pimple in gums on bottom jaw. What could be the cause of this?

Dental concern, lump underneath the gum, what to do?

Dentist said gum inflammation around capped Lowe molar. Same area pea size firm tender moveable lump on/above jaw line what is this ? How to treat?

Dentist says I have a mucus cyst on roof of mouth. I find myself constantly pushing on it with my tongue. Will cause ear and jaw pain?

Dentist&ENT Dr says mucocele on hard palate. Had it for three years. Can they get bigger if reinjured? Chip reinjured it now bigger. Scared.

Diagnosed today with a mucocele. I have a hard bump that fluctuates in size for some time now. Jabbed hard palate with toothbrush prior to swelling. ?

Do mucoceles reoccur after removal? Injured palate w/ toothbrush. Gets bigger then smaller. Soft&movable. How long recovery? Had it for almost 3 yrs

Do pimples form in the soft palate?

Does bony overgrowth of the hard palate cause pain?

Does galileo x-ray include pictures of the cheek bones and chin as well as jaw? What other part?

Does it hurt to get a salivary stone removed from inside the cheek?

Does lump in the upper palate of mouth needs to be removed? Its painful at times.

Does Torus Palatinus have to be in the center of the hard platate?

Does torus palatinus surgery hurt?

Eating sunflower seeds.I think one poked my top left gum behind molar. Is inflamed and swollen. Haven't had tonsils or wisdom teeth removed. Concerns?

Ent dr said the small irritated area on tongue not ulcer or cancer. Dentist fixed sharp molar 5 days ago and still tongue pain. What if itdon't goaway?

Feels like small bumps on soft area in roof of mouth,discloration on gums ,gums are a little irritated I do have gum recess ion have had for years,swollen lymph on left side only..I'm scared?

Firm lump upper gum near molars. Can't see it but can feel. No pain or swelling anywhere else. Been there for 2 wks. Would abscess have head by now?

Fluctuates in size, soft, movable bump under mucosa on the anterior hard palate. Dentist says a mucus cyst. Read there aren't glands on hard palate.

For 4 months, I have had intermittent swelling of my soft palate (it doesn't look swollen, but appears to be sinking lower in my mouth). What is it?

For a year and a half. the dentist told me it is torus palatinus, and I'm just wondering if it's dangerous?

Gum cancer symptoms? I have a good sized solidlump on gum line where my left bottom wisdom tooth was 9 yrs ago.Swollen glands & pain in neck jaw & ear

Had a mucocele and salivary glands removed in lip. It's now swollen and asymmetric with scar tissue. It's bottom lip and annoying. Steroid injection?

Had a wisdom tooth removed last month, and just noticed there is a small bump right behind near where the tooth was removed. Also cough & sore throat?

Had upper molar extracted and noticed cheek around that is fuller.. Notice a pocket inside my cheek extending from the area of extraction to the cheek?

Half of molar #14 is gray. Hard painless bump on hard palate above tooth. No pain in tooth. Not red or ulcerated. Bump hurts if you press hard. :( ?

Hard bony lump on inside gum line?

Hard immobile painful lymphnode under jaw almst 1.5 cm. Pain in teeth,gum,ear. Can teeth cause this?hard immobile means cancerous or just be infected?

Hard lump between #13 and 14 teeth on hard palate. 14 is half gray. No pain lump or tooth. Just finished abx 2000 mg amox. Bump still there. Bone feel?

Hard lump on gum under tongue been there over two months dentist is keeping an eye on it hasnt changed in size or appearane is this a good sign?/

Hard lump on gum under tongue can move tip of it so can't be torus dentist says keep an eye on it is waiting a good idea could it be cancer? Scared!

Hard lump on left cheek just beneath cheek bone. Makes my cheek look bad as you can tell by the picture.Any idea? Bothering me and the way I look

Hard painful lump deep in the tissue where my lower gum meets cheek?

Hard very sm salivary gland stick up and is painful when i press the underside of jaw doesn't happen on other side of mouth though what can this be?

Hard white lump on gum. X-ray was clear-no bone/calcium. Painless, hard as bone. Dentist couldn't give me a clear answer. Ideas of what it could be?

Hard white painless bump above canine tooth on upper gums. Almost bone like. What is this?

Hard, bony lump on roof of mouth. 14 days on amoxicillin and biaxin (clarithromycin) still there. It's to the right of midline. Torus? Some say no some say yes. Help!

Hard, painless bony bump on top of mouth. A little to the right of midline. Same color as palate. I'm scared and can't see a dentist for week. ?

Hard,painful, and immovable lump below ear on jaw. Had wisdom teeth removed a couple months ago, could it be bone/tooth residue stuck in paritod gland?

Have a kind of hard, painless bump right side of mouth, in front of uvula (basically soft palate). I see the dentist in 2 weeks but am worried.

Have a nickel-sized swelling inside my left cheek, down near my teeth. What could it be and what caused it? Noticed it just as I was sitting dn to eat

Have a small, hard mass on the roof of my mouth, toward the back. Round, hard and under the skin. Not present on the other side of my mouth and I haven't noticed it before. Any ideas what it could be?

Have an abscess on the roof of my mouth, not dental or incisive canal related. Left sinus has odd circular shape on xray. Could this be sinus related?

Hello, i got my wisdom teeth and i'm wondering, I have a lump in my cheek on my jaw line that tender to the touch? What is this? Is it infected?

Hello. My left tonsil looks like it has two lumps, I also have an ulcer on the gum behind my left molar, I'm concerned about this. ?

Help please? I've got a large lump under the corner of jaw?

Hi andy, i have sore pain under my tongue where ducts of submandibular gland intersect with frenulum. I have this on rightside frenulum intersection.

Hi I have a lump in side if my cheek near my back teeth and its a bit tender, what could this be? I don't know whether it's from biting my cheek

Hi I have a mouth ulcer in upper palate. Its quite bony and tender to touch. It has been there for 3 weeks. I can feel the bone in open area.

Hi, I had a filling done around 2 months ago my face swelled now i have a pea sizes lump on my gum any ideas? thanks

Hi, my husband and I both have a little bit of swelling on our jaw lines and itchiness on our jaw lines as well as our skin on our ears.

Hi, my wisdom tooth has grown in slightly angled and has been pushing on my rear molar. I now have found that I have a lump on my jaw line under my sk?

Hi! my bone next to my eardrum & jaw line seems to be swollen. It's hard to open the mouth & difficult to chew solid foods. Pls help? Thnk you!

Hi! My wisdom teeth are growing (bottom) and I bite my cheek and now there's a hole on the cheek and it hurts and burns. Could this be cancer?

Hi..My hard palate is swelling for about four months ago.. What do you think is happening? Please help me

Hit in the chin after bone cyst removal from my jaw, should I be concerned?