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'i have pain under my chin jaw?

22 yearold with jaw, ear pain on one side of face, could my wisdom teeth be coming threw?

3 days of pain. Back wisdom tooth, swelling of the gums, cheek, jaw hurts, neck hurts, headache. Hurts to open mouth and swallow. What should i do?

7 days ago, deep teeth clean lower left quadrant. Pain & tension in left jaw joint progressed to inability to open jaw more than 1". Snap & Popping.

9 year old complaining of jaw/ear pain? Has strange bony growth in mouth and says pain goes from cheek up to ear. What can cause this?

A lot of discomfort in left jaw. Can't bite down/chew. I have TMJ, but this has lasted about 1 week. What should I do?

Aching neck, pains in the jaw and lumps on cheeks--grinding?

Aching pain in my upper jaw, only one side, could it be wisdom tooth?

Anything i eat gives me a tingling pain behind ear and jaw. What can I do?

Been having tightness in jaws, what are the reason please help?

Below my jaw is always itchy why ?

Can a cavity cause jaw & neck pain?

Can a cavity cause pain below the ear and pain towards your jaw leading to your neck?

Can a cold cause upper jaw and ear pain?

Can a dislocated jaw cause inside ear pain and popping?

Can a lower impacted wisdom tooth cause referred pain to upper jaw and hard palate? Hurts between upper & lower jaw where dental nerve is. :(

Can a sore/bruised jaw muscle cause tooth ache?

Can an infection from a wisdom tooth cause swelling along right side of neck and under the jaw? There is no pain with it. Dentist said its infection

Can arnica help with oral or jaw pain?

Can cavities cause ear and jaw pain?

Can clenching teeth cause swollen one side back of neck?

Can dental work cause jaw gland swelling?

Can GERD cause jaw pain?

Can my sore/tight jaw and tmj muscles be the cause of the odd sensations on my lip, teeth, jaw?

Can neck pain or spasm cause pain the in the jaw when you open your mouth?

Can overbite be causing my jaw pains?

Can sinus pain affect just the front or even the side of the jaw?

Can sinus pressure cause lower tooth and jaw pain?

Can sinusitis cause a sore bottom jaw?

Can six year old molars cause neck pain?

Can TMD radiate into neck area? I got a massage and she really put a lot pressure at TMD area ( joint where I bite / grind) and it now hurts and shoots into front neck.

Can TMJ also cause stiff neck?Jaw line aches, ringing in ears, stiff neck, slight vertigo jaw stiff but can move it fine.Jaw click/cracks is their help

Can TMJ cause itchy achy deep ear pain? I have ear pain when swallowing, jaw clicks, sore under ear and neck. Dr says jaw opens crooked. It's annoying

Can TMJ cause numbness in the cheeks & jaw and then in the mouth? I have pain behind rt ear sometimes the pain is really bad when I lay down.

Can TMJ cause numbness in upper jaw and nose?

Can TMJ cause pain and muscle tension around the temples, occiput and eyes? Been having pain there for 3 weeks now and, jaw started clicking last week

Can tonsillitis cause jaw pain? Tonsils have been painful and swollen. Now the muscles aroumd the hinges of my jaw are sore and tense. Is it related?

Can we have tendon in the jaw area?

Can wisdom teeth cause neck spasms and head pressure?

Can wisdom teeth cause painful swelling on the lower jaw and neck?

Can you have tender points with tmj?

Cheek burning/both cheek swelling/jaw pain. Doctor said it might be tmj. Naproxen doesn't work. What to do?

Clicking at top of jaw under ears, i can move my jaw and crack it a lot, ringing in ears, pain under ears, headaches, grinding teeth at night-this tmj?

Could growing in molars be the cause pain and swelling of the jaw?

Could jaw muscle pain be a sinus infection?

Could sinuses cause lower jaw pain?

Could sinustitis cause pain & pressure in jaw/chin?

Could the jaw pain when opening mouth be related to my wisdom teeth coming in?

Could you tell me what are common problems with the jaw and ear?

Could you tell me why my jaw, cheek bones, my head and the backs of my eyes ache?

Dental experts! what is causing my head and jaw to hurt?

Dentist wants to palpate my jaw to cheak for what?What does that mean, I have bad jaw pain on one side

Does stress cause jaw hurts?

Dull achey toothache..last tooth on upper right side. pain in jaw going up my temple and head.wisdom teeth out have teeth grinding prob WorseInMorngs?

Dx tmj. I have jaw tenderness, ear discomfort but can't figure out why my tongue hurts. There r no sores or swelling. Can TMJ cause the tongue pain?

Ear hurts down to jaw and neck?

Every few months I will have some slight tenderness to hard poke at corner of lower jaw near ear and jaw joint. No other symptoms. What is it?

Experiencing jaw pains recently, but have not hurt my jaw. Is this my wisdom teeth? I'm 20 years old and they have not come in yet.

Experiencing upper jaw, facial and ear pain on one side of face. Dental exam was fine a month ago. If not teeth what are possible causes? Tmj?

Extreme pain in my neck that is radiating into my jaw and lower teeth on left side? Definately not tmj

Facial/jaw/gum pain after cracking my jaw. What is the best treatment?

Had jaw spasm & back of head above jaw that TMJ related ?

Had my tonsils out on monday 12-12-16 and I'm having extreme discomfort in my jaw joint, jaws and tongue muscles. is this normal? why not throat?

Had pulp fillings on 2 upper teeth 2 weeks ago. Have ear pain, headache, jaw and neck pain,pain on upper and bottom teeth on that same side. Is it TMJ..

Hard pea lump just above tmj condyle . I think zygomatic arch. Fixed but slightly flexi. on off facial pain and eye pain on that side for yrs. related?

Have a protruding jaw?

Have an infection in the tooth now I have a lot of pain on right side of my jaw it hurts to the touch tooth is feeling better but now my jaw and neck ?

Have nagging aching pain in lower right jaw, in the "body" of the mandible, more toward chin then neck. No pain when touched. No swelling. Any ideas?

Headache, ear ache and jaw hurts when chewing or opening wide ?

Headaches around my whole head, with pain also in my jaw, cheekbones, and rear neck muscles. Slight trembling & some clicking in my lower jaw. Causes?

Hello, i've been experiencing some TMJ with jaw pain, clicking and popping of the joint and headaches & visuals. It has me worried about MS.

Help! need to know if there's a way to move my lower jaw backwards/upper jaw forwards?

Hi. Below my left jaw, under my ear I have pain. My teeth/mouth, eyes, ear, nose and jaw hurt also. It's on the left side. What is wrong?

Hit in jaw with an object. What could I do for the pain?

How can you stop jaw and neck pain?

How could i stop tongue and jaw pain?

How do I relieve the ear pain when i open my jaws?

How is a fractured upper jaw treated?Impact injury from MVA 16 days ago,never examined.Septum movement causes pain in upper jaw& front teeth.Serious?

How much does a fractured jaw hurt?

How to deal with pain in jaw muscle or submandibular joint?

How to treat jaw and ear soreness?

I always have plugged ears and sinus pressure/jaw pain. Could it be allergies? Possible TMJ for jaw pain?

I am having bad jaw pain dentist said its not my teeth but could be related to my neck?

I broke my lower right wisdom tooth. Pain in tooth, jaw, ear and gland under ear. Can it spread to upper jaw? Also pain cheekbone, orbital bones, temple

I can't open my jaw very well. It's swollen and there's pain moving my jaw/eating. What should I do?

I feel pain when I touch my lower jaw and second is there any relationship between pain in lower jaw and teeth infection?

I got tension on left face, canine teeth, upper lower lip, left tongue, muscle feels tight on tmj, mild pain around ear. is this TMJ?

I had a jaw surgery two years ago, and it starting to hurt again, and sometimes my jaw just blocks. What should I do? Help?

I had a wisdom tooth pulled 4 days ago. I'm still in pain and my jaw won't stop popping. It opens fully with difficulty and pain. Dislocation?

I have a bump on my upper jaw bone?

I have a dull ache around my right cheek/cheekbone/jaw. What is wrong here?

I have a lump that moves in my jaw.

I have a pain under my left ear and under the jaw bone to touch.?

I have a swollen jaw (don't know why). What should I do?

I Have Braces And I Have Very Painful Jaw Pain In The Left Side Of My Jaw . What Does That Mean ?

I have dystonia recently my jaw has locked.Im having pain in jaw and ear canal. Whole side of face is numb.Is this common. What can I do to unlock it?

I have ear and jaw pain on my left lower side. My gums are swollen, I have no molars on the affected side. I have been to neurologist, ent, and dentist and all 3 said its not trigimenal neuralgia nor is it tmj. My wisdom teeth have been removed also. I us

I have facial, neck and nose numbness / tightness but no pain. Could I have tmj?

I have had this clicking of my right jaw area, my internal med doctor said its not my ear but jaw. What could be causing this?

I have had unexplained jaw/mouth pain. The pain area is hard. How could that cause pain in my jaw near the ear. Ideas?