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I have this bump on upper lip but it doesn't hurt at all or anything.

I have this little scab on my lip could this bd herpes?

I have this little scab on my lip could this be herpes it doesn't hurt?

I have tiny blisters on my lips. What could they be?

I have tiny bumps on lip line. How do I tell if this is herpes or an allergic reaction?

I have tiny bumps on the corners of my mouth, what is this called?

I have tiny little bumps on my lips and at the corner of my mouth its painful when i lick the corners, how can i get rid of it? Or what is it?

I have very small bumps on my lips & the top of my tongue is numb. Dr said it's not herpes what could it be? Could it be an allergic reaction

I have very tiny blisters that appears on my lips and the edge of my lips. My mouth feels dry too. Is this cold sore or lip eczema?

I have woke up this morning with both my lips swollen and I have a blister on my top lip and I have no idea what it could be or how it has come along?

I just popped a white pimple like bump on my upper lip, not the lip line, actual top lip. Didn't hurt, and i know it isn't a Cold sore. Or is it?

I keep getting this weird bumps on my lips or on top of my lips. They are not herpes i know that for sure. But what else could it be?

I notice that i had a bump under my lip two days ago. It grew a little bigger. I am not for sure if its a allergic reaction or a bump from my lip balm?

I popped a pimple on my lip and it scabbed up I peeled the scab off and a couple days go by and my lip has small about 4 tiny blisters what can it be?

I popped a pimple on my lip and now its all swollen!?

I woke up with 3 blisters on my lip that have more than 1 bump per blister on the bottom of my lip and the top what could that be?

I woke up with 3 blisters on my lip that have more than 1 bump per blister what could that be?

I woke up with a bump on upper lip. What could it be?

I woke up with a red bump the corner of my lip, it hurts?

I'm 50 yo with no history of coldsore. the last 5 days there's redness on the outer line of the right cupid blister,no it coldsore?

I'm 21 years old I kissed 2 girls 3 weeks ago I felt a lip tingle 2 later I have no blisters just dry lips and an inside lump is this herpes?

I've had this huge lump/bubble on my lip for many years now. What could this be?

If babies have blisters on the top of their lip and all on the bottom lipdoes it hurt them?

Is a painless bump inside of mouth a herpe?

Is it normal to have clusters of bumps on cheeks?

Is it possible for me to pop the blister or bump on my lip?

Is painless bump in mouth a herpe?

Is this normal? I have a bump on i lip after kissing if they bite i lip?

Itchy bumps on my lips ?

Itchy sore corners of mouth and rash like bumps over entire lip? Lip is hot and itchy.

Lips get purple from kissing, what am i doing wrong?

Lower lip blisters, what could it be?

Might getting hit in the lip cause a blister?

My 1 year old has red spots on her lips, I'm not sure if she bit her lip or if they are sores. They don't bother her at all. What could this be?

My 10 month old daughter has a bump under her lip that is concerning me?

My 11 month old had a bump with a scab under her lip it was swollen. When scab came off i saw puss and squeezed it out. Now bottom lip is swollen. ?

My bottom lip has small bumps and is now swollen what can this be?

My inner lips feels scaly what do I do?

My left cheek and under my bottom lip itches, why?

My Lip Is Swollen and I have two patches of 8 blisters under my lip?

My lips are so chapped that they crack swell and itch along the lipline and the corners!?

My son's lips are chapped and has little skin colored bumps under his lip. They do not hurt or itch, but have been there for months? what are they?

My toddler has chapped lips with bump, should I be concerned?

Need help. I've got a clear blister on my lip?

Numb spot on lip, what to do?

Painful bump on bottom lip. Just came out of nowhere and my lip is swollen and very sore.

Pimple inside the lip, what to do?

Pimple near my lip. Could it be something more serious?

Pimple or herpes? I've had 2, 1 at the corner of mouth, 1 between nose & lip. Both have a hard lump, puss came out when squeezed, and no blister

Rash on chin, around mouth and upper lip, small blister like pimples, causes?

Red rimmed lips. Tiny bumps near edge of lips and on lip. But near the edge. Not tingly or itching. But my lips feel dry. Doesn't look like sore.

Single pimple on edge of lip, could it be herpes?

Small dark purple blister/canker sore inside of bottom lip. What is it??

Small pimple on bottom lip corner ?

The area around my mouth has been dry and itchy for weeks now, and now I have two bubbles on my bottom lip that are swollen and itchy?

The skin above my upper lip was itching last night so this morning i saw red bumps on my upper lip. This happened two weeks ago. Could this be herpes?

There are bumps on my lip, is it an std?

Tickling feeling on lips for a few months. No bumps where the feeling is at.Red rimmed lips with tiny bumps around it. Cracks on lips. I have eczema.

Tiny bump on lip line, herpes?

Two pus zits on vagina lip, lip sticks out more than the other one now, twice as much. Should I be concerned?

What are causes for blister on top lip?

What are the bumps inside my bottom lip painless are they contagious?

What are the bumps on the inside of my lower lip?

What are the causes of lip blisters ?

What are these lumps on my inner bottom lip of my mouth?

What are these tiny blisters on my uvula?

What can be the cause of itchy, bumpy, swelling red lips? My girlfriend uses a lot of chapstick.

What can cause a cluster of bumps on my lip?

What can cause a pimple on my bottom lip?

What can cause your lips to have heat bumps?

What can I do about pimples that are around my lips?

What can this bump above my lip be?

What can this purple lump in my lip be?

What can this sore behind my bottom lip be?

What causes scab like skin on lips?

What causes your lips to blister?

What could a cluster of bumps on lips be?

What could a red bump on my lip?

What could be the cause of this strange lump on my bottom lip?

What could this red bump above my lip be?

What do I do about a blister on my lip?

What do you suggest if my vagina lip is swollen and has a bump inside the lip and I popped it does anyone know what this could be!?

What is a ball of puss on lip?

What is a good remedy for a small mucocele in bottom lip?

What is it? I have skin sores and lip blister.

What is length of time lip blisters last?

What is the bump on my lip line?

What is the bumps under your top lip?

What is the cause for a pimple on the lip?

What is the cause of monthly blisters on my top lip?

What is the cause of tiny bumps on my lip line that itch?

What is this tiny bump on lip that bleeds?

What should I do if I have a blister below my lip?

What to do about a lip blister?

What to do for the bump on my lip?

What to do if I have a huge pimple right on my lip any suggestions?

What to do if I have a pimple on my upper lip, just about at the corner of my mouth. Why do what to do if I have it?

What to do if I have this red bump on my lip?

What works for sore on the inside of lip?

What would happen if you popped a herpes bump on the lip?