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2 days ago I wore a lipstick. Bottom lip started itching. Scratched it with my nails and teeth. Now have a itchy painless blister and bruised lip. ?

2 year old has rash on side of his cheek close to his mouth. It kind of looks like chapped lips but on his cheek near corner lip area?

4 yr old has rash on cheeks with lil bumps on her cheeks what could this be from?

7 month old has a bump on her lip and chin what is it? What do I put on it?

A bump inside my bottom lip. What is it?

Any suggestions on how I can help this small lip blister?

Are all bumps on your lips herpes?

Are all tangible little bumps on the lips herpes? I have a bump that looks like a raised chapped patch (I have chapped lips) but it felt a little numb

Are small bumps under the epidermis on inner lip of your mouth normal?

Bit my lip and now I have a lump in my lip, what is this and what do I do?

Blister on bottom inside lip ?

Blistering on son's lips. Not chapped. Says he hasn't been biting. But noticeable blisters inside larger blister. Cause for worry?

Blisters above upper lip?

Bottom lip swollen-painful blister on inside, what to do?

Bump on bottom lip after kissing. What could this be?

Bump on inside if bottom lip. Is this herpes?

Bump on my lip. It's been a couple of days, it is the same color of my lip. Help what do I do?

Bumps on inside of my bottom lip. What might cause them?

Can a mucocele appear on the outside of the bottom lip ?

Can a pimple near the lip cause the lip to swell ?

Can anyone tell me what causes a zit/pimple/blister on my upper lip?

Can biting lip cause painless lump?

Can biting your lip turn into luekoplakia I bite lip constantly but I have white patch on lip where I bite my lip but I haven't bite lip in 2 weeks ?

Can coldsores appear above the lip, not on it?

Can coldsores extend outside of the lip border?

Can constipation cause lip blisters?

Can the herpes virus cause your lip to have localized swelling and a hard lump beneath the inside of your lip? And there are no blisters.

Can you tell me what is this red thing on my lip?

Cluster of bumps inside your upper lip?

Cluster of bumps on corner of lip. Worried this may be herpes, help!?

Cluster of Pimples on top lip?

Do I have a pimple or a cold sore near the bottom of my lower lip?(it's not ON my lip) It does have a whitehead

Do I have herpes? I have something that looks like a pimple but i can't really tell. its on the border of my lip on the cupids bow

Does herpes appear when i injure my lips?

Every time i kiss a guy i've never kissed before, i get a zit/pimple/blister on the top of my upper lip, what to do?

Grandson has a "wart" inside is lip...What causes this.

Have a swollen lip and little bumps under my top lip?

Have multiple small bumps on inner lip and tip of tongue. veins are darker than normal inside lip. what r these? I do have genital herpes.

Hello I have a blister on my right pussy lip and it hurts ?

Help i bit my lip and now I have a bump on it!? How do I fix this?

Help please i woke up with little blisters on my lip, what are they?

Hi can someone help me my lips broke out in little bumps!

Hi i fell and busted my lip and now its a big bump on my lip and i dont know how to get it off its been on for about 2 or 3 years. on my bottom lip.

Hi, Im 28 years old and i have few birthmarks or beauty spot have appeared on the bottom right corner of my lip and one on my lip. is it normal?

How can I treat a blister on my inner lip?

How do you tell if your lips will bruise?

How long will blisters on the lip last?

How to heal a red blister on lip?

How to take away red bumps on your lips?

I found a blister on my lip inside my mouth on bottom lip?

I got my lip pierced 4 days ago and on the inside of my lip I have a bump near the piercing could it be a kolied?

I had a blister on my lip a week ago and now I have awoken too my qhole bottom lip swollen. Its draining with puss where the cut is. What should I do?

I had a cluster of pimples on chin under the corner of mouth. they were itchy and burned and now it has turned into a scab. what is this?

I had a pimple on the top of my lip I popped it and now my lip is swollen so badly it hurt a lot help?

I had a whitehead on my top lip that's not a blister. Help?

I had a zit that i popped on my lip. Could it be herpes? Its red, and had puss

I had been biting my lip and then noticed a small blister appear with clear liquid inside. Now my lip is huge swollen with lots of blisters help!

I had chapped lips for a couple of days and now I have a couple of pimples on my upper lip. What do you recommend?

I have 4 painless white bumps on my upper lip after chapped lips and lip licking. Should i worry?

I have 8 or so clear bump on the inside of my bottom lip. Not sore.

I have a 'pimple' thing on the edge of my lip... What is it and what should I do?

I have a blister like bump on my lip (at the bottom, on the outside) it came up without an itch and its just one blister unlike when I have coldsores?

I have a blister on the right side of my top lip from peeling a pimple that was above my lip with my teeth & it scratched my lip that caused it. ?

I have a bump on my bottom lip it's been there for 3 days now, I popped It now it looks like a scab?

I have a bump on my lip and it hurts, what is it?

I have a bump on my lip but not around my mouth its on my lip and it doesn't have pus in it and I have had it for years! what can I do? Please help!

I Have a bump on my lip wat can it be?

I have a bump on my lip. Its like a knot. It doesn't hurt or bother me. Its the same color as my lip and its on my top lip. What could this be?

I have a bump on my outer lip it's incredibly painful and my lip is swollen... It looked like a pimple but it's not going away, is it a pimple orasore?

I have a bump on the bottom of my uper lip. What should I do?

I have a cluster of bumps on my lips that I have had for over a year. What could they be?

I have a herpes on my lips with a white spot inside my lips. What shall i do? And what is it?

I have a hole on my lip?

I have a huge painful zit on my bottom lip! what should I do?

I have a itchy bump on my top lip. This morning I woke up and my whole lip is swollen... What is this?

I have a lip line bump at the bottum of my lip that hasn't gone away for a month. Its not tender or irritated. Any ideas of what it could be?

I have a painful cluster of bumps that has developed over the last 24 hours on my upper lip line. My lip is now swollen.

I have a pimple inside my lip?

I have a pimple right above my lip that keeps repussing, is it a herpes?

I have a puss filled bump under my lip?

I have a small mouth and would like it to be bigger and to have pouttier lips. Would lip augmentation work?

I have a sore on my lip, not around my lip but where both of my lips meet, could that possibly be a cold sore? It doesn't itch or have tiny bumps.

I have a spot on my lip, what could it be?

I have a tiny lump of scar tissue on my bottom lip, could that be affecting my chapped lips?

I have been getting single pimples near my lipline(not on my lip, never grouped, never same time, nor crusting after popped)could it still be a coldsore?

I have big blisters on lower lip, what should I do?

I have bump on inside of my lower lip, what to do?

I have chapped lips and I was biting it and now I have a painless whitish yellow bump on my lower lip. It's right where my lips meet in the middle?

I have cluster of dots on the top lip where the top and bottom lips meet. I don't think it's cold sores because they've been there for a month.

I have had a rough patch on my lip for a couple of months. It feels like tiny scabs/dots on my upper lip. I don't have herpes. Blistex doesn't help.

I have had a small bump on my lip after biting it when it was numb?

I have had chapped lips for the last 3 weeks and yesterday I developed a tiny blister on my lip, it doesn't look like herpes but how do i know?

I have itchy lips?

I have lip blisters how do I know if I have an infection?

I have small bumps on inside of my bottom lip. Haven't kissed anyone in 2 months & they just appeared 2 weeks ago. There not canker sores. What's this?

I have small bumps on my lips. What could they be?

I have small bumps on my top lip, its not a cold sore though and the urologist said i may just be bumps from my very chapped lips.. Cause for concern?

I have small painful pimple in the corner of my lips?

I have these tiny bumps on my top lip. There same color as my lip. U can hardly see them and u can't feel them, my lips stay chapped.What is this?

I have these tiny itchy bumps on lip. Anything i can take for this?