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feel something is pushing my tongues out and I av difficulty in swallowing food and breathing and d sides of my tongue is red and has a thin coating?

There is a bump under the tongue .also a couple of other red bumps.i have trouble swallowing.dry mouth.and jaw pains when eating ?

12 mo son has yellow tongue.Will cleaning tongue fix it?Tried scraping tongue but he gags + then keeps mouth tight shut. Any recommendations?

2 year old fell and bit through tongue on both sides. Bled for a few then stopped. Tongue didn't heal back straight, slits on both sides, what to do?

33 F/Black. no smoke, drink socially. discoloration on the left side of my tongue (not black).sore throat.small bump back of tongue no pain. Cancer?

3year old has white on his tongue and a temperature of 38.2. Complaining of a sore neck. What could this be?

A couple of hours after taking a meclazine strip that melts on tongue my tongue turned numb. Is this common?

A section on the front/tip of my tongue is rough and I am able to move my tastebuds downward. Also, there is a little cut/not exactly fissured. Norml?

After a hard day of work, i noticed that i had bitten my tongue while working, how can i overcome this problem?I

An ENT surgeoon told me a red area on the side of tongue were enlarged taste buds. They are not sore and have been there for 9 weeks? Should i trust

Annoying sore on tongue. it is itchy!so i have to keep scratching it with my teeth.this weird position made my throat hurt.been there 2 weeks.wut todo?

Ant bit me on my tongue b4 5 minutes and a part of my tongue has swollen. What should I do? I am nervous and tensed about what action should I take?

As I stick my tongue out, I can see like a white box right below my uvula. Can that be a huge tonsil stone?

Ataste bud along with the skin under my tongue hurts. I had my tongue clipped years ago. what can cause this?

Bad breathe, white coating, big red bumps on back of my tongue, should I stop smoking cigarets, and what's the cure for my situation, i also brush my tongu?

Battery acid on lip and tongue on accident. Should I be worried?

Been having a recurrent painful bump on my tongue. I have bitten it by mistake a couple times, sometimes it seems to come back if i eat certain foods?

Bit my tongue accidentally yesterday.And now it hurts when moving the tongue back.Could it be due to that or something else? Please help!

Bit my tongue in my sleep, may have had a partial seizure during the night, not sure. Tongue is swollen and sore. What can I do to help heal my tongue?

Bit tongue sun now it has smooth sore lump on tongue. Will it heal on its own.? Should I have got stitches?

Burning sensation on tongue. Tongue was not recently burned. No redness or bumps. What could be the cause?

Burnt my tongue almost a week ago why does it still hurt?

Can a cut under your tongue cause neck to be swollen?

Can a salivery stone cause the side of your tongue to feel constantly irritated?

Can a tongue just start to swell ? For no reason, and with no allergies ? I have a fear of this. Fear of not breathing because of tongue swelling.

Can a tounge swell if you have no allergies of any kind, and no burned tounge? I have nothing of these. Im just curious :-)

Can acid reflux cause tongue to burn and bumps to form on the base?

Can anyone tell me is your tongue supposed to be smooth?

Can being under stress cause a tongue to swell?

Can brushing the back of your tongue cause the tastebuds to swell up. Coz mine don't seem to go down at all?

Can calcium deposits form in the tongue? My friend has little hard rocks coming out of the side and tip of the tongue.

Can Circumvallate Papillae become large for any other reasons than being sick? I am not sick, and I haven't bitten my tounge... I am a smoker.

Can enlarged thyroid cause tongue thrust like enlarged tonsils can? Everytime swallow my tongue puts so much pressure on my palate or teeth clench har

Can I have a cyst inside my tongue its hard feeling. Im 16 and im scared. My doc said stone or cyst inside tongue. I also have a sore throat?

Can i inject anesthesia at the tongue for slight ulcer?

Can intensly pushing tounge to roof of mouth and TMJ issues cause tounge to burn and be sore Also tigh tthroat or is it because of my oral hpv?

Can nervous pressing tongue against teeth and roof of mouth cause sudden speech problems, like lisp or troubles with some consonants like c, s or z?

Can papillae become raised on tongue from blocked nose and breathing through your mouth?

Can you answer, is a tongue ring bad for my health?

Can you get flesh eating disease in the mouth? The bottom of my tongue hurts on one side and I see dark veins

Can you get rid of those little white taste buds that hurt on the tip of your tongue when you get a cold?

Can you get tongue damage due to scraping?

Cause of dry tongue few days right before period each month?

Cheeks and under both sides of tongue sour/bitter all the time. Irritation/swelling and thick whiteness in back of tongue. Could this be acid reflux?

Chew nicorette 7 yrs. 1 wk ago felt "scalded" throat & bitter taste. Now, many tiny raised red bumps on soft palate & throat. tip of tongue very sore?

Could it be healthy to have a lump on your tongue after biting it?

Could not taking care of your teeth and not floss cause your back throat to be inflammed and back of tongue kinda white n lips kinda dry?

Could there be a connection between by daughters geographic tounge and her joint pain?

Could you explain why do I constantly bite my tongue?

Could you explain why does it feel like a have a piece of hair in my mouth/tongue?

Could you tell me what it's like to get their tongue pierced?

Cracks on my tongue. What does this mean? Am i okay?

Did you see anything abnormal in my tongue? The bottom of tongue has 2 things in "v" shape on the sides of the center. No symptoms

Do certain medications cause teeth to hurt? I also have a red bumpy tongue that I am managing with biotene.

Do I have oral herpes on my tongue? tongue is covered in bumps, bigger towards back. Have had stomach cramps and flu like symptoms. Tongue feels burnt. Had been drinking / partying for 3 days straight when symptoms appeared. (normally live healthy)

Doc took me off gabapentin because she thought i had a reaction to it. Now it's a funny taste in mouth and larger bump on neck, any ideas?

Docs,How can I know I don't have HPV on my tongue or throat?I've got a feeling in my normal fluted buds of the tongue,in the mirror i can even see the

Does a fissured tongue get worse over the years?

Does everyone have little lumps in the back of their tongue?

Does everyone have spots at the back of their tongue?

Does vincents angina leave your tongue very sore?

Dryness on tongue and cheeks. Cracks on sides of tongue also. Could too much magnesium or something else cause this?

Ella has ulsa like lumps and the back of her mouth and has had them for a few months now. ?

Feeling of something on back of tongue like uvula but doesn't look swollen no white patches no problem swallowing and i take omeprazole every day?

Feeling of something stuck in throat. When i looked inside my mouth i can see my uluva and epliglottis also i notice small bump onback of tongue ?

Feels like there is something sharp scraping my tongue that's launched inside my tonsils. What is this ?

Floor of mouth, side of tongue and ear discomfort. ENT said everything normal. PCP says TMJ. I have a habit of thrusting tongue. What causes this pain?

For 1 week: mild jaw pain, swollen 'coated' tongue, canker sore underneath tooth on tongue. Doctor thinks reflux. Smoker. Should i get second opinion?

For 3 weeks, feels like there's a hair in back of my tongue. used tongue scraper and examined tongue but looks normal. What is this?

For 8 months my tongue has been sore, burns @ tip and sides. Dentist said due to tongue tie, clip june & tongue still swollen. 3 pm more discomfort?

For the past few months I've noticed my tongue has indentations on the sides from my teeth, it doesn't seem to be going away. Should I be concerned?

For the past year I have tounge problems on and off now for the last 3 months it feels the same odd feeling white scrapyard tounge visit two doctors ?

Frenulum of my tongue hurts when I stick my tongue out or try to lick. Lymph nodes in my anterior neck have been swollen for a few days. ?

Friend said she woke up last night having trouble with swollen tongue. What could have caused that? Second time in a month.

Got my tongue pierced nearly 2 months ago and since I've got a white coating on my tongue, I brush my tongue everyday but it still comes back?

Got teeth marks on either side of tongue what causes this?

Got tongue pierced 4 months ago, it healed well... In those 4 months, on three different occasions i would get cramping pains under my tongueon oneside?

Have enlarged circumvallate papillae and is painful whenever I swallow, I smoke weed/tobacco and have thrown up recently want to know whats causing it?

Have lingual tonsillitis take antibodiacs. 10 days day 5 have water blisters on back tongue chest, tired hard to swallow,what is wrong?

Have red patches on tongue & in throat. Saw my gp. Said it was from stress and prescribed med. Went away for few days but returned while still on med. Red patches on tongue, roof and back of mouth. Tongue hurts like it is burnt. What should I do? Sch

Hello docs. I was wondering can toothbrush cause bruises in the tongue?

Hello I seem to have a pain on my frenulum in my mouth when I move my tongue, my partner says I have two lumps either side of it, do I need to see a d?

Hello Last week I ate something hot and scalding which caused sorenes at the base of the throat, on tongue sides and on my hard palate. Today I went t?

Hello the sides of my tongue are rigid and quite tender what does it mean?

Hello, i'm dinu and i'm a umf medical stud..I think I am having a bit of trouble with some swollen taste buds and a bit of hiper-keratinisation. Help?

Hello, I'm sixteen and I'm very curious about this tube looking thing that lays on the back of my tongue behind my uvula ?

Hello, several times a day the middle of my tongue gets itchy. Not painful, just annoying. I brush my tongue gently with the back of toothbrush. Thx!

Help please? What is the best exercise for a swollen tongue?

Help! need to know if there's any thing to help with a fresh tongue piercing pain?

Hey I just tried using a tounge brush to clean the back of my tounge, then I noticed my epiglottis for the first time ever. Should I be concerned?

Hey. Have one question. I ate my food, and suddenly i was able to get the fork touched my tongue with the tip. Can this cause a swollen tongue?

Hi ... yesterday i that there is a reddness in my hard and soft palet plus i feel like there is ulcer in the letral side of the tongue ?

Hi Docs,I feel something on my tongue, it's like fluted papillae buds on my tongue became larger, I can see them in the mirror.I have cold, help pls?

Hi I have a swollan tongue after injecting ice?

Hi I have had a pain coming from underneath my tongue for this past week. i may have cut or scraped a bottom part of my tongue on my teeth, thoughts?

Hi! I just notice a bump under my mouth where it supports my tongue it doesn't hurt at all I just notice it a few days ago I don't smoke.

Hoarseness & uncomfortable swollen throat feeling and coated tongue roof of mouth feeling hairy. could this be thrush from my inhaler? ent saw nothing

How can I remove a salivary stone under the bottom of my tongue? It is currently inflammed at feels like a pebble is stuck in the frenulum.

How can you get a cracked tongue smooth again?

How come I always bite my tongue?