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I have something on my corner of mouth( exterior), it looks like someone cut me. It is been now 2 days.. I have not kissed for a while though ?

2yo has tiny spots inside his mouth, inside cheek by molars. Been there months w/no change. What is it? Should i worry?

3 small dry rough patches inside mouth. I touch them with my tongue they feel like sandpaper I've been smoking for a year now. What does that mean?

A lot of the skin in my mouth is coming off. What is causing this?

A pure white piece of what looks like skin just peeled off in the inside corner of my mouth where my teeth are, why?

A purpleish discolouration of the soft palate inside the top of the mouth behind the teeth. Some noticeable small mouth sores. What's your thoughts?

A small ball of pus in mouth in right cheek?

A sore along the gum line inside of my mouth. what is this??

Advice? Would the mucocele inside my lip go away eventually?

After chewing my bottom lip it swelled and it has a layer of white skin over the top. What could it be?

Air pocket/bubble inside my mouth on gums/cheek, what to do?

Been having shedding of skin in my mouth like white placques come n go what can it be? Mostly inside corners of inside mouth only

Blister has formed on gums where the needle went in to numb my mouth?

Blood blister inside cheek? It was not there yesterday and is surrounded by other bright bloody marks. It might be caused by biting cheek, but unsure.

Bumps inside mouth are driving me crazy. What can I do?

Bumps on inside of bottom lip, is this foot & mouth disease?

Can a 2 year old get matching bruising on both cheeks from biting on the inside of their cheeks?

Can an infected tooth cause a lump in cheek by upper molar n a lump inside the tongue. Its inside the tongue. Not outside. Im 16. Kinda sore throat.

Can biting inside of your bottom lip cause cancer? Or any permanent damage?? How to stop biting the inside of d lower lip?

Can biting on the inside of the cheek cause bruising on the outside of the cheek?

Can molluscum be spredad to the mouth? inside or outside of it?

Can mucocele inside the lower lip be cancerous?

Can you get oral gonorreha 3 months later? My inside lips are all red and I have yellow pus on the lining of the inside lip and is very sore

Can you get ringworn inside of your mouth?

Can you tell me anything about bumps on the inside on the lower jaw.?

Can' hardly open and close my mouth without biting my left cheek. it's become so often that i now have a line/bulge on my cheek from all the biting.

Ceased Desonide. bumps on lower lip went away, cracked mouth corners healing, now have soft painless bump on inside of lower lip. What's going on?!

Cheek biting effect inside of mouth?

Cluster inside cheek and corner of mouth?

Concerned about a black round bump I found inside mouth in the cheek area. It's not painful and has a bit of white around the edge. No prior implants.

Could a painful pimple on the inside of the cheek indicate a tooth problem?

Could me picking at the inside of my cheeks cause them to thicken?

Cut inside top lip what does it come from?

Do herpes sores inside mouth form on inside of cheeks? I have a sore on both sides.

Does Herpes Type 1 cause lining on the inside of the cheeks?Have got a bump inform of a line on both cheeks

Does Hsv1 responsible for the swellings inside my cheeks?Feel swellings on the upper parts inside my cheeks and small pimple like bumps.

Does oral cancer only develop outside of the lip or on the inside of the lip?

Does Oral Linchen cause bumps inside the cheeks?

Found very small lumps under skin inside mouth below lip and near gum. Skin colour and no pain?

Garlic has burnt my left cheek from outside not inside,i.e,my face.please help?

Gland inside my mouth is swollen opened up and has yellow stuff inside it. Its behind wisdom teeth on the side?

Growth on inside of cheek, could it be herpes?

Gums are swoollen, spots are lips and crusty layer over it?

Had a lump on inside of lower lip/cheek. Picked at it with tongue and a hard yellow rubbery thing popped out. Now I have a whole in my cheek where it was. What could this be?

Hard bump inside my mouth on jaw line?

Have a pimple on the inner side of my cheek in my mouth?

Hello i have a problem where is too hot outside or inside my cheeks become red why?????????? what to do????????

Hello I have a reddish, pink swollen and semi -painful bump on the inside of my mouth near the middle to upper part of the inside of my cheek. Cancer?

Hello,i would like to ask what causes peeling inside the cheeks?when i pass my tongue inside the cheeks i feel my cheeks are peeling inside?

Help me please! there's a small mole inside mouth (cheek)?

Hi I have a hard lump inside my cheek below cheekbone? What could it be? There's no pain or you can't see it anywhere inside the mouth I'm worried

Hi i have water filled things inside my mouth at corner of lips. it is it cyst?do i need surgery for that and what is the cost of it?

Hi ik a friend that has a rough patch in mouth its normal color but the texture is rough in the left side of the bottom of the mouth what can it be?

Hi, my friend just told me that when she looks at her butt cheeks and opens them it's darker on the inside of her cheeks then the out....What is this?

Hi, my tounge inside pimple and blood comes up in my mouth?

Hi. I have tiny white spots covering the whole entire inside of my mouth including the insides of my cheek and my gums. Some also on outline of tonsil?

How can I cure painfull swollen tongue and inner cheek tissues?

How can I smooth out bitten cheek?

How can I treat a painful cut inside of my bottom?

How common are cysts inside of the tongue?

How to heal your upper gums inside your mouth?

I always have pimple-like inside my mouth. It occurs one at a time. Its like a small pimple only inside of my mouth, not painful though, what is it?

I am experiencing mouth sore on my inner left cheek the next day after having oral sex. The following also describes me: White patches inside mouth. ?

I am getting white patches inside my mouth from lip biting?

I bit my lips (inside my mouth) almost 2 weeks ago, there's still pus all over the wound and it hurts a lot (im putting on a medicine). What can I do?

I bit the inside of my cheek and now I have a big knot it feels like on the outside. What is this? There is cut inside my mouth

I bit the inside of my mouth sometimes and one day I woke up with a lump inside my bottom lip, what can the lump be?

I cut the side of my mouth such that the skin inside is flapping. What should I do?

I did oral for the first time with my girlfriend and there's been 2 small bumps inside my mouth, what's wrong?

I feel a rough, scaly area inside my cheek when i touch it with my tongue, but when I look in the mirror, it appears normal. what might this be?

I feel a rough, scaly area inside my cheek when i touch it with my tongue, but when I look in the mirror, it appears normal. what might this be?

I fell 2 weeks ago, they put stitches outside of the chin and inside of the lip between the gum and lip.Now I have a crocked smile, is it nerve damage?

I found a painless blood blister in mouth on my left cheek, should I worry to much if it's not causing any irritation?

I found a painless blood blister in mouth underneath my tongue below my bottom 2 front teeth. I popped it with my tongue and it bled a LOT. Still does?

I gave my boyfriend oral, I have red marks on the inside of my cheeks/gums. What could this be?

I got a lip peircing and in the inside of my mouth a white hard bump formed in my mouth near the ring, should I take it out? What does this mean?

I got a little scratch inside my cheek from my teeth. What should I do?

I got scratched on the inside of my mouth near my gums, and now there is a bump below where the scratch was. Can you tell me what this is?

I had a deep gash in the upper lip and extends inwards to the cheeks from inside, is there any unpainful way to clean my teeth?

I had a dental procedure 3 days ago and now I have these bumps on the corner of my lip that hurt I want to know what they are?

I have a black spot in my mouth, on the inside of my cheek. It doesn't hurt .

I have a blood dot in my inner lower mouth lip. Anything of concern?

I have a bubble blister behind my lip(it is inside my mouth) it goes away and then grows back, I am concerned of what it could be. ?

I have a bump in my ear it is at the bottom inside and pretty sore ?

I have a bump in my inner lip, as well as others in my cheeks, my. Gums and there's one in the back behind my tooth. Haven't been near anyone w herpes?

I have a bump on the inside of my gum. What could this be?

I have a bump on the inside of my lower lip only painful when rubbed against my tooth no discoloration any idea what it could be?

I have a bump where my lip is but in the inside of the mouth what does it mean?

I have a canker sore on the inside of my cheek is it normal to feel numbness on the inside on my cheek?

I have a cold for a week and now i see a white line inside my mouth in the cheek. What is that? I also fewl pressure around my cheeks to my head?

I have a flap of skin with a sore on it on the inside of my cheek around the line of where my teeth come together. Canker sore maybe?

I have a large bubble inside my lower lip, what is it?

I have a lot of white bumps inside my mouth. What could it be and how can I get them removed?

I have a lump on the inner side of my cheek and blisters along the inside of the gum. I only get this if my period of the month is bad. What is it?

I have a lump on the inside of my mouth in the bottom beneath my tongue. What could this be?

I have a medium swollen inside of my cheek in my mouth, it doesn't hurt and the color is normal, what can it be?

I have a pimple inside of my mouth near the bottom of my gum and it hurts from time to time. I had it for about 3 days. What is it?

I have a pink rough patch on the inside of my mouth on the lower part of my inner lip in front of my teeth. No bumps, have had it for 2-3 weeks.

I have a purple bump inside my mouth that has been there for the past month. The skin on the upper part of my vagina where hair grows is dry. And I ha?

I have a rash on my inner cheek and under the tongue and aburning inside my mouth. What should I do?