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Tiny dark spot on the wharton duct below my tongue. No pain. No swelling. What could it be?

I have 3 white bumps on the back of my tongue and just discovered them today. And I'm scared about what it is.

i have this hard bump on the roof of my mouth. It showed up about 2 days ago and hurts a bit. Do you know what it is or how i can get rid of it?

1 mm pimple under leftside tongue stung for 1 day now dosnt hurt at all been there 2 days today just looks flat and whitish with a movable skin?Cancer

16 y/o. Soft lump in tip of tongue for 6 years, no pain or swelling. Doctor doesn't know what it is, kinda worried but I don't know what it is. Ideas?

19 years old and this is the 3rd time this month i have a little painful red bump on the side of my tongue. Super concerned its mouth cancer? Help pls

2 small bumps under my tongue on the bottom gum little pain and moveable, hard i had one and kept playing with it which i think caused the second help?

3 days ago i got my left backtooth pulled out. I saw a little yelowish bump on my tongue and it hurts. Could it be a tonsil stone on my tongue?

8 yr old son gets white lump/spots on top of ears every spring. Wondering what this could be and what i can do for him? Looks painful but is not.

A little part of my gum is slightly swollen, what's up?

A little patch of pink colored bumps on side of tongue that hurt. I don't know what it is and I am freaking out thinking it could be warts?

A small hard whitish flab on the inside of my upper right cheek, by my teeth. This hurts a little. It's been here for awhile. What is it?

A small patch of my tongue hurts and biting it helps, what do I do?

A small raised white spot on right side tip of tongue not painful been there for months what does it mean?

Above front top teeth is a lump on gum like a tiny little lump , it is sore when I touch it with toungue or with finger, it feels hard but maybe that'?

After eating i feel a burning sensation on soft palate at back, on viewing a fleshy blister like bump appears in the same spot every time, any ideas?

After eating I felt a patch on the top of my palate. When I looked in the mirror I noticed a red patch or lesion. No pain or tenderness?

Are big bumps on the back of my tounge normal?

Are bumps at the back of tongue normal?

Are bumps on back of tongue a sign of std?

Are bumps on the back of your tongue normal?

Are bumps on tongue an infection?

Are large bumps on the back of the tongue normal?

Are lots of small, painless red bumps on the tongue normal? Can swillimg saltwater around the mouth help get rid of these? Cheers!

At the base of my tongue on the very right side there is a cluster of slightly tender bumps. They're not small and the color of the rest of my tongue.

At the bottom of my tongue is red very bumpy. And the rest of my tongue is normal. What is this and how do i cure it?

Baby has red bumps on the back of her tongue?

Back of tongue yellow, one swollen tonsil, and bumps on back of tongue. What could this be?

Big bumps on my toung near throat, help?

Bit my tongue really hard and now theres a red lump. What can I do?

Bit tip of tongue, looked and there was two small bubbles filled with blood.Popped them like pimples and they are back.Tongue sore/tingly.What is this?

Bit tongue, it's now hard, purple. When will it heal?

Blister on your tongue on the sides. What can this be?

Bump filled with blood on my salivary gland under the tongue not on the tongue. What could it be?

Bump on side of mouth but don't hurt and looks like a blister and I got big bumps on back of my tongue and throat but none of it hurts?

Bump that hurts on my tongue?

Bump under tongue, what could this be?

Bumps on the back of my tongue, what is this?

Bumps on the back of tongue?

Can a canker sore be under tongue, off to the side, around red area & be a slightly raised short oval shaped sensitive but not really painful spot ?

Can antibiotics cause bumps on tongue?

Can any doc explain why are there red bumps at the back of my tongue?

Can i pop a huge cancker on my tounge?

Can infections cause white bumps in the mouth? I had a couple then they went away with a couple days. Now I have a lump in upper cheek by molars. Im16

Can mouthwash leave big bumps on tongue?

Can not brushing your teeth cause movable painless bumps underneath tongue ?

Can you actually bruise your tongue?

Can you tell me how to treat white "lie bumps" on my tongue?

Can you tell me if a lot of my tastes buds are red and swollen, and a have a few painful white ones on the sides and on topp of my tongue. How can I get it to go away?

Can you tell me what it is when you have two circular bumps on your bottom gums like under your tongue?

Can you tell me what these lumps on my tongue are?

Can you tell me, are bumps in the back of your tongue called tasted buds?

Can't see my tonsils but have a feeling of something stuck in throat when swallowing & small lumps on bottom of tongue & small bump on inside of cheek?

Could this be leukoplakia? I've noticed a small white patch on the left side of my tongue. It doesn't hurt at all, but it kind of has me worried. .

Could this swollen tongue be an infection of the tongue?

Curious as to why are there red bumps at the back of my tongue?

Do all cankers hurt? I've had a white spot for 2 days, and it doesn't hurt. There's no redness around it either also have one on my cheek too.

Do canker sores have to hurt? I have a painless white bump at bottom of my lower jaw gums. It doesn't hurt? Serious or minor? Very worried

Do tonsils flatten out as we age? My tonsils are flat looking at top and a little puffy on bottom. Ent says normal.

Do we have bumps under our tongue?

Does everyone have bumps on the back of tongue?

Dry tongue white patches and raised bumps on back of tongue is it hiv?

Enlarged bumps on back of tongue std??

Every time I eat something little tiny painful white bumps appear on my tongue - I've also had a very sore throat for over 2 weeks . Very concerned ?

Far back on my tongue I have this popcorn lookin cluster of tongue colored bumps along with a few what looks like raised large taste buds I think.Help?

Feel somethin small n my throat/back of tongue when I swallow. I see two or three small white bumps. Throat not sore at all. Looks like white pimples.

Flat and painless dark red spot on the back of my throat, to the right of my uvula has been there a few days? Might be from hitting toothbrush,notsure

Found a white thing (hard to explain) on the roof of my mouth. Its sore and when i rub my tounge over it it feels like i could peel it off? Help

Four years ago i noticed that there's a bump like a bone in my mouth, on the top of it. It is not painful but now there's new tiny one again. Help!

Geographical tongue with tiny red bumps and burnings sensation?

Geographical tongue with tiny rrd bumps on the whole tongue?

Got a white bump on the tip of my tongue ?

Got all four wisdom teeth pulled the same night i notice small, white, sandlike bumps on lips. Painless, don't itch but feel like sandpaper, what is it?

Had a pimple like spot on right side of my throat, didn't hurt but irritating.. can feel it with the back of my tongue.. still popped. and the "head" I spit out and it was thick like a pimple head. the spot is still swollen and is open, is star

Had a pimple-like bump on roof of mouth for a month. Popped 2 weeks ago but it is now coming back, though not painful. What is this?

Had a white painful canker sore behind molar went away. Now three small white dots appeared there again but they are painless. I do smoke. ?

Had inflamed papillae on the side of my tongue, now painless spots (more like streaks but wider) on the back of my throat. What is going on?

Had just recently taken out my tongue ring, my doctor says it was not infected but now I have small irritated red bumps on tongue, hurt when drnk/eaT?

Hangover and i seem to have a little lump underneath my tounge isnt painful can herpes simplex effect your tongue, what to do?

Hard lump in vagina white head Sore?

Have a big blister like lump on the tip of my tongue - any remedy ?

Have a half dime size bump on the roof of my mouth.Its been there five years.It colorless painles and never hurts.And u can't hardly c it.What can it?

Have a lump where tongue connects to mouth.. very little pain kind of hard! Gets small but grows back, what could it be..

Have a painful small white pimple looking thing on inside of mouth between gums and inside of lips. doesnt seem serious but really hurts.

Have a quick question? I've recently have had dry mouth in the morning. From this I have no pain but seems like there is tiny bumps on tip of tongue?

Have bumps on both sides of tongue they are red?

Have got small painless lumps on my upper gums top of the canines on both sides.What may be the cause?Have got yellow urine too

Have hard bumps on inside of both cheeks of mouth,,hurt bad. They white reddish. Been like this for week. Hurts! What is I that can I do?

Have pimple like bump on tip of tongue, and bottom of tongue. One is white and doesn't hurt, while the other is does. What is it and what causes it?

Have red bumps on both sides of tongue what does this mean?

Have small round lump on underside lip for 6 months. I can only feel with tongue cannot see it. It appeared the same time as facial spot in same area.

Have ulcer looking thing under toungue hurts bad and on inside of cheek.. My throat by my uluva is white and reddish is this bad..hurts to eat sawllow?

Helllo Dr. I have a red spotted tip of my tongue that has little red sores and is just in tip of tongue it seems to be causing slight splitting.??

Hello doc.. I have got bumps on top side of my tounge which is deep inside and throat that looks like sore throat and also habe two pea like bumps at?

Hello I have been experiencing a really sore pain of the back of my tongue and I've noticed big red bumps? Just wondering what they could be... :(

Hello i've noticed on the bottom of my tongue I have some dangling bites of skin this is the first i've noticed can you help ?

Hello, A while ago I got this little bump on the front of my tongue, never hurts, its just there. Today I opened my mouth really wide and the back of my tongue is yellow with more red bumps. What should I do?

Hello, i have a weird thing underneath my tongue and it's red and painful at sometimes. it's at my tongue area called warton's ducts. help me please?

Hello, is it normal to have very small lumps on the front/middle of the tongue and larger ones on the back the same color as the tongue?

Help! I have white bumps on the side of my tongue?