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. I can taste some things, other things cannot taste it at all. To me it makes no sense to be able to taste one and not another . What is wrong?

14 weeks pregnant with nasty taste in my mouth what do I do?

3rd day taking pregnitude for pcos, is it normal to have bitter metallic taste in mouth and lips all the time?

After a night of binge drinking and throwing up, what can I do for the bad taste in my mouth that lasts for days?

After eating any type of food , I have a consistent and annoying sweet after taste in my mouth. Whats going on ?

After i eat I have a funny taste in my mouth. Tonite i ate fish and every time i burp i can still taste the fish. Could i be pregnant?

After i workout excessively my tongue tastes funny like an acidity why's that?

After tonsils removed is it normal for food to taste bitter?

All the food I eat taste sour or bitter how I do make my taste normal?

Am i being poisoned? Every time i eat or drink, i get this bitter, soapy taste... Ok, i know i'm not being poisoned, but b/c i'm a student with crummy health insurance, i really need someone's advice. The last three days I have had this awful taste in my

Any ideas why my mouth taste bitter after I use mouthwash?

Anytime I eat anything sweet, I instantly have a nasty taste in my mouth. At first it's like intense taste of artificial sweetner then turns metallic ?

Ate a strawberry that had a strong "chemical" taste to it. What could it be?

Bad taste in mouth, yellow coating on tongue, lansoprazole didn't work. What can I do?

Bad taste in my mouth taste blog...?

Bad taste in my mouth that's been there for days, and i'm not sick or anything. What could be the cause?

been having a metallic bitter taste in mouth and around lips sometimes what could it been? Been 5 days already no medication had HSG done 2wk ago

Best way to get rid of bitter taste in the mouth?

Bitter feeling in my mouth and i don't know why. What's the cause?

Bitter taste in mouth and black poop?

Bitter taste in mouth correlated to losing weight?

Bitter taste in mouth with implantation?

Bitter taste, nausea, yellow tongue after had sip of bad tasting bottled h2o. What was in the h2o? Blood work will take 2 days. Ekg normal. Scared.

Black stools and bad taste? Is it because of smoking?

Burp tastes and smells like vomit after eating flaming hot cheetos. Is this normal?

Can a bad liver cause salty taste in your mouth?

Can a bitter taste in the mouth be caused from surgery?

Can a really bad taste in mouth be cancer?

Can alcohol cause bad taste in mouth days after drinking?

Can clarithromyc cause bitter taste?

Can dental implants cause loss of taste. Can taste or sense sweet, sour, salty, and spicy, but not taste foods.

Can docs explain what does liquid roxicet taste like?

Can gallstones cause salty taste in mouth?

Can high cholestrol cause bitter taste of the mouth?

Can I use mouth freshener chewing gum during pregnancy? I ve very bitter taste in mouth and bad smell..

Can jentadueto (linagliptin and metformin) cause nasty tasting and nasy smelling burps along with gas?

Can liver cause salty taste in mouth?

Can mumps cause a bad taste in your mouth?

Can taking pepto bismol for almost a week leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

Can taking pregabalin leave a sour and bitter taste to my tongue? Like the one we feel when we have fever?

Can the pancreas have something to do with the sweet taste of sweat?

Can tonsillitis cause bitter taste in mouth?

Can u tell me if menopause can change your taste buds like craving for something u usually don't eat or not like eating something u used to eat.

Can you lose your taste with inhalers?

Can you tell me how the tongue taste hot (spicy)?

Can you tell me if a sweet disolves in your mouth does your stomach have to digest it?

Can yrs of eating extremely spicy/sour foods cause damage to your taste buds? Lately my buds don't detect sourness/spiciness as strongly as other ppl

Can Zoloft (sertraline) make a buttery taste in your mouth?

Can't taste anything and I'm not sick? Help!

Cause for weird taste in mouth soapy taste extra saliva?

Common causes of a bitter taste in the mouth?

Coughing after eating or drinking anything and i also have a metal taste has it for 3 months mine stóp?

Could bulimia make food taste funny?

Could eating chia seeds cause metallic taste in mouth?

Could not taking a medication for hypothyroidism cause foods to taste/smell bad?

Could Pepcid (famotidine) cause bitter taste in the mouth?

Could salty food cause a dry taste in my mouth?

Could you explain why does food taste so dull when you are sick?

Dizzy, lack of appetite, weight loss, metallic taste.All food taste revolting including water. I can't eat , it's been about 4 months like this.

Do the iron pills taste bad?

Do zinc supplements leave a metallic taste?

Docs, could a person with anosmia taste flavor in their food or do they become tasteless?

Does bacteria that causes food poisoning make food look, taste, and smell unpleasant?

Does flaxseed taste good?

Does Jevity 1.5 which is a nutritional formula I use through a peg tube cause bad breath or bad taste in mouth?

Does MS contin (morphine) make you burp up a bad taste?

Does smoking make semen taste bad?

Does your sense of taste (sweetness of foods) decrease with age?

Don’t the vitamin drops taste bad?

During oral sex i ejaculate a lot. My husband says i taste sweet to him. I though it would have no flavor.

Eat salt food don't have any taste in mouth after?

Eaten onion yesterday . From that Having gas and it feels like food has not been digested still having taste of onion im mouth and had fever

Ever have the feeling you need salt, a bland taste? Just a bland taste in your mouth.

Everthing i eat nothing has a taste?

Every thing I eat taste the same i?

Every thing tastes salty. Have COPD?

Everything i eat has a metallic taste. Could I have a cut?

Everything i eat taste hot on my tongue, what can be the cause?

Everything I eat taste salty? Can it be a symptom of thyroid

Everything tastes and smells of salt. I live in a hot climate and this has only happened in the last 2 months or so. What can I do to help myself?

Everything tastes like sugar i drink soda all the time and now all i can taste is sugar.. It tastes like someone poured sugar in my mouth

Everything that i eat or drink except water has a bitter taste this started a few days ago. I gargled with listerine and salt water. I brushed my tongue. I ate a piece of pie and it tasted bitter.

Everything that i eat or drink except water has a bitter taste. This started a few days ago. I gargled with listerine and salt water. I brushed my tongue. I ate a piece of pie and it tasted bitter. I have not eaten any pine nuts, unless they were in food.

Everything that i eat or drink except water has a bitter taste.This started a few days ago. I gargled with listerine and salt water. I brushed my tongue. I ate a piece of pie and it still tasted bitter. Why could it be?

Food Doesn't Taste Good it taste like acerbic?

Food tastes odd while i'm on warfarin. Is this normal?

For 2+ yrs -- I blow my nose and get a rancid smell/ taste in my mouth. Everything smells and tastes rotten. Neti pot helps w filtered h20. HELP!

For a few weeks I have been having fruity taste in my mouth and can't taste anything else everything taste like iron what's going on ?

For some reason I can't taste sweets like every time I drink sweet tea it taste bitter every time does this mean I'm a diabetic ? And I taste metal too but it's making me worried and scared too

For the last couple of days certain foods taste very bitter to chocolate pudding(had to spit out)My husband says it's not bitter at all. ???

For the past month or so I have had this weird taste I can only compare it to perfume. It's not all the time just when I eat or smell food. ?

From a small experiment in biology laboratory, the result is that I am non taster ptc(i didn't taste the bitter taste). What is this?Is it good or bad

Has anyone had that bad taste in their mouth after eating nuts?

Have matalic taste in mouth and sick from the same?

Hey doctors, Im on diet and i kinda tastes sugar in my mouth my salivia tastes sugar though i havent eat sugary stuff,whats happening?

Hi I would like to know how to get my tasted buds back. I eat this toxic waste candy and it made my tasted buds come off. How do I get them back? But

Hi I'm 7 weeks pregnant but everything taste so salty even water Why does everything taste so salty please let me know if there is any problem?

How do actiq lolipops taste?

How bad does barium sulfate taste?

How can I develop a taste for fish?