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1 day after a mosquito bite on my eyelid just under the eyebrow.ifound a red tender swelling about 2.5 CM which blanches on pressure.what could it be?

A bug bites me when i was on beac, after 1 day my arm got so big around that area that the bug bites, no pain, no blister, just itching, what can I do?

A spider may have bitten my neighbor 8 days ago, camping in oregon. Swollen finger, a swelling with a blister on his palm. Skin peeling. Dangerous?

A year ago I was bitten by what I think was a deer tick in my belly button. I have a scar. Occasionally the area swells and itches. Is this normal?

About 5 years ago i was bitten by a tick between my toe I have keliod skin the bite leave a scar and it itches what could this be?

Ankle bite from my poodle?

Ant bite caused swollen and pimple where it hurts and itches. What should I do?

Appears to be a spider bite. 4-5 on each leg. first it looked like a mosquito bite but then after about 24 hours it became blisters. What should I do?

Are crowns tender to bite down on?

Been bitten by an insect now hand is swollen?

Before two days allergy like mosquitoes bites has appeared on my legs and hand and it is so itcy.there is no mosquito in my home ?

Bite from rat causing broken skin and swollen wrist, really painful. How do I treat this?

Bite on kids leg swollen and hard is it infected?

Bleeding from butt after tick bite, what should I do?

Blisters swelling looks bruised. Could it be a spider bite?

Bruised spider bite and skin is infected. What can I do for this?

Bug bite on ankle. Hurts, itches, swollen and bruised. About an inch from the bite is a cluster of liquid filled blisters. What could it be ?

Bug bite on ankle. Hurts, itches, swollen and bruised. About an inch from the bite is a cluster of liquid filled blisters. What could it be?

Bug bite on eyelid. How to bring the swelling down?

Bug bite on scrotum causing bruising, should I be concerned?

Bug bite or sting? Big bruise spreading

Bug bite that is swollen and bruised with a cluster of blisters next to the bite?

Bug bite that is swollen and bruised with a cluster of blisters next to the bite. What could this be and how to treat it?

Bumps on my legs from an insect bite, help?

Can a horsefly bite make my muscle very sore?

Can a mosquito bite cause my skull to be tender?

Can a mosquito bite reaction involve coughing along with a rash?

Can a spider bite make skin numb?

Can a spider bite on my toe bruise?

Can a spider bite sting and leave a scar after it is healed? It's a purple scar that tingles in the spider bite scar then stings all up my leg

Can an insect bite cause itching and numbness?

Can ankle swell from flea bite?

Can getting an insect or spider bite on the foot cause it to swell?

Can insect bites leave a bruised bump?

Can mosquito bites bruise. I been outside with my puppy alot. I have a lot of mosquito bites. But this one bruised around the bite? It doesn't hurt

Can mosquito bites cause your joints to hurt?

Can spider bite cause jaw swelling?

Can spider bites create cysts?

Can spider bites on a finger spread to other fingers?

Can touching a spider bite get venom on your hands?

Can u have a bump on your body for weeks from spider bite?

Can you get cellulitis from insect bite itches when healing?

Can you put a warm conpress on a spidee bite to reduce swelling.. my eye is so swollen i can barely open it..(brown recluse) ?

Child woke up with bites on arm and arm swelling slightly, . Is this a spider?

Complain from spider bite at thighwith redness and hotness at bite area;leading to face swilling ;can do lactate my baby?

Could a horsefly bite cause hives/welting? I think I have 2-3 bites in one area on my hip. The area has swelled up and burns.

Could I have a mosquito allergy? I mean really huge swellings from bites.

Could it be an allergic reaction from mosquitoe bites that the bites turn in to big swollen welts?

Do spider bites make your eyes swell?

Do you put heat on a spider bite?

Do you think I should be worried about a tick bite on the very edge of my eyelid?

Does a bat bite feel itching as a mosquito bite feels?

Does getting spider bite lip piercings hurt?

Dog bite / scratch now have shooting pain in arm. What is this?

Extremely allergic to mosquitoes where bite swells, becomes red/hot and my arms are covered in bites. Off doesn't work. What can I do? Please help!

Finger swollen under knuckle after mosquito bite. Why would a mosquito bite make it swell. Will it go down soon?

Fingers have been bitten by insect and joints are swollen and inflamed, red and itchy?

Got bite by spider the spider bite the side of my foot and it is swallon now Im having sharp pains sturnum bone. every 6 mintues?

Got insect bites and beside the bites are growing blood blisters?

Hand is spotted and swollen, could this be from a bug bite...Or something else ?

Having bad reaction to noseeums bites legs covered in purplish bites that occasionally pus! What kind of dr should I see. How do I prevent this ?

Hello I have been having bites only on my legs and feet but i am not sure it is fleas or mosquitoes. My bites are big and have blisters & not to itchy?

Hello, I have what I believe is a spider bite...brushing around and a welt in the middle, but no blistering or drainage. Bite itself hurts mildly. Si?

How can I carry down swelling from ants bite?

How can I heal a dog bite on nose?

How can I make mosquito bite swelling go away?

How can I stop swelling and pain from spider bite?

How can I tell if a sore on my arm is a pimple or a spider bite?

How can I treat a bug bite that has caused my outer ear to swell?

How can I treat swelling on my face from a bug sting?

How can you care for a swollen dog bite ?

How can you take the swelling out of mosquito bites?

How can you treat a mosquito bite that became a water-like blister?

How do I bring down swelling in my eye after a spider bite?

How do I get the swelling down on a spider bite?

How do I get the swelling to go down where my mosquito bite is?

How do I remove the tiny scars which are resulted after mosquito bites on my arms and legs?

How do I treat a centipede bite with a lot of swelling and bruising ?

How do I treat an insect bite? Insect bit me 2 weeks ago on the toe. Soaking in epsom salt helps, but pain and swelling persist. Should i see a doctor or wait it out.

How long does it take a spider bite to swell?

How long until redness of large local reaction from bug bite fades after swelling is gone?

How soon do flea bites appear on skin after being bitten?

How to bring down swelling in my eye after a spider bite?

How to cure a swollen eyelid caused by an insect bite ?

How to know it is dry skin or a spider bite or what?

How to treat a swollen penis from a bug or tick bite?

How to treat blisters on ankles from bug bites?

How to treat chigger bites on the feet and ankles. So many bites that have caused my feet to swell. Bright red bites all over. Benadryl and cortizone1?

How would I know if my eye is infected after an what I believe is a mosquito bite to the upper eyelid?

I am allergic to musquito bites.It cause itching pimples around the area of bites which last fr days.Is there any way to improve immune towards bites?

I am experiencing a bite and I don't know what it is ?

I am getting hives in the area *surrounding* a mosquito bite 3-4 days after being bitten. They swell up unexpectedly. What is happening?

I attract mosquitos a lot. Sometimes when they bite me my skin gets very swollen and numb. Should i worry about that? Is it an allergic reaction?

I bite my lips. Is there anything i can put on them?

I don't know if I have a bruise or an insect bite. Should i see a doctor?

I get allergic to mosquito bite. The bitten site gets swollen and warm and very itchy. I end up with blister. What to do?

I got a bug bite on my foot & now my foot is swollen. Could this be serious?

I got a mosquito bite and its huge?

I got a mosquito bite on my foot around the ankle area and it is bruised around the bite. Do I have west nile?

I got a tick bite over 3 years ago, why would it still be swollen and itch almost daily?