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20 bites on my body. They are all red and hard in the center ( slightly yellow in the center). Had them for a few days. Itchy. Spider bites?

3 spots on my arm- looks like each has 2-3 small bites in the middle with a red rash around them. they are warm & sorta itchy. What kind of insect?

I have this reoccuring itchy bug bite that appears on the same spot on my face It happens about once every month. what could this be? it lasts 30 m

1 Mosquito bite is swollen and red over large area of arm, not a little bump. Other mosquito bites are normal. Allergy? What to do?

1/2 inch diameter red circle on wrist after week in Madagascar. Not itchy, not raised, no obvious bite marks. Just a bright red circle. Thoughts?

10 ds ago I was bitten by a mosquito ,up till now there is a red blanch-able Papule , non itchy non tender , only red, how can I get rid of it!

2 months ago rash with hard black center. No MRSA, CBC normal, doc said spider bite. Rash gone but hard red lump still there. What else could it be?

2yr old with insect/spider bite on cheek. Noticed bite yesterday, red spot like a pimple. tonight we noticed faint red lines 'spidering' away from it?

A mosquito bite resulted in an allergic reaction of 4" red bump with 3" darkred center that's turning purple. Is that normal for an allergic reaction?

A sore bite that has a red ring around it?

A spider bit me and it has a fever and has red lines coming from it?

A tick bit me, and I have a rash all over my upperbody, but it isn't bulls eye rash, what is it?

About a week ago i noticed some of what i thought were mosquito bites. I see more every day and some turning into long scabby marks surrounded by red?

After a week of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for my swollen and red mosquito bites, a hard circular lump has formed under both bites. What can I do to get rid of them?

After one week of antibiotics for a tick bite, it still itches and it's a little red and firm, what should I do?

After treatment with Clindamycin 300 mg for 10 days the area of bed bug bite is still red.Is this normal?Other areas have faded

At first it looked like 3 mosquito bites on my thigh, then it started growing, under my skin dark pink veins?

Bit by a spider 2 days ago skin is red swelling and blistering?

Bit by deer tick 3 days ago, small red area with no progression, doesn't itch or isn't rash like and have no symptoms. Normal reaction?

Bit by tiny mosquito 3 days ago. Smashed it.Had red dot. Now purple dots all over both legs.Itch. Docs say "just bites" and put ointment on.Thoughts?

Bite on my cheek leaking some sort of clear substance for hours now and it isn't itchy, is it a spider bite?

Bitten by a mosquito, very swollen & red, the other bites are red but not as swollen like the size of gum ball/quarter. Why is it this size/lump?

Bitten by mosquito/ spider that left bulls eye on arm. Next day my entire forearm covered white rash with white sparkling flakes. No itching.

Black spot in skin where I was bite by spider?

Black spot on skin be caused by a spider bite?

Bug bite on hand white to red skin?

Bug bite that turns into a tiny scab, treatment?

Bug bite turned into bruise, should I be concerned?

Bug bite turned into bruise, should I be concerned?

Bug bite turned red and purple, why?

Bug bite with black dot surounded by red what is it? Pics

Bug bite with bruising aroung it. One bite hole with circler white before bruising? Should i be worried

Bug bite with red ring around, no blistering?

Bug bite with to black dots in center ?

Bug bite: red spot, skin around it is pink and swollen. So how can you tell if it's infected or not?

Bug bite. Started of red now a purple color and very itchy.

Bug bites that causes red bruising with a white dot in the middle, what is this?

Bug bites that have little black dot in center, what is this?

Bug bites with white ring around it what do I do?

Bumps all over and become bigger if I scratch-- is it hives?

Bumps or bites in armpit, is this normal?

Can a non irritated mosquito bite become a blood blister?

Can a slightly raised rash that is brightly red with a hint of small pus be a tick bite? It is not itchy.

Can i pop spider bite white lump?

Can mosquito bites form a white head ?

Can sunburn be splotchy? I was in Honduras and don't remember a single mosquito bite. I have red splotches on chest/stomach. At beach. No fever. Zika?

Can u tell me what kind of cream works for dark spot fade away from insect bites including with bedbug?

Can u tell me which cream that help clear the dark spots on the body from insect and bedbug bites ? How long it will go away

Can you get hives from a spider bite? I seem to have broken out in hives all over my body (red itchy bumps) and i found a spider the next day.

Can you recommend a remedy for itchy red welts that turn into bug bites?

Cat bite been 12 hrs very red also two red streaks up to arm pit....

Could mushrooms cause a red welt that changes to blisters and stings.

Could the red and white circles (bulls eye) around a tick bite mean anything other than Lyme disease?

Dark patch of skin left on mosquito bite areas >2 months after allergic reaction to mosquito bite was over. Never had this before?

Dark red hickey-like marks on my skin that are itchy and partially raised but feels like it's the size of an agitated mosquito bite not always circula?

Discovered a bug bite about 1" slightly raised with circular bruise. Mild itch. No visible dot. No other symptoms. North Canada. Mosquitos were bad.

Do bedbugs bites cause white pus bumps?

Do I have a bee sting infection? been 3 days and still itches a lot. is turning purple and sting site is whiteish and slightly raised. also warmer.

Do mosquito bites after itching turn into white heads? Does that mean they got infected?

Do red bug bites leak fluid?

Do spider bites get white heads on them ?

Does having a red and white circle (like a bulls-eye) around a tick bite mean anything?

Does mosquito bite form a scab?I woke up in the morning to find 2 small sized scabs(little itching), a little swollen.Could it have been mosquito bite?

Fingernail sized blister. Bug bite. Light red. Light itch. Underneath the blister skin looks like Mars surface (ex: Trypophobia pics). 2 weeks now.

For over a month now I have been getting these red bumps like Mosquito bites here and there on my body that itch and welp up when I do itch them and t?

From 3 weeks ago up till now i still have 3 mosquito bites in my face..They are still red and blanch on pressure..What should I do?

Giaant red welts from bug bites - what is this?

Got a bug bite and started scratching now I have red dots all under my skin. What is this?

Got bit.1st looked like a flea bite then got itchy & bright red.It formed a pustule &now has spread & bigger- it has a white ring around it-what is it?

Got pus out of molluscullum contagiosum bumps by needle, 3 days later, they have swollen up like mosquito bites and itchy. Is this normal?

Got some sort of insect bite. It is itchy, large, circular and red. Should I be worried?

Had a spot that looked like a mosquito bite. Now is dark red with puss under it. What bit me? And should I be concerned.

Hand swollen and red after fire ant bites...Itchy...Am i allergic?

Have a raised bump that looks like a mosquito bite. It's skin coloured and raised, surrounded by red skin. It's very itchy. Can it be a flea bite?

Have chylmadia and herpes 1. Have red spots that itch and then turn black. At first thought it was mosquito bites but now not sure. What could it be?

Have had small pimple like bump with faint white head with black dot in center for almost a week. Just itches a bit from time to time... Bug bite?

Have insect looking bites that don't itch and appear to be getting darker in color should I be concerned?

Have rashes that appear on my arms and they resemble mosquito bites.They disappear after afew days and leave black spots behind.What can be the cause?

Have these bumps around my new tattoo. Not sure if bug bites or allergic reaction. Some have white in them like pimples. Each day there's more(5 days)?

He has a bass reaction to bites but he has a dime sized bite that pusses up an it's on his calve n really red what should o do Neosporin or ER??

Hello I have bite of some sort that has turned purple. any idea as to what it may be or how much of a danger is the area of the bite in ?

Hello, I have a huge bite on my arm that seems like a spider bite , it has a red ring around it , and a tiny hole in the center. Can u tell me what to do ?

Hello. I was bitten by a mosquito last night. The bite was a small pale patch on my arm. I scratched it, and now it's swollen. I used ice. What next?

Hi I have bug bite on my upper thigh. Around the bite I have white normal skin and then a 1-3 inch diameter round bruise. ?

Hi, I think I had bed bug bites (lots of small red itchy bumps on body in clusters). It's been a couple of days with no new bites, and one cluster, wh?

Hi, i've had a bite on my hand and it has been 3 months. It's shaped in a circle and at first it was really red, but it has calmed down now. It looks ?

Hi. I don't know if its bed bug bites or just hives. I woke up with all of these red itchy marks all clustered together on the back of my hip?

Hi. Four months ago I moved to Germany from Colombia. Two times I have had red big spots like insects bites and it itches. It appears in whole body.

Hi. In my ear, it is red and a bit hot and there is a boil. Is it a spider bite and what should i do?

How can I determine if these itchy red bumps are bedbug bites or allergies?

How can I identify the sort of insects or bugs that bitten me? Small bumps with harden central, if scratch, it will turn into a patch.

How can I tell if I'm allergic to something or if I'm being bitten by an insect? 4 very red like mosquito bites on arm and some form of rash on chest

How can I treat my large red insect bite?

How can you tell the ?Difference between a Lyme disease circular red skin rash and a regular bug bite?

How come my mosquito bites turn into bruises?

How could i treat my large red insect bite?

How do a Lyme disease circular red skin rash and a regular bug bite differ?

How do I get rid of inflamed red itchy bug bites?

How do I get rid of the mosquito bites on my legs. There is no itching, just red blotches that look horrible!

How do i know if i have a spider bite? it's a red oval with a darker red dot in the middle. it's painful all the time and hot to the touch.