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 wife will be 32 weeks at time of air travel. I will accompany her. The travel is international. This is scnd prgncy. 1st was normal delivery.

"Flight socks and aspirin won’t stop blood clots,says professor"in the UK 2013/50 Fit male Mitral Valve Repair2yrs ago for2x6hr flights Flight Socks?

10 weeks pregnancy can I travel by train 12 hrs journey in 2nd ac.

25 year old female going on a long road trip for 15 hours. Am i at risk for dvt? Any precautions i should take before, during, and after?

42wf. 6 wks pregnant. Have to fly to Ireland and within Europe (3short flights) and back to Florida . Can so much flying be dangerous for baby ? Help!

6 weeks pregnant.. Any dangers of flying? Also going to mexico? Anything I should not do or maybe cancel trip?

7.5 wks pregnant. Int. flight ab 10 hours. 2 weeks later, same flight back home. Dangerous to fetus with cabin pressure, radiation? Increase miscarriage risk? Heartbeat good and im healthy.

After a transatlantic flight, my 2 year old artificial hip is sore. What could cause this?

After surgery how many days should pass for flying?

Anxiety and IBS and travelling in a car for an hour, what do you suggest?

Any drugs I should take for a 12 hours plane travel?

Any tips and tricks to minimize jet lags, especially for long international flights in different time zones?

Any tips on long haul flights overseas for people with bad lower backs?

Are pacemakers affected at all by long distance flights or particularly high altitude?

Are there any good ways to prevent my acne from breaking out after i fly on an airplane?

Are there any safe/natural ways to keep my 18 month old baby calm during a 5 hour plane ride?

Are there good exercises to do to prevent DVT and pe on long flights?

Are there restrictions after ablation for svt? Can i take my plane flight in 6 weeks?

Are you able to travel with cellulitis?

Are you allowed to travel on a plane with insulin?

Badly sprained foot 3 days ago. have to fly 5.5 hours tomorrow. Afraid of DVT. Should I fly?

Been on a long haul flight, I've been on Dianette contraception &nI'm in a foreign country with pain in my right calf. Is this DVT? How do I treat it?

Can a desk-job cause DVT/PE? How common is this fatal condition in office workers who sit most of the day everyday?

Can a person allowed to take a 20hrs flight while 36-38 week pregnant?

Can a woman who is 6 weeks into pregnancy travel in a long distance flight?(around 6 hrs flight)

Can DVT show up several days after an airplane flight?

Can i a one week child ride on a plane?

Can i bring lots of asthma pumps on a plane for medical reasons?

Can i fly if i have a chiari malformation im waitin for op but have a holiday in may am i safe to travel?

Can i fly with a brain tumor? My flight is 2 hours 30 minutes no stops.

Can I fly with cellulitis on my foot+shin? It improved but then worsened with a flight back to the US. I need to fly tonight for a funeral, bad idea?

Can I give melatonin to my child for a 16 hr plane ride? Will it work?

Can I give my 8 month old melatonin to help him sleep on a plane ride or is it not safe?

Can i travel by car after having a lumpectomy?

Can i travel in car for long hours may be 6 to 7 after one or two weeks of conception?

Can melatonin really help me get over jet lag faster? If so, how long before my transatlantic trip do I need to start taking it? Thanks so much.

Can my 1 and 1/2 month baby travel in AC coach of train for 20 hrs. He has congestion in nose?

Can my dad go on a flight after a laminectomy?

Can someone tell me how long will my x45 salvia divinorum trip last?

Can someone with a pacemaker can take a flight?

Can travel sickness tablets work on long journeys?

Can traveling by ferry 4 6hrs set off a bout of vertigo that lasts several days?

Can we travel in flight 2 days after endometriosis laparoscopy? 2 hours flight

Can you fly by plane (short 2 hrs flight) if you have Patulous Eustachian tube? Could it make the problems worse?

Can you get hemorrhoids from flying on a plane? Does the elevation have an effect on them or is just from sitting? A friend said she got a hemorrhoid from riding on a plane.

Can you tell me when i travel by car, bus or plane for more than 5 hrs, why do my ankles & feet get very swollen?

Can you travel at 28-29 weeks pregnant on a plane? Is a 3 hrs trip Thank God I'm not high risk or having any complications.

Can you travel on a plane after an appendicitis?

Cellulitis on my leg?can I travel by car with it? What might be the potential risk if I travel with cellulitis on leg but after taking medication?

Could a kidney patient of creantine 4.5 travel long distance by flight?

Could i carry an epi-pen on my person while traveling on an airplane?

Do a lot of flight attendant get cancer?

Do flight attendants get TB often on international flights?

DO you have any good travel tips for surviving an overnight plane ride?

Does flying coach increase your chance of dvt?

Does sucking a soother help with take off and landing in airplane?

Ear is a bit clogged. Going on plane for 11 hours, and want to do micro suction. How much time should I leave before micro suction after flight?

Every time I take a transoceanic flight, I catch a cold. What can I do to prevent this?

Every time the airplane land I have this pain in my forehead. What should I do?

Everytime i travel despite taking dramamine (dimenhydrinate) whether it is long car ride or plane, I vomit and have BMs the entire trip even upon arrival. What is it?

Excruciating ear pain on airplanes that last the entire flight. Is there anything that i can bring to help with this?

First aid kit for road trips, what should I pack?

Flew 7 weeks after nissen fundo. Developed bad trapped gas on plane, which persists 4 days later. When will it stop? Will i suffer each time i fly?

Flying in 6 hours and ears are congested from a recent cold. Any suggestions. I must travel?

Flying with hemorroids is it safe?

Going on a short plane ride (1.5 hrs). 24 weeks into uncomplicated pregnancy. am I okay to fly?

Going to tahoe for 2 nights, roughly 7k ft elevation. I am accustomed to living close to sea level. Any steps I should take before/during/after trip?

Had a bi-lateral pneumothorax 15 years ago at 31.Had the pleurodesis op done. Been on 3 hours flights before. Is there a danger on long haul flights?

Had a brain concussion two months ago (in hospital for 12 days). Still some bppv; not much headache. Can i take long flight + an overseas trip please?

Head pain when flying or driving long distance, why?

Heard that kids can fly planes at 16. Why are rules so tough now for getting drivers licenses?

Hello , I'm a pilot & post flight body bloating really irritates me is there a way to avoid bloating when flying ? If not is there a method to debloat

Help I am a desperate mother. Lost contact with plane for 7 hours with my teen on way to s asia. Airline no help. What to do?

Hi doc! is it safe to fly (over 10 hrs flight) if i'm anemic? Thank you!

Hi, are you able to fly (one hour flight), 2 weeks after an embryo transfer? Thanks

Hi, flying long haul 3 flights (5, 14 & 3 hrs each) journey 4 weeks after ankle sprain. Am mobile, minimal swelling, allergic to aspirin. Dvt risk?

Hi, I am an airline pilot , does sitting long hours and climbing airplane stairs daily worsen my knee osteoarthritis.

Hi..I'm a flight attendant and I have vertigo for one due back in work tomorrow and feel okay but not 100% - should I risk flying?

How advisable is it for a 90 year old man with heart problems to take a long plane ride?

How can I deal with hemorrhoid on road trip?

How can I fight anxiety during plane travel?

How can I protect my baby's ears if we are traveling on an airplane?

How do I need to wait after an mi in order to fly on a commercial flight again?

How do I use the toilet without getting infection from the crowd on a plane or train?

How do some people stay so serene when confronted with missed flights on 24hr trip?

How long after a breast reduction can I walk around and travel far?

How long after long flight is there risk of DVT if you go walking right away?

How long after pacemaker implant can my grandma travel(around 3-4hrs by car)? Is it safe for her to travel?

How long after vascular surgery before I can travel by plane?

How long before i can go on a plane after egg transfer?

How long do I need to wait after a coronary stent operation to go on a commercial airline flight?

How long does it take to get acclimated to new time zone after travel from us to eu?

How long it may take for me to recover from jet lag? Will fly soon from Romania to Canada (-6h) for a 2-3 week vacation but I don't want it ruined.

How often can you fly on a plane before suffering effects from space radiation?

How often should one get up and stretch on a long airplane flight?

How should I prepare for a flight to avoid germs?

How soon after arthroscopic surgery to clean up femoroacetabular impingement will I be able to fly non stop for 9-10 hours on a plane as a passenger?

How soon can I go back to flying planes after an elbow replacement?

How soon can I travel in a car after bypass surgery? How long after bypass surgery can I travel in a car?

How soon can you fly on a 1.5 hr flight after evlt? What are the risks?