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Is is safe to be inside an indoor ice arena where CO, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), etc. present in air if I have a pre-standing Long QT interval (heart)?

3 months old baby with bronchiolitis receiving albuterol+nebulizer therapies makes high pitch stridor-like when laughing or crying. NOT all the time.

82 y/o has community acquired pneumonia, moderate risk&coronary artery disease.Iv fluid normal saline solution 1lgiven in just2 hours what will happen?

85 y f, under dementia, refuse both type tube feeding how long we can supply energy through i.V?

9 week old. Tracheal retractions, subcostal retractions, noisy breathing, poor feeding - can this be normal? O2 sat is fine but working to be there.

Abgs are redrawn after p.R is on mechanical ventilation for 1 hour nursing question, what to do?

After a deep breath oxygen climbs to about 97% then rapidly drops to 93% or much less 10 secs later. Why? (monitoring for home records)

Air travel with Pulmicort vials on checked bag. Vials were heavily shaken and not held upright. Did this damage the effectiveness of the medicine?

Airway dilation, what's the chance of needing a trach? now has leak around her breathing tube. 24wk 6 day preemie girl. 1lb 6.2oz @birth 3lb 9.4 oz

Are there any risks with a CPAP machine? My father was diagnosed with OSA & says the machine gives him chest pains & dizziness. Is this normal?

As I know the apnea's root cause is not only from the airway obstruction, but from my brain which does not send orders to breathe. Is that true?

Before suctioning an intubated patient hooked to mechanical ventilator, is it right to increase the fio2 to 100% to hyperoxygenate the patient?

Bronchictasis pt.On sup oxy at 28% venturi mask 4LPM.ABG on sup oxygen-pH 7.49 pCO2 46.7 pO2 93.1 HCO3 36.1.Still hav suffocation,hav to inhale deeply?

Bronchiectasis pt. oxygen keep dropping without sup.O2 . what does this mean? Any solution?

C an I administer HyperSal and Budesonide back to back to a 5 month old baby via nebulization? Could I combine them?

Can a 14 year old boy be put to sleep by a mask and not an IV for an operation?

Can a doctor tell if a patient has passed out if not hooked up to monitors?

Can a neurally adjusted ventilator assist (nava) be used on an adult?

Can a non-trached child catch esbl kleb-o from her same age trached sibling? Could her pneum. Be k-o

Can a patient eat if there tube inserted in the neck for breathing. Patient has been on a ventilator for past week and is unable to breath on his own?

Can bipap ventilation be used at home to mantain a normal pco2 after hypercapneic bout in a COPD patient?

Can cpap machine use irritate the trachea? It was sore when the doctor pressed on it. Pressure is set at 11cm.

Can doctor find out if a person is a co2 retainer using an abg?

Can i treat cheyne stokes respiration by using home mixtures?

Can I use a fingertip oximeter as tool to guage if I am breathing properly and taking in enough oxygen, while I am awake and. Asleep?

Can I use a home oxygen machine especially for babies, my 3 wk old is congested.

Can oxygen therapy be used to prevent cough in bronchiectasis patients?

Can people who suffer of qt long syndrome need a breathing machine?

Can you die from respiratory deemed failure if you are on a trach breathing machine?

Can you get an oxygen tank for breathing without a doctor's prescription?

Can you get open angle glaucoma from working in a poor ventilation office for 4 years?

Can you tell me if patients don't eat, do hospice put feeding tubes down the patients throat?

Can you tell me in the operating room, anesthesiologists use mass spectrometers to monitor the respiratory gases of patients u?

Could open angle glaucoma be caused by working in a poor ventilation office for 4 years?

Could people who suffer of qt long syndrome need a breathing machine?

Could pulmozyme (dornase alfa) use result in increased respiratory rate in non-cf patient with a tracheostomy?

Cpap (continuous positive airway pressure) in nicu for what?

Do hospice put feeding tubes down the patients throat if patients don't eat?

Do kids with trachs (ex27-wkers) all need airway meds (corticosteroids) until the trach comes out?

Does anyone know about a bronchoalveolar lavage (bal)?

Dr wants to skip titration sleep study but use an adjustable air C-pap machine that senses how much air needed. Is this good idea? Also néed oxygen.

DXed w/ inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Roommate is using a vape pen in our dorm room. Could the smoke/vapor impact my health/increase tachycardia?

Family member had surgery 3 weeks ago, he is off vent tube but has trach hooked up to vent. He will not breathe on own. Can rehab get him to breathe?

For an elderly with dementia and dysphagia. Proned to mild aspiration pneumonia. . Gets healed fast with antibiotics and oxygen. Would suctioning help?

For an elderly with dementia, to further avoid aspiration pneumonia should we replace the peg tube for a pej one. Is that an option?Consequences? Thx

Grandpa cannot clear his secretions after stroke/dementia. Sats at 98%.Would the cough assist machine help him. 86yrs old. No other medical problem.Tx?

Hbot: caretaker in chamber w/ pt breathes room air at 2.4 ata + pt exhaled pco2. No o2 mask provided for caretaker. What are risks to latter?

Hello, I have just been discharged from hospital after having pneumonia in both lungs I was on a cpap machine as wella 10 litres oxygen at 100% ?

Hi i feel shortness of breathe and pain and confusion i used oxygen at night but now my doctor told me my medicacare insurance don't what to cover it ?

Hi, my grandma has a 20% heart and cannot be put on breathing machine , how long will she live ?

How are seniors with oxygen machines able to travel to visit relatives at high altitudes?

How can I do tummy time with and 8 month old on a vent with a trach?

How can I ensure 1/2lpm o2 flow to a trach when using >12ft tubing? Or should I cut the tubing? 

How can we tell if the bivona trach is to small?

How can you get up to pee with a cpap mask on?

How can you give breaths with a bag valve mask to a patient on a ventilator that has stopped breathing?

How come it's necessary to limit o2 flow rate with people with copd?

How do I need to chance my oxygen settings if I have COPD and I need to go on a long flight?

How do you calculate pick flow for asthma patiets?

How do you minimize air entry into the stomach when using a bag during CPR?

How does assisted ventilation affect po2?

How effective is fresh air and exercise for children ages 4-12?

How effective is wearing a medical protective mask in a room that may have sick people. I am worried as I have COPD with other lung issues.

How likely is an 87 yr. Old man to have a "code blue" in the icu due to carbon dioxide buildup in his lungs, even though he is hooked to a ventilator for breathing?

How long do a person stay on a breathing machine after being revived?

How long does a kid stay typically inpatient after a lung biopsy during bronchoscopy for a trached 7yo? (crappy breathing, otherwise "ok")

How long is a reasonable amount of time between bronchoscopies for a child with a trach? How often should s/he have one?

How long should I wait before driving from sea level to 8000+ft after a pneumothorax? I have had vats pleurodesis before but had small recurrent pnemo

How long should someone with respiratory failure be given 2liters prn oxygen. Each time the person either appears to be in distress or their 02 saturation levels fall

How many liter per minute is 9cm of H20 in cpap pressure. im thinking of wanting to use an oxygen tank or concentrator for an alternative to my cpaps?

How many people have gained weight using the breatheing machine blowing air while asleep?

How much would a continuous positive airway pressure(c.P.A.P) machine cost?

How often should pt use the airlife breathing training device (looks like a plastic toy) post CABG surgery? It measures how much air you can pull in

How safe is it to box after lung surgery?

How serious is a 81% oxygen saturation reading on room air combined with a po2 of 46 mmhg? Could it be an indication that death is imminent in an elderly person?

How to make breathing better in chf patient with flash lungs eddma? Sleep on elevated bed but sometimes gasp for air 90 spo2. Can't open windows for air in cold weather, home remedies to get more oxygen? Is the underlying cause renin/kidney issue?

How to move sputum from bottom of lungs if patient can't cough? Broncholoscopy lavage not worked.Suction & neb not working. Any suggestions appreciate

How to reduce cpap(continuous positive airway pressure) noise?

How to use an incentive spirometer after surgery? What is the spirometer reading I should try to achieve (ml)?

I am 33 weeks put on limited ambulatory what is that?

I am a double lung recipient. 6 months ago. I wear a mask to church and where many children are gathered. Should I wear my mask 24/7 ? Thank you.

I am COPD patient last 3 years. Now my spo2 has dropped to < 70 w/o external oxygen. Please advice?

I am on oxygen for asthma and altitude, but my levels are over 90 all day. I use it at night. Can i ever stop? Heart and lung tests were normal. Is it harmful to use if not needed?

I have a lymphatic drainage problem - sluggish - and was wondering whether the chi machine or the air pressure lymphatic drainage machine is recommend?

I have a pre-standing Long QT interval (heart). Is is safe to be inside an indoor ice arena where CO, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), etc. present in air?

I have a prolonged QT. I was in a car (windows closed) with asthmatic friend. She used her blue pump (albuterol). Can second-hand inhalation hurt me?

I have amyopathic dermatomyositis and have a full mask CPAP machine for 3 months. Could that cause under eye ereythema? I've had it for 3 weeks now.

I have COPD and am on an oxygen making machine set at 3 at night while i'm asleep, and have a neubilizer during the day..

I have restricted airway and lately II been running out of air when i do i put on my o2 will the restricted air way go away?

I have scoliosis and I have just been diagnosed with co2 retention I have been given a nippv machine to use at home. Do you think this is ok?

I have severe sleep apnea and have a cpap machine.It used to work great buy now if I start it I feel like I'm suffocating.Can I change settings legall?

I have sleep apnoea and use a cpap machine but my nose hurts due to dryness etc' I use the "2 small pillow" type, what can I do to help the problem?

I have vp shunt, and i was put on a cpap for apnea. Now my breathing feels very weird after using it for 6 days. Can cpap be used with a shunt?

I learned that a jaw support is as effective as a cpap face mask. Is that true?

I like to use an ambu bag for range of motion for my asthma i see kids on you tube do it and i want to do it to strenthing my lungs. Thanks you chad.

I like to use an oxygen tank as a nebulizer and hook it to a cpap mask for back up as we tend to loose power in vt winter what flow rate do I need?

I need a way to stop my cpap mask from leaking until the new one is delivered.  Adjusting the straps doesn't work. ?

I need oxygen. I have an old tank I used to use for CFS. Do I have to pay some doctor to give me a prescription to get it filled with oxygen?

I need to use oxygen for a lung condition. Is it safe to take an oxygen tank to a fireworks display?

I use oxygen 24 / 7. If I run out how dangerous would it be?