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After my best friend died from a deep coma and brain damage from car accident, i feel very depressed and want to die but not sucide!!!

Am doubting my friend online. Had an injury from a car accident that would require a week stay in hospital?

Are there specific injuries for car accident victims who are in critical condition?

Bit of a distractable driver, so keep thinking im causing traffic accidents.?

Can a 16 months old get a psychological and physical damage from crying in the long car ride? Can a 16 months old get a psychological and physical damage from crying in the long car ride?

Can a car accident result in severe farsightedness aka hyperopia?

Can a near to death experience(car accident) cause suicidal throughs and depression?

Can a person survive after going into a coma from being in car wreck?

Can a punctured lung cause instant death in accident?

Can a rollover car accident be the root cause of developing photosensitive epilepsy? And the person not know right away?

Can airbag inflation in a car cause a case of meniere's disease?

Can an airbag going off cause a lung injury?

Can an elevated WBC be the result of trauma such as a motor vehicle accident? If so, authorities please.

Can iget a tattoo with a heart stent? I have it due to a car accident in 2009.

Can my acne cause a traffic accident?

Can people lose memory from a car accident?

Can permanent concussion damage occur even if you do not fall unconscious at the time of the accident?

Can the IQ be decreased after accident? Or falling on head?..can it be a loss of IQ due an accident?

Can we lost our virginity in road accident????

Can wearing a motorcycle helmet ever increase your chance of injury?

Can you lose fertility after a car accident?

Can you tell me an example of injuries caused by traffic accidents?

Can you tell me some types of life threatening injuries involved in car accidents?

Can you tell me what kind of injuries can make a person slip into a coma?

Can you tell me what kinds of trauma may put a person into a state of shock?

Can your uterus rupture in a car crash?

Car wreck, messed up periods. Did my reproductive organs just shut down after trauma?

Could a car accident trigger diabetes (type 1)?

Could a head injury from a car crash cause loss of executive function?

Could car accident be related color blindness?

Could wearing a motorcycle helmet increase your chance of injury?

Could you die from blunt force trauma?

Dad started getting migraines after a motor vehicle accident? Why would that be?

Do all states require that motorists wear helmets now?

Do I have a greater chance dieing in a car accident then during gallbladder surgery?

Do people not wearing seatbelts who are in car wreck have a ruptured spleen?

Doctors, do you think I can die from blunt force trauma?

Does riding on big swing which is operated by motor, cause any heart problem?

Explain the aspects of car safety.?

Had car accident 3/29/13. Fender bender. Not hurt but very startled. Had miscarriage 4/2/13 at 6w3d. Could car accident have caused miscarriage?

Had car accident. Everyone looked at me. Im great driver at 74. Is this ageism?

Has it been determined that roller coaster rides and horror films can damage the heart and the brain?

Have total paralysis after a car accident with back injury at l5-s1.Are these always permanent?

Hello doctor.there was road accident and a person is seriously bruised. There is continuous bleeding. What do we do?

How can I avoid getting more injured after an explosion or blast is over?

How can I go into ketosis by accident?

How can I prevent eye injuries when working on the car?

How can you safely exercise after a car accident?

How could a car accident cause blindness and how can it be cured?

How dangerous is 4mm movement in my neck rearend car crash . I alredy have a fusion below the instablity how serious is this ?

How do I treat road rash from a bicycling accident?

How do you deal with terrorism, explosions, or mass shootings?

How does a lightning strike injure someone?

How many teen drivers die yearly from road traffic accidents?

How much of a chance is assault if someone is staring at you?

How to prevent heliskiing accidents?

How would I get to the hospital if I sustained a serious but non-life-threatening injury and have no car?

I continue to have extreme fear of driving i think i'm traumatized from a car accident when i was 9. How can psychologist help me? Is hypnosis good?

I drive a tractor trailer for a living, bounce around a lot vechiles are very heavy and ride rough, can 24 years of this damage the body/organs?

I gave cpr to someone who didn't need it would they have any permanent injuries by accident, what to do?

I had a car crash and 10 days after i had brain heamhorrage. Can the accident be the couse of brain heamhorrage ?

I had a car crash and 10 days after i had brain heamhorrage! the crash wasn't big crash, car was quite slow, but i hit my had in the back?

I had a lawn mower accident when i was 9. I'm 26 now and I have walked with a limp basically my entire life. Is there anything i can do about this. ?

I had heard of a girl who loses her ability of pregnancy because of a car accident. What could happen to her?

I had retinal degeneration and was advised not to do bungee jump, jogging. Should i avoid becoming a taxi driver? Vibration of vehicle harmful to eye?

I have a concussion and was in the car when the driver slowed from around 45 mph to 10 mph pretty quickly. Could this damage my brain?

I have an injury claim from a car accident and I want to cancel it but lawyer believes I am incompetent in making correct decision , why ?

I have been in a near fatal bike accident. .My head took a very high speed impact to the asphalt. I am always emotional seeing death or just bad thing?

I have bulging disks from a car accident im on tramodal (spelling?) is that something I eill have to be on the rest of my life?

I have ptsd from being hit by a bus ans assaulted by bus driver. It's been two years. What can I do to get well?

I just want to know if it is possible to develop health problems 4 years after car accident. That is due to the accident.

I keep dreaming of dying in car accident. what does it mean?

I keep having nightmares about the accident i was in (75mph/rollover). Its been 3 almost 4 months and i cry daily especially when i see other accident?

I need ideas of where a good place to begin an exercise program after a serious car accident. It has been 2 years with permanent injuries and crps.

I radomly will all of a usdden crash during the day what can be the cause of this?

I tore 3 of the major ligaments & an artery & more. They said it usually happens to car crash victims? It happened on a bike for me. Whats it called

I was disabled due to motor vehicle accident. What is the best insurance for me?

I was hit by a train and had no physical effects, but I have terrible dreams of the wreck. Is this an illness? What to do?

I was in a car accident and lost feelings to my legs, am I at more danger for sepsis?

I was in a car accident over a year ago, but made the mistake of trying to work and do treatment and heal all at the same time and my injuries to my n?

I was recently in a huge car accident my car flipped 6 times over the median on the interstate and my lungs collapsed isit dangerous to smoke marijana?

I was wondering what are some specific injuries for car accident victims who are in critical condition?

I witness a car crash and I am really shaken up. Is this what's called a traumatic experience?

I'm writing a book, in which the character is involved in a major car accident. What are procedures in the ambulance, and possible fatal injuries?

If a patient is still unconscious after a car accident for 14 hours. What probably happened to him?

If a person was in a car accident and damaged a major artery in his/her leg, what dangers may he/she be facing?

If been exposed to trauma such as car accidents, homicide, loss of partner , assault, would volunteering in ambulance work help with recovery please?

Im 28, in good health, "i was in a car accident fractured my C2 I have a 5 year old with no help, so i can but can't rest?

In a car accident how often are injuries caused by the air bag?

Is a blood pressure of 89/60 bad after a car accident?

Is a helmet really going to prevent brain damage in a bad motorcycle crash? Or can it keep you alive braindead?

Is is true that getting into a car accident and or turning your neck quickly can cause s stroke?

Is it dangerous to do backcountry snowboarding?

Is it ever that a life threatening brain injury occur without a direct blow to the head. For example, a car accident ?

Is it harder to see how fast an oncoming vehicle is traveling versus seeing how fast a vehicle is traveling pass you from left to right? Car accident.

Is it possible to become blind after a car accident?

Is it possible to contract a permanent brain injury from running into a car with a bad driver?

Is it possible to drown on your own blood if you have been in a dangerous accident?

Is it possible to have a stroke during an auto accident?

Is it safe for passerby to extricate victims in traffic accidents?