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am facing dust allergy for every day . which tablet i can eat please advice me?

~1yr black mold exposure unaware. Sinus symptoms 3 mo. Now had acute exposure; can nasal irrigation push spores deeper&risk dangerous fung infx? Or good2do?

15mnth old, recurring,frequesnt chest infections.Can mould and damp in the home be the cause or be contributing to it?No smoking around baby,no pets.

16 yr girl has rhinorrhea appear when exposed to dusty or plants rich environment what could reduce this discharge?

20 asthma severe dust allergy pet fur feather some food allergy recurrent sinus upper respiratory infections pale low energy swollen glands nausea?

2ophtalmologists said its bad eye allergy.I guess caused by dust/pollution.Go by publictransportation, live in indo, help to avoid it n good treatment ?

45 year old. Pneumonia 3x since March. I'm allergic to cats and have 3 - could this be the sole cause or is there likely something else going on?

5yo/f no allergies/sensitivities but very swollen eyes in winter. Dr has no idea. Sleeping well & in excellent health?

9yr old sneezes nonstop only at bedtime, she does have asthma and I've cleaned her bedding and even changed bedrooms. What can I do is asthma related?

Aare dust mites bad for everyone or just people with asthma?

After i've been tidying my room I have 'hay fever' like symptoms. Should I buy hepa filter?

All of a sudden i'm having allergies when im around cleaning products, animals and strong scents, i'm 22.Is it common to just develop an allergy?

Allergic to dogs but my parents brought their dogs to my house recently now noticing wheeze upon exhale, itchy nose sneezing, phelgm in throat.dogs?

Allergic to mold, ragweed, grass which has been high in my area. Have sinus pressure past 2 days. Not sure if I should see dr for infection?

Allergic to so much! dust, all pollens, animals! constant rhinitis, making my asthma bad. Taking 2 loratadine, 1 not enough. Any other treatments?

Allergies distract me from homework and keeping my eyes open really painful. Why isn't allergy medication working?

Allergies still raging 1 wk after exceedingly careful mold remediation in laundry room. Dehumidifier working. How can I tell if environment is safe?

Allergist. Family visited my house. They own a cat but did not bring. Son 3.5 yrs old has hives. Could they have brought cat hairs & caused hives?

Allergist. Sister visited, her stuff covered in cat hair. 3 yr old got hives 3 days after her arrival. Nothing else new in house. Could it be that?

Any and all perfume, cologne and scented cleaners give me chest tightness and sinus issues. Can anything be done about this?

Any natural remedies to treat allergies? I'm allergic to everything in the environment and cannot stay indoors. I have an air purifier, but ineffect

Anyone know of anything to help with the leaf mold allergy during fall season?

Anyone still suffering from ragweed allergies? Clean out closets?

Are allergy skin tests effective? I had a case of hives which lasted 2 weeks a few months ago. I went to an allergist and jad skin tests for environment and food, he found me allergic to cats and dust (that's it). Although, i've had hay fever in the spr

Are fern plants a good plant to keep indoors for cleaning air if your family has a lot of allergy problems?

Are mold spores released into the home when burning moldy wood in the fireplace?

Are scented candles safe, or can the fumes interfere with respiratory health, allergies/asthma?

Are steam machines beneficial for sinus issues? Anything to know before i consider buying one from a catalog? Have asthma/allergies.

Are there health hazards breathing organic chicken waste dust? I started to experience respiratory flu-like symptoms one day after treating lawn.

Are there vaccines/medicin to terminate house mite allergies?

Are you more likely to get flu from touching or breathing it in. Example: breathing in the drs office. What if airborn particle gets in your eye.

Asthma and on flovent. Slightly allergic to dog. I have one coming thru town and always around them. Not to bothered but will something help incase?

Asthmatics: how to clean your home without being expose to allergens that causes your asthma to get bad?

Bad breath problem mainly in summer.Asthma and tuberculosis tests are negative. My doctor says that I have dust allergies. Please advise me.

Because we had early spring, are there any bad insect problems this year?

Bedroom window open or shut at night if you are a hay-fever sufferer, which is better?

Can a child with pet dander allergies go horseback riding?

Can a dog allergy be triggered just by being in the same house as the dog? Can the symptoms last for a while after leaving that house?

Can a dry air cause nasal blockage for infants? My 7weeks old baby,whenever we go the city house and come back to the country she breaths differently!

Can a dust mite allergy be causing me to loose my sense of smell?

Can a mild allergy to an air borne allergen such as cat dander negatively impact your fertility? Thank you

Can a person be allergic to febreeze plug ins? The scent of something?

Can a person develop a headache by inhaling another person's cologne or perfume?

Can a person get asthma symptoms from a bad flea infestation?

Can allergens by itself cause fatigue and chest tightness?How good are products like air purifier or nasal filters(woodyknows) for preventing allergy?

Can allergies (pollen) cause headaches aroundbrow? I always get them at night after being outside during the day. Then they go away after a little bit

Can allergies to molds pollens dust etc include symptoms of lightheaded, feeling a little spacey etc?

Can allergy brings to collapse?

Can allergy casue hyperventilation? I allergic to mold especially worse in rainny day and humid environments. I feel a difficulty to breath.

Can an allergy to dust mites and living in a house with a lot of dust be preventing me from exhaling fully?

Can any doc tell me what's the best way to deal with mold allergies in an old house?

Can anybody get a negative reaction, like a post nasal drip, by being in a 24 hour air conditioned environment? No mold present.Can this be an allergy?

Can breathing spores found in dust ,leaves, make your throat red,and cause problems with your tonsils?

Can carpet mold be fatal to someone with asthma ephazema?

Can ceiling fan make allergies worse if not dusted?

Can children be allergic to carpet beetles?

Can damp and mold cause learning difficulties bad moods, and conjunctivitis?

Can dust allergies cause a feeling of dust or fur present in the throat or back of tongue?

Can dust mites cause me to wake up every morning with swollen lips?

Can dust mites go through newspapers or is that enough?

Can fleas be transported from house to house?

Can having carpeting in your home increase irritation for a person if you already have regular sinus/allergy issues?

Can household dust and carpets cause eczema?

Can household mold cause Pleurisy?

Can i bring dust from my job to my allergist appointment? Don't know if work may be causing my issues.

Can I clean my house with conjunctivitis?

Can i get a rash from exposure to truck exhaust with no other symptoms?

Can I go inside a sleeping bag to avoid dust mites for bedding?

Can I have a pet bunny if I have blepharitis and seborreic dermatitis? Or will an animal make those things worse

Can I have any medicine for rhinitis? And why in uk they keep calling hay ferver? I'm pregnant

Can I take fexofenadine 180. More than one a day? If I required? Does it helps me to protect from pollen?

Can I use honey to ward off pollen allergies, or is that a myth?

Can I use my epipen (epinephrine) for dust allergies? I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with my throat so irritated it's hard to swallow or breath.

Can inhaling the dust of cat litter cause histoplasmosis?

Can inhaling the dust of cat litter cause toxoplasmosis?

Can inhaling the dust of cat poop cause toxoplasmosis?

Can mold and mildew like for example all over the house and in the carpet make u sick and what are the symptoms? And if so what can I take if get sick

Can mold in your house cause you to have a miscarriage?

Can my child get sick when exposed to mold and dust?

Can my house cleaner bring in dust mites from her vacuum?

Can one having class 5 farinae allergy do mountain climbing? What to take note?

Can palpitations be caused by mold spores? Or allergies? I'm trying to figure it out b/c I was woken up out of my sleep with palpitations.

Can pet dander be removed from cars successfully? I'm sensitive to pet dander. Should i buy a used car with pet dander in it?

Can recent bronchitis cause allergies to go hay wire?

Can seasonal allergies (mold, ragweed, etc.) cause a person to feel hot/flushed or even develop a slight/low-grade fever? If so, why?

Can special pillow cases help with dust mite?

Can spring allergies have a negative effect on baby conception? And on foetus? (I am not medicating, I sometimes sneeze and have itchy eyes)

Can the irritant in poison ivy travel through the air? Now that it is spring, I have been having a lot of issues with allergies because of all the pollen in the air. However, the other day i noticed after a sneezing fit that i was developing an itchy rash

Can thunder clap headaches be caused by mold? I have had severe thunder clap headaches after sex and exercise. I had a CT scan it was normal. I have been cleaning mold outside over last few weeks on and off, but not constant exposure. Could this cause the

Can u get scabies from non sexual contact. My dr. Told me I have scabies, but i had. No phsyical conlact.I do have a friend who s been itching 4 months dr. Told here it was a allergy from wheat. Now i think i got this from being in her house

Can wood furnaces bother people who have allergies or asthma?

Can wood furnaces bother people who have allergies or asthma?

Can you be allergic to your house or items in your house?

Can you breakout in sweat due to the mattress you sleep on? Are there any particular allergies that a mattress can trigger?

Can you feel dust mites on your skin ??

Can you get a bacterial sinus infection from changing a cat litter box?

Can you get bronchitis from dust?

Can you please tell me if i will develop allergies if i purchase a used smoker car?

Can you tell me are eyelash mites good or bad?

Can you tell me can I eliminate all dust mites from your house?