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1year old has a cold. No fever. Informed by people (not doctors )that a fan on at night is bad. It is a ceiling fan and she is not directly under it?

2 year old with croup cough should I take him outside at 39 degrees!? Is cold air beneficial!?

21 year-old man with uncomfortable breathing sensations when inhaling cold air, with some history of sneezing and respiratory allergies.....?

3y/o cough at night in bed. no other issues. we have horrible air quality. keeping indoors. is it related or need checked?

Air conditioning makes me feel sick to my stomach, and makes my throat sore within mins. Allergy med doesn't help, only fresh air.. What is it?

Can a air conditationer above your bed make you sick?

Can a air conditioner that is cooling the house dry your eyes, i really hope not?

Can a car heater/aircon cause sore throats?

Can a mild sore throat be brought on by changes in air temperature, air conditioning in house, winter air or should I be more concerned? Symptom chasing at the moment.

Can an air conditioner carry a fungus or make you sick?

Can an air conditioner make my baby allergic and have a dry nose?

Can blow drying a wet hair using hot air cause brain tumor ?

Can blowdrying your breasts and back cause cancer if the air is too hot?

Can breathing in cold air damage your health?

Can cigaret smoke make room air hot? Every time my sister lights up, it feels like I'm suffocating and hot. Or am I sensitive to the smoke?

Can cold air or cold wind cause or worsen an ear infection in a child?

Can cold air, wind,or air dampness cause pneumonia or a cold? If I have a cold&I slept without clothes on for 30 minutes or so, could I get pneumonia?

Can cold winter weather at night time cause my 11 month old to have a cough. My bub was dressed well in warm clothing now he's coughing till he spews?

Can forced air heat cause you to catch a cold or a sinus infection?

Can forced air heat cause you to have a sinus infection or constant congestion?

Can forced air heatcause you to have constant congestion?

Can heat and humidity cause wheezing and congestion?

Can hot weather cause breathing problems?

Can I get hypothermia just out in the air?

Can I have an annoying post nasal drip specific to being in a constant air conditioned environment like in south florida?

Can i really get sick being in the cold air? I am 50 years old and I have copd,

Can i stop yearly bronchitis? Every winter i get bronchitis twice, seemingly like clockwork. Is there anything i can do to with the air, such as a humidifier or dehumidifier, to stop this? I live in a place with damp winters, and i thought that might also

Can inferior scleral show cause eyes to be more sensitive(dryness), like to outside environment(the air, the air conditioner from a store, and so on)?

Can leaving the air conditioner on all day and night get you sick?

Can running a ceiling fan cause your mouth to dry out?

Can running on an elliptical in a dusty garage with a fan cause a cough? I have a very dry cough but i feel like there is something solid in my chest.

Can sitting in a a sauna/steam room help relieve chest congestion?

Can sleeping with a fan blowing on you cause arthritis?

Can sleeping with a fan blowing on your body cause arthritis?

Can warm or cold air help with sinuses?

Can you help? Could running a humidifier indoors help the dryness - in the heat?

Can you shower while wearing a nasal canula/oxygen?

Can you tell me about why cold air makes people cough more?

Cause of nonstop runny nose & sneezing only when air conditioning is turned on? When it's off or I'm outdoors am ok. Ducts/filters are clean.

Cold air on tongue when i breath in?

Cough accompanied by buzzing airways while inhaling and exhaling, and also dry heaving-- fans/cold air trigger too, for 4 months. What could this be?

Could cold air coming from air conditioner make you sick?

Could cold air contribute to moderate joint-inflammation?

Could fractured inflammed leg in a cast be relieved from swelling by providing cold air conditioner air?

Could getting cold water dumped on you cause your lung to collapse?

Could I breath better when the air is humid?

Could sitting under my works air conditioner for 8 hours cause sinusits or pneumonia?

Could you catch a cold from sleeping under a ceiling fan?

Could you catch bronchitis from not wearing a coat in the winter?

Do people's allergies flare up when it's really cold, or is my outdoors sniffling purely due to cold air?

Do you have any recomnendations for chest congestion. I am fine during the day and outside then at night when laying or indoors I have bad congestion.

Does a room humidifier help with dry sinuses/nose associated with Sjogrens? What are the pros and cons of cold vs warm mist units

Does cold air give asthma?

Does cold air help your lungs feel better?

Does damp air give you fever?

Does it mean you have asthma if it is harder to breathe in a hot tub?

Does sitting under a ceiling fan many hours cause dry eyes and allergies?

Does sleeping with a fan blowing right in your face cause you to catch a cold?

Does sweating in a room with a humidifier help broncitis or chest infection?

Does the night air affect a cold?

Ear pain after being outside in cool air.

Feels like i can't breath or i'm not breathing in enough air when i'm hot, or its hot, and i'll indoors, what could I have that is affecting my lungs?

For severe nasal congestion, do I have to close windows? What time of day or night? Only when wind blows or on any weather day? I have manyallergies

Forest fires in the area and I have Athsma I work outside anything I can do to help my breathing?

Get sinus infections every winter from dry air. Would personal steamers help? Is it bad to use them?

Having a hard time breathing in humidity. If it's raining outside, or I'm in a steamy room it is really heavy/hard to breath and I can't relax. ?

Heat from heaters causes dry eye syndrome, can standing near an old fashioned pilot gas heater in room irritate eyes? Skin and eyes feel hot, irritated?

Help please. Could filling my room with steam help relieve me of allergies?

How can getting wet in the rain or exposure to dust cause you to catch a common cold?

How can I sleep when the air conditioner is broken?

How can someone with emphysema deal with air that is too cold?

How come certain parts of my teeth hurt, when i breathe in cold air?

How come lungs hurt when inhaling the cold air?

How do ceiling fans have to do with having a cold?

How do I avoid developing dry air nasal irritation?

How do you control asthmatic breathing in very hot dry weather?

How safe is the air coming?From humidifiers?

How to avoid fog air ?

How to sleep when it's way too hot with no air conditioning?

Humidity gauge shows normal moisture levels in my house, but my nose/sinuses feel painful /inflamed and "dried out." should I use humidifier or not?

I airbrush with automotive spray paint. I wear a mask but lately I have had shortness of breath. Is there something i can do to breathe better?

I always have a blocked nose at night or during a cold weather. is it normal? is there any simple remedy as it can be really torturing sometimes

I always have difficulty in breathing when the weather is high humid? what's is that?

I am dependant on humidifier to be able in winter to be able to breath when air is dry due heating indoors, asking for causes and alternative solution?

I am used to being at sea level and I on vacation at 7800 feet. The air is dry and the altitude is cause nose bleeds. What can I do?

I feel warm. No fever, i'm in air conditioning. Why?

I get a terrible sinus headache every time my forehead is exposed to cold, winter air- what could this be?

I get dizzy pretty frequently, and feel hot a lot, even inside air conditioning and with ceiling fans on. Help?

I get huge hives when i walk outside in the cool or cold air is there anything to help?

I get throat tightness in a an air conditioned places, often in trains and buses..that happens on humid hot weather. Could i be allergic?

I had sex in front of a box fan. The fan was blowing on my vagina and I could feel cold air going in. Can I get an air embolism from this?

I hav talking induced dry cough that last for several weeks after exposure to cold air,air condition& after influenza infection.any help about reasons?

I have a dry cough which mainly occurs at work, where no windows open, and the aircon is rubbish. Job is telemarketing, is there a connection?

I have air conditioning and i'm comfortable all day but at night, time to go to need, i'm sweating, hot and very uncomfortable!..Why is that?

I have allergy with air or dust. Whenever i drive bike or drive cqr with open window or sit under the fan it starts snheezing continously and get cold?

I have anxiety how can I get cold air to filter through my lungs?

I have asthma and in the winter when i go running the cold air makes it really painful. Should i be on a different medication for this issue?

I have been having colds constantly thru spring, what could I be?

I have bronchitis I may have caught from living in a room with damp in the air. The symptoms have bin for 6 month will 2 weeks of predisolone work?

I have difficulty breathing when there is a large gust of wind (hair dryer, hand dryer, wind). Any reasoning for this?