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3weeks old. Shivering started only after the week one . We got her tested for bood sugar and it was 68 .It stopped for 3 days and started again . ?

6 days date, i started bleeding very light only when i wipe on Tuesday lasted for an hour and then again today should i take a test? headaches only

I have my period 5days ago .then on saturday I have sex with my husband than I want to the bathroom wap i see light blood?

I Came on A weakand &3 days ago. Which was December 5 through December its,December 18 & I started spotting again.what could B the probleM?

I have been going through vag bleeding Once it was so much blood I had to throw out my shorts maybe a MC but my period came and gone stil spoting ?

My period started today,and my birthday is on Wednesday.and I'm in alot of pain and can't move around and I've big plans. Is there anyway to stop it?

yesterday i started my period & usually on the first and second day I go through 2-3 regular tampons. But I went through 7. IS THAT NORMAL. Why?

.i started a light period on the 1st of March and it stopped the same day . this morning it started back with pain and blood clots?

"hello i'm 22 years old and i'm 5 weeks pregnant, but today I have the whole day bleeding , light bleeding not that strong, I slept all day , but nno?

10yrs old began spotting on Sunday evening nothing the next day until she was out in the heat n she began to spot again is this her first period?

12weeks pregnant, had severe cramping for about 20minutes and was breathing hard. No bleeding and hasnt happened again. Dr appointment monday?

16,21,23 my husband came in me and on the 29 of the same month I thought I had my period but it only lasted 2 days. Heavy for day 1 light now nothing?

17 yrs, got my period 1-2 wks earlier than usual & it hasn't stopped for 2 wks. started to go away like normal them came back light flow. What do I do?

1st time using tampon, in for 5 hours, regular absorbency. Took it out & seems like period has stopped (on 3rd day, period lasts 5days) isthis normal?

2013 I didn't seeMy period for 3-4 months before it stop it came light for 2days now 2014 2mths straight my period last for 2days without pain?

29 weeks pregnant 0 days today. I just started going to the bathroom a lot . Every 5-10mins got to go urine whys that?

2wks ago got told pregnancy not viable yesterday 16th i started bleeding moderately. Today barley bleeding at all. What is going on?

3 months PP. Finished 5 days of provera (medroxyprogesterone) on Wednesday bled light today (Friday) from red blood to old blood, then stopped. Is this normal/typical?

3 w pp from section. Bleeding stopped at 2 w. Resumed 20 hrs later. Very red. Stopped. Started again 1 week later. Today. Brick red. Normal?

30yo, had DUB past, no bc or sex. My period got heavier from day 7. On day 10 and starting to pass overnight pad every 2-3 hours, is this urgent?

37wks and 1day preg. Suddenly started itching on my tummy and all over. Is this normal?

4 months post c section. I stopped bleeding about a month ago but just started spotting again today. Feeling slightly sore by my right ovary. I am breastfeeding so I'm pretty sure it's not my period?

5 days late on my period was rear-ended in car accident. Started the next day but it was bright red bleeding a lot for one day. Tubes tied 3yrs ago?

5 wks pregnant. Dr gave progesterone suppositories yesterday & woke to blood. Bleeding stopped but came back after inserting more meds.Do I take more?

5wks after d&e still no period, spotting for an hour thursday, disappeared, this morning my uterus aches?

6 weeks preg. Hcg was 18000 Friday and 28000 Monday. Light brown discharge since last Friday. Is everything ok? Worried

6th day after start of my period. My partner pulled out but is scared a little went in me. I was still spotting in the AM. Do I need morning after pil?

6weeks pregnant.Bleeding started with spottin 2 days ago.Violently heavy yesterdaylighter today.No clots.No intense pain scan tues. But is there hope?

7 day period started june 7-11 a second one june 30 til july 5 only the second one started with big huge clots no cramps what is this first time ever?

A month ago I got the Implanon birth control and the past 3 weeks I've been lightly bleeding. I just went to pee and gushed blood. idk what to do ?

A week and a half after my period I got cramps they haven't gone away they are none stop pain it's been 10 days I have my tubes tide what can it be?

After coming of bcp i had three 33 daycycles. When i started ttc it jumped to 60, and now i'm in day 70 of this one. What could be causing this?

After intercourse i started to spot i know it wasn't my PMS since i finished a week ago and only lasted a few min should I be worried since I have hpv?

After long 5 months finally get my period back im irregular . Then yesterday I got my period but it was light pink then it stopped what does this mean?

After me and my girlfriend had sex, she started her period, normal in color, back pain, she broke out, just like normal but few hours later she stoped?

After unprotected sex in period I used 'ipill' after 36 hrs and after 6 days i got dark blood like period started again and it going on from last 24h.

Am 36years my last period lasted for 2day instead of 3days it started on d 7th of nov and stop 9nov now I have headaches tender bbs tooth ache

Am 40 days preganent n from today M start mefiprstrol and misoproston I would like to know till how many days I will bleed ?

Am 8 weeks far along and i woke up one day and i went to the bathroom an as i was cleaning my sefl i saw spotting i spotted early after that is it bad?

Am i having a miscarriage? I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. I went to a clinic and had a test done yesterday the 29th. I started cramping tonight and bleeding (it almost looked like the start of my period bright red) before tonight i was spotting a brownish co

Am i pregnant? I just recently got my IUD removed on the 14th of february so me and my fiance could try for a baby. I started what finally seemed like a regularly scheduled period right after that and I am calculated to ovulated within these current weeks

Am i pregnant? Should i be concerned? Hi. I am about 14 years old. I got my first period in august. Everything was fine. I got my last one of february 10th and haven't had one since. Today i had a very light little bit, like spotting but that was it. I ha

Am i pregnat? April 30, my period came off and may 3 my ex boyfriend nutted in me and may 20 i started bleeding heavy i had went thru 3 pads that day n may 21, i had went thru 2 pads and then May 22&23 it was light i went thru 1 pad for those days and May

And lasted for a week.Everything was fine until the 22nd when I began to bleed again as if I were on my period, this has been going on for 3days.Help!

As of yesterday, I am 5 weeks pregnant. I started spotting yesterday morning and thought it was because my husband and I had intercourse the night before. Unfortunately I started bleeding more throughout the day and it has continued on today. I have ve

Be for an after my peroid it has not dropped in like a month?

Been 2 weeks since i finished my period had really rough sex and spotted immediately after the next day i began to exercise and began to get cramps, went to the restroom and i was bleeding what's wrong?

Been having vag odor after period lately. It's been 2 days since my period ended. Can I use a tampon temporarily? I have a date 2 the movies 2day!

Been on Depo-Provera for yr. Started spotting today, never had this before. Next shot due Sept. Hurting inside too. Whats wrong should I call my Dr?

Been on my period since sunday. Got a piece of fleshy skin come out and im still cramping. What could it be?

Before working out today i had a small pain in an ovary & started to bleed after the workout. I just got off my period. I don't know what to think.?

Bled briefly today. Took preg test. Neg. My period isnt due for another 8 days. Is this normal?. Played really hard soccer today. Is that the reason?

Bleeding at 5wks and 1day pregnant its not a lot and its red like a period and no pain dont got insurance yet and only there when I wipe what do I do?

Brown spotting with small clots and lots of cramps and still have about a week n a half to 2 weeks till i start my period what's going on?

Burned my throat 2 months ago and it started bleeding. But im still worried today. Will i be ok?

Can i go to the gym n walk 45min on the treadmil. Wednesday i miscarried mybaby. I am still cramping n bleeding a little, like a normal period.

Can Omeprazole cause light loose stool (lightest brown yellow it could possibly be). Started taking Friday - symptoms started on Monday.

Can stress affect your period? Had a lot of anxiety and somepanicattacks lately. Im supposed to have my af tomorrow and i spotted pink yesterday only.

Can u have protected sex after a week of taking the morning after? The morning after made me bleed/spot as tho had my period for like 4days

Can you still get a pap smear if just started your period? Very light, didn't even fill one pad today.

Could i be pregnant? Hi last month i got my period and it only lasted 2 days (3/31-4/1) and was extremly light i only needed to wear a panty liner and the month before it was only 3 days. Since the beginnning of last month I've been experiencing sore brea

Could I have a late period from my infection? I had my period last mont hand a week or so after started to spot(like i was fixing to start my period again)! but it only lasted for 24 hrs, but then after a wek after that i got a yeast infectionand went an

Could this be my period or a pregnancy or just something wrong with my cycle? Today i went to the bathroom and saw their was a little bit of blood and im suppose to be getting my period, i had these horrible cramps worst ones I have ever had, but im wea

Cramped yestrdy all day&night, vomited, was light headed & nauseated but still no period today, supposed 2start on monday, on b.C. Pills. Confused!

Did a trigger shot last night (Saturday) and awoke to menstrual like bleeding, Why is that? Scheduled for IUI on Moday

Do i really need to go to the gyn i had an ultra sound in dec but starting in feb i have xonstant cramping and bleeding after masterbation?

Does the first day of your very 1st period count? My 13yr daughter has had hers for 8 days 3rd day got heavier and today it hasn't got lighter concern

Dr.My period cycle is for 7 days that is end for 21 but today is 25 and I am still bleeding like sporting evey single time when I am going to washrom.

Endo: i started bc dec 6 fist day of spotting, since then I have only had 4 days without spotting, and am very tired my BP on fri was 133/89, concern?

Ever since i got my IUD i get soaking night sweats for about 4 days around my cycle. Is there something wrong? I got my IUD in august of 2011. I went for blood work and everything came back fine. The sweat usually starts a day or two before my period a

Every sense my daughter started her periods. Mine have been off and lite very lite.Is common?

Every time i wipe there's white stuff? Why? My period isn't suppose to be till next friday and i had sex 3 days ago. Today's date is 8/26/13

Finished my period 5 days ago. Today there's red-brown spotting, had some nausea, and cramping. I had a steroid shot for my wrist wednesday. help?

Five years ago i had my tubes tied. Since then my periods have been unbearable. I bleed enough that i go threw super plus tampons every 3 hours help?

Flew home Thursday, have been dizzy on and off ever since.. But I also have my period.. Could it all be related? Or just one or the other?

For the past 3 months I have gotten my period on the 17th around noon. This month I was 5 or 6 days late and started lightly bleeding, not enough to fill a tampon. It looks a little watery. I had some cramping that went away after about 20 mins. My period

Good morning, I had 2 FET on June 18th. Had two Beta HCGs. First was 14.1 and second 38. I have been bleeding off and on since Saturday afternoon. Not heavy like a period, but not spotting either. Some cramping on and off, seems to be worse when I get up

Got a faint line on a preg test, i would be 5 wk and 5 days. I started bleeding heavy with big clots but no pain not sure whats going on.

Got cyst removed a month agoby keyhole but why am I having spotting since yesterday and cramping. I've Finished my period 1 week ago which was normal.

Got pd 3 days ago. Bled overnight barely bleeding. Had sex bled a lot then stopped. Today nothing. I had a negative test. light blood and no cramps

Got period 2 weeks after light period... Bleeding so bad for 6 hours went thru 15 super tampons, hours later still feel off? What could it be?

Got period Jul 31 then finished aug 6 then Aug 16 wiped and found little blood on tissue then stopped for a day same thing happened yesterday why?

Got two positive, made an appointment tues, following sat, start to bleed like a normal period, 4 days pass i stop, n now my breast are still tender?

Had brief unprotected sex (on the 28th) 2wks after my pd ended. Supposed to start today but haven't had symptoms of pms. I'm scared, what's going on?

Had HSG done on cd9 had slight spotting then it stopped.A week after procedure starting spot like a very light period going day 2.Is this normal?

Had hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. Started spotting yesterday. Should I be concerned?

Had implant out thu, today sat. Have period pain. Am i ovulting or coming on?

Had light spotting wed. Started again sat. Night 7 weeks pregnant dr wants u/s mon. Could it be from doing too much (moving furniture, packing, work)?

Had miscarriage on 3/7 (5wks5days) bleeding/cramping ended on 3/10 today I am feeling little twinges like when i ovulate could i be ovulating already?

Had my menstration july 5 and i just got it today july 29. Normal? Its usually within days. Not a week. 23/f.

Had my period, 3-4 days passed. It stopped then came back? it was brownish at first now it's red. it's already been 2 days since it should've stopped.

Had normal period symtoms a week before my period sat and sun was heavy today is Monday had a few cramps but nothing when I checked later on in the da?

Had tubs tide in2010 been late for two months started18 of this month I was showing signs of being pregnant but start bleeding very heavily with a lot if pain should I be worried?

Had unprotected sex 3 weeks go and last nigbt i started to bleed a bit anf it because thicker today anf horriblr cramps. Then it stopped ?

Had UTI finish antibiotics 2 weeks ago, got fingered today, went to bathroom, now bleeding period due in 4 days. Infection back? How do I stop bleedin

Had UTI finish antibiotics 2 weeks ago, got fingered3 days ago, was bleeding but it stopped today, period is due tomorrow. Infection back? Or pregnant?

Have not had a period since october 2012, but 2 days ago i started lightly spitting and cramping it only lasts 30 min/day, what's going on?

Havent stopped bleedin' 4 9 months now got a sono done & my uterus wall is thick what should I do next? Next dr appt is on the 21st what should I ask?

Heavy period started mon til thurs stopped on fri and sat then continued mon til now but with less flow and dark in color. Is this normal?

Hello , i am a 17 year old female & my period ended last Tuesday around saturday i start gettn brown discharge in my panties , well yesterday which was monday it was still continued but a little blood start appearing . Today when i woke up which is Tuesda