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Had my period two weeks ago and now I have it again. I don't understand why if i hadnt had intercourse in those two weeks. What could it possibly be?

i've been on Depo-Provera on and off for about 2 years and i had unprotected sex multiple times with the same partner and ive been having pregnancy symptoms.

12 days late , 6 months postpartum, had unprotected sex 4 days after ovulation, it's not possible I'm pregnant is it, very stressed about it?

16 years old well over 3 month late period, most likely not pregnant because i would be showing by now, but had unporotected sex recently, what is it?

2 weeks 2 days since sex. He wore a condom and didn't come , is pregnancy possible because my last period was over a month ago?

22 days after sex, B-HCG 0.1, any rare chance of pregnancy and why please? I had 3 periods on time since having sex.

28-30 days of cycle. Is it possible to get pregnant if I have sex 2 days befor my periods? I'm I furtile just 2 days before my periods?

After having unprotected sex on may 9, 10 got my period on 12 it was 5 days cycle after that having pregnancy symptoms is there any chance of pregnancy?

Am i possible to get pregnant if i had sexual intercourse during the fifth day of my period?

Any risks for infections when having sex on period days? I'm married and during the last few days of period it's light. Would it be ok to be intimate?

Anyone know what is a possible cause for my bleeding and soreness after sex a few days after my period?

Approxitmaly how long do symptoms of being preganent occur after having unprotected sex?

August 10 is the first day of my period, august 15 is my last day, then august 16i had an unprotected sex. Is there a possibility that im pregnant?

Been on pill for 2yrs, stopped 2wks ago. Always irregular periods. Had unprotected sex with partner multiple times, when should I test for pregnancy?

Been on the pill for two years, stopped two weeks ago. Had unprotected sex with partner multiple times, when should I test for pregnancy?

Being over weight with un protected sex since 18, now 21, no menstrual cycle for over a year or so, is it possible to become pregnant? Concerned! :(

Can a doctor determine if your pregnant 3 days after intercorse?

Can a girl get pregnant if she has her period the day after unprptected sex, and she's abnormal ?

Can conception occur during sex or right after or does it take a few days?

Can doing sex after the very next day i.e.. 7th day results in pregnancy? And vomiting occurred in 24hrs after sex

Can Flagyl or doxycline make my period late ? I have not had sex in 10 months so i can't be pregnant.

Can having sex the first few times affect your period?

Can having too much sex trigger my period?

Can HPV cause missing periods?

Can I get pregnant if I have unprotected sex 4 days after my period ends? I usually have a 28-30 day cycle?

Can i still get pregnant even if we had sex during my first day menses, and fifteenth days has past since then, I have no signs of pregnancy?.

Can implantation symptoms happen 16 days after sex even though i had a period 3 days after sex my period was late please help?

Can pregnancy occur from sex if I had my period that day?

Can pregnancy occur if one had unprotected sex today and sees her period the next day?

Can pregnancy occur on the day of sex if had periods yet?

Can pregnancy symptoms be less than a week after sex? The sex was protected and pulled out. It was during likely fertile days.

Can sex right around your period delay it for reasons other than pregnancy?

Can u be pregnant if i had sex may 12 then seen my period the following week?

Can u become pregnant. If u have sex nine days before ur period is due?

Can worrying about pregnancy after having sex cause a period earlier than expected?

Can you become pergnant when your period is 11 days late due to stress and u had sexual intercrouse? He did not cum in me at all.

Can your period be late because of rough sex and stress?

Could be pregnant had unprotected sex 10 times this month so far my ptiod is due in 15 days?

Could i be possibly be pregnant after taking metronidazole for one week? Had intercourse with hubby once during fertile days. Period is due in 4 days

Could i be pregnant at 7 weeks postpartum? Had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago not sure if it could happen so soon? Breastfeeding so no period yet.

Could I be pregnant even though I had an abnormal lighter period after having sex? The condom broke and i'm still having many pregnacy symptoms .

Could i be pregnant from precum? I did not have sex. Got my period 3 days after. So could my current symptoms be caused by my stress about this?

Could I be pregnant if I had unprotected sex on the four day my period was already missed. Also he did not cum inside me. Also I am 12 days late?

Could i be pregnant? I had sex on 1-12-13 & i'm regular often i'm off sometimes but I have no symptoms and i'm stressed..It's been 31 days since sex

Could sex help trigger a period?

Could you miss your period due to sex from five days ago?

Cramping a week after unprotected sex. Period not due until 2weeks and sex wasn't anywhere near ovulation window... I'm concerned. Am i pregnant?

Cycle is 26-28 days, had unprotected sex 18 days after 1st day of period is pregnancy possible?

Day 3 of being fertile and me and my fiancé had unprotected sex twice today. He pulled out both times Though. Pregnancy possible. Miss this period?

Dear doctor, i really need a very urgent help now. I had intercourse two weeks ago and i didn't have period over years. How do I check if im pregnant?

Does a sexual disease cause me to miss my period ?

Does brown spotting indicate a pregnancy? I am 17 years old and have been quite nervous about becoming pregnant. I was once on the pill but got off of it about 2 months ago. Me and my boyfriend have protected sex but I have missed a period now by 3 or so

Does having period means not pregnant? My gf and i had sex, she was delayed for about a week, then had her menstruation already.

Does having secondary amenorrhea with unprotected sex mean im pregnant?

Does pregnancy occur if blood flows after a day of unprotect sex ?

During early pregnancy, is sex good or bad to do?

Feeling bloated period is 4 days late. Engaged in protected sexual activity 3 weeks ago, he did not finish and no problems with condom. Test was negat?

Gf is within first month of pregnancy. She does not want it. What will happen now?

Girlfriend has secondary amenorrhea we had sex last night and the condom broke how likely is it that she could become pregnant?

Girlfriend swallowed my sperms and now is having an early period...i m not sure if its a period since its 1 week she pregnant??

Got period on 3/1 had unprotected sex on cycle day 8, 9, 10, 11 of a 25 day cycle..What are possibilities of getting pregnant?

Gud morning, i would like to ask if there's a possibility that i get pregnant. My menstration period is on november 10. Last sexual intercourse oct 31?

Had a cesarean 3 months ago had unprotected sex but pulled out a week before heavy period. Now pregnancy symptoms . could I be pregnant ?

Had my menses on 19th august, i had unprotected sex on the 25th of august, my circle is 31 days, i have experienced pregnancy signs. can i be pregnant?

Had my period july 2 had sex on the 10. ..its now july 17 is it possible I can be pregnant?

Had protected sex july 5 . Got my period on july 17 (usually do & still on it /still bleeding) pregnant? When can I test just to make sure i'm not?

Had sex 1 day after my menstrual which was sept 8th is it possible i can be pregnant?

Had sex 2 months ago.Got periods twice after that. Now delayed my period by 8 days.Any chance of pregnancy? If not, what can cause?Afraid to go to doc

Had sex 2 months ago.Got periods twice after that. Now delayed my period by 8 days.Any chance of pregnancy? If not, what can cause?Afraid to go to doc

Had sex a couple days ago condom broke, along with it slipping off. Im fertile as of tomorrow is pregnancy possible ? And would this month period miss

Had sex and one day later my period start is this normal im not due on for another week or so ?

Had sex in April, had a period two weeks later but haven't had one since. Is there a possibly I could be pregnant?

Had sex on day 17 of my cycle, partner had a vasectomy but did not ejaculate in me. Have all PMS symptoms. Period due 26th may. Chance of pregnancy?

Had sex on my fertile days what is the change that i will see if I am pregnant?

Had sex on the 10th day of my cycle, missed 3 pills prior how likely am i to be pregnant? I am experiencing symptoms, but would only b 11 days into it

Had sex yesterday. No contraception. Afraid of pregnancy. What signs are there if she's pregnant?

Had unprotected intercourse the day my period ended, (also period was early by 5 days, length of period 5 days.) is it possible to get pregnant early?

Had unprotected sex 1 day before my expected period- he didn't ejaculate. It's been 4 days and still no period- what's the possibility of pregnancy?

Had unprotected sex a day before my due period can i possibly get pregnant? Im28 day cycle

Had unprotected sex at the 6th of August.. will that cause pregnancy if the blood started 17th of July??? What are the probabilities of pregnancy?

Had unprotected sex he came in me my period is due in 11 days. What's the possibility of me being pregnant?

Had unprotected sex July 14 during my highest fertility time.My period is due August 2. I have been having some stomach aches. Is it too soon to test?

Had unprotected sex on day 2 of her period, now she is late. Having flu and she has anemia. Is she pregnant? Or the sickness causing the delay?

Had unprotected sex ten days ago,also ten days before my period was due, my period is two days late, could I take a test now ?

Have never had unprotected sex. Are there any other reasons besides pregnancy? Depo preva or something else?

Having periods more than week means any possibility of get pregnant.. i have some intercourse last 10 days ago?

Having sexual intercourse for two days in a row than started my period a week early could it be possible of being pg?

Having unprotected sex while period is late three days. What are the chances of pregnancy? The period is not late due to already existing pregnancy.

Hello Doc, I had intercourse with a girl and the next day she has her period. Now she is pregnant and claims by me. Is it possible?

Hello, doctor I had sex with my husband and had my period. Its been a whole month I haven't been active and miss my period. Also five days late ?

Hello, i turn 20 in march and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about 3 months now and my period has become abnormal.

Hello,I took levonorgestrel 12days after my period due to unprotected sex and now I'm three days delayed!is there a possibility that I can be pregnant?

Hello. My wife and i had sex on day 2 of her bleeding period. She normally bleeds for another 4 or 5 days. What are the chances of pregnancy?

Hello.My question is, is it possible to miss your period for a month as someone who has never had sex before?

Hi i am waffu my last periods where started at 28th december i had/having sex/intercourse since 8th january how can I know either I am pregnant or no?

Hi doctor I'm 27 year old I perform oral with my partner .. We never had sex he has never ejavilated into me .. I have skipped my periods by 21 days what can be the reason for it ? Please help ?

Hi i had intercourse with my partner about 4 days before my period was due, and we hadn't had sex in a few months till now but now i'm 6 days late due?

Hi I was trying to get a answer too my question. I had unprotected sex a week ago and I came on my period two days early is that a sign of pregnancy?

Hi I'm concern becauseunprotected sex and I have a question about my period. ?

Hi is it possible to get pregnant if have unprotected sex after 5 days of period ?My period was start july 06 end 09" and i had sex 14th date ?