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Keep getting cramp in my lft brest is this serious ?

slight pain on right side of pelvis, the pain comes and goes. It also sometimes affects my right thigh, recently had a miscarriage but no period yet?

1 week of on off sharp pain in left ovary and lower back pain with occasional white clear discharge. Started mini bc pill 4 days ago. What is it?

10 days after having laparoscopy for right side tubal pregnancy, am felling dizziness and light pain in right pelvic area is it normal?

10 days ago I had my period. I have had pain (cramping) on my right side near/on my ovaries. The pain is always there, just varies in severarity.?

10 more days for my period, I have pain in my left side, those that mean I could have a pregnancy symptom?

10 weeks pregnant with severe stabbing pain in lower right abdomen & menstrual like cramps in lower back. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

10 yr son had a laproscopic appendesectomy 1wk ago. is it normal for him to be in alot of pain on front & back. He is very pale too. Am I panicking.

11 days late period, waking up with stomach pain, now pins and needles in my lower right side of my back. What is this?

11 weeks pregnant pain on lower left front with moderate bleeding weird feeling when i pee?

11 weeks pregnant pain on/off in left from side and moderate bleeding the feeling of having to pee and i don't have too?

11 weeks pregnant. . I had a Sharp pain in vagina that shot to the left side of abdomen. . Only lasting a couple seconds.. is this normal?

11^day after myomectomy had masturbated(no pain).Day after litt low abdom pain(no need painkiller)2day aft less pain.Damage suture line is painful?

12wk post C-section tubal Lrq pain comes n goes fromache to sharp.Radiates down r thigh. On and off since baby. Waiting on ultrasound results. Cause?

13 weeks pregnant im getting lower and upper shaep abd pain since yesterday, im also very gassy could this be constipation or something else im woried?

16 wks pregant, on getting up from a chair this morning, I had sharp pain in lower right of my abdomen. Its still tugging. no bleeding should I worry?

16 yrs not sexually active havent got periods (4 th month going), pain in abdomen and really sharp pain in lower back especially on the left side?

18 weeks pregnant and have fibroids. Shooting pain on and off today at right lower abdomen and right groin. On progesterone 200mg bid. Please help.

18 weeks pregnant having cont twitching pain in rt lower abd.Med given n caled for follow up but i m worried baby is fine or not .Help me?

18yrs oldfairly active past 2yrs had 2 knee surgeries sonot as active I have had pain witbowel movements on nd off 4 about2-3 yrs bloodwhen i 1st wipe?

19 weeks pregnant gradual sharp stabbing pain in lrq, more tender when bending over. Something to worry about with baby or gas pain?

2 days after period, painful sex and sharp pain on left side of ovary that goes back and forth from right side of ovary. Should I be concerned? I have

2 months missed period and lower left side abdominal pain started this week?

2 mos of rightside pelvic pain w/testi.retraction. Dr couldnt find cause but maybe epididymitis so took cipro (ciprofloxacin) 14day. Still there :( What is going on??

2 weeks after my period started, i got dull pain in left pelvic area, cramps, lower back pain, and brown discharge.... What could this be?

2 weeks ago had 99 temp high wbc went too doc last week baby was fine now I have a big dip below belly button and back pain?

2 weeks ago i had an iui..I'm experiencing a sharp stinging pain in my lower abdoman area.. Different from cramping... 1day late period.. What is pain?

20 weeks preg.I had myomectomy(lap) 8 months back.Now sometimes feel sharp pain near myo wounds like strechng of wonds. Pain lasts 10 mints.Then goes.Y?

2004 had a hysterectomy and only have 1 ovary left. In the last 2 days i've had terrible lower abdominal pain like period pain & tender itchy breasts?

21 weeks pregnant. Dull intermittent shooting pains on right side of back. It seems to be my kidney. No symptoms of UTI other than odor. What could this be?

21 year old with very painful periods every other month. Odd months- left side pain in a particular spot. Even months- pain in mid stomach/crotch area?

21st feb-bloating, tired, hungry of recent it's difficult for me to squat, since I have been experiencing abd pain& when i sit, the legs hve r open?Help

21wks pregnant & having morning sickness again. Had until 13wks & it's back. Normal? What has caused it to come back? Heartburn has returned too w/it

21yrs. Had my mnthly oct 1st. Was intimate a lot around o time in sept. Lately having sharp bearable cramps left hip, sometimes right. Gas, bloat. Preg?

22wks pregnant.Had myomectomy 8mnths back.I always feel mild cramps in my abdomen.Some groin pain also.So always tuk rest.Did scan, normal.Is this ok?

24 hours of encounter I experienced two red spots that lasted 3 days and now gone. But still have pain/twitching in legs. Waiting tests to conf. So?

24 weeks preg.2 days back feel lower abdominal cramps & pain.Usg nornal, cervix 3.9cm.Doctr gave isoxsuprine hydrochloride tab for 2 wks.Any side effects?

24 weeks pregnant.Sometimes i feel abdominal cramps and pain&back pain.Did usg scan normal.Cervical lenght 3.9cm.Why such discomfrt?Anythng to worry?

24wk pp no period since 4wk lochia.Eff & no BC.Sharp/crampy pelvic pain one sided cant get appt for 2wk.Told anovulation.Go2 er/uc or wait out pain?

24wks preg.From 4days back feel abdominal cramps and discmfrt.Scan normal.But i can't walk up to 10 meters due to discmfrt.No infections.Why so?Worried

25 wk pregnant got 2 nd shoot of tetanus on 15 dec but it doesn't pain like earlier shoot . Is it ok or i hv to get injection again?

26old. 2years ks history, exp shocked penis pain during urinate this morning. The pain still remain. Freq urinate and medium penis pain past 3weeks?

26wks preg.Sometimes feel sharp pain near my right bottom of abdomn(groin).Aftr rest 15mints it goes.Did myomect lap 9months back.Is this cause pain?

27old female.tailbone pain.aprn said due to vaginal delivery 15m it possible to get aftr 15m tumor possible?pains when sitting

29 weeks preg waking up with a hard stomach and sharp stabbing pain on my right side were my ovary should be, what is it? Pain lasted aprox 20 sec

2nd csection 10 weeks ago where had placenta previa & had to cut through after doing abdominal exercises today my scar started burning on right side. ?

3 mths after inguinal hrnia srgry Groin area on right side is stil numb & I feel strange pull above tht area that is worse w/o underwear.Is it normal?

3 weeks after abortion no fever no bleeding ..Pain in lower abdomen on right side..Is its normal? Called clinic they say it normal..

3 wks ago had a cup of dandelion tea. Woke nx morn with right side pain on/off. Lasted a few days. Now I have it on/off for 3 wks now. Should I worry?

30 weeks pregnant and have dull, period like pain on right side of lower stomach/pelvic region.... Is this normal? No bleeding. Just this dull ache.

33 weeks pregnant, period like cramping for 4 days, left side/back pain and vomitting and sharp quick pains at private area?

33wks preg.I feel a achy lower abdomen from 31wks. Scan normal.Sometimes painless contractions.Any thng to worry? Y such discomfrts?

34 yrs of age and had a hysterectomy at the age of 30 recently i have been experiencing a sharp pinching pain on right side of my vaginia no growth?

34w pregnant and having sharpe to dull pains on left side all day. Is this normal or should I call my dr?

34wks with 3rd baby and having sharp pressure pa ins in pelvis past 7 hrs they come and go consistantly. Worse with walking. Could labor be soon?

35 weeks pregnant, having cold & feeling sharp pain in my abdomen while coughing. Is it normal? Or should I contact my ob? Thanks for any help.

35 weeks pregnant, I can feel the baby right in the middle of my belly. I was sleeping and all of the sudden I feel cramping and lowerback pain, I do have an UTI currently taking macrobid started yesterday. Could this be labor or because of the UTI?

36 weeks pregnant 2nd kid. Slight cramps in abdomen n light pain in hips & thighs. Can hardly walk. Should i be concerned?

36 weeks pregnant right side and back pain. Is this normal?

37 weeks ans 2days pregnant dialated 2cm having abdominal pains and heavy mucus making my sides and bak hurt what do I do its my second child?

37 weeks pregnant & getting uncomfortable sensations in lwr abdomine all morning. Can't fall back to sleep bc of it.Is it a sign?

37 wk pregnant an been havin lower abd an back pain for abt 5 hrs havnt really time them, but they are continues an stronger now cld be in labor?

37.3 weeks,3 days ago got membrane sweep.4-5cm 70% last time I was checked (2days ago) at hospital,been losing my MP for 2 days, sharp pain in cervics?

37w4d pregnant had severe backpain since yest w contractionscontractions come n gofeel the urge to poo but can'tnauseas headache less fetal movnt calldr?

38 weeks pregnant 2day n woke up bout 4:30 with an uncomfortable belly pains, back pain, over heating n have been sick, have diarrhea can this b labour?

39 weeks pregnant been haveing a headache for about 5 days on right side, went to hospital and i don't have preeclampsia what else could it be?

39wks pregnant, was examined by ob 2days ago, having sharp pain in my pelvis when i stand after lying/when walking, today saw brown discharge when i wipe?

3months after caesar, sometimes still bleed but very little, and lower abdomen pain like when having pms. And caesarian scar still itchy. Normal?

3week after abortion startd having pain in lower abdomen on right side. Aftr 2 months stil pain dere.Culture & ultrasound report r normal.Got 2 period?

4 days before period. Constant dull achey pain in left ovary. Left breast has burning sensation. 2 neg pregnancy tests so far.

4 year old Abdominal pain on n off since 5 days,All tests normal( blood, urine,xray n ultra sound . What can b the cause of the pain.

4wks since my c-section and I have been feeling tenderness and soreness on my right side only Is that normal?

5 days past ovulation. Slight cramps, slight lower back pain, slight stabbing pain on left side of pelvis and sometimes right. Possible implantation?

5 weeks pregnant and had sharp pains in my left pelvic area twice yday and thrice the day before. It only lasted for a couple of seconds. Is this normal?

5 wks 5 days pregnant and having a little pain in my hips is this normal.

5 wks pregnant & having some mild pain/discomfort comes & goes in my left side ovary no other symptoms. What could it be?

5 wks pregnant, sudden sharp pain on right side of abdomen but no bleeding. Could this be an ectopic pregnancy??

5months pregnant right groin pain?

5months pregnant, for past 2weeks my bladder feels like its blocked painfull to pee, back, groin, bladder sever pain. Can barely walk today.

5w3d pregnant.Having right side abdomain n leg pain sometimes. I had hCG 5000inj in 4th wk to the rt side.Ls the pain bcoz of inj. Can i see fetus now?

5weeks pg, today very gassy, felt mild, dull constant pain right side abdomen (ovary) all day. No bleeding, no other symptoms.Should i call my ob?

6 days late on period, pain in lower left abdomen and lump there too. Am i pregnant?

6 months pp from c-sec started working out about a wk and noticing some mild pelvic pain comes and goes on both sides of my pelvis should I worry?

6 weeks preg, started having stabbing sharp pains in my right side of pelvis. Sometimes my left as well. Not severe, but constant. Worried ectopic?

6 weeks pregnant and feeling painful pinching on left side just above hip. Pain comes and goes, no bleeding.

6 weeks pregnant now got spotting and severe rectal cramps really hurts and can't walk. Lasting for 2 hours so far. Struggle to sit. Thanks x.

6 weeks pregnant went to docs on friday for vaginal ultrasound could not hear heart docs says its normal. Began having low back pain yesterday am i ok?

6months pp from c-sec was wrking out & noticed pelvic discomfort both sides stopped wrking out for a wk & went away. Started wrking out again & its bk?

6wks pregnant.Pain in right ovary is on and off.Was severe last night-hard to breathe,but just tender now. Inconsistent.Coupled with lower back pain. ?

7 mths ago I gave birth.Natural delivery,no complications.Ever since had pain on right side like a constant pulling feeling&pain at end of urination. ?

7 wks pp from 1st c-sec how long will I feel pulling sensation around my incision and lower belly ?

7dpo with quick sharp pains in my left ovary with light cramping since 4dpo. Also quick sharp pains in my left boob. Slight lower back pain. Why?

8 months PP, attempted lower ab exercise for 1st time since delivery. Uterus and ovaries felt like they were going to explode and are sore. Normal?

8 weeks pregnant-abdominal pains at night, woke up with uterus bulging out and pain gone. Is this normal?1st appointment this week but am bit worried

8mths pp from 1 c-sec I just got my period & I noticed some soreness discomfort maybe 2" above my scar on my left side. Nt painful just uncomfortable?

9 months pregnant and for the past 2months i've been in so much pain esp my vagina. I feel like i've sat on a bike too long and i'm retainining h2o, norm?

Abdomen area near belly button is slight painful to touch what's wrong i was ttc previous month nw my husband is abroad had light periods? 25 cycle day

Abdominal pain for 6mths(above navel).Went for endoscopy and ultrasound mths back.Was diagnosed with gastritis n symptoms still exist till today.Help!

Abdominal pain on left side pain up bottom and back and womb its not a period and not constpated shes 14?

Abdominal pain on right side also sharp pain in vagina and feel as though something is pressing on right side of abdomen. Missed period for 3months.