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I missed my periods for 6 days now. Its been more than 2 months since i had sex. My previous 2 cycles after intercourse were normal.

11 days late on my period. Indulged in sexual acts but no penetration when was 3 days late. Used protection. Still no period. Pregnant?

12 hrs after sex I had a light 3 day period. Normal 5 days. Sex prior was 3 weeks before. PCOS so no natural periods. Should I take a pregnany test?

25 day cycle unprotected sex on 9th day into cycle what are possiblities of being pregnant?

28 day cycles sometimes its a day here & there depending on my hormones had sex on the 14 last month missed my period was that around ovulation? Preg?

4 days late for my periid I had unprotected sex a week ago could I be pregnant we really want a baby could my mind be delaying my period or not?

5 days late on period, I have the paragard for 7 months, stopped breastfeeding last week after 9 months, had sex on ovulation day, could I be pregnant?

6 days late for period.No sexual intercourse since past few months.U have sleeping pill every night.What could be the cause other than conceiving?

A 28 days cycle can turn up to 35 days cycle? I am only 18 and I am worried. I am 2 days late. I had protected sex after ovulation occur.

A female can have period for 28-35 days?

After intercourse and then 2 consecutive normal menstruations, can someone get pregnant?

After my marriage my period is irregular before marriage my date is 18 after my marriage its delay by 6 days in next month no period with negative pre?

Air embolism during sex on menstrual period, is this normal?

Air embolism during sex on menstrual period, what to do?

Am 3 days late with my period. ..did not have intercourse during my fertility week. ..I have period paines but no bleeding...I am busy with exams any?

Am i pregnant? I am 1 week delay in period, I have a regular menstuation. I had unprotective sex 5 days after my period but i dont have symptoms of pr

Am I pregnant? Irregular periods 3-6 months last one 10 weeks ago had sex 2 weeks ago withdrawal wasn't pregnant before sex

As a woman how long do I have to abstain from sex after my menstruation cycle?

At what point during the menstrual cycle is the safest time to have sex?

Avg cycle don't know when ovulation happened but if had sex on day 9 of my cycle, what are the chances of pregnancy? Had mirena (levonorgestrel) removed a month prior.

Based on your menstrual cycle, when's the best time to have sex so you have the lowest chance of pregnancy?

Based on your menstrual cycle, when's the best time to have sex so you have the lowest chance of pregnancy? i did 8 days before my period. chances?

Been on cerelle for over a year, with no periods, just breakthrough bleeding. Due to the no periods, am I ovulating and is my chance of pregnancy low?

Can a girl be pregnant with pre-cum? If not, then is it normal to observe spotting one day before expected menses (30 day cycle)?

Can a woman ovulate the next day of last day of period if had sex?

Can a women be pregnant having unprotected sex the of or day before her period starts and bleeding still occurs for 6 days?

Can an egg implant to the uterus 3 days after a period has ended, if one has a normal 28 day cycle? Period 5 days, sex on day 6.

Can having protected sex almost every day make a woman miss her menstrual cycle?

Can having protected sex have an effect on the girls menstruation period?

Can having sex on a woman's period make her period abnormal?

Can i be pregnant if i had sex 15 days before my period with pre cum? 30 day menustral cycle.

Can i be pregnant if i had sex on my fertile. Day sept10 2013 and missed my period on sept.25 2013?

Can i become pregnant after having sex 1 day after menstruation period and also 1 day before the start of ovulation window?Ps: i've irregular periods

Can i conceive if i had sex 11 days before my period was due?

Can I get pregnant if I have an unprotected sex on 19th day of my cycle.? I usually have 28-30 days cycle..

Can i get pregnant if I have sex 6 days before my expected period my cycle days are between 30-34?

Can i get pregnant if i have unprotected sex in two days to the begining of my monthly menstrual flow?

Can i get pregnant? I had sex on the 4th day of my cycle (last day of period). I took an ecp 45 minutes later. I have a 27 day cycle.

Can intercouse with gf changes periods timing?

Can metformin make you ovulate earlier than suppose to? 2 months of regular periods. Unprotected sex on day 9 of cycle? Pregnancy a possibility?

Can my partner be pregnant? We had unprotected sex during her second day of menstruation. Her period usually last for 5 days but she ended after day 4

Can one can be pregnet by doing the unprotected sex during the 5th day of her menstrual cycle..If she will do various excercise can she avoid pregen?

Can one conceive when having unprotected sex 8 days b4 periods in a cycle of 28days?

Can one fall pregnant during their periods. I have a normal 28 day cycle. Had sex on the 1st day of my cycle.

Can sex cause my period to become irregular?

Can sex help start a womens period?

Can sex make your cycle late?

Can sexual intercourse before your menstrual cycle delay start day?

Can taking aleeve affect your period or cause spotting after ovulation. Haven't had sex in a month and had a period last month ?

Can the sperm be washed away by the blood in your menstrual period? For example, you had sex during the 3rd day of your period and you haveaheavyflow.

Can u get pregnant by having sex on day 10 of your cycle? Period lasted 7 days.. First period in 2 months due to pcos

Can you fall pregnant 10 days before periods, I had intercourse on the 5th of September but on the 14th I started my period is there a chance that I can be pregnant?

Can you get pregnant by precum? If had sex after period ? 28 menstrual cycle usually lasts 5 days ?

Can you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on the 8th day of a 28-32 days menstrual cycle?

Can you have some form of period and be pregnant? The lighter period occurred 3 days later than expected. Missed pill twice/sex during ovulation.

Can you still have intercourse in the begining of your pregnancy?

Chances of pregnancy if you have intercourse 4 days after period ended (7th day in the cycle) when you have a 33 day cycle (i have pcos)?

Could a girl be pregnant by having sex 1 time only by the next 2 day after finished her period.her cycle is 28 and duration of her period is 5 days?

Could a girl be pregnant having sex 1 time only after finished her period 3 days after ?her cycle is 28 days and duration of her period is 5 days.

Could I possibly pregnant after having unprotected sex then cycle comes on rite after that with a much more heavier and painful cycle?

Could my period change after having sex?

Could precum on the last day of period (7th day) cause pregnancy? Approx 32 day cycle.

Could pregnancy occur bysexual intercourse 2 days after finished her period?is it safe pregnancy?her cycle is 28 days& her period duration is 5 days.

Could sex the day after ovulation spotting lead to pregnancy?

Could you become pregnant during your period? I had sex on the 4th day of my cycle and I think I have an average 27 to 28 day cycle.

Csection&tubal in october. I have had normal menstural cycles since. Have had unprotected sex, i am now on day 44 of a missed cycle. What can it be.

Cycle day 17, we've had sex 9 of those 17 days. What are the chances of pregnancy? I have a normal 28 day cycle.

Day 36 , still no period though have irregular periods. Had sex cycle day 14& 15, is it okay to test now or should I wait a few more days to see?

Does having sex during periods will have effect on pregnancy?

Does intercourse lead to irregular period?

Does sex affect your period? When you have sex does your cycle change?

Does your period change after you have intercourse with someone? Why.

Don't know when i ovulated or conceived.Uprotected sex a week before period(7/7)(pregnancy symptoms in the middle of week that period was missed(7/15)

Ejaculated inside her on her 4th day of period. Regular 30 days cycle. Pregnant or not?

First day of last period was on Feb. 27 to March 3 had unprotected sex on march 5. average cycle is 32 days. Is it safe to pregnancy?

For how long can a women have periods ? In days..And can she have sex while periods time ?

Had a miscarriage 3 months ago.and no period. Having sexual inter course no protection. Can I be pregnant again?.

Had a sex on the 5th day after their any chance to get pregnant?? Menstrual cycle is 30-32 days long.

Had irregular periods forever.The last 3 months have been right on. Had unprotected sex during that time now it 3 day l8 irregular period or pregnancy?

Had my menstrual cycle April 12-15 and was suppose to have it again in the 25 but I'm 2 days late and I do have unprotected sex with my partner ?

Had my period on june 12-16 sex on 19, spotting on june 21, sex again on june 22, any chances of pregnancy?

Had my period last month, but a week after my period I was spotting, had sexual intercourse. Now my period is late. What is happening?

Had my period may 9th. Some spotting. Then another period may 29th. 1 week earlier then my expected 28 day cycle. Very sexually active. Pregnant?

Had my period normally last month. Now this months I'm late and very light period. I've have no sexual intercourse between this time?

Had period end of november lead to dec dr said may be pregnant soft uterus had period week later in january & no ovulation. What could it be?

Had regular periods for 4 years and had unprotected sex 8 weeks ago but hCG levels are 1 at 8 weeks but period is now only fresh blood and longer?

Had sex around my predicted fertile time around november , missed mymy period for december and january , i don't have a appetite period?

Had sex on day 6 of my period and i had very little bleeding but is it possible to get pregnant on the 6th day of my menstruation cycle?

Had sex on the 5th day of my period , my cycle is 30 day regular cycle what are my chances of pregnancy?

Had u/p sex during ovu my cycle is 28dys this month was 30 period 2 days late and a day shorter could there be a chance that I pregnant?

Had unprotected intercourse from day 1 to day 9 of my cycle. I had period december 17-20. And last month, february 15-18. Is pregnancy possible?

Had unprotected intercourse with wife ten days back. Its been 32 days since she had her last Menstrual Cycle. No plans of a baby for now. What to do?

Had unprotected sex 3 days after last menstrual cycle can it cause me to become pregnant ?

Had unprotected sex during my first day of period, had dismenorrhea on the second day heavy blood flow. Chances of getting pregnant?

Had unprotected sex on ovulation day cycle was 2 days early, it's 3 days after cycle and I'm having abnormal cramps, Could I be pregnant?

Had unprotected sex one time, the night my period ended. Cycle length is irregular, averaging 30 days. What is the chance I could get pregnant?

Had unprotected sex with bf on day 27 of cycle. I have 29days menstrual cycle. Will I get pregnant?

Had unprotected sex with my fiancé on 5&6 day of my regular 28 day cycle it ws my safe period wt is the possibility of conceiving ?

Had unprotected sex...then next day my monthly cycle began. Could i still be pregnant?

Have endometriosis. Periods regular but pain. At 7th day of my period had an unprotected sex. Started vianne tablets the same day.Chance of pregnancy?