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I had sex with my husband last night . I felt this sharp pain on my left side. Inside in my low belly and a brown discharge today I'm bleed?

Feeling some boating & movements at left side of abdomen from 2weeks. From 2 days same side experiencing some pain and spotting in brown.reason plz.

Im trying to conceive, past two days ive been having mild pains on my right side ..does it mean i might be pregnant it also hurts when having sex.

intermitt dull pain on right side lower abdomen. urinating more than usual. I'm only half way though menstrual cycle. Off BC. Protected sex Days7-14.

1 c-sec a year ago & when I get and on my period I get this sorness on left side of my pelvis ? Goes away when I'm not on my period?

10 days past ovulation experiencing mild cramps lower right side near my pelvic feels like an annoying pinch have milky discharge possibly pregnant?

10 weeks pregnant and been cramping on the right side off and on. What does this mean?

11 days past ovulation. And 3 days left to start my period. I am having right side of stomach like stabbing and slight cramping can i be pregnant?

15 weeks an 5 days pregnant and have had cramps on left side on and off all morning with no bleeding, is this anything to worry about?

16week pregnant,feel lower pelvic tightness left side or right side swells and lasts 30seconds,felt it yesterday 3times and today 1time,whats it?

17 weeks pregnant had appendix removed 3 weeks ago last night started getting pain on my right side again?

17 weeks pregnant with 4th baby. Having tingling sensation on the right side of belly on and off. Is this normal? Never had it before

18 weeks pregnant and currently have a terrible aching in my right mid to upper arm!? Am I lacking anything

18 wks pregnant and I've been having a slight dull internal ache only on my left side of my vagina. What could be causing this? And shud I be worried?

18mths ago I had twins ever since I was 7mths pregnant with them I have had lower back pain on my right side that has not gone away?

22 weeks pregnant with twins, burning type pain upper right side just under my breast, also the same area on my back. Had this in all 3 pregnancies. ?

22 yr female. Good sized mass on my lower right abdomen right beside my hip bone. haven't had period in 2 mnths but Negative on pregnancy test.No pain?

27 weeks pregnant. Im 43 and got a severe pain on left side.i also have an under active thyroid.

29 weeks pregnant. Started getting constant cramps in my pelvic area and right side of my groin since 7am and it is 2:30pm now and it hasn't stopped..

3 months pregnant bump on right side of lower abdomen could it be an ectopic pregnancy?

3 weeks pregnant and feel horrible cramp on left ovary. What can I do?

31 weeks pregnant and having left lower cramping is this just ligaments? My second pregnancy, they said that he's a little bigger than he should be

31 weeks pregnant while laying on my left side I get a tighten little cramp on the side of stomach & all around why?

31 weeks pregnants. Stomach is real sore and tender on left side of my naval. What could it be and should I call my doctor about it?

31 yes old 20 weeks pregnant and have had pelvic pain on and off all day on the right side?

32 weeks pregnant pain on my left side of my stomach what could be the problem??

32weeks pregnant second child cramping on the left side of my back why is this?

35 weeks 5 days pregnant. Today i felt slight pain in my lower abdomen but not continuously.Currently i don't feel any pain.Is there anything to worry ?

35 weeks pregnant , have pain in left side of vagina . More like a cramp pain when walking or by getting up . Some Pain after sex .What could it be ?

35 weeks pregnant, lower back on right side hurting, contractions?

36 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Left side pain and bad diarrhea. Is this normal?

38 weeks pregnant and my stomach is constantly hard with a slight pain on my right side What could this be?

4 week miscarriage last month. Pregnant this month. No period in between. Slight dull ache on right side. Dr said it's hormones. Is this true??

4 weeks 5days pregnant, mild cramps on right side, and movement. Is that where the baby is growing?

4.5 weeks pregnant 4 months after ectopic and wondering if its normal to feel pain on the side of surgery with current pregnancy?

5 1/2 weeks pregnant sharp pain every couple days in same spot on lower right pelvis even if i don't move. Normal? Tubal pregnancy? Thanks

5 days after my period i ststarted have cramps in my lower left side and lower belly and every since then I have been havingmildcrampsisit implantaion?

5 week pregnant and right side of my lower belly has an annoying sensation no pain just annoyin no cramps or spottin what could it be?? It dnt hurt

5 weeks pregnant and constant cramping on both sides much more so than with my singleton son. Could it be multiples?

6w5d preg.ultrasound was fine. Brown spotting for 1w. Cramping and lower back pain in lower left side (front and back). Should I be worried?

7 months pregnant and I have a pain in my left hip.This happened last pregnancy.What could be causing this.Only hurts when im pregnant?

7weeks pregnant .. Small pain at top of pelvic bone on right side . Should i b worried ?

8 dpo, cramping on an off on left side, with nausea.trying to conceive?

9 months pregnant 8 days away from due.Date im having pain in left side of stomach?

Abdominal pain right hand side/pregnant 3mths pregnant/ constapated/ when booped pain releived a little.

Abdominal pain right hand side/pregnant 3mths pregnant/ constapated/ when booped pain releived a little.

Am almost 2 months late on my period and on my right side of my belly it kinda hard then the left side I don't if am pregnant I have got any morningsi?

Approx 8wks pregnant and still getting right sided cramping. Been on and off for around 3weeks now. Normal?

Apx 6wks pregnant spotting that has 2nite turned red and thick low cramps increasing pain right side stronger left tube ectopic 1yr ago er or wait?

Are you pregnant if both of your sides hurt ?

Baby been very active since 6 am it's already noon and having Pain/discomfort around left side of belly button 26 weeks pregnant woke up like that today it's that normal??

Been having dull overy pian on my left side after my last period, recently been peeing a lot but only a little bit. Still a virgin. Period again soon?

Been on the contraceptive pill for nearley a year now and have breakthrogh bleeding 1st time its happend and pain left hand side of abdomen?

Breasts are tender and hurt, but I don't have any other side effects relating to pregnancy, could I still be pregnant?

Can contractions happen without belly tightening? I'm 26 weeks pregnant and yesterday felt kinda of cramps in my left side, but it's gone. Normal?

Can I be pregnant if I had my tubes tied a year ago , cuz I've been spotting and have pain on left side. Migraines also everyday?

Can you get pregnant if you have a a cyst on the right side of your pelvic?

Can you ovulate twice in a month i had pinchy ovulation pain and cramps in left side 3/4 days ago and the same today but the right side? thank you

Can you please tell me if it's more likely to get pregnant right before your period or right after?

Could cramping on the right side of abdomine mean tht conception has occured?

Could i be pregnant right now?

Could i be pregnant? I have been having sharp pains on my side for the last couple of hours

Could I have periods and still be pregnant? I have been feeling movement in my lower center ab right above pubic bone. Slight constant ache in that area with a feelin of very tight. Couple months ago i suspected i might be pregnant but started my period.

Could I still be pregnant if I stand up right after the sperm went in and most of it fell out I'm also cramping ?

Could slight pain in my ride side and headaches over last few days be a sign that i'm pregnant?

Cramping from left to Right feels like around the ovaries its slight can it be pregnancy symptoms ?

Cramping on right side mid cycle mean pregnancy?

Cramps when I was Oing the pain was on the L side then to the R side. I'm trying to conceive, I was wondering if that means twins. No Pain now. ?

Cramps bottom right side missed peroide alittle spotting?

Cramps on right side of pelvis. Period due next week?

Currently 20 weeks pregnant and i've been getting really sharp pain below my rib cage on the left side. Same symptom on previous pregnancy which was preemie.

Discomfort on right side a few days after ovulation - same side as prior ectopic. Had sex the morning of ovulation. Full feelin-right upper abdomen..

Doc i did sex 4 days bfore. I used condom. Now I am having groin pain in right side.What shoud i do.

Does early stages of pregnancy causes your left side to hurt?

Does ouvlation make your side hurt in belly cramp?

Does your stomache get hard on the left side or the right side when you are pregnant or befor you find out you are pregnant?

Dr.Iam at 11 dpo.On 8th DPO i had a headache in morning which last for few hours, having back ache, left side boob highly sore, right side liitle.Prego?

DULL ACHE On left side Of uterus 4 days before missed period. Could I be pregnant? Also, this is no gas.

During my ovulation i felt a pain on my left lower abdomen and i had sex 2days later can I still get pregnanat?

Early pregnancy ,but how can i know if ectopic i had one three months ago and on the lower right side it feels hard and if i push there ia mild pain?

Eptopic pregnant last year, currently 5 weeks preg, and having dull pains like ovulation pains on left side, could it be another eptopic?

Every month on pms I only ever feel my cramps on the right side never the left, thought ovaries takes turns releasing an egg, left and right?

Every since my period went off, i've had backaches and my left side hurts sometimes. Could i be pregnant?

Every time I have my menstrual cycle I get severe cramps on my right side and nothing seems to help what should I do?

First timetrying to get pregnant 2 soon for hpt but I've been feeling sharp pain in uterus it comes & goes very fast.Right upper side what can it be?

For the past 2 days I have been having a pulling feeling right below my belly button. I am 2 days past ovulation. Am i pregnant?

For the past 5 months, 1wk-a few days before my period i get pinching pain on the right side of my low back. No other symptoms, should I be worried?

Good afternoon, I am 35 yrs old with "many" cyst on the left side. I look about 4 mon. pregnant. What should I do?

Got little cramp at the lower right side of my abdomen. I first felt it when i had my first sex and the 2nd time i used ecp. Is it bad ? Pregnant?

Had a parcel histaraktomy and my tubes tied 9 years ago last 2 days I have been having cramps on my lower left side could i be pragnet?

Had etppic pregnancy have one tube left side can I have a normal pregnancy or is that side tied?

Had intercourse last night, slightly rougher than usual. Today I have strong abdominal pain mainly on right side. I have an iud; could this benormal?

Had my period on 6/4-6/10 the next day I been having cramps on and off just on my left side my husband&I are trying for a baby?

Had sax last night six days before ovulation by my ovulation traker now I am having pain in my lower back and right side what could it be?

Had sex unprecedented am on birth control he pulled out but it's been 5 days and I have pain in my bottom left side of my stomach can I be preg?

Had unprotected sex about a month ago ... He nutted in me but now i keep have pain on my right side right by my rib cage. What could cause this?

Halo, I'm 2 days past ovulation and I have mild pain on my left side could I be pregnant? I had sex on the 14th and 15th day.

Have rash on stomach right side and am pregnant what's this ?

Having labor like pain but im not pregnant it start on my right side and has gotten worse?

Having left side cramping that goes down to left thigh, though mildly. I'm currently @ cycle day 18. What can this possible mean? I'm sexually active.