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had protected sex on the 9th of may. My period is usually heavy and regular this month it arrived on time (29th) it's been very light. Is this normal?

period was 2 days late and only lasted 3 days, first day being heavy second day not so much and third barley anything. pregnant ?

1 day light period, then 3 days of spotting only when i wiped after using the restroom. Is this normal? My period heavy and lasts about 5-7 days.

10 months ago my period changed and now I get a brown light period for 4 days then my regular period kicks in for another 5. Is this normal?

12 days late for periods and I have had light pink spotting is this my period returning or may I be pregnant?

12dpo started to have brown discharge which is very light. Period is due in two . Days 10/1. Is it implantation or is it to late? Period alwayson time

13 day light period and on 14th day just brown during anovulatory period is that normal?

13 days late period. Light pink discharge only on finger. Now none at all. Never have been this late or simply missed a period.

15 days of spotting after a week of my period end I am 2 days due before my next period but i still see a light pinkish blood when i wipe am i prego?

1st month on oral bc.vry scanty period.spotting red blood for 3 days for periods.sometimes a heavier this normal?when will periods be regular?

2 day late spotty light period last month, now 3 day late period and brown spotting. Never had sex. Periods have usually been regular?

2 days late period and very light, lasted only day. Could this be implantation bleeding?

2 days late, some very light spotting (brown or light pink) but negative test. Could I still be pregnant?

2 light periods in one month could i be pregnant?

2 months missed period now im bleeding light but only when I whip?

22 days late on period and I spotted very light one day before more than a few days before period was due only when I wiped but didn't last am I preg?

23 year old virgin normal regular periods this month 9 days early very light period. What could be the cause? Is something wrong?

28 day cycle always regular one day late 2nd day cramping light dark brown spotting, could this be pregnancy? Used withdraw method durring fertile day

3 day period, heavy the first 2 days. Then very light the 3rd day. Now spotting light pink.... Any help?

3 days befor my expected period, i had very light spotting of pink blood. i am 3 days late already..i always had regular periods. should i be worried?

3 days late but had light bleeding of old blood for three days. Always have heavy regular periods? 3 neg. Hpt a week later. What could cause this?

3 days late for my period, started spotting very lightly, pink brown blood 2 days ago. No menstraul symptoms. My period is very regular usually. ?

3 days late now spotting pink/ brown.. Tired, constipated, and mood swings could i be pregnant? Last day had sex 8 days ago and regular periods.

3 days late period, brown discharge for a day, light bleeding for 1 day, am i pregnant?

3 days of light spotting when period was due, my periods are always heavy & last for 7 days. never had irregular periods - possibility of pregnancy?

4 days late and then very light bleeding for 2 1/2 days. All night very nauseas. I have never been this late ever and am very regular. ttc 8 months?

4 days of red fresh blood spotting, no period, age 41, period cramps, stress and delayed or missed periods ?

4 months ago i stopped the pill after 14 years. My periods have become very short and lite. Last one barely had spotting. Not pregnant. Is this normal?

40 year old, 5 days late for regular cycle, lite pink-red spotting on missed day 4 only..I had a tubal reversal 2 years ago. ???

43years old ...Very light spotting mid cycle?

44 yrs old every once in a while I have very faint spotting 3 days before period. Also my periods have gotten very light and shorter with age why?

5 days after period ended... Possible reasons for 4 days of light spotting?

5 days before start of period, brown spotting. It seems every month I have brown spotting 4 days before start of my period and will last till my perio

5 days late beginning next month light first day second day heavy third day heavy should I wait for a pregnancy test?

6 days late. Always had a normal cycle. Light spotting for oNE day. What could be the reason?

6 months without bc and my period every month is very light that lasts a little over a week is it normal? Am i still ovulating?

7 days before period, cramps, sore back, tender boobs, very light spotting, pinkish color.Can it be implantation bleeding?My period always on time.28 cycle

7weeks pregnant. Starting spotting 2weeks ago then got heavier and now red bleeding like period with period cramping. Do I start miscarrying?

8 day period then 4 days after light bleeding that lasted 2 days. What could cause this?

9 and 10 DPO light spotting. Could I be pregnant? TTC.

9days late period and is very light and not heavy, should I be concerned?

9months TTC 5regular periodsthat last 4days,1stday or 2light bleeding and spotting the other2 is it normal to have very light period or time to see DR?

A day late for my period and today im having some light pink spotting could i be pregnant?

A day late on my period had very light brown blood which is unusual for me. Could it be pregnancy? As my last period only lasted 3 days &spottedBlood

A day late on period/brown discharge in the morning, exercised in the afternoon now bleeding is this my period or something else?

A lighter period than usual, only lasted 3 days, no pms. Positive i'm not pregnant. What's the problem?

A month ago I had my period but it was really light last month I had it but I was spotting every other day could it be possible for me to conceive ?

A week before my period was suppose to start i had brown spotting and i was bleeding like im on my period. but now its less,its only been 1 1/2 days?

A week before period was due had spotting not enough to fill a panty liner. Period still never showed up. Period is regular . What could be wrong?

After a very very early miscarriage a week later i get a very light brownish period is that normal and what does it mean?

After d&c my first periods were fine but my second period are light its been two days of just light spotting what should i do?

After sex i had spotting 4 days later. Then i had my period, which was shorter & lighter flow. I have been feeling bloated since. I am on the pill.

After your heavy period cycle ends and there's still light bleeding is it still considered your period?

After yrs of consistent periods i missed a period in nov & have since had spotting or light bleeding each month, never filling pads or tampon. Causes?

Always had irregular periods. But my period lasted 8 days & continuing when I usually last 5 days. It's lighter than usual. Had sex 1 week ago. Help?

Am a very flower.But this month my period was lighht?

Am i pregnant . Had sex 3 weeks before periods, than got my periods (abit heavy with clots&cramps) and now my next periods are late now blood is brown?

Am i pregnant?I missed my period for a month next month came early i started bleeding heavy at first then turned brown and it was shorter then usually

An app that tracks my period. I received my period a week early, which was a normal period not light. Now, two weeks later I have spotting. Why?

Are a lot of backaches normal with light periods?

Are light periods normal after pregnancy?

Are there any other reasons for a light period other than pregnancy? Like the morning after pill?

Been having a light period for 7 days, why?

Been having extremely light brown period, i'm on my 8th day and spotting.Trying to conceive but to early to test. Could this be implantation bleeding?

Been having irregular spotting round expect period last regular period was June 8,2015 been having light spotting since prey test neg could I be preg?

Been off my (unusually light and short) period for a week and now i'm spotting had sex multiple times durring ovulation (ttc) could this be pregnancy?

Been on Lutera for 6 months. Period last three days and is very light. Is that normal?

Been trying to get pregnant. Had light spotting yesterday and this morning heavier and now just barely spotting. Is this my period? I'm at day 28.

Been ttc, I have been brown spotting to light period for 7 days. Nothing to even fill a tampon. Is it delayed due to stress of ttc? Negative hpt

Black menses on the first day of period?

Bleeding came a week early and was shorter then usual with no cramps. Could this be implantation bleeding? It wasnt as heavy as my usual period flow..

Bright red/brownish bleeding lighter than regular period 7 days after missed period. Regular periods. 22d cycle. Implantation? Miscarriage?

Brown blood with discharge instead of normal heavy flow on the exact expected time of period. Last month skipped period, what can it be?Periods irreg.

Brown discharge 7-8 days before period really light lasted 4-5 days, now my period is 6 days late would that have been my period no problem wit uterus?

Brown discharge instead of period for a month, a lot lighter than a usual period, usually heavy red periods that are regular, virgin. What's wrong?

Can a 3 day light period w/ light cramps first day be implantation bleeding & My periods are normally 7 days long?

Can a period be light and will last for 12 days?

Can anovulation bleeding be the same as a normal period? Like if my period came 10 days late 2 months in a row but flow&duration was normal as usual?

Can daily jogging (30 mins) cause spotting b4 expected period? Brown spotting then a little red spotting, very light compared to period. Pregnant?

Can first month on metformin cause your period to be weird? Spotting before period one day and spotting after flow lightened?7day total but norm 5days

Can I be pregnant even though I'm having a very light period?

Can i be pregnant if my period is light and 1 in a half weeks late and it like brownish ?

Can I be pregnant if I had a shorter (3days) and lighter period than usual. My norm periods are 7 days & aren't light til the last 2/3 days?

Can i get pregnant 8 days before my expected period? And my period was 1 day early but not the usual. It was brownish pinkish in color and very light.

Can i still be pregnant. If the linning of my uterus is still thicked weeks after my light period. It lasted almost 3 days.

Can implantation be heavy? I spotted light brown for 3 days to bleeding for a full day. Ttc. Could i be pregnant? Im usually regular on my period.

Can implantation bleeding last for 3 days and resemble a light period? Starting 11 days before period should start

Can implantation bleeding last for 6 days and resemble a light period? Starting 9 days before period should start?

Can intense intercourse cause your period to come early and light?

Can late ovulation cause your period to be light?

Can light spotting occur during ovulation?

Can metronidazole cause your period to be very light ?

Can sperm live through a period I had a period but it was light I bled for 5 days?

Can spotting sometimes take the place of periods? I'm very irregular. Have been spotting for 4 days. Very light pink off and on. Should i be worried?

Can stress cause very light period bleeding and come early and brown ?

Can u be pregnant and still get a light period i'm 10 days late and i just started spotting very light?

Can u have light pink spotting a week before your period?

Can u still be pregnant and have a light period?

Can you answer, is a short/light brownish period a sign of pregnancy?

Can you be pregnant and get a lighter shorter period that lasts less than a day instead of having a completely missed period?