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Came on my period 3 days early which was the 6 heavy bleeding stopped the 9th the day i was suppose to come on now im spotting pregnant?

I don't start my period until next week but on the 12 I have heavy bleeding with a little.. but it only lasted 3 days what's wrong?

(5days period)i had sex on the 2nd day during my period. 3rd of my period, i stop bleeding for12 hours. I still have spotting on the 6th &7th day. ?

11 days after my period I bled for 4 days. Took EC a few days earlier. Could this be breakthrough bleeding? Does it effect my normal cycle time?

2 days after sex started bleeding lighty and it lasted for 6 days. My period ended a week and some before. What could it be?

2 days after sex, I got my period. Took EC on d first day of my period. Cramps stopped & bleeding is very light than usual. Is EC d reason for this?

2 weeks till my period, why am i bleeding?

2months of unprotected sex 9 days late on period started bleeding today is it implantation bleeding?

3 days late on period, the next morning bled more than spotting less than day after brown in morning,has completely stopped?

3 weeks late for my period, finally got it ! two days later began bleeding again for 4 days, stops and 2 days later bleeding again. What's wrong ?

5 days after my period ended, I began light bleeding. I did have sex with my husband the day after my period ended. I've been bleeding for 15 days.

5 days late and started bleeding. What does this mean?

8 days after my period finished i start bleeding again today is the 5 th day of my bleeding it is very light what is the cause of this bleeding?

A week early for period spotted four days bled heavy for six days then stops am i pregnant?

Abnormal period stopped my Depo-Provera in april normal period after an now just light bleeding thats been going for almost 2 weeks?

Abortion, bled 2 weeks stopped for week, bled again and its been 13 days today i've been bleeding, period? Is it normal to bleed this long 1st period?

After 3 years of trying, I want to give up. I thought I had implantation bleeding then I was a day late. I started my period today. Any advice?

After a normal period, i began to bleed a week later (3 weeks now), what causes that?

After being 15 days late, my period apparently came. Much more lightly than normal, but same lenght. Could it have been implantation bleeding?

After my period is 1 week late , breakthrough bleeding started and continued for 2 weeks .Can i be pregnant?

After my period just ended I started bleeding again. ?

After period ended, a week later started to bleed again. Why is it so? Am i sick?

Am pregnant january 6 2013 . I missed my period december 2012 . I started bleeding lightly i started bleeding tissue . Am i having a miscarriage ?

BC prescription lapsed, 3 weeks off, Started again a week before expected period.. Had some bleeding and cramps a day before expected period, Normal?

Been bleeding for 3 days as heavy as my period after first time sex, its still not stopped. Still have a week till next period. Should i be worried?

Been lightly bleeding for past 4 days. This is about 10 day earlier than normal period! Normal? First time happening to me.

Been off Depo-Provera for 7 weeks ..started bleeding brown bloof for 4 days its a normal period..if I bleed for more than a week is this normal? C dr?

Began birth control 4 days into period on a sunday. Period ended tuesday. Then i started bleeding again? It's been 5 days and still bleeding. Help?

Bled for a week and a half with mirena (levonorgestrel) and 3 days no bleeding and now light bleeding/spotting since Monday, is this normal after having a period?

Bleed like a period but just ended finished my period a week or two ago, could it be polyps?

Bleeding 11 days after my last period started why?

Bleeding 2 days after period ended what's going on?

Bleeding after sex for 8 days .started light and had one day wen I had slightly heavy bleeding.but now I'm a week late for my normal period.pregnant?

Bleeding every 2 weeks when i'm suppose to be ovalating. What could be going on?

Bleeding heavily 10 days after period. Last period was on 28th Nov. Started bleeding again on the 8th Dec. Not as normal menstrual bleeding.

Bleeding/spotting fresh and old blood off & on for two days. Period ended 10 days ago. Got off Depo 2 months ago. What could it be?

Can breakthrough bleeding mean im pregnant even if i got my period?

Can i delay my periods even if it has started and there is little spotting and it is the first day ?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy? I had an IUI nov 29 i started bleeding dec 8 th?

Causes of bleeding and how to make it stop? Had sex, one week after period, started bleeding and cramping next morning, has been 3 days now.

Could breakthrough bleeding for a week cause period to not come(on BC)? bleeding lasted for a week and ended last week, period should be this week.

Could i be pregnant if i started bleeding for only 2 days a week after i ended my period.

Does implantation bleeding happen enforce or after a missed period? I'm 10 days late and had a little but of bleeding today and then it stopped.

During day 2 of my period, bleeding stopped. It has been at least 24 hours. Not sure if period is over. I still have cramps?

During ovulation period and after intercourse i started to bleed not heavily but only when i wiped.It is been 3 days.Any idea.I am regular 28days?

During sex, i started to bleed. Not on my period. My depo ended in the end of September. What does this mean?

Ended up having a miscarriage, I started bleeding and very heavy. When is it ok to start to have sex again?

Finished period, had sex 2 days later and started spotting lightly, could it be implantation bleeding? Could i be pregnant, i been trying to concieve

Four days late on my cycle and started bleeding today what do I do what's wrong ?

Four weeks pregnant had sex last night started bleeding no cramping and bleeding stopped shortly afterwards?

Got mirena (levonorgestrel) in jan stopped constant bleeding in apr had normal periods til july i had 2 periods and now i'm bleeding for the 3rd time. Is this normal?

Gotten period on the first to the fourth as normal then on the fifteen an today bleeding again is this normal?

Had my period and started bleeding again, help?

Had nexplanon since June 2013. Had a period 6 Oct 2014, 10 days later i started bleeding/spotting and I still am. What's wrong should i be worried.

Had period on April 28 to May 4th, was a regular period. I had sex night after & started bleeding again 2 days after. Its been a week, still bleeding?

Had regular 3 day periods tell June 9 i stared on time but I'm still bleeding today July 6 . what could be wrong ? Pregnant?

Had sex last week on the 7th and the week before on the 31st of may and started bleeding the 5th of june and now am bleeding brown can I be pregnant?

Had sex on 4 november and the same evening i started periods.Which ended on 9 november.Now after week i started bleeding again.Can this be pregnancy?

Had sex twice two days after my period had ended.I noticed bleeding after every time but not for this normal?

Had slight cramping three days before i started bleeding of a normal period, but stopped 3 days normally hav 5 day of bleeding. Could i be pregnant?

Had spotting a week before my period,started on time & normal to light 1 day w/o bleeding. cramping has not stopped since my period ended?

Having brown discharge. had 2 period last month. 2nd one occurred after intercourse n started bleeding. might be cause of miscarriage. pls help?

Having unprotected sex but got my period then got it again 2 weeks later lasting for 2 weeks 1 wk was heavy bleeding & 1 wk was spotting im still spotting?

Havnt had period for 2 months then i had protected sex the next day i started very light spotting and it continued for about a week What could this be caused from is it implantation or just period?

Hello doctor I had sex it was time for my periods to start so I had sex afternoon and at night I got spotting which lasted for 2 days and had periods for 5 days which was only one pad full day.. now the bleeding stopped but it's not ending I am having clo

Hi I have the paragard since dec 22, my second period suppose to start two days ago, I have some cramps but no bleeding yet... what's going on?

Hi .I have breakthrough bleeding since 15 days after i was 1 week late to my period.Why it is happening?

Hi after my normal periods ended after four days I saw some spotting for two days and on third day it way like menstural bleeding?

Hi doctor, I've had heavy bleeding for 2 days and light spotting for 15 days. I had intercourse last Jan 11 and the bleeding started 21. Am I pregnant?

Hi Dr I finished my period almost 3 weeks ago and out of no where I started bleeding again?

Hi I finished my period last week it took longer to come then usual and I had cramps and spotting 4 days before my period.I started bleeding again as ?

Hi I had came on my period on the 7th of this month, this morning I woke up and I was bleeding. Which I still am. Is this normal?

Hi I had my period 2 weeks and den took morning after I bleed 3 days after for 4 dayd.its month end and I still did not have my plz?

Hi I had my period already then four day after it ended I started spotting for a week and not much when spotting either?

Hi I'm 16 and thought I was 3 months pregnant yesterday I started bleeding could it be my period?

Hi I'm having a bleeding after 1week of period? Is this normal? Thank you.

Hi i'm on the orthopatch for 6months now & i always have regular periods but this month im bleeding after stopping my period 7days ago what can it be?

Hi last month i had a irregular period i started bleeding 5 days before my regular period BUT it was like spotting and i got it again but more blood ?

Hi, I have been getting my period twice a month for a consecutive period of 2 months and only bleed for less than 2day.what might I be the cause of it?

Hi. I took morning after pill, 2 weeks ago and now I am bleeding since last sunday. My period is due in 5 days. Is this normal? Bleeding is medium flo

Hi. i was pregnant 6 weeks.i took the abortion pill. I had bled for 2 weeks after that. bleeding stopped for 6 days but started again. Is this normal?

Hi. So last saturday i stared bleeding. This is highly unusual for me since I have never spotted between my menstrual cycles. What might be wrong?

Hi...just came on here for a little advise my period is not due until 10 days time.. i started bleeding this morning 3 days after last ovaluation day ?

How do I know If I got my normal period or heavy bleeding in early pregnancy? Is heavy bleeding common? 3 weeks after sex.. 4 weeks since lmp

How long does implantation bleeding last I have been bleeding since my last period 2 days really red and then brown i took planb am i pregnant?

I have a period every month but every month only bleed few days couldI be pregnant bf thinks I'm starting to Pudge. Always have cramps when not bleed?

I always have a regular period, but this month I started spotting for a full day, next day some bleeding, next two days just spotting. What is this?

I am 22 years old . I had my periods from 4th august to 13 august and I have started bleeding again from today that is 22nd august. My periods have been normal before.

I am 40 and just finished my cycle last week and have started bleeding again?

I am 47, always had regular periods. This month my period came as normal, finished 5 days later and now a week later I have had 4 days of bleeding?

I am due to start my period tomorrow and today is the first day without bleeding since before my last period. I am on the pill. What is wrong with me?

I am expecting my period on the 1st of june but it came on 29 may. Could it be implantation bleeding? Thanks

I am on nuvaring and my period started 2 weeks early and it has been very heavy for 7 days now. Is this something I should be concerned about?

I am on the pill. Had my period for about 5 days. A week later I started bleeding again and it has lasted up to 10 days. Had sex little over a month?

I am pretty sure I have an irregular period but the other night I was bleeding then the next morning it stopped. Am I okay?

I been off Depo-Provera for 11months, got my period 8mnths after but I been bleeding for over a month since. Why am I still bleeding? What can I do?

I bled a little 2 weeks before period was due and now i'm 3 days late. Never bled inbetween periods before?

I bled for 2 days 1 week after my period what could this be?

I bled for one day after I came off my period. Now two weeks after that happened I am bleeding again. Should I be concerned?

I bleed twice a month. Once is a normal period and second is about a week later for 3 to 5 days. I have been off my bc since april. Is this normal?