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Had light bleeding for 4-5 days before my period was due with no other symptoms. A week after that i started getting more symptoms. Could i b preg?

1 year postpartum, period returned 7 months ago. My cycle was 28-30 days until two months ago and now it's 22-23 days. What's causing this?

10 days after possible conception sore breasts and light cramping my period is due in 5 days and no spotting is it menstrual symptoms or possible preg?

1st day of last period was 10.20, had sex a week & after, for a few days. Experiencing mild cramping, early pregnancy sign? Cycle due 11.15

3rd cycle since miscarriage- had 2 normal periods, now have pink when wiping and cramps pains - not pregnant, -10 days until period is due.concerning?

4 days ago I was told by a Dr. I had gastritis. I'm 5 days late on my period. Can the two be related?

5 days before my period is due but only morning one time loose motion, is this pregnancy symptoms please suggest. ?

A week before going on your menstrual cycle, can you have early cramps and other symptoms?

After delivery my periods are unusual, why?

Age 42, always had normal periods. Period came 11 days early. No other issues.

Am i pregnant? I usually have 7 day periods. This month my period lasted two days. I've also experienced severe cramping. Could this mean possible pregnancy?

Are light periods a symptom of infertility?

Are there any symptoms that may occur that are could indicate i could be pregnant? My period isn't due yet, but i just was curious.

Been TTC for 3 months. I always have moderate-severe menstrual cramps the week leading up to my period, but not this month. Could this be a sign?

Brownish very light period also been nauseous & have had change in appetite among other things could I be pregnant & this be implantation bleeding?

Can a missed period be related to cancer?

Can a thickened endometrium indicate a possible early pregnancy or the onset of a heavy menstrual cycle?

Can discomfort during sex be a sign of pregnancy? My period is due tomorrow.

Can early periods be caused by dehydration?

Can fibroids caused late period?

Can implanatation bleeding occur 2 days before expecting period?How many days will it lasts condidering normal periods?Main difference please

Can implantation bleeding occur 2 days before period is due? And, can it be accompanied with period like symptoms?

Can implantation bleeding occur a day or 2 after period due date? Also is spotting and cramping common once missed a period?

Can irregular periods and itchiness cause problems during pregnancy?

Can lots of sex make my period little late due to hormonal changes?

Can missing ovulation (12days spotting and bleeding) be the caused of low iron?

Can on and off bloating and cramping during the due date of a period be a sign of pregnancy?

Can ovulation pain still occur 18-20 days AFTER first period day? Period is scheduled to come in 10 days. No blood, discharge or anything alarming.

Can PCOS prolong menses sympt.?Cramps b4 missed menses now gone. bloated. Usually a sign it's coming even when irregular.But No cramps/bleeding now

Can pregnancy bleeding occur like normal periods, like can it have cyclic bleeding like how menses occur?And can it be cyclic for 5months into preg?

Can someone please kindly explain what is spotting in between periods? And can it occur 6 days before your next cycle is due?

Can spotting be a symptom metural cycle is coming ?

Can tell you pregnant if you are bleeding and your period is 17 days early?. Im bleeding medium flow. My signs are sleepiness, nausea, & cramps.

Can u be pregnant after having a tubal 5 yrs ago? Having all the symptoms including kicking and have had abnormal periods only spotting .

Can you confuse your period with vaginal bleeding during due to pregnancy ?

Can you experience period symptoms after your period ends?

Can your period be triggered and how?

Can your periods delay due to anemia?

Could cramps day before period is due and then no period on the day its due be an early sign of pregnancy?

Could diarrhea be connected with a condition that leads to a late / missed period?

Could having no mucus, during the time of your expected period a sign of pregnancy?having a low tight cervix, usual before period or a sign of preg.?

Could I be pregnant if I've been experiencing nausea for about a week throughout the day, if so can I take a test if my period is due at the end of wk?

Could my period and diarrhea be related to one another?

Difference between implantation bleeding and start of period?? Does cramps, backaches, and tender breast occur with implantation?

Does abdominal cramping after an orgasm indicate a chance of pregnancy? Or could it be because of my period, which is due in a week?

Does backache occur every time before periods?

Does missed period maybe caused by hormonal imbalance after pregnancy? I had my baby almost 9 months ago and for the past two months i had an irregular period, maximum of 2 weeks delayed. But now I am almost 3 weeks delayed, i had brownish discharge last

Don't you count back 3 months from your last menstrual period, for the month you're due in? So, if my last period was april, i'm due in january? Right

Every month i got period before 3 days from my due date but this month 2 days left is it the sign of pregnancy?

Excessive stomach pains, bloating, finished period 2 week ago, period was delayed for the second time due to stress, and never had sex. what's wrong??

Excessive watery discharge very unusual, usually very dry right before menstruation, negative pregnancy test period due in next day or so, ?

Experiencing Menstrual like cramps but I am not on my period and it is not due for 9 days (I think I've already ovulated this month) what is it?!

Found out i was pregnant four days ago, periods were due, had all the symptoms but they suddenly stopped and have been spotting could i still b pregnant?

Getting a normal period(flow is normal and good, duration also) after 1week of intercourse.Is it a sign of miss-pregnancy ??

Had a one off brown discharge. Not due period as already came on end of january I am irregular I have pco also, cramping in right side. Need help?

Had a vaginal ultrasound a day before my period was due, to check all was ok . Im a day late, unusual. Could the dr have missed a pregancy?

Had a very late period and am now having light on and off bleeding. Been under a lot of stress, but wondering if this could be a sign of pregnancy?

Had pregnancy symptoms a week ago, period was 8 days late now i have a menstrual flow could this be stress or something else causing this?

Had sex two days before ovulation, my period is due in one day, having lower stomach cramps and fatigue, cld these be possible signs of pregnancy?

Had the contraceptive injection a month ago, and I haven't come on my period this month and I was due two weeks ago, is that normal?

Have had 1 wk of slight cramping and very sore breasts. Could this be due to pcos, changes to PMS symptoms or possible pregnancy?Period due in 3 days

Having cramps my period isn't due for another 2 or 3 weeks what could this be?

Having heartburn whole day & night for the first time 1 week before expected period. Is this normal or should I be concerned? This is abnormal for me.

Hello, i'm 31 years of age I have been having brown spotting off and on for 3 days and fatigue. My cycle isn't due for another week.?

Hello. Is it possible for implantation to occur on your 20th day cycle. Thanks.?

Hi I've started bleeding 7 days after ovulating, is it possible to be my period although I'm not due for a week or could it mean I may be pregnant I h?

Hi im due my period in 3 days but im not showing any signs i normally would before af arrives. Could i be pregnant??

Hi my period was late i am now spotting a week after and having cramps and pain during sex just wondering if these are symptoms of anything abnormal?

Hi, i am cramping mildly 9 days after ovulation and im not due on my period for 9 days. Possible pregnancy?

Hi, I have been having early pregnancy symptoms, my period is not due til Friday. Last night I had the start of implantation bleeding, just a few brow?

Hi, I have been off the depo shot for almost two years and I have not seen any type of sign of a menstrutal cycle. I'm having signs of being pregnant ?

Hi, I have been on my period for a month now & also my period has been brown for about 4 days. Do tou have any idea what is the problem?

Hi, I have came on my period 9 days early but I have had a very stressful month. My normal period is due at the end of the month and I was wondering if this could be my hormones or a sign of pregnancy.

Hi! I missed my period twice already. I usually only missed one month per year due to changing of cycle. I'm having cramps, bloating?

How can I tell if im having implantation bleeding or a wierd cycle due to stress?

How early can I experience morning sickness? What are some pregnant symptoms you can get before missing your period? My period is due 5-15-14.

How many days before a period is due should you fast?

How soon can you experience implementation spotting after having sexual relations? Is it possible to confuse period with implementation spotting?

I always have diarrhea on my fertile week does this mean im about to ovulate due to hormones could this be a symptom?

I am 41 years old and always had regular periods however I have slight bleeding today and I am not due for another 13 days. I am not pregnant.

I am experiencing missed or late menstrual period. The following also describes me: Irregular menstrual periods. What should I do?

I am experiencing missed or late menstrual period. The following also describes me: No menstrual periods. What should I do?

I am experiencing missed or late menstrual period. The following also describes me: No menstrual periods. What should I do?

I am experiencing missed or late menstrual period. The following also describes me: No menstrual periods. What should I do?

I am experiencing irregular menstrual periods and missed or late menstrual period. The following also describes me: Mood swings. What should I do?

I am experiencing very less bleeding during periods,my age is 19 and i am overweight can you tell me what should be the reasons and what should i do?

I am getting brown discharge since last 3 days as my period due date is on 16 i was on novelon for 20 days should I consider periods or its still due?

I am having major cramps and regular symptoms as if i were on my period however I am not having any bleeding, what does that mean?

I am having sensitive nipples in the morning from past two days, is it a symptom of early pregnancy. I have irregular periods due to pcos?

I am not due for my menstrual cycle but have been bleeding for the last two days? Should I see my Doctor?

I am not pregnant, but i am spotting for over a week what's causing this?

I am of 16 but it occur first time that i didn't got periods this feb. Is it very serious issue or it will occur again this month?

I am wondering what helps with bloating due to your period?

I can't tell if the bleeding is from my cyst, maybe pregnancy or period starting two days early. Can you help me figure this out?

I feel like pregnant after my abnormal period on 11 oct 2013 I do have pregnancy symptoms pre and post abnormal period i don't know what to do know...

I got my period two weeks early with no PMS. Now I have pink discharge and breast tenderness. Might this be stress related or implantation bleeding?

I had an early and short period. I want to know if my symptoms seem to be implantation or period. I really need help.

I had an early period 13 days ago that lasted four days and now 9 days later I am still having cramps and have no energy what could be causing it?

I had my last menstrual period april 18, with one day light spotting may 9th, within the month of may i was feeling the whole early pregnancy symptoms?

I had my menses due 4 days ago.. i doubted pregnancy due to unprotected sex last month.. having cramps and a strong smell discharge but no bleeding?